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Friday, July 29, 2011

Jeff Anderson's mis-leading comment.

Jeff Anderson mis-leads voters on his face book page. Anderson said Bachman and Cravaack stick together. The story was about the Boehner's plan to raise the debt celling. Cravaak was no vote on the plan because he wanted more cuts and a balanced budget plan in it.

Bachman on the other hand is leading the charge to not raise the celling at all. Cravaak does not believe in that at all. He wants to raise the celling but wants a "better" plan. Cravaak in fact calls Bachman's stand "the nuclear option".

I wish Anderson would have read the story first, if he would have he would have noticed the big difference in Cravaak and Bachman. I guess it is to much to ask for someone running against Cravaack. Jeff maybe you should tell us what your plans are.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unconfirmed report.

I have an unconfirmed report of a stand off between the Duluth Police department and person in side of a house near wheeler feild. More information to come if this is true.  A source contacted Duluth Politicts about 15 minutes ago.  We are working on finding out info. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Doing a test on a new way to post.

Duluth has three uncontested seats.

This years election for city councilors and Mayor of Duluth is right around the corner. Filling have now closed, and three seats this year will go uncontested.

They are as follows:

Mayor: Duluth Mayor Don Ness will not have an opponent in this years election. This is the first time in the history of Duluth the Mayors race has not had at least two people running for the seat. A poll was done and Mayor Don Ness has a 86% approval rating. The same survey had the Duluth city council approval rating up 10% from last year to 78%.

He would have been hard to beat should some one have choice to ran against him. I think he has done a pretty good job of running our city. Well I don't always agree with him, he has had to make some tough decisions many of which have gone against what one would think he would normally stand for.

3rd District council seat: Sharla Gardner will also not be running against anyone. For me this is to bad. The first major thing she put forward after she was elected, was chickens. Yes we can now have chickens in the city of Duluth. There are so many issues facing our city and she was her first accomplishment and really her only to this point. Thanks Sharla!

(Disclaimer) I ran for the seat in the last election. I was unable to run this time.

5th district: Jay Fossilie will also not be facing anyone for his seat.

All others seats will have a primary, 1st district, 4th district and two at large. The at large seat will be open as the current holders will not run for re-election.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A wise move?

8th congressinal district Congressmen Chip Cravaak moving to New Hampshire. He will retain a house in the district and stay there every Saturday, well most sundays will be in NH with the kids. The move is sited because he wants the family to be closer to him when he is in DC.

We all know that former Congressman Jim Oberstar did not live in Minnesota for a long time that said I am not sure this is a wise move on Cravaak's part. Time will tell what the voters feel about it. I am a bit worried that this gives the strong DFL party of the northland something to run with. What are your thoughts.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

DFL endorsment for 8th congressinal district.

There has been some talk as of late about who will receive the DFL endorsement to run against Chip Cravaak for the 8th CD district. As of now there are three people in the running, Duluth City Councilor Jeff Anderson, carpetbagger Terryle Clark and Rick Nolan.

The noise I have heard is that is it all but Jeff Anderson's endorsement. Anderson has a strong following in Duluth and around the Duluth area. He has been working the district pretty well also. So from what I hear it is his to lose. Here is how I think it will go when the process takes place, Anderson will get the endorsement Nolan will be second and Clark third.

What will that mean? Most likely Nolan will then drop out, as he needs the endorsement to keep moving on. This putting Anderson and Clark in a primary. Clark has the money, and the knowledge to raise a lot of money. Can she buy the primary like Dayton did? I don't think so, the voters here will support Anderson.

Rick Nolan lives in the southern part of the district, again where Cravaak won and seems to still be popular. Cravaak also resides in the southern part of the district.

If Nolan wants to get the DFL endorsement he will have to come to the Northern part of district and get votes.

The place she maybe able to make up ground is the southern part of the district, but that part of the district voted for Chip Cravaak in the last election, and the southern part of the district seems pleased with how he is doing.

I think Anderson wins the primary with 54% of the vote. This putting him against Cravaak depending on what goes on with re-destructing, but I think it will stay the way it is now. Cravaak also knows he needs a good percentage of the vote in the northern district to retain the seat in the next election.

Week two.

So here we are in the second week of the State shut down. I have heard little progress being made, in fact the Governor seems unwilling to talk right now. The republicans don't seem to be in much or a hurry up mood either.

Former Governor Carlson and former Vice President Mondale said they where coming up with a plan that would hopefully resolve the issue, it seems to me neither side was interested in hearing from them.

We sit in the second week of the shut down losing millions of dollars a day, not to mention those out of state travelers that may never come back, as they look at the mess that is the Minnesota Government at this point.

Duluth Politics had a live chat with Tom Horner on Friday, and he summed it up best saying "nothing good can come of this" when asked about the shut down. As the state loses money and focus on what it is suppose to be doing.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Jeff Anderson live chat.

We where to have a live chat on facebook with democrat candidate for the 8th congressinal disdtrict Jeff Anderson. We where as close as setting a date and time, then I got an email today saying the campaign has re-considered the live chat.

They said at this time Jeff is meeting with DFLers and is unable to do a live chat. They did say it may be posible to do it later in the campaign.

I am disappointed the campaign has chose this route but I hope we will get a chance to have the live chat some tiem soon.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Live chat.

Even if you are not from Minnesota you can still take part. We have lots of people who use to live in our city and state check out the blog. If you do live in Minnesota I hope you will take the opportunity to take part in this event.

I am excited to do the first ever live chat on my face book page, search the new duluth politics group page to find it on face book. We will have a discussion with former candidate for Governor Tom Horner July 7th at noon, we will discuss the Government shut down and how we got to this point. You can ask questions and let Tom know your thoughts.

I hope you will join us July 7th at noon!

Scare people.

Here we are in the second full day of the government shut down in Minnesota. The democrats are using scare tatics to try to get Minnesotains to see it there way. They say kids and elder will be hurt by the cuts. Lets face it these are not cuts they are in fact increases to programs, just not what the groups want. After all this Governor set forward the largest budget in State history.

The republicans went over it and said we can't afford this, which at this time the state can't. The republicans went over the budget and issues "cuts" to programs and services, they where still however increses from last year in most cases. The two sides also disagree on taxes the Governor wants to increase taxes on the wealthy and business. Well the GOP says that will hurt employment and jobs.

The democrats run on scaring people and they should be ashamed of them selfs.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Here we are!

So here we are, the clock has hit midnight and we start July in a shut down for Minnesota government. There has been no deal on the Minnesota budget. It has been reported that the GOP did send a proposal to the Governor but neither side is confirming that report.