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Thursday, April 30, 2009

So little time.

There has been a lot going on. I don’t have time to post however. I will try to get post up as I can. If nothing else I will do a week in review type post some time this weekend.

Check back however for post. Oh a couple of questions you can either answere with an email at or comment here.


1. Do you like the post with or with out tages?

2. Should I let any one post? Meaning you would not have to register to post. I would still have to approve all comments. People seem to have issues with registering. Thoughts please.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nice book.

At Lake Superior Collage to I picked up a book sitting on a table. I thought it was interesting it was put out by visit Duluth, .

My problem with the book and it's location is this. It is LSC and most of there students are in the Duluth area and know about all the things to see and do in Duluth. This book was very nice and it could not have been cheap.

As I went around the school I counted the number of these bookes left at the school. I counted 50 I wonder how many they did drop off in the first place. What is the cost of these tourist info books? Why drop them at LSC? Should we not be looking to advertize out side of the city and get people to come here?

I am now wondering what the population of students is that are not in the Duluth area. I would consider the Duluth area to in clude Hermantown, Superior, Proctor? As far a the school enrollement goes everything else can be out of the area. I may have to try to find out.

Okay then!!!!

chicken people have there own site. Oh no, .

Look at the name of the site Duluth City Chickens enought said.

It does not look like any thing has been done to the site for some time now. It looks like it was an info site when the city was talking about this issue.

I wonder if any one has chickens in the city?

Matt Entenza to ensure Pawlenty will win.

Former DFL minority leader Matt Entenza said today that he will run for Governor in 2010. This is great news for Pawlenty should he decide to run again. I am not 100% sure he will.

Entenza did say today that he will fight on to the end. He will move on into the genral election even if he is not the winner of the endorsement. Entenza has always been a hot head and always about his self.

Here is a great post on why if Entenza does not get the endorsment he should not go on. I agree but hope he does fight on if he does not recieve it.

This will most insure a win for Pawlenty should he decide to run in 2010.

The big ass.

Craig Samborski who owns secret service entertainment is the biggest ass. I have never cared for the guy. I wish the city would look for some one else to manage bayfront park and the parking lots around it.

Craig said that he will not allow people to park for free in his lots if the free lot at playfront is full. Here is the deal. If a family comes and say’s they are going to go to the park then let them park for free. Simple not that hard. He said it is to hard for his employees to figure out if people are using the park or going to the DECC or else were.

Wrong it should be simple. Look at the people and you also know what if there is something going on at the DECC or not, use your head.

As many people parking is hard to find at the DECC because of the construction. The DECC said they are doing a good job of making other parking arrangements to there customers. There are not but if that is what they want to believe okay I guess.

Now lets be fair to the DECC it is difficult parking in the canel. All I am saiing is lets tell the truth the DECC can not have a good parking system right now. I think most people understand this. We understand what is going on there.

As far as Graig and my thoughts on him it is not just this parking thing there are a number of other reasons I fell this way. The park has so much to offer and yet this guy does nothing.

What it shows me is how inept government is.  Find some one that knows what they are doing. I know this guys has ran hundreds of events and concerts blah blah blah……..

Johnson Controls win award.

Oh goodie. I received this email the other day and they want to exclaim how good of a company they are. Yeah right.

Email then the press release are located below.


Dear Duluth Community Leaders –

Imagine if your company were named one of the most ethical in Duluth.  What if that were expanded to one of the most ethical in Minnesota, or even the U.S.?  The attached news release takes that even further. An international organization has just named Johnson Controls to its “World’s Most Ethical Companies” list.  Of the 99 companies recognized in 2009, Johnson Controls is one of just 44 in the world to earn that honor in each of the past three years.

Ethisphere Magazine ( said it was recognizing Johnson Controls "for going beyond legal minimums, introducing innovative ideas to benefit the public, and forcing its competitors to follow suit by consistently raising the bar for what it takes to be an ethical leader."

For the past two years you’ve heard opponents of the Duluth Public Schools’ long range facilities plan make inflammatory claims about the expertise and integrity of Johnson Controls, which has had an office in Duluth since 1956.  We just wanted to provide this credible perspective for you to consider the next time a small group of Duluthians tries to denigrate Johnson Controls.

