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Friday, March 30, 2007

Superior Mayor

The mayor's race in Superior Wis. will be determined Tuesday.

I ask that any one that reads this blog and votes in Superior to vote for current mayor David Ross. He has done a great job for Superior.

Councilor Stewart not to run for a third term.

Yesterday city councilor Russ Stewart said he would not run for a thrid term. Stewart represents the 3rd district. The word was around that he may not seek a thrid.

It turns out that he will indeed not run for a thrid term. It is to bad, he is a good councilor. I don't always agree with him, however he was a sound voice on the council most of the time.

Thanks for all or your hard work councilor Stewart!!!!!

The thrid district is now left a huge void to fill.

Here is the story paper had,

Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Duluth News Tribune has a poll up on there web site. It askes who you will vote for out of those that siad they are running for mayor. It also gives you a choice to vote for someone to be named later. That is the one I voted for.

Right now Don Ness is way ahead.

To cast your vote go to there web site,

The list grows.

Those running for mayor is up to three for sure people:

Meg Bye

Don Ness

Charlie Bell

The list of those that people think will run grows daily as well. Out of the three the clear winner would be Ness. Not my pick then again those three are not people I could support.

Note: If you have any web sites for these other candidates let me know, I will post it next to there name. A search comes up with no officail site as of yet for other candidates. If anyone has any info let me know.

Ness for Mayor?

Well it seems like Don Ness after all will stay involved in city politics. If you remember just a few month ago Don said in an interview he would more then likly not run for mayor or city council again. The local politics has taken a toll on him and his family. Appertanly things have changed, Ness annouced today he will run for mayor.

His annoucment came on his web-page, .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rhonda gone off KDAL Radio, thank GOD.

Rhonda Grusendorf who had a radio show on KDAL radio has ended her programming. Her last show was late last week.

She said on air that the station was going in a diffrent direction then she wanted to. The fact is the station is going the way radio is going today.

Her show was very annouing, it was by far a chick show. Not only that but she should not be on the radio or anywere but jail.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Council gets rid of old ordinance.

The council voted 9-0 to get rid of an ordinance that was on the books sence 1912, the ordinance said you could sell liquar with in 400 feet of a city park. If this was not taken off the books then it would affect many of our business's.

That would include those in Canel park, and others.

With that said however there is one councilor that will try to make it illegal for surton estaplishments, why? He wants to still put foward an ordinance that would call for it to be illegal to serve near some city parks. Wait did we not just do away with that? YES!!!!!

Councilor Krause wants to still have an ordinance that would effect some business's but exclude otheres. How far is this? Why would he want to do?

Your thoughts first. Then I will come with what I believe the reason's to be.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Beer parks.

So it seems as an ordinace out dated is rearing it's hugly head. It deals with selling liquar near city parks.

One councilor is saying he will support keeping this ordinance. Now he has updates his stands to exclude those bars near the lakewalk, however this would still effect many business's.

This is just another reason this city is very hard to do business in.

This ordinance is outdated and needs to not even be on the books.

The mayor has said should it pass, his admistraion will not be inforcing.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I hope to have some post up about local politics this weekend.

I am hoping to have some thoughts up on many issues that have been going. The weekend is busy but we will see what I can do.

Unity 08

At the very bottom of the page is a sign up for unity 08. I have signed up with unity 08. I believe we can change the way of the politics, and the way of our leaders. I am sick of both party's and we need a good form of change I hope unity 08 can bring that.

If you would like more info click on the button to go there page.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bluesfest back in Duluth.

The bluesfest is back in Duluth. After a long converstation the city council agreed to the contract by a 6-0 vote. Three councilors were not present.

I agree with Brian Brown, that the Blues fest group should not have done what they did. They choose to bring changes to the contract before the city council on Monday night. I along with the city believe that set a bad president.

The fest was to go to the Bufflo house for one year but at the last minute Geno safed the day. I am happy the blues fest is back in Duluth but have nothing good to say about Geno or those that run this city.

I have some more thoughts on that at . I am sure I will post much more on that here as well as time goes on.

Anti war protest. Other things as well.

As the four year annivarsy has come and gone. There were numers marches against the war and the Bush adminstration. One right here in Duluth. Over two hundred marched to try to end the war.

The chants were many as the march started. They marched to the civic center for a rally. Were a number of speakers said what they thought of the war and the adminstration. The group was small at first but grow to a good size just after 2p.m.

There was also a march in the cities. That saw thoundsand march in protest of the war.

Back in Duluth there was a small gathering of family and friends that gathered in the downtown area. They gathered to support the troops, and not failed the Bush adminstrain for the war. They believe that support needs to start with them and at home. They don't believe that marching in anti war marches are the way to show support. The group was about 20 people. They also do it yearly.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

4 Year ann. of iraq war.

There are a couple of events going on today for the event localy and I will cover them here tonight as I will be out and about at the local events.

There is an event at 2p.m. anti-war colition march

There is also a small gathering of pro millitary suppoters at 2:30 gathering downtown as well.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I don't believe it.

Some councilors say that losing the Bayfront Blues Fest is completly the Mayors fault. I don't believe it.

