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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

being civil.

I am a very resonalbe person and enjoy politics. I like to have conversations even if we don't agree.

I am a very civil person, however some times my emotion gets the best of me and I use words well blogging that I should not. I will make every effort not to do that.

I want this blog to be a place of civil discussion on both sides. I am sure here and I may slip up but if I do please let me know. I will make any corrections needed.

The Iraq resolutions passes.

Last night the council passed councilors Stewarts resolution 6-1 with one abstaining. The Iraq resolution took up about 75 minutes or so of the council time.

There were a number of speakers, some for and some against the resolution. There was not as many speaksers as I thought there would be.

The vote did not surprise me, one councilors vote that did surprise me a bit was council Stauber for the resolution. I do however understand his, I don't agree with it but understand his thinking.

There were parts of the resolution that I did agree and parts that I could not agree with. Which is why I asked the council to either withdraw the resolution. That would have had to have been done by councilors Stewart and Johnson, or to vote the resolution down.

The point I was making is that the council on a highly diviaded issue natinaly should not speak for 85 thousand plus people. We all can call congressmen and senators to voice our thoughts.

I also stated that with this issue there is any number of groups, and or websites that will help you voice your thoguths either way. I just did not feel it right this time for the council to represent 85 thousand plus on this issue.

I also will not support and like resolutions ever. Natinal issues are to be dealt with by our elected officals on that level. State the same and city the same as well.

This was really a hard one for me take a position on, but I had to take the one I did for even more reason then this post say's. I will will have more on that later.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Duluth Fire Marshall gives warning.

Today the Duluth Fire Marshall gave a warning to stay off the lake Superior. He said ice fishing, or skating is dangours. A person could be sent out to the middle of the lake in a blink of an eye.

Some may not be smart enought to listen to this warning.

I don't know why anyone would go ice fishing or skating on the big lake. The lake almost never freezers over completely. The wind and shift in the ice can happen like that you are heading to the middle of the lake.

Stewart reinduces anti-war resolution.

Source: Duluth News Tribune,

Third District Duluth City Councilor Russ Stewart has resubmitted into the local political fray his controversial resolution calling for the complete withdrawal of American troops from the war in Iraq.
First District Councilor Laurie Johnson has joined Stewart in the symbolic measure, which will be voted on at Monday’s City Council meeting.
At Thursday’s council agenda session, Stewart said he changed the language so it no longer singles out the Minnesota National Guard. He said he borrowed language from a resolution recently passed by the Minneapolis City Council.

I was affraid he would do this, what is even worse I am affraid it may pass. I don't think this is something are councilors should be voting on this, this issue is for our State and Country to debate. If you don't like it as a citizen that is great you have amble place to show that, ralleys web sites ect...

The City Council Chambers is not the place because not every Duluthian agree's with councilor Stewart. I hope this does not pass and they don't speak for the whole city.

Hermtown Walmart not going to be a supper center.

Wal-mart gave into the hippies and enviormentorlist on this one.

They claim cost as an issue.


Well I don't believe we are going to get much this weekend. I will only believe it when I see it.

If we do get the storm be careful driving.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

State smoking ban.

I am against smoking bans. I feel that business should have say if they want to allow smoking or not. After all business will do what it's customers want, if they feel it is best because that is what the public wants then good for that business. I don't believe goverment should play any roll in this issue.

Duluth, Minnesta City Council passed an ordinance to limit were you could smoke much like the one the state in talking about now. The smoking ban in Duluth was lightened a bit because of presure from business and people that went to these businesses.

The ban the State is talking about would not allow you to smoke at almost any public place. The ban would ban smoking in the following, Restrants, Bars, bowling Alleys, public and private clubs, VFW's and more.

If the State lost one business to a smoking ban it would be to many.

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A Duluth man dies in the St.Louis County Jail.

There are not many details, I found this story interesting however.

A man arrested I believe Saturday night was found dead Sunday afternoon in his cell after a check of the cells. This far the man has dies of natural causes, we will have to wait and see if anything else comes of this story.

The story was reported yesterday on channel 6 news, I did not see anything in today's paper about it.

here is a link to channel 6's web page,

New to Duluth Politics.

We will start a new feature here at DP. We will post some columns from high profile writers and politicians. This will be on our interview page, there you can also find old interviews we have done and new ones we hope to do as well.

Here is the link, There is one column up now from last week if you want to head over and check it out.

Kozy bar fined

I know this is a little old, last monday night the Duluth City Council passed along fines to the Kozy Bar. The troubled bar has a new owner however things are not improving.

Eric the new owner choose to speak about situration going on with one of the bar tenaders that to me was not the major issue. The issue still is it has not improved they are still getting just as many police calls and prositoin is still going on there. They needs to be action taken this was just the first step if things don't improve.