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Friday, May 15, 2009

Swine flu in Duluth.

Yesterday the Duluth News Tribune confirmed that a case of the swine flu had hit Duluth. No way every one panic.

A child in the school district is the first Duluth confirmed case. The person attends homecroft. There was not much other information.

Lets not panic people this seems to be reaction much like the common flu does.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This site is a joke.

This site a joke, more later.

Yes is a complete joke. My guess is on the Minnesota board at least for any Duluth comments they are not even radio people. They are want to be on the radio but can’t get a job. They just spread rumors and post under fake names.

You can’t trust a things said on it. If you are going there for real info don’t.

Where will Lew Latto go if he returns.

It seems that Lew may return to the air waves. As i said in a reply to an earlier post it seems he will return to WDSM. Well nothing is concrete as of yet.

Here is a list of where he could wind up at and the chance I think it will happen at that place. Also I will tell you about a couple of other dark horses but I don’t know how much a chance they have so I will not give a % to them.

WDSM radio 45% chance he will be back there. It seems like a fit for most of what he believes. Some may say that Lew is a republican only by name. Many think he is not conservatives enough. Yet I don’t know Lew may not hold the line on all the republicans social issues but he does on the fiscal issues.

WDSM offers one of the best fits with a talk format and a mostly republican listener ship. It was the place he last was before getting fired by ex market manager Ron Stone.

KDAL radio is another AM stations that Midwest Communications owns. There is a 45% chance that they just transfer him to this station. A “new” start for Lew at the station. It could relieve any bad vibes between the station and Lew if he was on a different station other then WDSM. It may also relieve an awkwardness between him and Brad Bennette if there is any. It would also allow Brad to keep a three hour program if that is what they desire.

KDAL also is a talk station. The listeners to it are not as much of republicans per say. It may fit Lew a bit better then WDSM. KDAL and WDSM also have many of the same listeners and the flip between the two stations.

WEBC ESPN radio there is a zero percent chance he winds up here. The station is no longer a talk station, it’s current format is sports. It is very very successful.

Many people say yes but what about the Tracy Lundeen show it does not fit the format. The deal with that is Tracy bought the hour it is his to do with what he wants. The advertisers on it our his own. He gets them for the show.

1490 the Fan here again it is a sports station. Yet there is a small chance he winds up here 5% is what I would say.

I say this only because the program director and Lew get a long very well. Mark may fair from the format for a couple of hours and bring an all talk show on board.

There you have it that is what I think. What are your thoughts.

Now the dark horse thoughts. There are two of them.

He could wind up on an FM talk station. Now I think that chance is gone. Ron Stone is the only person in Duluth that has ever talked about doing an FM talk station. Now that is is gone I don’t see it happening.

If it did there are only two company's that would do it. I give it next to no chance however. The two company's are MWC or red rock. Now if you asked me to pick one I would say at this point red rock would do it first before MWC. Why I say that is they could get Lew and some other local talent’s and give the two AM stations at MWC a run for there money. If MWC did do they could use Lew as there flag ship hours .

Again I don’t think this will happen at all.

He could do something online. There is a better chance of him doing this then going to an FM talk station. If he did something online he could then do it when ever he wanted and from were ever he wanted with worrying about what was going on at a radio station. Again I don’t think Lew would do this unless it was the last chance of him ever being on the air again.

LOL I know it is only 95% on the chances of being on the air combined with WDSM,KDAL, and the FAN. How about this the other 5% can go to not returning to the air at all. I don't believe that is going to happen however.

MWC employee.

A source that works at MWC told me a few things. This person will remain nameless as all of my sources do unless they want me to say who they are. For good reason this one did not want to be known.

The source told me that there was no word of Lew returning to WDSM or KDAL. However the new acting GM Susan Nash and Lew got a long. The source told me that most likely Mrs. Nash would be named the new GM soon.

She would be promoted with in the company. She was the sales manger there prior to taking the acting GM spot.

The source also confirmed to me that Ron Stone left on his own terms. He did not get fired by the station. Chew on the all you idiots that want to spread false information. Yes it pisses me off that there are people that will not report the truth. They just want to believe there in there our false thinking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New poll.

There is a new poll. Please take a second and vote.

The question is: If Lew Latto returns to the air waves were will he be?

Lew Latto may return to the air waves. has a message on it that seems like he may be returning to the air waves soon. Yippee I am so excited.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chicken man with a no vote.

Current President Obama may have voted many times to vote present well he was in Chicago politics. At least he voted. Unlike chicken man councilor Gary Krause.

Krause elected to not vote on the domestic partnership ordinance tonight. Why his excuse was lame. He said the city had no business in the issue as it should be brought up to the county as they deal with all the government licensees. 

The real reason he did not vote is because he did not want to up set anyone with how he would have voted. I have been one for a strong guide line on abstaining from a vote. Krause in my mind should not have been allowed to not vote on this issue.

There needs to be a very clear rule on when you can and can not abstaining from voting. You should not be able to not vote because you don’t want to. Like Krause did tonight.

Not at tonights council meeting.

I will not be able to go to tonight meeting. I will however be monitoring it on the radio and Brandon Stahl’s live blog when I can. A number of things keep me away from this very interesting meeting. A sick kid is one and there are others as well.

