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Monday, September 29, 2008

sports page updated.

There is new post on the DP sports page. You can check it out at

Amoung the story's are the Twins and Soxs game to see who heads to the playoffs and who goes home. Jim Lelands lack of respect. Leland is the manger for the Detroit tiger. Plus more.

Doug Johnson supporting who?

Long time DFL ( now retired) Staete Senator from Tower is going to support and vote for an unlikely candidate. Johnson always votes for the DFL candidates. Johnson said the this is first time if 40 years ( ten years longer then I have been alive) that he is voting for a republican.

Well the star trib article , does not say why he is not supporting Franken it does say that he things Coleman is the candidate to work with both sides of the aisle.

Johnson said this is the only race he is voting for a republican. He will vote for the Democrats the rest of the ticket.

More he as well . DP will have any updates on this story. More on this later tonight as well.

Johnson is a well respected Democrat in Northern Minnesota and the State as whole. This endorsement is huge for Coleman.

700 billion dolllar bailout rejected.

Today the house bailed out of bailing out the lending markets. As I don't know a lot about the bill today but what I found interesting is that the bill was opposed by mostly republicans. The one thing I do know is the bill did not have much help for home owners like it should.

What lies head who knows, both the democrats and republicans said they would continue working on a bill that would work for both sides.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Duluth News Tribune rate increase.

The Duluth News Tribune will go to 75 cents starting Monday well the Sunday paper will remain $1.50. The paper has been struggling with this decision for some time now. As papers around the country continue to lose hard copy advertiser's. Also many papers have an online service. Many chose to advertise that way.

There is not only a decline in advertising dollars but there has been for a number of years a decline in reader ship of the DNT and papers across the country. As people us the computer more and more to get there news. You can read the DNT online at Many people choice to do this and get there information from many other online sites. That range from papers, to magazines and political sites.

Monday UPDATE: Today there were a lot of people complaing about the increase. Even when I explained why they did not seem to care. I wounder how many calls the DNT got today?

Sunday: At church

Well as many do head off to church today they may or may not have a different type of sermon. As a group is calling for pastors and ministers to comment and criticize some candidates around the country. In this case the group that called a Duluth pastor was a conservative christian group.

The pastor in Duluth thankful declined to do so, I have no idea nor does it matter if this pastor is republican or democrat. I don't thing on the pulpit. I know that many churches hold a political view. That is fine but I don't think the pulpit is the right spot to make a statement.

I hope that many pastors refuse this type of sermon today or over the next few weeks. I am more then interested to know what others think. Again it should not matter if your church is one that believes along the lines of democrat or republican the Sunday service is not the spot to make a political statement. I believe like all other people do that pastors have every right have there views.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The winner is!!! Drum roll please.

No one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that no one won the first debate. Both Obama and McCain were bad. Neither one of them seemed fit to be president in that debate. Both talked over the top of each other like little kids. Both I thought were very unprofessional. I wish the moderator would have done a better job of interupting this action. We wonder why many don't vote.

Well much of this debate focused on the Iraq war (yawn). The fact is the Iraq war is a very little issue in this election. The American public in surveys say that the war falls low on the major issues facing this country. Many groups want it to be the focus but it just is not to most Americans.

Both candidates made there points on these issue however as far as I saw it there was no clear winner. It is much of what we heard all campaign. Obama continued his assault on the Military and getting out of Iraq with a set date. Well McCain does not believe in a set date to with draw.

Many pendants say McCains strong point is military issues. If you believe this then you may give Obama a very slide lead after this debate.

I agree with Lori Swanson

Today the Minnesota Attorney General send out a press release. The release was about the Minnesota Power hike increase. She thinks that the increase is far to much. I agree 100%.

Yes I agree with a democrat, this is not the first time either. It may not happen a lot but it sure does happen. Now here is why I agree. At this point in time the increase is far to much. The overall increase is 45 million dollars with 2/3 of it going to residents and small business. At this time when people are struggling to make ends meet is not the right time for this increase.

The other question I have is what is the increase for? Is to provide better service? Or is it to continue the laugh able research to develop other sources of energy. Fact of the matter is we know all we need to know about other sources of energy. We don't need to be spending money on research.

Also we must understand that it will many many many years before any other energy shores hit America we re lie on what we have now far to much. An increase now makes no sense for something we won't have for at least another 30 years, at that point I will be 60 years old.

McCain agrees to debate.

Though I agree with McCain suspending his campiagn the other day and possile postponing the debate tonight. I think he needs to be very careful. He can not suspend his campaign again.

