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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google twinports.

The group trying to bring google fiber-optic was at fun-fest on Saturday. They where there to get out the word and get people to join the group.

I have set up a page on the blog dedicated to the project. You can check it out on the right side of the blog is the link. There is not much there yet, I will be working on as I get information and interesting things to pass on. Check it out now however for what I do have. It includes links, news, and much more. I am also hoping to have there information sheet up there soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interested in reading and talking about the possible city strike?

If you are interested about reading the possible city strike by AFCSME, head over to Duluth Citizens. You can find the blog by clicking this link, or I have a link on the right side of the blog. Check it out and take part.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creative minds, when picking schools names.

The names have been chosen for the two high schools that will remain in Duluth. What will the names be? The western high school will be called Denfeld and the eastern high school will be called East. Wait just a minute, those are the names of the schools now. Yep, our school board is pretty creative I tell you.

The mascots and team names will also remain the same, Denfeld Hunters and East Greyhounds. I thought with all the great minds on the school board they might have came up with some original names but I guess that was asking too much.

This is because of the red plan which I am not a fan of. The plan eliminates one high school and a number of elementary schools. I would rather us go to one high school and try to leave the grade schools in place. Another option was to consolidate some grade schools. A little of that will be done, I think more of it could have been done.

I would love to see Duluth have three high schools but understand that at this point it is not possible, because of declining enrollment. This is why I am for one high school, minimizing the east / west division in the city, a division the current plan would encourage"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The task force that set out to come up with a decision, on if the fire department should take over control of ambulances service came out with there report last night. It was brilliant report.

The report said that even with the experts in the group the matter was far above there knowledge. They recommended that there should be two separate study groups set up in the future to discuss the issue.

Council response was not good to the report.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Change of heart.

Note: thank you to the person that was nice enough to edit this for me, in a freindly way. If you posted a comment on the old blog post please feel free to repost it.

You may remember a woman attacked another woman outside the Building For Women. There were a couple of women standing outside the building protesting against abortion. One woman came out of the building with a knife and held it to the throat of one of the protesters.

Mechelle Hall 26, the woman that had the knife, has now had a change of heart. She will keep the baby. Hall went to the building to discuss and set up an abortion, saying she felt stressed. She said in court that she realized it would be a mistake to kill the life she was carrying.

Hall received probation instead of jail time in a plea agreement.

I don't want to debate abortion, yet I don't want to stop people from talking about issues either. I have my own thoughts on abortion, but I also don't think it should be a political issue. You are free to talk about abortion but I ask that you be respectful.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Duluth Sports and Travel show.

The 44th annul Duluth sport and travel show kicks off on Wednesday at the Duluth Entertainment and convention center. The show features the best in outdoor products from fishing to hunting, boats to campers. They have it all.

This is a chance for many local business to show off there stuff in a high profile event. There are many fishing both that offer all the items needed to head out on opening day of fishing. They have great deals on them.

You want a boat, a truck to hail it and a camper to stay the weekend some where you can get it there. The event also has a number of other booth from mops, knives to outdoors papers you can buy. It also has your travel hot spots in the U.S. and Canada.

The sports show also feature many many other things including seminars free entertainment and a fishing for parents and kids a like. I still love to do the trout pond.

My only compliant about this years show is the entertainment. It is the same as last year. This is the first year I can remember that happening. The Stihl chain saw team is on the main stage. They do a competition. In the lounge they have Mr. Sound effects who was there last year as well. I wish they would bring music acts back to the main stage, I don't care about the main stage act this year nor did I watch them last year. Music acts have been good and I wish they would bring them back.

The other thing for entertainment the biggest thing they had last did is not coming back this year. The water skiing squirrel. You bring back to boring ones but leave out the biggest draw you have had in years.

At any rate I am going on Wednesday. The show runs till Sunday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

This sign.

This sign with President Bush has generated a lot of talk on talk shows and news cast around the country but has gotten little play here. It is located just down the highway from Duluth.
The sign is located in Wyoming Minnesota. The sign is paid for by a private business owner(s) that wish to be anonymous.
What is the meaning behind the sign? Is it a dig at Bush or is it a dig at the current President. I think the message is clear that, the miss me yet message is a dig at President Obama and his failed leadership.
The message I believe is a direct hit to the way Obama is handling the business claimed and seemingly wanting to have the government in control of everything. Leaving little for business owners.
The sign that caught the eye of many last week, still seems to have a lot of uncertainty around it. I don't think it should. Do you see anything wrong with the sign? Keep in mind this is not a political advertisement.

