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 Purpose of the blog:

Duluth Politics is a blog that discusses local, state, and national issues. Duluth Politics focuses primarily on local issues and events. Its purpose is to bring up issues and have a civil discussion of those issues. The blog will also highlight events going on in the Duluth area. In the near future, Duluth Politics is going to become more involved by attending more press conferences and events. The blog also occasionally posts special interest stories and interviews.

Posting on the blog:

When the blog started, I posted daily. As time went on, I was unable to do that. I post as much as possible. I try to do it daily, but if I can't, please be patient. I will post when I am able to.

The posts' topics are what I find interesting. As I have always said, readers are more than welcome to offer suggestions on what I should post about.

All posts by the blog host are free for people to comment on. However, all comments must be approved by the host. The blog host, John Rathe, can decline a comment for any reason. Most comments, however, will be approved. Your comment will most likely be approved as long as it meets the following criteria: It is on topic and civil. The blog does not allow spam. You may promote a local blog or a blog you think others will be interested in. Be aware however the blog will be checked before your comment is posted to make sure it is not a spam site, unless the blog host already knows the site you are promoting.


I am very proud of this blog. It does take a lot of time to operate. But, it is fun. I know I have a lot of readers. I wish more of them would comment, but I know many just like to read the thoughts of others and they come here to see what is going on. Whether you are a current resident or former resident of Duluth, thank you for reading Duluth Politics.