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Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow UMD and High School Hockey tonight on the sports page.

Get updates on High School hockey Denfield and Proctor.  Also UMD and the Minnesota Gophers. High school game us under way and UMD starts at 7:05pm. for updates.

Rush takes on the DNT. Well short of.

It was a none story to me.  First off as far as papers go people already there thoughts on if the paper is bias or not.  It does not matter what paper you read.  You form your own thoughts on the paper and or reporters if they have a political agenda or not.

Rush said the Duluth News Tribune is getting a grant to study new ways to tell story’s.  Rush seems to believe that this would drive the DNT to the left.

I don’t listen to Rush very much.  After all if it Rush.  Rush is a far right talk radio host.  Do I agree with him some time sure I do, there are also many times I don’t.  I have gotten so mad at him at times I decided just not to listen much.  It seems that DNT reporter Brandon Stahl does not listen to Rush either.  Not a indication what way he leans in politics.  Find out why he does not listen here.

After you check it out you will understand this comment.  Thanks for listening to ESPN Brandon I appreciate it. As most people know I work part time in radio and that is the station I work at.  I board op local sport programming. 

Minneapolis Red Star ( Star Tribune) pulls out of Duluth.

The Star Tribune has pulled it’s last reporter out of Duluth.  Larry Oaks will be moving to the twin cities and will continue to work for the paper.  He will become an editor for the paper. 

Larry Oaks did a great job of covering Duluth for the red star.  I did not often read there paper.  When Larry did an article that I was interested in however I would pick it up.  Time to time I do check them out online.

It is two bad the red star will not continue to cover Duluth to the standard they did. There may still be a few story’s about Greater Minnesota.

I wish Larry Oaks the best of luck in his new job with the paper.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Holy Cow were did the week? It is already Thursday and I have not had a chance to update. I will try to but I can't make any promise for this week. Check as there has been a lot going. Again I will do my best to get a few things up this week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some people should not care for animals or anything at all.

This was the head line on the DNT’s website tonight:

Windchill caretaker gets jail time, fine in colt neglect case.

All I have to say about that is good.  If you want to read the article go the

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lisa Potswald update.

A source of mine has told me what department she will be in.  This is a reminder I don’t say any of my sources unless they want me to. In this case I am not sure the source wants me to do so.

Lisa will take over as director of public administration.  I am not sure what this person does.  I do know that it is a newer position created by the Mayor last year. Lisa has also been filling that spot already on an interim level.

More post later today.

Lisa Potswald, New job, Mayor, Don Ness, Mayor Ness

We have one Senator and one well fake one.

Well Minnesota currently has one Senator Amy Klobuchar. Minnesota should have two elected Senator’s yet the only senate race yet to be decided is here in Minnesota. 

The race that I quite caring about some time ago was between Al Franken (D) and incumbent Norm Coleman (R).  The race was to close to call at the close of the election.  A recount took place and as of now Franken leads but he is not yet been seated.  He also should not be as there is legal issues going on.

Our pretend senator made a trip around the State yesterday. Franken made a stop in our area visiting with three elected officials. Franken meet with Duluth Mayor Don Ness, and St. Louis County Commissioner Peg Sweeny here is Duluth.  He also meet with Two Harbors Mayor Randy Bolen.

In the meeting they discussed issues facing our area that could be worked in on federal level. So you see Al is being a senator even when he is not yet seated nor is he for sure the winner.

I have a problem with it does not matter who it was.  If Norm did this I would say the same thing.  Stay out in tell there is a winner.  Yes both of these men need to keep up to date on the issues. That they should do anything more is wrong as I see it.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lisa Potswald

Now that we have a new COA in Mark Winson.  Mayor Ness said that Lisa will retain a job with the city.  As far as I know that job has not yet been specified.  Now many people thing that she should just be let go.

I agree and I don’t agree.  Here is why I would agree with if the job is new and he is creating it just for her to stick around then yes she should just be released.  If however she would be taking over a job then I think she has ever right to stay.  That is were I would disagree with those saying she should not work for the city.  If it is current job with the city then I am okay with her staying. 

Lisa Potswald was not a good COA at all.  That does not mean she is not able to help the city in another way.  I would however say don’t appoint or give  her to any public relation job.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview page.

