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Thursday, June 29, 2006

County smoking ban.

I know that the county said they would not deal with this issue until the state had an opportunity to this next session. However I don't believe that will be the case. Look for the county to at least take a look at this issue soon.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is because of the study released earlier in the week from the U.S. surgeon general. In the report it said that the second hand smoke was very harmful and there no longer could be an evidence against that.

I don't think anyone would say second hand smoke is good for you, however that is not what is at issue here. What I believe that issue should be is this.

government vs. Business and business should win. The government should not have the right to mandate what a business should be able to allow. If a business wants to allow smoking then they should be able to, if they don't want to have smoking then they should be allowed to do that.

If people were really concerned about smoking then they should talk to the owner and say hey do you think you could go smoke free, and if the owner had enough complaints they more then likely would.

The other reason I believe you will see as an issue soon is because this is an election year. There is only one Duluth commissioner up for election at this election and that is district one commissioner Fink. He believes for a smoking ban to hold any water every county around this area would also have to go smoke free and if they don't he would not support a smoking ban in the county. The left wing nut jobs could then use this as a political issue. This should not be a political issue.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Breaking News (well short of).

It seems as if the county could again be looking at the smoking ban issue again. More to come later today.

Just a reminder.

We are just but three days away from vaction. I can't wait it will be fun to bring our little girl up to ball club for her first time. Well it is her second but she was just three month old the first time.

Starting Saturday and going tell the 9th of July there will be no post on Duluth Politics.

Reaction to losing public saftey.

City Councilor Jim Stauber was stunned Tuesday evening to hear of the potential cuts. He said the 14 recommendations made in December by a council-appointed task force on the city's mounting retiree health-care liability -- estimated to be $300 million by 2014 -- made no mention of a reduction of the work force.

"I have no idea why the administration has chosen to do these cuts. I'm very shocked to hear this news," Stauber said. "I'm dismayed. It is the mayor's prerogative to do this, but why especially big cuts in public safety? We just had a tragedy (slaying) in Gary.... This is not the thing to be doing."

Councilor Stauber, No one know what the mayor is thinking. You are correct the task force would have never recommended laying off police and fire because they know that it would put yet another major problem on this city. The Mayor however does not seem to care our city.

Waller said he's losing 11 police officers, almost the equivalent of losing an entire shift -- which is made up of 12 officers.
"It's going to be a devastating blow to public safety," Waller said. "I'm concerned about response time. I'm extremely concerned about officers' safety because we have just the minimum numbers to staff the street now. I'm also concerned about the safety of each and every citizen.
"It's going to have a devastating effect on each neighborhood. It's going to impact services departmentwide, citywide. I'm extremely concerned about the impact it has on these individual employees. What a way to treat them."

Waller said one of the probationary officers involved moved from Florida to take a job here. Others left career positions with other departments to join the Duluth force. "This is going to impact our ability to attract qualified candidates in the future," he said.

I will not agree with Waller much but this time I do 100%.

Public safety who needs it!!!!

Well it seems like once again our mayor has decided that Duluth does not need something. This time it is public safety. As he looks at laying off a whole shift of police and five fire fighters.

Here is part of the story from the Duluth News Tribune,

Nearly an entire shift of Duluth police officers and five firefighters could be out of jobs after Mayor Herb Bergson told his department leaders the city was laying off its probationary employees as a cost-saving measure.
Duluth Police Chief Roger Waller called the potential cutbacks "a devastating blow to public safety."
Bergson said the cutbacks would come from all city departments and could involve 25 to 30 employees. He said it's too early to calculate the savings of his plan to the city.
"I can say it's significant," he said. "I can say it's in the millions of dollars. The biggest savings, of course, is the commitment to retiree health care. The ironic thing is that it doesn't save anything today, but 30 years from now a mayor can look back and say, 'I'm glad that they did that' and be thankful."

This mayor is a joke, he does not seem to understand that Duluth has major crime problems that need to get worked out, before be come a St. Paul or Minneapolis. Duluth has the highest rate of crimes in city's or close to the same size. Yet the mayor is going to lay off police officers. It makes perfect sense does it not? Yeah right.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Duluth School district

It seems as if the Duluth School district is again in the process of a long range plan. This plan is to try to lay out in part if building should be closed or not.