News Releases
Johnson Controls Among 2009 'World's Most Ethical Companies'

MILWAUKEE, April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Johnson Controls announced today it has been named for the third
consecutive year as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. The Institute
said it was recognizing the company "for going beyond legal minimums, introducing innovative ideas to
benefit the public, and forcing its competitors to follow suit by consistently raising the bar for what it takes to
be an ethical leader."
"Johnson Controls is honored to be named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies, recognizing our
commitment to ethics throughout our corporation globally," said Jerry Okarma, vice president, secretary and
general counsel. "Our leadership is dedicated to communicating the importance of ethics as a critical part of
running the company, and our employees strive to maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves."
Ethisphere, dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics,
corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability, published the WME rankings in Ethisphere
Magazine's Q1 2009 issue.

Through a rigorous, multi-step evaluation process, Ethisphere's researchers and analysts reviewed more
than 10,000 companies in order to determine the finalists.
"Johnson Controls has proven to be one of the world leaders in upholding high ethical standards, making it a
true standout in its industry, especially as unethical business actions and decisions grab headlines each
day," said Alex Brigham, executive director of the Ethisphere Institute. "The competition was very strong and
we applaud Johnson Controls for rising to the top. Their leadership and their employees recognize that
being ethical is not only the right thing to do, it is also good business practice and leads to more successful
and profitable operations."

The methodology for the WME ranking includes reviewing codes of ethics, litigation and regulatory infraction
histories; evaluating the investment in innovation and sustainable business practices; looking at activities
designed to improve corporate citizenship; studying nominations from senior executives, industry peers,
suppliers and customers; and working with consumer action groups for feedback. The 2009 World's Most
Ethical Companies methodology committee, comprised of leading attorneys, government officials,
professors and organization leaders, was consulted early on in the 2009 WME process and had the
opportunity to review and comment on the methodology used to rate this year's nominees. Ethisphere
researchers further analyze information provided by the companies through questionnaires.
To view the complete list of the 2009 World's Most Ethical Companies, please visit
About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is the global leader that brings ingenuity to the places where people live, work and travel.
By integrating technologies, products and services, we create smart environments that redefine the
relationships between people and their surroundings. Our team of 140,000 employees creates a more
comfortable, safe and sustainable world through our products and services for more than 200 million
vehicles, 12 million homes and one million commercial buildings. Our commitment to sustainability drives
Johnson Controls Among 2009 'World's Most Ethical Companies' - Apr 13, 2009 Page 1 of 2 4/20/2009
our environmental stewardship, good corporate citizenship in our workplaces and communities, and the
products and services we provide to customers. For additional information, please visit
About Ethisphere Institute

The research-based Ethisphere Institute is a leading international think- tank dedicated to the creation,
advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption
and sustainability. The Institute's associated membership group, the Ethisphere Council, is a forum for
business ethics that includes more than 200 leading corporations, universities and institutions. The
Ethisphere Council is dedicated to the development and advancement of individuals on its membership
council through increased efficiency, innovation, tools, mentoring, advice, and unique career opportunities.
Ethisphere Magazine, which publishes the globally recognized World's Most Ethical Companies Ranking™,
is the quarterly publication of the Institute. More information on the Ethisphere Institute, including ranking
projects and membership, can be found at

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Think before you say..

Everyone please think before you say some thing. Councilor Jeff Anderson has gotten a ton or good and bad comments toward him and his domestic partner ordinance. Regardless of your feeling on the issue there is no reason for a personal attack on Jeff or the gay community.

As I have said I am not sure how I feel about this ordinance as of yet. I hope to meet with Jeff on Friday. I have not heard if I will be or not.

Think before you say something would you wanted it said to your or about you. Please lets every one no matter your feeling be civil.

Jeff Anderson said the following in an email.

I emailed Jeff the other day asking him a couple of days about his ordinance. The ordinance deals with domestic partnership. 

I thought it was interesting so I thought I would share it with you.


1. What is the purpose of introducing this?

Because same-sex couples and different sex domestic partners have little access to legal recognition of their relationship and their families, a domestic partner registry can be used to assist employers who wish to make domestic partner benefits available to their employees.  I believe that the federal and state governments should be taking the lead on this.  Since they are not, I believe that local governments should in order to provide certain recognitions for all of our citizens.

