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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tonights huskies game

You can get live updates on the huskies on the sports page.

Also more news will be posted here at least we are hoping. So check out both pages tonight.

Gas plumits 30 cents.

Gas has dropped over the last 10 days to 3.75 or 30 cents from its all time high of 4.05. It looks like gas for the mean time will continue to drop.

Leno takes on Mayor Ness.

Late night talk show host Jay Leno tells Mayor Ness how it is. Leno took the opportunity to tell the Mayor like it was in a joke. Leno used Duluth and Mayor Ness's ordinance change making people pay for some emergency services.

Leno said is that not what we pay taxes for. It most have took this to open the Mayors eyes. After the joke Mayor Ness very quickly took his ordinance off the table that was then accepted by the council.

Now I wonder if the talk show host will take issue with the police and fire doing the two jobs together. I sure hope so.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Talk of the Town.

I was not able to produce the show this weekend as I worked at my main job. Tracy had Brandon Stahl on talking about Burgers.

The thing that caught my attion was Roger Reinert who is running for the vacated seat of 7B Representative. Jaros is not seeking re-election this time. Reinert a Duluth City Councilor was the first to announce he was running for the seat.

I was impressed with what he said I did not agree with everything. I do however think he is the best DFL candidate at this point. If that is the way you vote.

I will have more later.

Duluth News Tribune

I thought this was kinda of funny and clever by the DNT. If you picked up a hard copy of the paper you would have seen it.

One of the front page story's were how the food shelves are having troubles keeping up with demand because of gas prices and just not enough donations. Now everyone is going to have troubles with the gas prices going up and up. Here is what I thought was clever. Right above that story they had a grocery bag with a money sign and it said over $119.00 in coupons.

Now back to the story if you can help with donations to the food shelve please do. We have a huge need for the food shelve.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gas hits four dollars a gallon.

Well it happened gas hit four dollars yesterday in Duluth. Gas went down in the morning to $3.95 but then in the afternoon took the 10 cent jump to over four dollars a gallon.

The gas stations in Duluth were doing all they could to not go to four dollars a gallon, but with a barrel of oil hitting yet another all time high they could no longer hold out. The average around the country has been around $4.17 well it had held steady in Duluth at $3.98 for some time.

The new poll will be up and have to do with gas prices.

Tony Snow gone at the age of 53.

One of President Bush's former press secretary has died at the age of 53. Tony Snow was the third spokesman that served under the Bush administration.

Snow retired his post because of the colon cancer the cancer won out and took his life far to early. Snow was also a writer and worked for Fox news and Fox radio.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Snow family.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Venture to run for Senator?

The political version of Brett Farve would be Jesse Venture. Venture a former Governor of Minnesota (unfortunately). May or may not run for Senate seat currently being held by Norm Coleman.

Current Senator Norm Coleman already has one challenger the democrat endorsed candidate Al Franken, Franken a former talk show host on Air America and comedian has had trouble as of late. He has had many issues face him head on in his big to unseat Senator Coleman. The race however is long from over.

There could be more challengers on top of the former Governor Jesse Venture.

More to come later.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Marsh Stenersen

Marsh Stenersen was at Bayfront yesterday campaigning at Fourth Fest. Here is what I find very interesting.

His slogan is people not politics yet that is all he has done his life is politics. How can anyone expect him to work for all of 7B?

More later.


This last week when I had time to post there was not much going on. I could have went over a bunch of old stuff that I never got a chance to go over but did not think that would be to interesting to many of you so I did not do it. As I said please be keep checking back I post when I can. I try to make at least three post a week I have not been able to lately but should be able to start again soon to do that and more.

However with that we stayed in town last night to watch the fireworks but will be leaving for a mini vacation this am and will return Tuesday. After this morning there will be nothing tell Tuesday or Wednesday.