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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bulldogs are champs.

The U.M.D. Bulldogs are natinal champs. The dogs beat Michigan for there first ever chamoionship in hockey. It was an outstanding game that went into overtime. The dogs came out on top 4-3.

U.M.D trailed 1-0 at the end of the first. In an opening session they out shot Michigan but coulld have been down by more then a goal. The dogs came out played a great 2 nd but rthe game was tied at two at the end of the2 nd. The third say more of the same, with each team getting a goal. This bringing on overtime with the game tied at three.

U.M.D had to feel good about overtime, as they played a number of overtime wins in the session. Michigan was not as good in overtime play. The bulldogs played hard and got a great by Kyle Shmid and won 4-3.

This giving the scool there firdt ever division championship. It was ther schools second national championship this year. The football team won a d2 championship earlier. It was the football teams second in thee years.

Great year for U.M.D. sports.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Voter I.D.

Is voter i.d. nedded in the Minnesota election process. Easy and quick answer is YES. You dont have to go back far for reasons why. Look at the last governors race and the Coleman Fraken races. Thousands of votes where despeted. Thousands where lodt and found.

Let me gice you a personal story he as well. My gtandpa died a while yet his name remained in voter registration for two elections after he passed away. I or anyone for that matter could have voted under his name as we dont cuurrently have to proof who we are. Not only that but currently for people to vote all you have to do is bring sone one to the poll with you and say they just moved in to the area a few months ago and i know them and where they live. They can now vote, how is that not flawed?

Voter id just checks to makw sure you are who you say you. It is simple show a legal id. It will not slow down the process.