Our school district along with the community has seen a decline in population, this bags the question does Duluth need three high schools? Do we need as many so called "community" grade schools, you are not guenteed to have a school near were you live. Your kids may just have to hope a bus and get to school that way, or you may have to drive them.

The school district needs to look at what they are looking at doing, there has been a lot of talk about going to two high school or even one. I would at this time support two and keeping options open to reopen the third down the line. I think if Duluth goes to just one high school they are saying we will NEVER grow and why try. Much like the range schools have done.

I believe Duluth with the right elected people can and will rebound from the funk we are in.

The count down to vacation starts today.

Saturday we leave for vacation for a week. There will be no posting the week of July 1st-9th as we will be relaxing and having fun up at ball club lake up near deer river.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Club Saratoga to be saved?

It seems like a councilor is going to step front and try to save the club. Saratoga was tossed into the front line of a debate about the old norshore becoming a strip club.

A new state law made the norshore and the Saratoga illegal businesses. The fact is it does not matter what you think of these types of businesses, they are still that. The club has been around for 62 years and the state should have allowed to grandfather exciting club in but they did not do so. They did however allow for local government to override the state law if they so choice to do so. That is what councilor Stewart is going to try to do.

Here is part of the article from the Duluth news tribune,

ADULT ENTERTAINMENT: A new city ordinance would save Duluth's oldest strip club but would not allow the NorShor to become one.
File/News Tribune
The Club Saratoga in Canal Park.
City Councilor Russ Stewart will try to save Duluth's only strip joint, the Club Saratoga, from a new state law.
Stewart, whose 3rd District includes the 62-year-old Canal Park nightclub, will present an ordinance to the City Council on Monday that extends the city's existing standards for adult bookstores to adult entertainment such as strip clubs.
"I just think what the state did is they solved a problem that didn't exist," Stewart said. "And in doing so, they forced us to regulate something that had not been regulated."
City Attorney Bryan Brown, who wrote the ordinance for Stewart, said he believes the adult bookstore language will allow the Club Saratoga to operate as it does now.

It is important to point out, this in no way would help the norshore. It only would save the club. I am in full support of this. After we are talking about a well established business that has no right to be closed.

Again it does not matter what you or I think of this type of business. They have a right to be around.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What should the city provide?

The city of Duluth is faces with some very serious issues and we need to take a good hard look at were we can make cuts and maybe even get rid of some programs that are duplicated by the State.

The city must provide these services, police, fire, and ambulance. They must also provide street up keep and maintains, this would include plow service in the winter, and street cleaning in the summer. I think it is also okay that the city controls the water and gas and services a like.

In a time when the city is facing major problems we do not need to be providing services such as golf courses, ski areas, and other like places.

We must look at eliminating duplicated services provided by the state, yes that means getting rid of the human rights commission. Duluth is the only city in Minnesota that has it's own office. There are also a number of services that need to cut or discontented.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Kroc Center prices

I was just checking out the twin ports people magizen and came across an articale about the Kroc center. In it, it included fees I thought it was going to inexpensive to go to.

The daily cost is not all that much, at 5.00 for adults and 3.00 for kids, but the yearly plan is 325.00 for adults and $75.00 for children so much for not being expensive. It is the same as most gyms and work out centers.

What a joke I am beginning to think we don't need to fund this project.

More thoughts on retiree health issue.

As Pat Anderson is about ready to speak at a chamber of commerce event here are more thoughts on the issue.

Is the city’s retiree health care “problem” really a problem or is just talk about nothing. We will try to discover that in this post. I believe however that the answerer is very clear. This is a huge problem, but again you make up your own mind.

It must be a big issue, here is why, Duluth has been used as an example in many news papers, as to what happens if retiree benefits are not paid for up front. They have not been small papers like the Duluth news tribune. In fact they have been big name papers like the Washington Post, USA today. We have also seen State Auditor Pat Anderson come and speak to this issue once and this next week will mark her second visit to discuss this issue.

When did this issue start? The retiree health care benefits were awarded to the workers more then 20 years ago. At that time there was not really a plan on how the city would pay for these benefits, and to this day there is no plan. This is why we have this issue in front of us today.

