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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Post will come tomorrow.

The post I have been talking about will have to wait tell tomorrow. I am still checking on a few things and want to have all my info right.

very interesting post, coming soon

I will not say what it is yet but it should be an interesting post. I hope to have it up tonight if not tomorrow. I am gong to do my best to get it up tonight because I think it needs to be aired. I do have a birthday party to go to this early evening and hope to be back around seven and then get it up.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heart Walk

The heart walk is this Saturday if you would like to Spencer me I would appreciate it. Please reply or give me a call at 590-5864. Checks would be out to the American Heart assation.

Who said this?

" If you don't like your taxes buy a smaller house".

Here is a clue. It was in a local race but it was also years ago.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Todays DNT poll

This poll question is up on the front page for the DNT's web site,

Today's poll
Married or divorced?
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Married 58.82%
Divorced 14.29%
Single 26.89%
Total votes: 119
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I find this to be an odd question for the newspaper to ask. Why is this important? Why is it any of there business?

Well then.

Why are criminals so dumb?

I find it funny that they think they can get a way or just resume life as is after they are suspects.

The latest being the string of robberies in Duluth involving a women and at least two men.

The women was found waiting for DTA bus, yes that is right waiting for a bus. How dumb can you be. The same with using a taxi as a get away .

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Does it seem weird to anyone else?

One week after the primaries the city and AFSCME reach an agreement. It is a tentative agreement at that.

I find it hard to see this as a good thing for the city of Duluth. As many know Mayor Bergson was using this as his main campaign issue. Sense he did not make it has nothing to care about. I also have first hand knowledge of some details. I heard this well some one was on the phone. This some one is a high profile person for either the city or union. Yes I am being vague on per purse.

Any thoughts by anyone? I just have a tough problem believing this could be good for the citizens of Duluth.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who was this?

At the Labor Day picnic a candidate said this.

" Duluth is a union town"

Who was it? can you guess it. If you are right you get a gold star.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A question at a forum.

Well at a forum sponsored by the league of women voters, an interesting question came up. The question came from an audience member. Remember we have no idea who is asking these question because they are written on a card then handed up. I believe if they are going to take questions fro the then the question should be asked up front by that person. No hiding behind a card. After all we candidates are seen answering the question.

Anyway back to the question. The question was this or close to it. Do you support a code of conduct for our city council and mayor? This would include sexual harassment.

Well both Sharla Gardener and Heather Rand said they would and gave a reason why, I gave a much different answer. That was NO, nothing more was said by me at the time. A reason was given in the Duluth paper the next day. After the reported called me later the same night of the forum.

Now here is why I said no and still believe in my answer. I believe councilor and the Mayor know who to act. Weather the follow it or not is up to them. Like Bergson and drunk driving as an example. Some thought he should have left office. I was one of them, and still am but he did not and that is okay. If you choose not to live in a responsible manner such as the case with mayor Bergson on the drunk driving issue it is still your chose to do so.

However there are cases this will pop up that groups will use as a tool to out some one they don't like and to use this code of conduct as a political tool is wrong.

Times they are a changing?

Are times changing in Duluth politics? It seems with the last primary they could be. Except for the 3rd district with Sharla Gardner received over 50% of the vote among three candidates.

It is a real possibility that the council will change. Now is this change a change to to the right or is it a change to the center? Maybe it is neither. Is it possible that people just want a change in leadership? It does not matter what the change is at this point. As long as they are not lead by the DFL and the union. What are your thoughts.

Many of the people that won in the primary I view as common sense people. The understand the issues facing Duluth.

I have more but would like to hear your thoughts first.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My City Council run.

I first want to thank everyone that voted for me. As a first time candidate I thought it was a good showing. It was not what I had hoped for however still a good showing.

The experience was a great one. I met a lot of good people. It did not matter if we agreed on issues or not. In most cases we walked away with a great understanding and respect for each other. There was an finger given here and there to me but what can you do.

I will have more thoughts later. There were a couple of forums I need to look back on. There were interesting.