If he does so it would be a bad thing and look like he is just playing politics. At this point I think the two times he has suspended his campaign have been for the right desions. I also feel if he does it again he will strike out in this campaign. For me that is not good thing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain suspends campaign

The republican candidate for president has suspends his campaign as of 5p.m tonight. He also asked Barack Obama to reschedule the debate that is to take place tomorrow night. Well Obama did not agree to do this.

McCain has asked to do this because of economy and what is going on he believes that we need to concentrate on the issue ahead of us. It seems that Obama is only out for him self and not this Country but that should not come a shock to anyone.

Mayor Ness represents Obama.

Duluth Mayor Don Ness attend a Barack Obama rally today. Now I know I have said this before but I have also been consistent on it.

Well at the event he was introduced as Duluth Mayor now I don't thing that Don Ness should be representing the city as a whole at these type of events. As not everyone in the city will be voting for Obama. I also don't think that the Governor should have been campaigning for McCain as Governor. When these politicians are introduced it should be by name only.

Now I understand that the reason they are asked to be part of the campaigns is because of there positions. Still I believe that they should not represent the whole city or State as being introduced as Mayor or Governor ect....

Budgeteer News Article: Ralph Doty

Ralph Doty wrote an article in the Budgeteer this last weekend. I have it up on interview page if you have not yet read it please do so. You can go here to do so,

If you have read it I want to know what you think of it? Leave your comments here.

I have a lot of them but right now will say this. I think he is wrong in the most part. Mr. Doty likes to go on the attack over politics.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Coleman and Franken.

I think it is time for Coleman to stop with the ads against Al Franken's jokes. Well I think it worked well in the beginning it seems to be costing him now. Franken has cut into the lead and almost made this a dead heat race. Something I thought would never happen.

I thought Coleman would walk away with this race hands down. I however now thing that the people are just sick of hearing about the bad jokes and the not paying taxes of done by Al Franken. Yes I believe that his jokes our rude and crude and I personally agree with the ads that Coleman has out but now is the time to talk about issues.

Right now it seems almost like the voters are sympathetic to Franken I am not sure why that is. Because at the beginning it worked well. It may be an over kill.

I think if Coleman can get back to the issues he will win hands down. Franken is hard pressed to have an idea of what do about anything. He is much like Obama voting present in major votes in the Chicago.

Friday, September 19, 2008

In a flash!!!!!

In the blink of an eye the stock market plummeted on Monday with news of a trouble in lending fields. Then over the last two day the Market jumped back up. Like a flash the market is back up from were it ended last week and we gained more then what we lost on Monday.

Yet some think the market is in a flat line Fact i the market has done what it does in a normal sarcoma stance.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Talk radio changes.

Well if you have not noticed there have been changes in the local talk radio seen. KDAL radio has changed almost all there local talk. They got ride of Joe Souchery and replaced him with the awful Rhonda Grusendorf and a former City Councilor Russ Stwart. Well Stewart's show is just getting going I think it can be a good show. I think he needs to show a bit more emotion on the air and raise and lower his voice at the right times but it will come with experience. He has little radio experience. Rhonda is on 1-3 and Stewart is on 3-5 p.m.

Also on the KDAL is a brand new show that started today and I don't remember when I heard her on. Corrinda Horton is on I believe it was 11 A.M. or so. The KDAL web site does not have there right line up on there page, plus they still have all the old on air staff still on there page. There page has always been a joke.

WDSM is the Conservative talk station of the North now it seems. There line up all day and night is those that believe in the republican agenda. Which is fine by me you get some of both on both of these stations. WDSM has local talk as well with Lew Latto from 7-9 A.M. and Brad Bennette from 9-11 A.M.

Well this leaves many people to wonder if Joe Souchery and GL will be back on Duluth radio. As the show had a huge following in the norhtland. The rumor is it will be back on it's original home of WEBC with in the next few weeks. This is just a rumor at this point.

Minnesota a swing state again this year?

The last two presidential election Minnesota was in the news a lot. As we were viewed as a swing or battle ground state. Well the state both times went the way we all thought it would Democrat. However President Bush has respectable numbers in the state.

This year it looked different. It looks as if Minnesota would get little to no exposer except for the Republican convention. Even that was put on hold the first night because of hurricanes. The numbers looked like the Democrat candidate Barack Obama was going to win the state handily. Just a month ago Obama was up in Minnesota by 15% points and was polling away with the state.

Then all of a sudden yesterday the Star Tribes poll has the two in a dead heat at 45% each. This again making Minnesota a battle ground state of the final 50 days of the election. The Republican candidate John McCain has make a huge effort to cut into the lead of Obama in Minnesota and it is clearly working. McCain has picked up support over the last month in almost every voting category. Young people, , men, women vote totals are all up in the last month.

