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Friday, April 28, 2006

Giuliani to liberal for some conservitives?

This little bleerp is from newsmax,

"Pollsters and pundits contend that former New York city mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who supports abortion and gay rights as well as tough gun control laws, is too liberal for the conservative Republicans who tend to dominate the presidential primaries."

What are your thoughts. I know Giuliani is who I want to be the republican nominnee. I do have some conserns about some of his stands on issues, but I think you will never agree with some one all the time.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

More on the Chamber and ordinance 60 part 1

I received an email from Duluth Chamber President David Ross the other day regarding ordinance 60.

In my email to him I asked how many non-profits they had in the Chamber. The reply was that they had about 117 non-profits. He also said that he was not sure what this had to do with ordinance 60.

I explained to him in an email this morning that is may be a big part of why they oppose the ordinance and here is why.

If you remember back on the first vote of this ordinance councilors Johnson and Gilbert put our a resolution two days before the council was to vote on the ordinance. What was the reason of the resolution? Simple it was protect the staus quo, and to protect special interest groups mainly non-profits.

This may have been part of why the Chamber is not wanting the council to pass this ordinance.

The Chamber is rethinking if they would still oppose this ordinance or not, based on word changes they have suggested.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Duke Skorich does not want to hear from everyone.

Well well look at that!!! We must have been banned from posting on Dukes blog, we went to post today and there was not letter verification for us.

It seems that Duke really does not want to hear from everyone. He always claims that he does.

Chamber holds up ordinance 60.

Ordinance 60 was tabled last night to the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. The chamber claims that they did not have time to look at the ordinance close enought.

Come on this has been a huge issue for three month going on four. The amended ordinance has been there for two weeks. Yet the chamber has not had time to look at it.

Give me a break a group claiming to be as big as they are should have had plenty of time to look at this ordinance.

Have your wondered who is a chamber member find out here:

What are your thoughts on the Chamber, and this issue?

Hanson's to built new station.

Last night the Duluth City Council okayed the Hanson's to built there new building right next to a house.

Many councilors said that the Hanson's did a great job with environmental issues. My question is what about the Toon's and the house issue. It must be okay to infringe on homeowner rights?

It seemed like the council did not even listen to the Toon's last night. What a joke.

rally recap.

Well tonights rally went off, and we had a ton of people. Oh wait there was no one there, except for me. The other two contributers to this blog did not even show up and it was there idea to have the rally.

The ordinance remained on the table anyway. Not the point I am sick of people complaining about an issue yet when you are called apon you do nothing about it. You must all think that they city is in great shape as everyone refuses to do anything to change the staus quo.

I did however meet two people that came to cover the rally and I enjoyed the converstation I had with them. If they are interested in more information about me or what I feel about this ordinance they can email me at our email address and I will responde as soon as I can. The email address is

Duluthians need to take a more active roll in goverment.

John ( sick of people just whinning and doing nothing about it.)

Monday, April 24, 2006

trouble with blogger today.

We have had trouble everytime we try to post with blogger today. We have tried to post many topics for discussion today but have been unalbe to.

This is in fact more of a test to see if it is working yet.

We will post either after the city council meeting tonight or tomorrow.

Remember the rally tonight at 6p.m. for ordinance 60.

Friday, April 21, 2006

More on this later.

Former Minnesota Viking Moe Williams place the race card and say's he is sorry if he affend anyone in Minnesota after the sex boat. What a joke. More to come on this later tonight on our sports page, check it out later.

False hope for DECC expansion?

So the senate can't decide what it wants to do about the DECC and other's project's. Just one day after the senate decided not pass the DECC expansion tax they then turn around and pass to allow the tax.

Is this a false hope for the DECC or is it a step in the "right" direction?

Based on the way our local reps have been working so hard for this project. I can't but help think it is false hope for the DECC expansion.

A tax bill that includes provisions allowing Duluth to add 0.75 percentage points to its bar and restaurant sales tax passed the Minnesota Senate on Thursday, a day after it was defeated.
The legislation allows the City Council to impose the tax, which would bring the total sales tax on food and drinks in bars and restaurants to 9.75 percent.
The city plans to use money from the tax increase to pay its share of a proposed $67.4 million

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center expansion.
The turn of events in the Senate offers a glimmer of hope for the proposed DECC expansion, which hasn't had an easy time at the Legislature.
Also in the bill are provisions allowing sales tax increases for the cities of Hermantown, Cloquet and Ely.

The 37-30 vote came a day after the Senate voted the bill down, 35-32. The bill's authors got the support they needed by stripping provisions to increase state taxes on commercial and industrial properties.

Read the whole article at here,

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The world against the little guys.

It ison a like this day that I can't help but feel very small. The city as you know if you read this blog is dealing with ordinance 60, an ordinance that I have whole heartily endorsed along with the others that contribute to this blog.

Today the Chamber of commerce sent out an email to our Mayor and the city council. Asking that this ordinance not pass. They are claiming it would hurt development in the city. They ask instead that the council just use the guidelines but not pass this ordinance.