So is this the first time the city has known about the issue? NO, the city has known about from the beginning they chose to do nothing. However they could have done something many times. In 1998 the city was facing a very manageable unfunded liability of 34 million. In 2002 as nothing was being done it the liability grew to 178 Million dollars, and just three year later it sat at 279 million dollars. In four years 1998-2002 we say in increase of 144 million dollars in the unfunded liability. Then from 2002-205 it shot up just more then another 100 million dollars and now we are looking at an unfunded liability of 300 million. That is an increase of 266 million dollars in 5 ½ years.

This problem did not start under Mayor Bergson but it needs to end under his control. Duluth can no longer afford to have this unfunded liability. Here is a short timeline of this issue.

Information is taken from Connect Duluth media information packet from there press conference.

Mr. O'Brien may you rest in peace.

We here at Duluth Politics never posted anything about the murder of Donald O'Brien because we have nothing good to say about those that are accused of this murder.

With this news story in the Duluth News Trib we have to make a few comments. To read the whole story go to

Donald O'Brien never had the chance to open his Father's Day card. Instead, it sat unread next to an urn that contained his ashes Sunday.

Mr. O'Brien spirit was with us all yesterday. I know we here at DP thought about what the O'Brien family must have been going threw with out there dad. This the first one is always the hardest but it never gets easier. I am sure the Mr. O'Brien was with his family letting them know who much he loved them all.

Father's Day 2006 probably will be seared into the memories of David and Tina O'Brien -- Donald's 29-year-old son and 32-year-old daughter. They spent the day mourning with more than 100 people who came to pay respects to O'Brien at his funeral.

It is to bad to have to see such a great family have to go threw this troubling time. One a day that should have been filled with tears of joy, and a day filled with love and enjoyment it was not. The O'Brien family had to say good bye to there father on fathers day. It was a day filled with tears but those tears were not joyful.

Mr. O'Brien may god watch over you and your family.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Duluth Mayor will not run for re-election.

I did not get a chance to comment on this yesterday after he made the announcement. I will do so now.

Mayor Bergson called for a press conference yesterday, he said he would comment on the Connect Duluth press conference. He did nothing of a short, at that time. His announcement was he would not run for mayor again after his term was over. He said he would have to make tough choices do to the retiree health care issue. With these choices he will have to make he says will cause blood to be on the table and it will make it in possible for him to win again. He also said if he does not get this issue solved he would not have ran again. Bergson said he made a promise to Duluth in his first campain to solve this issue. If he could not he would not seek re-election.

Mayor Bergson said that his DWI and other troubles had nothing to do with him not running for re-election. We find it hard to believe that his troubles had NOTHING to do with his decision.

It seems to most people this was a surprise, why? I don't know. This is not a shock to me at all. This Mayor has done little to fix the retiree health care issue, he now has a chance to make tuff choices he spoke of.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

concerts in downtown

The greater downtown council to host a concert seris on Thurday's it starts this week.

Here is the list of acts,

Rock the Block begins Thursday
The Greater Downtown Council is launching its Rock the Block concert series Thursday.
The Urban Hillbilly Quartet will play from 5 to 7 p.m. on the 300 block of west Superior Street. The free concert is the first of six that will be presented every other Thursday until Aug. 24. Each concert is free and runs from 5 to 7 p.m. The other acts are:
June 29: Midnight Ride on the 100 block of west Superior Street.
July 13: Dazy Head Mazy on the 200 block of west Superior Street.
July 27: Umbrella Bed on the first block of west Superior Street.
Aug. 10: High Bridge Flyers on the 100 block of east Superior Street.
Aug. 24: The State Champs on the first block of east Superior Street.

I have only heard of one of these groups before and that is midnight ride.

Sue Jeffers Interview

Give us a brief background on your self.

My name is Sue Jeffers and I am a 49 year old mother of three fantastic children. Two are in high school and my oldest in going to be a junior in college. I know first hand that raising children is a full time job and one of my greatest accomplishments. For the last 27 years I have owned and operated my small business in Minneapolis, MN near the University of Minnesota. I have been involved city politics including being a head election judge. I have volunteered at my children’s schools and in our church as well as various committees for my business community, the University of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis. My energy, enthusiasm, common sense and problem solving abilities add to any organization I am involved in. My sense of humor has turned mundane or divisive meetings into successful, workable ideas that usually ends with successful solutions.

What qualifications do you have that would make you a good Governor?