As always you can get my thoughts about the meeting on the blog either tonight or tomorrow.

A house fire call.

Okay so a call of a house fire comes in. You can bet that Mayor Don Ness or a city council candidate will not be there to help put it out. You can also bet that a member or the media would not be there to help put it out. Yet this weekend there was an event held for them to learn these types of things.

Some believe that this fire ops 101 course is just a part of the political game and helps with getting the fire unions endorsement. I will say I am not in that camp yet but close.

The fire department does this they say to dispose of mis -information that is around the city. Then this event should be open to the general public as well. They are the ones that have most of the mis- information. I agree that there is a ton of it. Any one who knows me knows how I feel about public safety. That includes the fire department. I do not stand like many other republicans do on this issue.

There is no way Duluth could have a volunteer fire department. There is no reason to even discuss that. I also agree with them on a number of other issues. I find my self not agreeing with councilor Stauber many times when he talks about the fire department. He is plan wrong.

The other think I did find interesting about this article is that the department said every council candidate is invited to the event. Fact is that is not true as I was not asked to attend when I ran.

I have not yet read the whole article as of yet. I will have more later when I finish reading it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Posting has been made easier at least for now. Here is the deal anyone can now post. You don't have to register to post. I do however still have to approve all comments. I will be tougher now on approving comments. As always I can decline a comment for any reason.

I will not edit post. I will either approve the comment as is or I will decline to post the comment. I could decline but approve a later comment if the person has done what is asked to change there original post.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

DEDA make up to change?

One can only hope that it does change. For the council to rule over DEDA is a very bad thing.

Councilor Stauber will again try to bring forward an resolution to change DEDA to a more citizen based board. It use to be a number of years ago then the council changed it to be just the city councilors on DEDA.

Councilor Stauber was going to try to do this earlier last year. The council was not going to back it so he pulled it. Now it seems councilor Gilbert may have changed mind and he may support it.

Councilor Stauber is looking at making DEDA an authority ran by more private citizens that have business back ground. He said that it would bring a much better experience to the authority.

The authority would be seven members under Stauber’s resolution. It would still have two city councilors but there would be 5 appointed spots that would be private citizens. They would be appointed by the Mayor but approved by the council.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not much going on.

There is the Robert Wagner story from yesterday. I don’t have much to say on that other then he is a guy I want running the city. The other thing I will say is who has a fund raiser for a city council seat until 6am. Nothing ever good will come out of that.

Mayor Ness was to have a press conference with St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman that has been canceled. It will be rescheduled for a latter date.

Monday, May 04, 2009

A day late.

Well as I said there would not be a many post last week. I would at least try to do a weekend recap. I was going to do that last night but I could not as I was very sick. Went to bed at like 6 pm. Here is it a day late.


Superior Mayor David Ross is thinking of running for LT. Governor. I think this would be great lose to Superior and this area. It would however be a huge for the State Wisconsin. I am hoping to get a chance to interview the Superior Mayor.

Ross has done a great job of improving Superior and planned key roles in improving our area as a whole.

Domestic Partner first reading. Jeff Anderson has an ordinance that got it’s first reading. It would set up a register for domestic partnership. It could come to a vote at next weeks meeting.

Jeff Anderson is Duluth first openly gay city councilor. He also apparently does not care if people want to support this ordinance or not. More on that later.

Ron Stone leaving Mid West Communications. I think I have covered that. I wish him the best in whatever he does. Look at other post for more on Ron Stone if you care.

There were some other things but I don’t remember what they were. If I remember I will post about it.

This week I should be able to post a bit more.

MWC and Ron Stone.

Okay so it seems many people don't think that Ron is leaving on his own. Lets be honest here and if he was to be fired he would not stay on tell the 15th. He would have been asked to leave immediately. Much like there previous market manager.

MWC much like other radio station in Duluth don't mess around when they get rid of there top people. They don't give them 2 weeks they are gone the day they find out.

As I have said before it seemed that the top management at MWC liked what Ron was doing. Now I don't think they like it all. They did however seem to approve with what he was doing with the
AM stations. If you remember I reported the truth about why Latto was let go. The heads at MWC told Mr. Stone that one personality had to be let go at each AM station.

Where I don't think they liked what the changes to the FM stations. I also don't think they liked some of the changes on the AM stations such as the sports changes. They have liked have the Bulldogs sports and it seemed that Mr. Stone was going to try to dumb that.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I sure wish.

******UPDATE***** Don’t expect many changes on the AM dial at MWC. This comes from a top person at MWC. Well they may make changes to there FM’s in Duluth.


I sure wish some blogs would report the news right. As I said before if Ron Stone left Mid-West Communications it would be his choice to do so. Ron has decided to leave the stations because of family. Anyone who knows Ron knows he is a huge family man and he is sick of the drive for the Duluth to the Cities every week.

when Ron took the job he said right a way he would not move his family up to Duluth. Many knew he would come and do what he thought was right to try to keep the failing MWC station. It did not work in his eyes. Now it is time for him to move on.

The Duluth News Tribune has the full story if you want to read it., remember lets report it right he was not fired he left on his own.