2. If it is going to be largely symbolic then why do it?

It will undoubtedly be symbolic for some couples, but for others it will make it easier for them to receive benefits from their employers.  57% of Fortune 500 companies provide domestic partner benefits.  This will help our citizens who are unmarried, or cannot legally be married more easily access these benefits.  This is not a gay marriage proposal.  This is simply a registry, identical to the registry that Minneapolis has had in place since 1991; and the same as more than 70 other cities have in place.

3. What are some benefits this would bring to the city?

I think most people would agree that they want their city to be a welcoming city for all people.  This levels the playing field and helps bring some equality that currently does not exist.  Also, this will not cost taxpayers a dime.  People must pay to register which covers the costs associated with maintaining a registry.

It's important to note that the proposed registry does not create any special rights for same-sex couples.  The proposed registry would be open to both same-sex and different sex couples alike.
The proposed registry places no requirement on any business, or the City of Duluth itself (in fact state law prevents municipalities from providing domestic partner benefits to its employees).  However, if an employer chooses to do so, having a city registration mechanism may assist in the administration of their benefits program.

4. What kind of feed back have you been getting so far?

Good.  I have certainly received some negative feedback, mostly from people who don't understand the concept of the registry.  The majority of feedback I've received has been very positive and supportive.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Domistic Partner registrey

Duluth City Councilor Jeff Anderson wants to put forth an ordinance and an accompanying resolutions that would allow domestic partners to register at city hall.

Anderson said this would be mostly symbolic. If that the case then why do it? Many of you know that Jeff Anderson is the first openly gay councilor in Duluth history. I like Jeff he is an outstanding person. I don't always agree with him politically this may be one of those times. I however am not sure because I don't yet know enough about this.

I do however believe that marriage is between a man and a women now domestic partnership is not marriage.

Duluth Politics following a couple of stories.

Duluth Politics is following a couple of stories. Iwill be commenting on them soon. Keep looking back for more later.

Friday, April 17, 2009

More on Winson leaving the city.

A source told me yesterday that there were other issues that neither the Mayor nor Mark Winson were letting on. It seems that the main reason's that Mr. Winson said are partly true and not true say’s one city hall worker.

The person  told me that there were issues that the Mayor and Winson  did not agree on. They were major issue’s that could not be resolved between the two. Well they share the same desire to improve Duluth it is not the same way said this source.

It seems that Winson was not enjoying the job because it did not fit him any longer the source did conform that. They told me you could see it was not the same Winson that worked here before. You could see that from the beginning.

This source believes that Winson nor the Mayor wanted to lead on that there was political difference between the two and that is why it was not brought up.

They did want to stress however that Mark Winson and the Mayor were both great people and enjoyed working with each other for the most part. They seemed to be able to work well together even with some differences.

It seems that Winson to me would have said if there was an issue or not. I did however want to pass along this info just so you all can make up your own minds.

Gas prices to go up for summer driving.

As many of you know the summer time is the time many people take vacations and go on trips. With this most of the time you see increase in gas prices. This summer does not seem to be any different.

Triple A has said they expect gas to go up to around $2.23 per gallon around the country on an average. That is a far cry from the $4.00 it was a short time ago. In fact that is less 20  cents more then what gas is right now around the country.

What does this mean for Duluth drivers, it seems that Dultuh is one of the highest prices in State. I would guess we will see prices tap out at around $2.29 that will at this point be just about the average. 

This is just a guess as to what prices will be this summer. The triple a is good at this gas price thing however LOL we will see.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pay to park at playfront park.

*****UDPDATE***** Just heard from a councilor and I was correct any changes such as charging for the playfront parking lot (lot A) would need to be approved by the city council.


I saw this on Brandon Stahl’s blog,

It seems that they are charging for parking at play front. The small lot leading in to playfront has always been free. It should remain that way in my mind. I understand that they could possible be charging to park there now. The fee is $4.00. I am wondering if this is true.

If it is councilors do not know about it. If the city wants to charge for that lot  I believe that is something the council must approve. It is clear by Brandon’s story that at least one councilor did not know they may be charging for it.