I am a citizen of Minnesota. I am over 25 (by a long shot), a resident and have no skeletons in my closet. For 27 years I have run my small business in one of the most business-unfriendly cities in the nation. My lack of political experience is what I consider one of my best qualifications to be the next governor of the great state of Minnesota.
There isn’t any lack of experience at the capitol, and look where that’s gotten us. Our legislators know how to move a bill through the process that the people of Minnesota don’t even want. They know how to keep the special interest groups happy, so they keep contributing to their campaigns. Experienced politicians have the ability to compromise away a brilliant idea into such a mediocre bill, the general public is left wondering what happened.
Is anyone looking out for the taxpayer? I will. Our founding fathers envisioned a citizen-led government of part-time legislators who would do their civic duty for a short time, and then go back to their private lives. I am not a career politician and that is what will make me a great governor.

If elected what would be your top priority?

The taxpayer. My priority is to reduce the size and expense of government. This begins with auditing all levels of government and holding each accountable to the taxpayers for every dime they spend. Eliminating failed and redundant programs and merging same-purpose bureaucracies will streamline government to allow more funding to the issues we care about. Top priorities will include: education, public safety, transportation, affordable health care and Minnesota’s economic health.

Minnesota, like many states faces budget problems. What would you do to have a balanced budget?

Some things never change. Minnesota does not have a budget problem, we have a spending problem and our current elected officials have become the problem not the solution. They refuse to close the checkbook as they continue to "feed the beast" also known as our state budget. Our most recent state budget is up 8% to $30.5 billion, the largest in state history. This year’s bonding bill is another billion dollars, all under a Republican governor. We were told be happy, the Dem’s wanted to raise it 11%. In my book, not good enough, certainly not good enough to reelect for another term.

We deserve better. Balancing a budget, from households to small or large businesses, to all levels of government, means living within your means. I support a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, limiting government spending growth to population and inflation. If the money isn’t there, we don’t get to spend it.

5. Both of Minnesota’s pro sports teams want a new stadium. The Minnesota Twins got theirs this last session. Do you believe that there should have been a referendum?

Of course. It’s only right that the citizens of Hennepin County, who are being asked to pay for the stadium have a say in it. The law requires no less. 50 Republicans voted to pass this bill. The only stadium which has voter approval received no funding (Duluth).
How much should the state fund for pro teams stadiums?
I do not favor using public money to fund private business. It is the function of government to provide certain infrastructure to support new construction. Roads, public utility connections, sewage and rainwater runoff, for example. Other than that, I believe Tim Pawlenty had it right back in 1997, when he said, "We’re not going to subsidize billionaires to provide millionaires with a place to play baseball."
This is just one of the empty campaign promises Tim Pawlenty vowed to champion for conservative voters when we rewarded him with our votes four years ago. We have laws in place to protect the taxpayers from exactly what happened. Yet some of our republican elected officials chose to ignore those laws and bypass the voters wishes. They should not be rewarded with our votes again.
What are your thoughts on a Stadium being funded by corporation or a company? (Would this be a better way to fund a stadium?)
Absolutely. Professional sports are a private enterprise, which should be privately funded. If the business model doesn’t support the required infrastructure, the business model is faulty, and must be fixed. Professional sports will never get their financial houses in order if the taxpayers keep subsidizing them.

Duluth and this whole area has been losing jobs for many years. What would you do to try to attract business to this area?

The question is why would a company want to do business in Minnesota? There are some key ingredients to making a business-friendly environment. We are falling short on several. An infrastructure has to be in place to support commerce. A sound transportation plan is needed to handle the volume of traffic generated by new business. That means un-congested roads with the capacity to support growth. Taxes must be at a reasonable level so Minnesota businesses can be competitive with other states. Regulations must be based only on sound scientific facts, and they must be uniformly applied. Many start-up businesses require an educated, skilled labor force. In the long term, our schools must be up to the task of providing a solid, competitive education to future workers. With an educated workforce, proper infrastructure, low taxes and fees, and reasonable regulations in place, new and expanding employers will be attracted to the area.

Minnesota has many people move here because of our social programs ( i.e. Welfare, housing programs, food stamps) . This adds to the fiscal problems of the state. We need clear guidelines of who qualifies. Residents only?

Our generosity works against us. There is a need for a safety net, to catch people who fall on hard times, and help get them back on their feet, but it can’t be used as a means of indefinitely supporting people who are able to provide for themselves. Welfare reform helped take us a couple steps in the right direction, but subsequent changes in social services at many levels have taken us backwards again. We have again turned welfare in to a career option for those who know how to work the system.