I do believe for the most part that this was the mayor's doing. The mayor wanted to get more money for the city because he believes the festivail was becoming to big so he wanted more money. I am not against this, however I am against the way he and the adminstrain went about it.

Here is the %'s that I believe is to belame at, Mayor 95% and the council 5%. Why, I don't beleive that the council could just sit by and watch like they did. They choose to do nothing. IF you remember a week maybe two weeks ago in the paper the council eurged the mayor and bayfront blue fest to work out the issue's.

I don't know how many meeting I have gone to were the councilors feel they need to be part of the process, why this is diffrent I don't know. They should have took time to get involved. They did not, and at this point it does not look like they will. The council should have and still can look at doing something but it is crunch time.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feeling Blue.

Yesterday was a sad day for Duluth. Today it was the topic of discussion all over the place. It will be no diffrent here.

As you know we have lost the Bayfront Blues Fest for at least one year. Maybe even for good. The festivals promoter said he was pulling the the blues fest out of Duluth because he could not come to agreements on many issues with the city and it's mayor.

I am well aware we don't know all of the deatails and we may never. However with that said I can't belame the promoter of the event, it looks like the mayor was unwilling to move on many issues that were never issues. The mayor also said he has a diffrent plan and event for the blues frest weekend. Yeah that better be good mayor. Unless the event on the first year draws hundres of thousands of people it is a failed fest much like your administraion.

There will be much more to come on this tonight and as we get devlopments.

Oh my guess is the the blues fest will move to the Bufflo House.

Mayor stops debate.

As I am sure most know, city councilor Jim Stauber was going to have a resolution on the agenda last night. The resolution was to ask the council to investgate the mayor's actions on the taking free tickets then giving them away to not for profit groups. One group I know of is the life house, there are others but that is one that has been brought up. This act maybe illegal.

The tickets were free and you can not give the mayor or any city councilor free items in spite that you may be looking for a vote, then the mayor goes and gives them to groups that he wants support from may also be illegal.

The resolution was to call for an investigation, low and behold it was not on the agenda last night. Why? A mistake, yes. Not by adicident however it was very calculted by the adminstration and they should be ashamed of them selfs. I hope this will be up for debate in two weeks.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fraken- can he raise enought money?

Al Franken Faces Deep-Pocketed Opponent( this was on news max

Liberal comedian Al Franken is in for a tough battle as he seeks the Democratic nomination for a Senate seat from Minnesota now that high-powered lawyer Mike Ciresi has thrown his hat into the ring.

Ciresi is best known for a multibillion-dollar settlement he engineered with the tobacco industry. He also served as counsel to the government of India against Union Carbide over the Bhopal catastrophe, and represented women rendered infertile by the Copper 7 IUD.
The trial attorney ran for the Senate in 2000 as a self-described progressive moderate, but lost the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party primary to Mark Dayton in a four-way race.
Ciresi spent nearly $5 million of his own money and raised another $1 million for the primary race. He has said he’s not planning on self-funding his new campaign, but he’s not ruling it out, according to the Washington, D.C.-based publication The Hill.

For his part, Franken — who recently left the Air America radio network — raised more than $1 million for his Midwest Values political action committee in the last cycle, “showing the fund-raising prowess needed to run in one of the marquee races in the nation,” the Hill reports.
David Schultz, a political expert at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn., told The Hill: “What you have is probably the two best-financed candidates who have entered early and probably will scare off just about everybody else at this point.”

Ciresi and Franken are targeting the Senate seat now held by Republican Norm Coleman, who narrowly won in 2002 after Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash.

What are your thoughts do you think Franken will be the democrats choose to run against Coleman? Can Franken raise enought money to compete with others that will enter the race? Or is this articale just a bunch of smoke? Lets have some converstation about it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bergson in trouble again?

Well it sure seems as if our mayor has yet again got him self in some hot water. This time taking complemantry tickets and giving them to non-profits.

At a commity meeting councilors asked the director of the Bayfront Blues Fest if he has ever given tickets to the mayor and he said yes, in email responce from Lou Campbell he gave Mayor Bergson many free tickets.

This is illegal, the mayor can not except these gifts. Even if he gives them away.

The council will take up this issue at possible the next meeting, Monday night.

Regardless of the Mayors intend this action is illegal. I believe he knows by not making any comment on it to this point. Now was the Mayor wrong to do this the easy answeare is yes. Can you belame him for wanting to help groups that can't affort to do, no. However if he wanted to help then he should have bought the tickets and then given them away.

He is wrong on both of these acounts, excepting them. Then giving them to non-profits.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

High School Hockey.

Well the tournament has started today. Our schools are doing well Marshall and Hermntown won.

Want to help out?

B-105 is having a radio-thon on Thursday and Friday, to benifit St. Judes.

If you want to help listen to the station those two days and donate.


Wal-Mart issues a statment saying that they will still look at making the Hermntown store a super center.

It will take some work and corpartion from the city of Hermntown.

I hope the two parties work together to get this done.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Madness

Well it looks like March is going to come in like a lion. Snow upwards of 12-15 inches maybe more. The good news is it will be done by Friday night.

All area collages are still open except for LSC, all public schools systems in the are closed. If you have something to do, the best thing to do is call ahead and see if it is still on.