I have a new column up on the interview page.  Please remember the interview page is also were I put interesting columns I find on the internet.

This one I want you to head over and read.  I would love to get everyone’s thoughts on it.  It is by Ann Coulter and it is called Good Bye America.  Is she right or wrong and why? Read and lets discuss it there. , if this link is wrong or does not work you can click on the link to right of this page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank God: Potswald out Winson in.

Lisa Potswald is out and Mark Winson is back in as mayor’s top aid. Thank God.  More tomorrow.

DP page updates.

It is almost playoff time in the WCHA DI hockey and the NCHA DIII hockey. That is why we talk U.M.D., UWS and CSS hockey on our sports page.  Check it out at .

The UWS yellow jackets and St. Scholistica Saints will battle it out on Friday night.  Head to the sports page to read my thoughts on the out come.  Also all about the bulldogs last three series of the season.

Why is school closed? What people are saying.

Harry Welty former school board member and activist with Let Duluth Vote said this.  When asked by what he thought of the school’s closing today by Duluth Politics. 

“The Trib reported that at 5:30AM Dr. Dixon was driving over the hill and telling the Trib reporters that it was icy. When I went to school in southern Minnesota sometimes the rural kids weren't bussed in on bad days. Most of the Duluth kids live in town where the driving was fine. Maybe Dr. Dixon is saving a day's wages for now to help with his budget woes and postponing them until Duluth has to make up a snow day at the end of the year. That would mean more money for the Red Plan now. Of course, maybe I'm just being cynical.”

Well current board member Ann Wasson had this to say.

“Unfortunately the call needs to be made by 5am and we rely on the advice of experts at the weather station.  With the possibility of freezing roads and sidewalks, it becomes a hazard for walkers (with car traffic) and our buses. We pick students up from a long way out. Also, not everyone is able to have a parent drive them to school. So, we have to go with a decision so parents can get day care or call in for a  day off work. “ Ann Wasson

Another current school board member has replied to my email about the school closing the other day. Here is what Laura Condon said.

“I hope you got a reply for this, but the decision to close has to do with what our transportation department decides is safe for our students--sometimes the outer parts of Duluth are the problem”


More as they come in.  Thanks to those that have replied so far.

Can you tell my why school’s are closed.

So the BIG I mean little ice storm we had yesterday was canceled last night at about 10 or 11 pm.  With little to no effect on anything other then once again people panicked and closed things early yesterday.  Well the roads all of yesterday were in good shape what was bad were alleys and sidewalks.  The storm for the most part was a joke.  Now that is not a bad thing but we live in Duluth we should have a wait and see attitude in stead everyone jumps the gun.

That leads me to a question why the hell are the schools closed today? Any ideas anyone. I forgot with school canceled tonight there is no sports or anything tonight.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Talk of the Town show.

Tracy had News Tribune reporter Brandon Stahl on last show.  It was an interesting segment with him. Now there were a number of things I wanted to talk about from the show. I don’t remember most of them now, for two reason’s.  One I did not take notes and I don’t remember what I did yesterday LOL . Second being the added stress of my son being in the hospital the last couple day’s I don’t remember a few things I wanted to discuss about the show. 

Anyway on to what I do remember.  They were talking about the new lay out. Tracy had asked people what they thought about it on his face book page. Many of the comments were they did not like the new lay mine included.  I said I did not like it as it looked a lot like the USA today paper and that lay our is just a train wreck.  People added if they bought the paper or not.  Most of the comments to that was also a no.  That stands for me as well.  I said that with the lay out and it being razor thin I don’t buy the hard copy. 

I do read the paper every day . How do I do this?  I read it online.  After all it is just one of my many online stops in the day to get news.  I do need to be perfectly honest I never did really buy a hard copy of the DNT even in the old lay out.  Well there were times and still are that I do by a hard copy of the DNT.  I do this because there a story or more that I want to save. 

Now lets be honest again the DNT is not losing reader ship or gaining readership because of a lay out.  Well some may drop or add because of a lay change they cancel each other out.  They are losing as many if not all newspapers around the country are because of many different issues. Number one being the internet.  A lot of people and advertisers are going to the net instead of papers to get the news or advertise there business.

More later.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Post coming tomorrow, I hope.