What if any of these programs would you make changes to?

All of them. The goal has to be to offer a hand up, not a hand out. The criteria must be changed. Residency requirements must be implemented.

What if any would you or could you eliminate?

Many are redundant, we must determine which ones work and implement them statewide. Eliminate the ones that are not working and consolidate programs that duplicate effort. There are many examples of small programs that are effective, which have a cousin program with the same purpose that doesn’t work. The one that produces results would get more funding. The other would be cut, or absorbed by the effective program.

What do you think the number one problem facing the State is? What would you do to fix it?

Expecting the government to solve all of our problems. This means none get solved. Right now, the State of Minnesota is the single biggest employer in the State of Minnesota. Government is eating up too many resources, and not producing anything. We must hold all levels of government accountable for how our tax dollars are spent.
Anything else you would like to add to this section.

People in Minnesota deserve better, they deserve a champion who will solve the issues voters care about. We deserve elected officials who will remember why they were elected, what they promised to do once elected and will listen to the wishes of the people who put them in office.

What is your hope for the State?

To restore the trust and respect residents have for elected officials to respond to issues voters care about. To solve the tough issues before they are out of control (pensions, immigration, social services, regulations, fees) and before these issues become even more expensive to solve.

Do you feel that your run puts the party in any turmoil?

Not at all. Setting aside the fact that both major parties are already in turmoil, the Republicans have the problem of voters wanting to stay home, I give them a reason to come out and vote.

The Republicans also have the problem of offering up a candidate who is "not as bad as the other guy." Is this really a reason to vote for a candidate?

The Democrats have no message. They will do anything to win, no matter who they put on the ballot. The third parties lack the political machine and with a deck firmly stacked against them, face an uphill battle. It’s not unheard of for a Republican who isn’t endorsed to win the Primary in Minnesota. Whatever the outcome, there will be one Republican candidate, and the party will unite behind that candidate.

As an aside, government has no business financing campaigns; I also plan to eliminate the campaign refund program. Sorry folks, you like a candidate, use your own money to get them elected, Minnesota has other needs for that money.

What has been the best part about running?

Visiting all parts of the state and meeting all the people and hearing their stories. Minnesota really is a wonderful and beautiful state. I appreciate it all the more for having met more of my fellow residents, and seeing more of the cities and towns. I have learned so much about issues I never had reason to look into before. It is an amazing experience.

What has been the worst part about running?

The shocking waste of money at all levels of government. I repeatedly say, if the general public only knew what goes on behind the scenes they would support term limits tomorrow. We should be able to trust our elected officials to do the right thing for the residents our state, it isn’t happening.

Also troubling is the audacity of many public officials and how out of touch they have become with the people of Minnesota. Too many ignore laws, facts, and truth.

I love the parades, except when it rains. I am more comfortable in my jeans than a business suit and those high heels are not conducive to the kind of schedule I am keeping.
Reader Questions.

Do you think Minnesota has a problem with Illegal Immigration? What do you think the State needs to about illegal immigration? Don (St. Cloud)

Yes Minnesota has a problem with illegal immigration. We can know how many cell phones, cars, and cows we have in Minnesota but we have no idea how many illegal immigrants live in the state. The estimates range from 20,000 to 85,000. How can this be?

Illegal immigrants cost the state government approximately $180 million dollars per year and another $6 million to keep those who have committed crimes in our prisons. Schools, hospitals, affordable housing, police forces, prisons, even some entire towns are overwhelmed. We need to establish residency requirements for social services, tougher penalties for businesses that hire illegal immigrants and eliminate sanctuary cities. Violent criminals belong in jail and/or should be deported.

Fundamental changes in how legal immigration works are also needed to address this problem. There are a very limited number of visas issued each year for immigrants, and the path to citizenship can be long and torturous. Streamlining our system will provide a legal, documented path for hard working families to move to Minnesota, become productive members of society, and make better lives for themselves without straining our infrastructure.

Why run against Tim Pawlenty? Jeff (Duluth)

I had hoped Tim Pawlenty would be the conservative he promised us he would be back when I worked on his campaign four years ago. He has let us down. His track record proves it. Pawlenty’s tenure as governor started out strong, and has been declining ever since. His term hit a new low in the last session, raising taxes, and pushing through public subsidies for a stadium without voter approval. I am a better candidate who will work to further sound conservative principles.