It seems the reason they may be charging is because of the lose of parking at the DECC because of construction. I say oh well.

I will not pay to park there. I hope others do the same.

Just a note I will send an email to a councilor to see if my thought is right about needing the approval and let you know.

Poll question is up.

There is a new poll question. It involved Mark Winson who will be stepping down as the CAO of Duluth.

As many people know he was fired by former Mayor Herb Bergson. Then rehired by Mayor Don Ness. Now just two month on the job he is leaving again. He claims on his own. Do you agree.

Take time to vote on the right hand side of the blog.

Tea Party

I did not get to see any of the news coverage of the tea party as I had work last night. I have no idea what the numbers were that they used. If you heard I would like to know. As I said the DNT under estimated yesterday but that is okay. They used a number that one speaker tossed out as a guess and he could only see part of the crowd.

One women claims that she took a picture from the other side of the bridge. She said it looked like there was only about 200 hundred people she was way off. I would expect that from this person however.

The crowd was 1,000 people strong. It went almost down to the bridge and almost down to the fish tank on either side of stage. It was hard for me to tell once the event started as I was center stage. I walked around before and after the event however and it was clear that was much bigger then any one had expected.

There was about 15 speakers or so. Russ Stewart did a great job of expaining this was not a democrat or republican issue. It was an issue that all American’s needed to stand up to. There were also a couple of other speakers that did this as well. They are right.

This started under President Bush and it is just being continued by President Obama and this congress.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great turn out at tea party.

I don’t have a lot of time but it was a great event with a huge turn out. I expect that estimates by the media will be low. There was easily 1,000 people there.

I guess there is a lot of people not happy with government and the way it is going on both sides.



Duluth News Tribune say’s there was about 700 people at the rally this is one wrong estimate by the media.

Live Blog.

I was going to live blog the Duluth Tea Party this afternoon. I have decided not to do that. One wrong move and in the big drink could go the computer. That would not be a good thing.

You will get my thoughts on it either before or after work depending on when I get home.

Reminder the tea party starts in about 2 hours behind the DECC. 12:15 or so start time.

Winson email.

Yesterday after I had learned that Mark Winson was leaving the city at the top aid to the Mayor I sent a short email to him.

The email basically said thanked him for all of his years of service. Also in the email I had said that I hope he is leaving on his own terms and it was not pressure from the Mayor or any one else in city hall.

Mr. Winson replied to my email. Again it was short there for a short reply.

“John, thanks for the note.  I am leaving of my own volition.  The job of CAO doesn't fit who I am anymore.  The Mayor and I have gotten along fabulously because we share the same desire to make Duluth a better and stronger community than it already is.”


I agree that both the Mayor and Mr. Winson share the desire to better Duluth. I also think for the most he and the Mayor did get a long. I however had heard that they did not agree on a few key points in the mayor’s plan. Well no one will tell me what those maybe, I wonder if this is why he is leaving.

Yes we need a strong Mayor and to this point I think Mayor Ness has done a pretty good job. No we don’t agree on everything. There are a number of things that I like however that he has done.

I wonder however is the Mayor to demanding on his CAO? This is the person that does the day to day operations of the city. Well the Mayor is off doing his job that entitles a lot on it’s own.

Keep in mind now this is the second CAO in one Mayor that has left that spot. Well it appeared that Lisa left because of issues with the council I wonder if that is the true reason? Lisa Potswald remains with the city in a different job.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winson going going gone.

As John reported Mark Winson will be leaving the city again. This time it is on his terms he said. Well I am not sure about that.

John and I are both following this close. Neither one of us could believe it. We have talked on the phone about this mornning. It is to bad.

Mark will return to LSC were he left.

More later. I will try to have a post up some time tonight.

BREAKING NEWS: Winson leaving as top aid to Mayor Ness.

Mark Winson is leaving at the Mayors top aid. COA Mark Winson has said he will leave his position with the city. This will happen on May 8th.

I will have more on this later.

Lots going on.

Lots going on. I will try to comment later. I am way busy right now. I will try to post today. Other wise it will come tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crime up according to police.

