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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


to much spam has forced me to go back to not allowing anonymous post, from now on you must be registered with blogger it is free and easy to sign up. Hey why not start your own blog then as well, you can blog about anything you wish.

Mark Rubin gets top pay.

Mark Rubin St. Louis county attorney elect will receive top pay, the county board made the decision at yesterdays board meeting. It will avoid an legal action.

Four years ago now out going attorney Ford was set to receive the lowest possible pay but she was able to increase that to 112,000 up from the 92,000 the board set. Ford took action and the board and her settled on the agreed upon amount.

The reason for the drop in post.

Okay so as many of you have noticed there has been a huge drop in post to this blog. Well I have said there is a personal reason for this I have not yet said why. Here is why after nearly ten years of marriage my soon to be ex-wife has asked for a divorce, because of this I don't have daily access to a computer. Also the first few month I did not really want to do much so the blog was neglected.

I am hoping to post again more offend very shortly till then however I hope you will bare with the sparse posting. Well I won't have daily access to a computer I will make a much better attempt to make post by getting to a computer as a friends or the library or some where.

As always thanks for reading and please stop in again soon.

Glad to see!

The 300 foot rule regarding rental property was finely knocked out by the Duluth City Council. After years of an obcert law the council was able to repeal and it is about time.

The repeal does however set up something else I don't like, the council has an agenda and if you are a college students you should not like it. The members that support it will tell you it will be like dinky town near the campus of the the main U in the twin cities. That simple is not true. what they want to do is herd like cattle all the students downtown.

It is a shame the college student is not more respected here. For every bad one I can point to ten great ones look at the good and disregard the bad.