Do you believe marriage is to be between a man and a women? Would you veto any bill favoring this? Mary (St. Paul)

I do believe marriage is between a man and a woman and should remain so. I would not veto a bill which protects the definition of marriage.

What will you do to insure that the whole state has good jobs? Mike (Duluth)

Wishful thinking, Mike, but I can make it better. If businesses paid less business and property taxes and applicable regulations were based on sound fiscal and scientific principles companies could pay higher wages, expand and hire more people. If our children were better prepared for college or trade schools more would attend and graduate better prepared to handle jobs that pay well. Our state should not be in the business of providing jobs. Private enterprise should. Currently the state of MN is the number one employer in the state. The federal government ranks second. That would change under my watch. My focus on jobs creation will be in the private sector.

Sue, Why did you seek the endorsement of the Libertarian Party, then attempt to challenge Governor Pawlenty for the endorsement of the Republican Party? You have always claimed to be a republican, so why did you flirt with the Libertarians? Erik (Duluth)

I went to the Republicans first, second and even third. They asked me to run for House, Senate, City Council and most recently for Martin Sabo's seat in the 5th Congressional District just a couple months ago. I was encouraged to run for any office except governor. I personally met with various members of the Republican Party including Chair Ron Carey. First asking what happened to our Republican principles, then informing him of my intention to run for governor and to finally to challenge Tim Pawlenty from within the party.

As the Republicans continued to vote more like the Democrats, and the Republican leadership made it clear that they would not allow me to run for governor, I looked for other options. I share the Libertarian belief in smaller, more affordable, effective government. I share the belief in the Constitution, common sense and personal responsibility. I want a candidate who will work to further conservative beliefs not compromise away our rights and liberties. I won’t settle for a mediocre candidate because he (or she) “isn’t as bad as the other guy” or has an R behind their name. I want the best candidate.

As I got my campaign going, I came to realize that the Republican state executive committee doesn’t decide who can run as a Republican, the delegates do! Or, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The Republican Party leadership was successful in keeping me out of open debate at the 7 of the 8 Congressional Endorsement Conventions and at the Republican State Convention. One convention had the courage to stand up to the party and say, “we welcome the debate, step right up.”

I will now take my case directly to the people, and let them have their say. I will proudly be the Republican to lead the party in the conservative direction I believe most Minnesotans strive for.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Connect Duluth press conference.

About 30 people attend a press conference today. That dealt with the retiree health unfunded liability.As Duluth Politics talked with members of the group many thought that there would be more people. There however was a little problem with what time it was to start. Things like this happen from time to time.

A couple of people to note that were not there to see what the group had to say.

Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson ( he was however spotted heading the direction of the Pioneer bar) I am not saying that was were he was going but he was headed that way.

Duluth Chamber of Commerce

Duluth city Councilors

City Staff

It is important to point out if these people really cared don't you think they should have at least shown up and heard what the group had to say at the conference. Don't give me the lame excuse that they will see it on the news.

Just a couple of highlights from the conference. This week the liability will hit the 300 million dollar mark. This is not a good mark. If and well nothing continues to be done the retiree health benefit liability will continue to grow. It will contunue to give this city major problems.

The mayor has said he supports the task force recommendations. Yet to this point not one has been fully implemented,it has been over 6 month.

More to come on this later. Duluth Politics received a media packed which has a lot of information in it.

Duluth needs change. It truly time to elect new people to office.

Interesting sites.

As I was surfing the net today, I found a couple of interesting sites. Here they are.

The worlds smallest political quiz, Take it and find out were you really fit in today's world of politics you maybe surprised.

Also if you have not heard about this site you may want to check it out. It is a site dedicated to pulling our political world more to the center, instead of so far left or right. Unity08 can be found at .

Check out our sports page.

Duluth Huskies stop there longest lossing streak. Find out how many games the lost before picking up a win last night at our sports page.

Roelisbuger hurt in a crash read our thoghts on this also at our sports page.

Retireee press confrence today

Connect Duluth is holding a press confrence today at city hall it will start 12:30. It is to deal with the retiree health care problem facing the city of Duluth. If you can come the press confrence please do so.

