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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Updates here, on our sports page, new page, and team Rathe bowling.

Look for more tomorrow.

Truth and taxation meeting

The meeting is tomorrow (Monday). at city hall. Go if you are concerned about your taxes. Even if you don't speak show up. Meeting starts at 7pm.

Page updates.

Find out how I did in a bowling tournament and other bowling news by going here, Also how did the U.M.D. bulldogs do? Find out at

I will also be updating DP and my other pages tonight and tomorrow so check back.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I found this head line funny.

Headline reads,Frerotte, Vikings aiming to find offensive rhythm.

We are going into week 13 don't you thing we should already have an offensive rhythm?

Understanding facts.

The land sale on Park Point happened for one major reason. That is the land that was sold is residential land. It is not part of the park.

The side that did not want the land sale either does not understand this or does not care about this simple but major part of the land sale.

Now as I have said before am I a huge fan of this land sale no. I was glad to see it happen however. I hate the lose of environment but again land is not park land if it was the sale would not have happened.

I agree 100%

This was an opinion in the paper and I agree 100%

It’s a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree

What does the News Tribune mean with “holiday tree” (“Downtown holiday tree arrives Monday,” Nov. 9.) It is a Christmas tree. It has nothing to do with other religious holidays celebrated in December. Stop trying to not offend someone with this PC stuff and call it what it is.
I am sure the people of Duluth can handle the word “Christmas.” If they can’t, that doesn’t mean Christians — who, by the way, are the majority — should sit down and shut up. I, for one, won’t do it. And I am offended by the omission of the proper term, so I guess the News Tribune has offended someone.
Karen Young

Cirrus cuts back.

Cirrus said they will have more cut backs in December. To read about the layoffs go to

The layoffs that cirrus announced yesterday don't only hurt cirrus employees. They hurt other company's that relay on cirrus and the it hurts the city as well. With less people working at good paying jobs it means less money for our local economy.

I know of many people this hurts. Now I understand this is something they have to do at this point to get rid of inventory and set up for next year. However I wonder how many if any of these cirrus people will be called back to work? If there are not many called it will affect many business that deal with plane parts and other aspects of manufacturing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Was the vote decided before hand.

There has been questions on the vote last night about land sale on Park Point. Some seem to think that two councilors promised the there vote in favor of the land sale. why is this? They (she) seems to think that they would normally support something like this. The councilors in question are Tony Cuneo and Jeff Anderson.

Now in a normal situation would Cuneo and Anderson support this no. The better question is would any councilor most likely not. We are not in a normal situation however. Our city is facing huge finical troubles for this year and beyond.

I believe times will not be as bad for citizens and business in our area as it will in many other parts of the state and around the country over the next few month. I do however thing the city government will continue on in a dismal budget situation if we don't take the steps needed now.

This is why councilors Anederson and Cuneo voted for the land sale they understand this. Well councilor Gardner does not. This was about what was best for Duluth it had nothing to do with buying votes like Gardner wants you to think. This is just yet another attempt to make her look good to her supporters. Yet she puts the city at jeopardy with her vote.

New page

We have a new page. It will be independ from DP however. The page is still mine but it will be news and no editroiral comments will be there. Those comments will contunie to be on this page. For news go here .

Open council seat update.

I have not yet filed because I have been trying to download the application online but for some reason it will not work. I have tried four times. Today I went down to city hall and picked up an application and will bring it in tomorrow.

All applications must be in by Monday at 4:30 pm if anyone else is interested in putting one in. With just three days left to get in an application t65here is only 8 people in for the seat so far. That is a far cry from the 50-60 there were thinking they would receive. At least at this point it does seem like there is the interest in the seat like many people thought there would be. We will see come Monday what the number is.

Monday, November 24, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Duluth City Council Approved Land Sale on Park Point.

The Duluth City Council has approved the land sale of three parcels on Park Point. The 6-3 vote helps with the city budget. Should this have failed it would have for sure meant more city cuts and layoffs for the remained of 2008 and beyond.

The sale of the land was meet with some opposition tonight, the small group also fired out false accusations that councilors had promised the administration there vote no matter what. There was a small group of about six citizens at tonight's meeting the did not want the land sales to occur. Well no one spoke in favor of the land sale at tonight's meeting.

When it came time for the councilors to comment most of them did not like the idea of selling the land. Councilor Anderson went as far as saying it was bad practice for the council do this. He then voted in favor of the land sale. Those that joined councilor Anderson were Fedora, Cuneo, Kruase, Stauber, Foslie. The three that voted against the land sale were councilors Gardner, Reinert and Gilbert. Councilor Gilbert went as far as saying these single home project could be as bad as beacon point project was.

We are watching report card.

Here is there report card from there site,


Not much going on.

There has not been a lot going on around here lately. I do have a few post I will post here soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

We are watching update.

I have not posted any thoughts yet as I am still gathering some very interesting thoughts from people. About the report.

It did however come out as I thought it would. I would say this right away I disagree with we are watching. It proves that they are not watching out for the whole community they are in it for political reasons.

Check back soon for more. I also have had little time to post this week but will try to do some this weekend even with a very busy weekend. We will see what I can do.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We are watching group.

The "watch dog group" for the county is holding a press conference tomorrow. It is to report on the county and what they group is working for.

I can guess what there report will say but I will wait for tomorrow. I will not be able to be at the press conference however I will have a report up later tomorrow. I maybe able to send some one in my place.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Duluth Mayor?

Well we just elected a new mayor. By the way I think he is doing a good job to this point. I believe he is doing what many mayors before him should have done. Now I don't agree with everything but you can't.