In what was a brief discussion the other night a long time police officer told me that he has seen crime on the rise. He said that all types of crime were up in Duluth. He feels a big reason to this is the growing drug problem we face.

He said were he sees the big increase right now at this point is break inn’s. That will is to anything. Business, homes, cars ect…. He also said he believe that violent crimes have been on the rise, not nearly as fast. He did say however if we don’t get this drug issue in check we will see a huge in violent crime we will see those crimes go up with in the next three years.

He said with a young leader like Ramsey he is excited about department and hopes things will improve very fast.

Friday, April 10, 2009

MWC- Ron Stone- Lew Latto.

Just a follow up to the whole Lew Latto issue.

Another very reliable source tells me that it was MWC that made the decision and not Ron Stone to let Lew Latto go. The ownership of the mid-west tolds it Duluth market manger (Ron Stone) that one local radio show had to go on each of it’s two talk stations. Well the MWC ownership did not say they wanted Lew off the air. It seems that they left an impression to that affect.

The Duluth stations have been doing poorly and that is why they hired Ron Stone to take over there MWC Duluth stations. Stone has been a proven leader in there eyes.

The stations owed by MWC here in Duluth have been losing in the ratings to Gal West stations, they have also been losing advertisers.  It seems as if they are doing what they see fit. Stone is just the local manger doing what he is told.

Drastic changes by MWC will they pay off or hurt more?  BTW there is no truth to the rumor that Stone is getting fired. It seems that if he leaves it will be his choice to do so.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Police officer told me crime is up.

Tonight i was talking with a police officer. I will not/can not share his name. He told me that crime in Duluth was up. He has been on the force for a number of years.

More on this some time soon, now however it is off to bed.

Dumb resolution on council agenda for Monday.

I don’t want to say to much about this now. I think I am going to save most of my rant about this for my first segment on Danny Does Duluth. I am not sure however. You will have to turn to DDD on Tuesday to find out my final decision.

This is yet again our council putting it’s voice were it is not needed nor should it waste it’s time doing so.

The resolutions says that all elected officials will buy American when using stimulus money.  Now I agree that we all should buy American when we can. This resolutions again goes to far,

Well I agree with parts of this it is not the Duluth City Councilors place. That is all I am going to say for now. Your thoughts always welcome.

Real community leader.

You  may have heard that there was a stabbing the other day. The stabbing took place in an apartment building on third street.

The stabbing happened in the afternoon. The incidents was over money. The person that did the stabbing Ritchie Rich has 17 criminal cases filled against him in 5 counties in Minnesota.

I would say lets keep this guy here. He sure seems like a real pillar or the community. Sure sounds like some one I want to live next to.

Some information came from the Duluth News Tribune.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Duluth Tea Party.

I am sure many of you have heard about this. Well I don't agree with the people putting this together. I do agree with the message. I think it is important to allow our government to over spend.

The government must spend some money. The way they have been spending over the last 8 years is insane. This has been both republicans and Democrats. The Republicans need to understand that they have been the one's in charge over the last 8 years at least with President Bush. He spend money on a war like a drunken sailor.

I am not sure if I will go this event or not. I do thinks it's message is an important one however. I wonder if the tea party will have any affect on any thing?

Hi Everyone.

I am the new guy here. John asked me to be a part of this blog. He said he wanted to have some one from the other side on his blog as well. Yes that means I am a democrat.

I wanted to just swing in and say hi and let you all know I will blog when I get a chance. It should be fun.

Another at-large candidate to announce.

Beth Olson will announce that she will run for city council at-large. She will be the second person in the last couple of weeks to do so. Beth however is much farther left then Dan Hartman is.

Beth Olsen will make her announcement Thursday April 9th, at 5pm. She will do so at the Harrison Community Center. I will have more later.

Almost a week and a half.

It has almost been a week and a half sense Lew Latto has not been on the air at WDSM. He was fired by management there.

There web site still has him as on there. They have at least updated there shows that go across the top of the site he is not listed there. I guess you can’t ask for to much at one time.

Friday, April 03, 2009

There just has not been much going on.

Not much going on right now. There are a few things I was going to make comments on and may still we will see.

I will post when I find something interesting. As always thanks to all who read this blog. It is greatly appreciated. Now I just wish more would take part in the discussion LOL.

wonders why?