Tuesday, June 13, 2005 is the date when the City of Duluth’s retiree health care liability meets the $300 million mark.And what have our elected leaders done? There was no update for last night’s city council meeting from the administration, if that tells you anything. There have been three actuarial studies done, dating back 1998. Only recently, when the solutions may be insurmountable for the glorious city of Duluth, has the issue gotten attention.

Please join us Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. on the steps of City Hall for a rally to communicate your concern about the future of Duluth. Inaction is a symptom of apathy. Inaction leads to a deeper hole. Inaction creates a legacy for our children that will only be more troublesome.Please join Connect Duluth on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. at City Hall. Please help us communicate our concern. Go to and click on our Opinions/Editorials link for the information that will be presented to the media.Connect Duluth

Monday, June 12, 2006

Softball time

Well it is Duluth area softball time. There season starts tonight. My wife and I are invovled in this great sport and we both umpire games as well.

There are four classes for youth softball class a, 1, 2, 3,and 4. I don't remember the age groups for those classes but your kids can start at a young age and play all the tell they are done with high school.

There is still time to play if you want to sign up email me at and we will get you going. They play all over the city, eveyrone can play.

News paper accounts of Hatch endorsment.

Well it seems like the Duluth News Tribune lies about the endorsment of Hatch. There headline Sunday read this: Hatch wins DFL backing. Well the Star tribune's headline read this: Hatch grabs endorsment. The Poineer Press was still a day late and a dollar short as they were reporting on Klobuchar's endorsment.

Why do I say the DNT lied about the Hatch endorsment? This maybe nit pickie however the word Wins is far from correct.

Here is a list of words the DNT should have uesed instead.








This list could go on and it will but I want to say this here. Mike Hatch did a lot of questionable things at the convention. He will contunie to do them on this campaing if people don't question him about it. Hatch has little respect for anyone.

The list contunies.

gets by default

recieved by default


There are more and I will add to this list later.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

DFL Convention

Becky Lourey did not have a good show at all at the convention. Steve Kelley did well but dropped his bid for the endorsement late on Saturday. Kelley delivered a moving speech as he conceded the nomination to Mike Hatch.

I believe it is time for Lourey to drop out, she had a poor showing at the convention and these are the radicals that should vote for her. The convention is dominated by the radical left. Again the people that attend the convention are the ones you would think would support her. They said no we don't want you.

Lourey take my advice and drop out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Whine whine

What a joke in stead of whining do some investigating. It is called road work. That is why the parade was on a different route.

This lady whining about the parade in the paper today,
Venue for Memorial Day
parade was disappointing
I visited Duluth the last weekend in May and looked forward to attending the Memorial Day Parade. What a disappointment.

After we finally found a place to park and walked quite a distance, with elderly relatives, we finally found a place to watch the parade.
The parade was great, but Superior Street from 27th Avenue West to Wade Stadium had to be the worst place to have a parade. The dirty industrial area did little to showcase beautiful Duluth.

The last parade I attended in Duluth was in West Duluth. Since then, the streets have been redone and it is so clean-looking. With as beautiful as Duluth is, I just wondered why they chose to have this year's parade in such a lousy place.

Sue Jeffers

I have been in contact with Sue Jeffers in private emails the last few days. There for I am not going to share the emails. I do how ever have a few things to share with my readers. Mrs. Jeffers is going to run against governor Tim Pawlenty in the primary election.

I emailed Mrs. Jeffers basically asking her why in the world would you run against Pawlenty? I also expressed at that time, that I was glad the republican party did not let her speak at the convention. I also asked her about ties with the another party.

I was very impressed with her response back to me. She was very nice as well as took the time to explain were she was coming from. The thing I found most interesting was that she said the republican party has been asking her to run for many things in the past. Which included the 5th CD just a month ago or so. I know don't see were she has ties to another party, like some blogs say.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ordinance 60

Well last night at the DEDA meeting city councilor Greg Gilbert changed his vote once again. This time from yes back to no. I believe now that ordinance 60 has no chance at this time of becoming policy. It now sounds like the council is not even going to try to override the Mayor's veto.

I hate to let this issue go, I hope the conversation keeps going. Duluth is the only city in Minnesota that does not have some kind of plan intact dealing with Development.

Back to Councilor Gilbert, his yes vote at the council meeting was a sham. He knew he was not going to support this at the DEDA meeting and he knew that would kill the ordinance.