With that said I have already heard rumblings of people possible setting up to run against Mayor Don Ness in 2012. Now these are names I have heard many I don't think will run but have been brought up in conversations.

1. Council Jim Stauber Chane of running 5%

I don't think Mr. Stauber will run. I am not even sure he will run for re-election to the city council when his term comes to an end in 2010.

Stauber has got a lot of his "supporters" upset with many of his votes. I am not one that has been upset with him. Now again I don't always agree with how he votes but I respect his vote. It comes with a lot of fact checking.

2. Councilor Cuneo Chance of running 25%

Well I think Tony would and will run for Mayor some day I don't believe it will be in 2012. He will have just completed his first term on the council, I think he will be viewed as not having enough experience.

Lets be honest this is why the current Mayor did not run for Mayor the time before this. He did not want to have that as an argument against him.

I think councilor Cuneo would be an interesting candidate and one that I believe would work hard for Duluth. I just don't think that this time would be a good time for him to run.

3. Russ Stewart chance of running 3%

A former council of the 3rd district, he chose not to run this last election. Stewart would be the only one as of right that I would vote for other then the current mayor.

Stewart would be an great chose should he run. I however don't know if he would want to do so. If he did run he would be one that would gather support from all people regardless of party affiliations.

Stewart would stand up for the people of Duluth in the Mayor's office.

I have put what right now I believe these people may want to run next to there names. I will change these as I see to. I have heard of other names and will cover them later.

What have your heard and what is the chance of that person running?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

City closed.

Well not really but kind of. The city Duluth will in a sense be shut down on Monday the 17th. It is the day of four the city is doing this.

City Hall, Comfort Systems (water and gas), Library will all be shut down for the day. This is an effort to save money and help with our city's finical problem. Well I thing it is sad that the city has come to doing this it is a must. All employee's are not payed on these days off.

The Duluth News Tribune is reporting that Duluth Police and Fire service will still be in operation at full force on the dates the city is closed. Well that is good. Pretty hard to shut down emergency service is it not?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Council filing started today.

Those interesting in filing for Roger Reinerts council seat could start to do so today. I know of a few that did already pick up there application well others have not as of yet. You have to the first of December to pick up an application and return it to the clerks office.

Anybody put Palin in 2012.

Some people have tried to link me to being a huge Palin supported I am not nor was I ever. Yes I defended her when I felt the need to but I have always said that John McCain could have and should have made a better VP pick.

I am going for almost anyone other then Palin in 2012.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who will get Reinert's seat?

As many of you know Roger Reinert will be replacing Mike Jaros for the state 7b seat. Jaros did not run for re-election. This will leave his seat open on the council.

You may also know that I have said I will file and I will very soon. Now understand that there will be a lot of people filing for this seat. I am excited about this opportunity well I think it will be very hard for me to receive the appointment I look forward to the next few weeks.

Some say I have no chance well that may or may not be true. We will find out in the end. Many are seem to basing this on what they think they know about me. I many times wish people would talk to me before they toss a label on me or anyone for that fact.

Anyway stay here for updates.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

sports page.

new post on sports page. Check it out by clicking on the page link on the right side of the page.

The debate on roads is now open.

This was interesting to me. The chamber things that the city should not be in the business of roads,

Now I agree with part on both sides of this, however right now I have to say I disagree with the chamber. Providing good roads to me is one thing the city should do. Now we are failing miserably at it right now.

This will open the debate once again not only about roads but should the city provide and not provide. Here is in part why I am a bit weary to agree with the chamber if we get out of roads what will be asked to provide? My thought is if we get out of this then why should the city provide anything?

There are also a number of things we need to look into here. Are there any other cities doing this? How many and what is the cost saving? If the city gets out of roads what do they replace it with? There are also a number of others. I will be doing some research on this issue.

Right now I don't agree with the chamber.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New post on.

New post on DP interview and column page. To view it just click the link to the left.

Election over part 1.

I am going to take a break from blogging for a couple of days. It will allow me to unwind a bit. Will return on Friday.

Election over.

I have to say I was very impressed with Obama's speech last night. Now is the time to work together and try to meant the fences.

Who ever was to win last night has a lot to deal with. The econimy is amoung the top issue. Also the war remains on people minds there is much more to deal with as well.

I hope that Obama does try to bring this country together and he will not bring it to the far left. I hate either ultra side of the party's. The far left and far right are both very scary to me.

The Democrats had a good night picking up a lot of house seat along with some senate seats however they did not reach there magic number of 60. They wanted to reach 60 so they could stop fillibusters.

The other thing that I hope president-elect Obama realizes is this he is the president of the U.S.A. not the world. I hope he does not try to be the police for the world. I hope he uses strong action when needed but does not over do it. This counts for military and other action.

Well I was hoping for a McCain win last night I am very hopeful this country can move in the right direction.

Local race went as I thought they would. The Dems retain all there State seats up here with ease. Peg Sweeny won her county board seat back again. I thought that race would have been closer then it was. I am not sure that Sam Haddad would have been any better then Sweeney. The things I learned about him during the election were that he would be about the same as Sweeney. Chris Dahlberg beat 32 year incumbent Bill Kron. Well it seemed that would be the case from almost the beginning. With Dahlberg's strong support in the primary.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My thoughts.

My thoughts on the election as they unfold can be found here. Your as well check back and take part in the conversation.

I was number 889.

I just voted shortly after 3 p.m. and I was number 889 to vote. This is a bit higher then normal but not a lot. I wonder what number you were and if it is higher or lower or about the same?

My wife was voter number 215 and this was at 8 am this was very high when the polls have only been open hour at the time.

I would expect voting to be very heavy again in about an hour or so. I would guess when it is all said and done voting will be much higher then normal.