Not enough hours in the day.

I was hoping to get a number of post including Senator Tom Bakk's reply to the State of the State up today. I am not sure I will be able to. You can read Bakk's reply however at his site

I will try to post today but I can't gaunter anything. Just not enough hours in a day I tell you. As note would anyone be willing to help in this blog if so shot me an email .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DFL response: Roger Reinert

DFL Roger Reinert response to Governor Pawlenty's State of the State. His comments are short but to the point. They are in line with what I have heard all day from other DFLers.

Below is his reaction.

"I thought the Governor did a decent job with his final State of the State speech. I was concerned that it was going to be a speech really meant for a national audience, but he focused well on Minnesota's issues. While I've never met the Governor, the speech seemed to be genuine. While I don't agree with everything I spoke about, I did appreciate his focus on jobs and could be supportive of many of the small business proposals he mentioned. I have not received any specific proposals, or suggestions on where we found find additional revenues to fund new initiatives"

S.O.S. speech.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty delivered his 8th and final State of the State address this morning. The speech lasted about half an hour. The speech was set in a serious tone for the most part. Pawlenty Saying Minnesota faces challenging times. Lead by a national recession.

Pawlenty lead his speech off by welcoming home the national guard red bull unit. He talked about how important they where to our State. Also saying if Minnesota can bottle there courage, and energy then we will work past the issues facing the State.

Pawlenty comments where pointed and direct. Jobs had to be the top priority. There was some role for government in this but for the most part we had to step a side and lead business owners lead us in the right direction. A lot of his speech was about the size of government and the money they spend.

He toted his jobZ program and asked that it be renewed. He also mentioned making a car jobz for the ford plant. Even though Ford has said they will shut the plant down regardless.

Saying our tax system is not competitive with others in the country. Minnesota ranked 46th in the country for workable tax systems. He said we needed to up date our outdated system. We also needed to lower the burden of taxes on business. Allowing them to help grow.

The speech also included education, unallotment, and health care. I am hoping to get some others to comment on that so I will hold off for a bit.

I thought the speech was very good. He has pinned him self in a corner a bit by saying he will not raise taxes. Something he has said for the last eight years. For the most part he has stuck to that but with huge budget deficit this year it will be interesting to see how they work it out.

The speech was pointed and direct. He sounded very professional and his tone was almost presidential. A hint he will run for President in 2012?

Live blog of the State of the State.

12pm. The speech lasted about a half hour or so. It was filled with talk about jobs and education. I will have much more on this later this afternoon. As I said before I also hope to be getting a response from both party's. I wonder how many people from around the country listened to the speech?

11:47am The speech is now over. His 8th and final State of the State address focused on jobs. His speech was very serious and has a tone of economy recover to it. He said there will be more cuts coming. Ask business owners how to improve them.

11:42 We love Minnesota is the end of his speech. You needed to listen to it to get it but it was great. He had comedy and real stories of Minnesotans.

11:40am Get sex offenders off the streets by doubles there prison time. I am not sure who would not agree with that. I personal think we should have the death penalty. I am not saying this would be a death penalty situation. I do however think we should have it.

11:37 Minnesota leads in health care. We are moving to a true health care system and not a sick care state. Not sure what he meant there. By health insurance across State lines, online programs. Wants the reform bills passed on Minnesota Care and other State programs.

11:35am Local school districts need more power, the State needs to get out of the way. Teaching jobs need to be valued on performance.

11:32am Unalotments cut needs to stay. The budget will see many other cuts as well. We need to act now, we can't have a lack of action Pawlenty said.

11:31am" Spend only what we have not what we hope to have" Pawlenty said. He is going to introduce a bill that says we can only spend what we have. Not what we might have.

11:30am. The republicans on your feet well the democrats are sitting on the hands during the first part of the speech by Governor Pawlenty. He is not talking about the big government in Minnesota. Both sides are getting in to big government in Minnesota. Pawlenty who has always tried to cut the size of government is now saying we need to focus on reducing government.