This means you will see a huge increase of advertising, grass roots efforts and even possible more visits to the fine state of Minnesota by the candidates and or there VP picks. The next 50 or so days will be very interesting for Minnesota. What will be more interesting is will Minnesota vote for a republican for the first time in many years. I believe the last republican presidential candidate that was a republican to win the state was Richard Nixon.

Union had there convention.

The AFL-CIO has said many times they don't think they are a political machine. If that is the case then why would have you a convention? This convention is set up just like the two major political party's conventions are set up. This years Minnesota convention was held right here in Duluth,

Now if you were not a political machine then again why have a convention? I guess that doing what you are suppose to do as union does not matter as long no one is watching.

I will have more later. I will also pass this information on to others.

Today after work.

Today's after work I am hoping to be able to blog a bit. I am hoping to blog both here and on the sports page of DP.

There is not a lot political going on right now of course as always the financial troubles the city is in is a topic. The primary is behind us and the candidates that won look a head to the general election.

In sports well there is a bit going on the vikes lose, as packers rout the lions. Much more as well.

Before I can blog however I will be bringing our little boy or 4 month into the urgent care he has had a cold for some time and we just want to make sure there is not something else.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Election results.

Well I thought that Roger Reinert would win the primary on Tuesday night I was surprised how handily he won the seat. I think what we are seeing is a vote against the union being so political. We started to see in the last general election with Becky Hall doing so well. Also others getting elected like Todd Fedora. Now with this vote the same thing.

Marsh Stenersen the union backed candidate only got about 36% of the vote well Reinert got about 56% of the vote. There were also two other candidate in the race that finished well off the pace getting about 2% of the vote each.

Stenersen may have also had the kiss of death backing of the incumbent Mike Jaros.. This may have been as equally a vote against Jaros and not wanting his type of leadership at the State level. Marsh came from the same mold as did Jaros. He also stands and believes to not work with the other side much like Jaros did.

Other races of interest pit Bill Kron the 3rd district county board member against Chris Dahlberg. The 32 year incumbent got barley 50% of the vote in the primary. Well a well known candidate in Chris Dahlberg who served on the city council from 1992 to 1995 received 42% of the vote.

I think this race will be very close. As Dahlberg is running a great campaign and Kron who served for 32 years has issues facing him.

Duluth Remembers 9/11

Today's event has been moved from out side at Bay front park to the Depot at the great hall. This is because of the rain.

The event futures Duluth Mayor Don Ness among others to remember the event 7years ago today.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Judge rules against the AFSCME

Today the city picked up a win in it's effort to try to balance the budget. As a result of the judgement by the St. Louis County judge it saves 40 jobs. It also makes the 21 full times jobs that were laid off yesterday permanent. At least at this point. The attorney's for the union have already said they will pro sue other angles in court.

Well I am pleased with the judges decision it still sadness me that some workers must lose there jobs. It is clear however that this is a big way to help solve the issue and set up long range planning to continue solving the budget issues facing the city.

We need to stop making sort term solutions that is in part why we are in this situation now. We must work on a long range plan and stick with it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I know this is not real but it is funny and interesting. Check it out here

I of course found it on Harry Welty's blog first,

Law suit updates will be on this post.

1:33 breaking news: The Judge says he will have a decision with 24 hours. It looks like it could come even some time today. Both sides were in court this morning. The disagreement again is if lays happen it should be part timers first then full timers if needed. That is at least the unions point of view. Well the city says most of the part timers are being keep'ed because they are in jobs that are not full time spots.

4:03 If the word comes after 5pm tonight I will have it up when I get home. I will be leaving for a while. I hope we hear something in the next hour but don't know if we will.

Red plan

Tonight there will be a special school board meeting. The meeting will take place at old central the central administration building. The meeting will start at 6:30 tonight.

The special meeting is about the red plan. Member Glass wants the a public vote on the red plan. He said we want to separate the construction cost from the operational cost of the plan.

This is the second time that Glass will have brought this issue sense being elected in the last election.

As thunder storms roll into Duluth.

As we have thunder storms rolling into the city, John McCain's camp has a potential storm brewing.

It seems like the vp pick of McCain had some dirt after all. Here it is, ready it is big news. Her 17 year old daughter that is getting married is having a child. Oh no what ever do we do with our self's now? Way to go left media. Who cares?

Home today.

Well as I am home today. I will be following some news worthy story's in the city of Duluth. The city is being suit by the union and it's leadership. The complaint is that part timers must go before full timers.

This is being heard today by the court if anything happens I will have it for you here. Also much more to come today.