****UPDATE**** It does not look like I will be able to update the site today. If I can it will be late tonight. As our little boy is in the hospital.

hope to make a couple of post tomorrow. One on the state of news papers. Brandon Stahl and Tracy Lundeen had a very interesting conversation tonight. I want to make a few comments on. Also the left and how it is good for them but not others.

I do have a major issue to deal with tomorrow so I am not sure if and or when tomorrow I will get them up. I hope to asap.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More on the tribute show: Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens.

The number one tribute show to Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens is the winter dance party. yes they are coming to Grand Casino Hinckley. If you would like to get tickets you click on the link

Now as I said I have seen this tribute once and can’t wait to see it again.  The first time I saw the show was at the Nor shore Theater. The show was outstanding. More then I would have ever thought.

John Mueller (Buddy Holly) is amazing.  The performance to the look is all Buddy Holly. I can say the same about Ray Anthony ( Ritchie Valens) and Jay Richardson ( The Big Bopper).  They are all simply amazing. 

Just a note about Jay Richardson he is the son of the Big Bopper.  I am sure his father is very proud of his son and keeping his music a live.

Danny Does Duluth.

Danny Does Duluth will be having a very interesting show on Friday.  He will be interviewing Tony (who has had issues with me as well as Danny). The show will be interesting so tune and listen.  Again it will take place on Friday. 

I will be asking Danny to stop by and give a bit of what he will cover on the show. With out giving away the whole episode of course.

Danny show can be found here and one of Tony’s blog can be found here

An interesting poll quesiton with interesting results so far.

The Superior Daily Telegram has a very interesting poll question on it’s web page.

The question is do you think the nation has the leadership it needs in Barack Obama? What I find even more interesting is the result as of this point.  Keep in mind that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan blindly voted for this guy. 

Right now the poll has 901 votes cast.  Yes that are a lot more people then that in Wis, MN that have a chance to vote on this. If you take these results however unscientific they are it is interesting.  Would people vote the way they did just a few month ago today?

Here are the poll results.



I'll wait and see




Total Votes: 901

Yes that is right almost 50% of the people that voted don’t believe we have the right leadership.  Well just about 31% do. Anyway  I thought it was interesting.  Your thoughts?

More on parking tickets.

The Duluth News Tribune has a follow up to it’s story yesterday about parking to close to a drive way in the paper today. There included a few more laws that people may or may not have known.  I did know of all of them.  Fact is most Minnesota cities have these same laws. 

Again not knowing is no excuse. It is in fact your responsibility to know these laws when you get your license. Well some people thing these maybe outrageous I disagree. Most of these are for safety reason’s. 

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Day the Music Died.

50 years ago today Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens were killed in a plan crash.  The plan left in very winter conditions and most likely should have never took off. 

Even though i was not born for another 20 years after this happened, I grew up listening to these guys.  I still have a love for the oldies.  My dad has told me so many stories and I have seen and read so much about the crash.  It is a day I will never forget.  I also had the chance to see the tribute at the Norshore.  

Buddy Holly, the most known artist and head liner, had a plane lined up to fly them to their next concert site. Little did he or anyone know it would be their last concert. The plane went down just a few miles from the air port that they had taken off from.

Thank you Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens. You will never be forgotten and your music will forever live on.

Don’t forget, the Tribute group will be at Grand Casino Hinckley on Friday February 20th @ 8pm. Tickets available at

Check out the DP sports page.

Check out the sports page for my thoughts on the big game yesterday.  It can be found at or just click on the link to right of the page.

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Stupid People: Not knowing is no excuse.

It seems that some people did not know about Duluth parking law. When it comes to parking near a driveway.  Now the city has decided to write tickets for it. Now I don’t know if they have written many in past for it or not, but it does not matter.  Now they are.

The DNT has a great article about it in today's paper.  Here is the link, In the story the police point out that not knowing is no excuse for not paying a ticket.  I agree 100%.  They also point that it is your responsibility when you get your license to know all the rules and regulations and it is.

One of the people in the story is former Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson wait no it is another Bergson.  His son received a ticket and was mad along with his wife. There said they never new about the law.  Here is what David Bergson said in the paper.

“I absolutely couldn’t believe it,” said Bergson, the son of former Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson. “I’ve never heard of that law. I can’t believe that it’s even a law.”

Again come on people these laws have been around for a long time get with the program.