11:25am Governor Pawlenty said jobZ needs to be renewed. This is a contensise point for both democrats and republicans. People on both sides have strong thoughts on the jobZ program. He is asking that the ford plant gets a jobZ car program as well.

11:22am Pawlenty says if you ask business people what they want, it is for government to get out of the way. Pawlenty said let the business do what they do best. Let them work not hold them back. Our tax system is no where close to being competitive. Minnesota is rated 46th in the country for tax system.

Pawlenty ask that his business tax program be passed.

11:20am The economy is hurting. Jobs are key not bigger government said Pawlenty. Well times change jobs change. The State needs to change with it.

11:15 Minnesota Governor states by saying that the biggest thing for the state this week was that the members of the national guard came home. (red bull) unit. Welcome home guys, thanks for all you do. Minnesota will strive with strength, wiliness to move forward.

Governor Pawlenty thanked all the elected officials saying it is tough on there family's.

11:13am. An interesting note about the State of the State address. Six of the eight address by Governor Pawlenty we have had a budget short falls.

11:12am. Governor Pawlenty being announced to the legislator and guest. Pawlenty has been Governor for 8 years.

11:08am. Governor Pawlenty is expected to talk about problems facing the State. How he thinks things should be solved.

11:05 Governor Pawlenty has not yet started his speech. The guest have just been announced and Pawlenty is expected soon.

Governor Pawlety to deliver State of the State.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is delving his final state of the State this morning we will have more this afternoon. We will break down what he said. I am also hoping to get a response from Representative Roger Reinert. I am not sure if he will be able to do it but I have a request in to him.

Pawlenty elected to not run for another term. Many are speculating with good cause that he will run for President or Vice President in 2012.

More later this afternoon.

Monday, February 08, 2010

John Murtha dies at the age of 77.

John Murtha has passed away at the age of 77. Murtha died from complications from surgery. He was an outspoken critic on the war in Iraq. Murtha represented Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

On the move.

Talk of the town will not end. It will move stations. Talk of the town will end a 2 year run on ESPN radio. The show will move to Kool 101.7 fm. It will also change days and time. It will air Saturday mornings from 7am to 8am on the FM station.

Keeping with the sports theme.

Sunday is the super bowl. It also is the super bowl bakers doubles tournament at Country Lanes North. They are located behind Kmart up by the mall.

I will be taking part in this tournament if you want to come up and watch some great bowling feel free. The tournament starts at 10 am and will go most of the day. Stay and watch the big game as well.

Barron not able to win third straight Beargrease.

Nathan Schroeder is the winner of this years John Beargrease sled dog race. Two time defending champion Jason Barron is expected to finish in second place this year.

Nathan Schroeder crossed the finish line at 10:04 am. He was on the trail for just over 40 hours ( 40 hours 4 minutes and 25 seconds). His average travel speed was 9.3 MPH. Barron was second all along the last leg of the race. He is expected to finish soon.

Nathan Schroeder is from Chisholm Minnesota and this is his first win.

Congratulations to Nathan for the big win.

Beargrease update.

The race is its final leg. The winner is expected to be in with the next half hour to hour at Billy's bar. Mushers will come in all day long so if you get a chance go up and welcome them in. They have been on the North woods trails sense Sunday and a big crowd is always nice for the mushers.

The leader out of the final checkpoint was Nathan Schroeder followed by Jason Barron. Barron was two hours behind Schroeder. It looks like there will not be a three peat champion this year.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Workers agree to contract--- but not happy.

The workers represented by the united steelworkers agreed to a contract in a vote held yesterday. Many of them are not happy with the contract but did not or could not afford a strike.

The contract is much like the previous two that SMDC offered. No raise over the next two years. They will talk about the third year. Not only that the bonus for being at the SMDC for so many are going no longer going to offered by SMDC. SMDC also won on the out sourcing of jobs.

Many workers are not happy with the negating team. You may see some changes coming next election vote. They have talked about it for years this maybe the time for change.

I will have more later.

Monday, February 01, 2010

John Beargrease update.

the mid distance race is complete. There may still be some coming today however most are in now. The winner Don Gallaway was the winner of that race

Big news on full race is John Barron has dropped out of the race. Barron a two time champion 1999 and 2000 dropped out of the race this morning because of an stomach illness. John was racing with his son Jason who is looking to repeat and win his third straight beargrease. No on has done that as of yet.

More later.