This is yet another example of why things need to change.

Monday, June 05, 2006

As I sit and think.

Duluth has many problems. We do in fact have a good size crime problem. This problem is trying to be covered up by the police Chief, and other city hall officials. Duluth has a retiree health care problem that could render this city into bankruptcy. Duluth has no new jobs that pay well coming in. The city has a few new jobs all of which are low paying and are not intended on keeping young people in Duluth. This only adds to an already declining population.

There are many other problems that can be added to this list feel free to do so if you would like too.

Anyway I have thought how did we get in this position and why?

In this I have thought back to who has run the city. The answerer is that the DFL has run this city for many years.

Currently our city council looks like this.

Greg Gilbert (DFL)

Don Ness (DFL)

Laurie Johnson (DFL)

Russ Stover (DFL)

Russ Stewart ( Green Party) but he is very conservitive in many issues as well.

Roger Reinert (DFL)

Garry Kruase (DFL)

Tim Little (GOP)

Jim Stauber (GOP)

The council has had this kind of a make up for more then 20 years. Out of a 9 member council it has always been dominated by the DFL which continues to run this city into the ground.

This need to change, the mood of the city and how it is run needs to change and it needs to change soon. If it does not we will start seeing the the billboards that say will the last one out turn out the lights.

The Mayor's office has also been dominated by DFL in the last 20 years.

When are people going to wake up and relies we can't afford to keep electing the same kind of people.

I just heard this on news this

I don't know if there any story's in the paper about this or not. Anyway I heard it on the news today on the radio.

Here it is: A man was seriously hurt when he put gas in his washer instead of soap. The guy laundry door was blown open by the explosion. The guy is 40 plus years of age.

You would have thought he knew better. What an idiot.

Baby's first birthday party.

Our baby's turned one today as many of you know by now. We had her birthday party on Sunday.

It was a great day. We had a lot of people over. Ate some food had some fun. Our daughter had her very own birthday cake that she played with and smashed and ate some as well. It was fun to watch her have fun with that. It was funny at first she was scared to play with it because we would say no, but we did not so she had a blast with it. That was the point.

I have some great photos in the camra when I fugure out how to put them on here I will. She got a lot of nice things for her first birthday.

Thanks to everyone how came and made her first birthday a great event.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday.

Yesterday was our daughters first birthday. I was going to blog about her party we have set for Sunday but I thought I would wish her happy birthday now as well.

Your mommy and daddy love you!!

Isn't she cute?

Ordiance 60 still in the news.

Why is it that so many people don't understand ordinance 60? Is it because they just don't want to?

Here is part of the letter that Pam Kramer a head a non-profit again on the groups that wants the staus quo. To read the whole letter go to, then to letters to the editor.

Consistent with our interest in promoting housing and community development projects aimed at revitalizing Duluth's neighborhoods, we believe that the enactment of Ordinance 60 would tie councilors' hands and potentially prevent needed investments of all kinds, including small to moderate-sized ones that could have substantial payoffs for low-income Duluth residents (e.g., projects that include affordable housing, as well as for local businesses and nonprofit seeking help to develop innovative and potentially socially and environmentally sustainable enterprises). While we understand the need for city councilors to have access to good information on projects up-front, city councilors also need flexibility to deal with each individual situation rather than a "cookie cutter" approach that the ordinance would have created.

With ordinance 60 there is still room for flexibility, it was not intend to shut out a process it was to make that process better for Duluth.

It seems like those that oppose ordinance 60 don't relies that this ordinance is sound policy why is that?

That easy because they are non profits and others that are already get fat chunks of money with out questions. This ordinance bring to light many issues the city needs to solve when dealing with development.

Paying to park and eat?

The other night my wife and I went to famous daves for the Duluth Huskies meet and greet. As most of you know it is hard to find a place to park in canel park. She thought well I will just park in the lot by famous daves. Hopefully there is no one there charging you to park. Well there was.

My wife brought up a good point. Why do you have to pay to park to go and eat? After all we were going to into famous daves. I can't am guessing there is not to many people happy about having to pay to park, and then go and eat.

I know yes again it is hard to find a parking spot in canel park. I don't know what the solution is. I can tell you what it is not. It is not to build a parking ramp. If people want to park in a ramp park in the DECC and walk over to canel park.