I wonder why blogs have to use fake names? Why can’t they say what they believe with there real name? 

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dan Hartman web site.

As I reported last night Dan Hartman is going to seek the at-large city council seat. There are again two spots up for bid this election.  One will be open well one is held by councilor Jim Stauber.

His web site has an introduction up I am not sure if he is going to do more today starting at 9 or not. In the piece he talks about how the council and Mayor are forward thinking and we need to continue that he says. Well I disagree with him on this thought that we have a forward thinking council.

He say’s we don’t need any drastic changes to move Duluth forward. Well I agree with this in part I also think we do need to stop electing those that don’t work for all of Duluth.  There are councilors on the council now that have an agenda and they want to push. No matter what it may do to the city. These councilors are on both sides.

Should there be anything new on his site starting at 9 I will pass it a long.


UPDATE: There is nothing new on the site. It is just the one video. I will have more on this later.

Tea Party specifics.

This is just a reminder about the Duluth Tea Party events. It will take place on April 15th. Yes that is tax day. It starts at 12!5 pm behind the DECC.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dan Hartman will announce that he is a candidate for the At-Large City Council seat.

Dan Hartman who dropped out the 3rd district race in 2007 because he did not get the endorsement of the DFL will now seek a new seat.

Hartman is going to announce that he is running for the city council at-large seat.  There is two spots up one currently held by councilor Stauber. The other will be an open seat.

Hartman will have his announce on his web-site

More tomorrow on this.

Blast from the past.

As you know today is April Fools day. There is not much real news out today. Instead of pulling a prank I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some old post.


This was writtien. Friday November 30th 2007.  Your thoughts on if any of this post is true or not.  How do you think the Mayor has done up to now? 

Do we have to watch our wallets our do you think we are safe?


Friday, November 30, 2007

Mayor elect Ness showed his true colors.

Mayor elect Don Ness ran his campaign on bringing the community together. He also said that he will bring responsible spending back to city hall. Mayor elect Ness showed his true colors at the council meeting Monday night.
He showed that all of his promises were just that. He could care less about the average Duluthain. He is just going to spend your money and tax you out of your house. That was made way to clear on Monday night. The mayor elect did nothing but vote to raise our taxes and increase utility rates. The taxes will not benefit us at all either. They raised storm water run off by 17% and sewer rates went up 11%. Never gave a reason to why he voted the way he did. Like it or not that is what you get.
I wonder if this silent but deadly treatment is what he will take into the Mayor's office. If this is the type of Mayor he will be then we are in for a long four years. We may want to hang on to our wallets. The type of mayor that is needed now is one that can and is willing to work with a limited budget. To this point it is very clear that Mr. Ness is not willing to do this.
What is clear is that he wants to raise taxes so the city has money to fund unneeded things. These projects may indeed be good, however when you don't have the money you need to take a look at if they are needed.
He showed this again on Monday night with two other votes. One of the two votes was to not override the Mayors veto of the housing investment fund. Whether the fund is a good thing or not is debatable. I think it is in theory but I have some issues with it. Mr. Ness did not vote in favor or over ridding the veto because he thinks the project is a good one. It also helps many people out.
This is true however when we are in a budget crisis we need to focus on the core issues. I hate to say it but this is far from a core issue. The fact of the matter is our streets and sewers are falling a part. The police along with other emergency services are in need of man power and equipment.
The second vote was on if we should conduct yet another feasibility study for a high speed train to connect Duluth with the Cities. The study only cost us tax payers a small amount of $40,000 dollars.

Keep in mind we have already had three studies done. All of them said the project would not be a good one for Duluth to get involved in. I guess it is a classic case of "if you don't succeed; try, try again". This time we can all rest assured that the study will have the "right" results. The study will be conducted by the railroad authorities from many counties.

Mr. Ness said this was a critical vote and we need to support it because we have in the past. It is the wave of the future he said. Calling for a huge come back for trains.
Simple fact of the matter is this project will just be yet another fish tank . I mean G.L.A. ( Great Lakes Aquarium). The numbers will fall well short of the predictions and we will do nothing but subsidise the train.

Posted by John at 4:25 PM

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