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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Union endorsments for the Duluth City Council.

Interesting, the union endorsements. They endorsed Sharla Gardner in district three who does not have any one running against her. They did not endorse Jay Fossile in the 5th district who is a union member, he also has no one running against him.

Linda Krug
Emily Larson
District 1
Jennifer Julsrud
District 3
Sharla Gardner
District 4
Jackie Halberg
Please Vote
in Tuesday,
September 13ʼs
Primary Election
and Tuesday,
November 8ʼs
General Election

Chip Cravaak v.s. Duluth.

There was a rally today in Duluth, the rally was held because the unions want to send a message to U.S. congressman Chip Cravaack. The message was hold a town hall meeting here. They say he does not come the largest voting population of the district enough.

Their facebook page encourage people to bring signs and pots and pans to make noise. I have a better use for those pots and pans they could hit each other over the head with them. Lets be honest this rally was such a joke. Fact is Cravaak has been to Duluth twice before the rally and in fact was in Duluth the tonight (the night of the rally) this being his third visit sense his election.

Well my support for Cravaak is less today then when he started cause of his lack of voting for the debt ceiling compromise, I still support him at about 60%.

The Duluth DFL wonders why he has not held a meeting here, all you have to do is look at meetings he has held around Duluth. They sent people to be confrontational to Deer River,MN. They Pack town hall meeting with hecklers. They care not to hear what he says they only want to yell and scream.

Let me add I have been at democrat events where the republicans have heckled as well I don't like that at all.

Friday, August 05, 2011

That did not last long.

Dennis Anderson is coming out of retirement. WDSE channel 8 has named Anderson as the co-host for almanac north. Anderson was the long time WDIO news anchor in Duluth,MN.

So does this mean Dennis Anderson has pulled a Brett Favre?