If you remember the first vote councilor Stauber said I in a demeanor of such I don't need to stinking ordinance to tell me how to vote. This is not true the council has shown time in and time out that they do need this ordinance.

This brings up the rally, Duluth Politics is sponsoring this rally. We were going to cancel it but we will not. We have a small amount of people that said for sure they will be and some other's hoping to be there as well. It is our hope now more then ever that people come out and join this rally.

Here is the info you need for the rally.

Were: Out side of City Hall.

When: April 24th when this ordinance will be up for vote again. The rally will start at 6p.m. and go tell just before 7 when the meeting starts.

Why: To show the council that we need this ordinance.

Again please come and bring a friend or two. Also if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at .

The Chamber and developers, along with the city administration have all teamed together to try to defeat this. Lets stand up and be heard it is time for the little guy to get noticed.

We need to take control of our city.

Chamber email regarding ordinance 60.

Thanks to Connect Duluth, Duluth Politics retained a copy of the Chambers email.

Connect Duluth can be found on the web here,

Here is the email from the Chamber to the Mayor and City Council regarding ordincance 60. We will have commantary on this email either later tonight or tomorrow.

Look the Chamber does not even know it is an ordinance they say resolution instead. They could at least get ordinance right.

City Councilors and Mayor Bergson:

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce often encourages the city council to>
be fiscally conservative regarding the stewardship of city resources.> We are convinced the council desires to restrain spending when the city> enters into any kind of development agreement. The Chamber also> understands the council has at times been strongly encouraged to vote on> development agreements without adequate time to consider all the> specifics and ramifications of particular agreements. We understand the frustration this kind of pressure creates. As such, we congratulate you for your motivation in proposing and considering Resolution 05-060-0. Thank you for bringing these issues to light.

Yet, we are concerned with the unintended consequences passing Resolution 05-060-0 may create. We do not believe it is prudent to> pre-determine how and when the city should commit to participate in a> development. As elected representatives, it is your duty, on a case by case basis, to refuse to approve development agreements when not given> adequate time or information. We also expect you to eliminate those> agreements that are too risky. In doing so, you properly protect the citizen taxpayer. Resolution 05-060-0 may also hamper the city's ability to acquire> property at the lowest possible price. Given the dynamic nature of business negotiations, gaining public approval to spend the highest> amount possible before making an offer will only help the party from> which the property is being purchased. Simply stated: property owners> would be motivated to refrain from selling until the city offers the maximum pre-approved amount for the sale.

We also believe Resolution 05-060-0 may increase development agreement costs given the re-opener clause. In this case, the city would be> protected from unforeseen consequences. Unfortunately, in reality, it will pay those costs upfront. A private party will simply enter an> additional cost into the agreement, building in a cushion to cover these> unforeseen costs rather than risk re-opening a potentially political> contract. Alternatively, the clause may dissuade developers from> participating in projects that may be to the city's economic advantage. The Chamber commends your willingness to address the problems associated> with development agreements. We believe that you - and future councils> - should view every development proposal with the intent reflected in Resolution 05-060-0 firmly in mind.

Nonetheless, we believe that> passing Resolution 05-060-0 will ultimately cause increased costs and> create more problems than it addresses. For these reasons, we oppose> the ordinance and we encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for considering our appeal.

Respectfully submitted,David Ross

Doing hand stands.

The DECC project is dead DEAD and dead again.

I am more then likely one of the few doing hand stands today!!! I was very proud of my no vote on the DECC expansion when Duluth held it's referendum. I did not like the way we were to fund the project. It appears as if the DFL senate agrees with me. The did not pass a bill that would have allowed this.

Here is just part of the article in the Duluth news tribune. You can read the whole article at

"A bill authorizing the city of Duluth to add 0.75 percentage points to its bar and restaurant sales tax was defeated 35-32 Wednesday in the Minnesota Senate.
Part of a bigger omnibus tax bill, the sales tax provision is needed to pay the city's share of a proposed $67 million Duluth Entertainment Convention Center expansion.
Duluth voters endorsed the tax increase by a nearly3-1 margin during a nonbinding citywide referendum in February."

I did not support the DECC project, I think if is very important to notice how our local officials that said they were for this are turning there backs on Duluth. If you want to elect the same people into office that go against the mority vote on most issues then keep voting DFL, and if you want Duluth to continue to decline in population keep voting DFL.

If you want a change you need to elect different people into office.

Again I am more then happy it appears that this project is done for, I however am not happy with the back stabbing of our local elected officials.

If the DECC really wants the expansion I have an idea for them. Go get a corporate sponsor that will pay for it all. Maybe you could get the Duluth news tribune to do it and you could call it fish wrap arena. In all seriousness get a corporate sponsor.

Welcome Home

A small group of men returned home from the Iraq war on Tuesday. These six served a six month mission in Iraq and are part of the 148th fighter wing here in Duluth.

The six that went and returned home safely are as follows. Tech. Sgt. Casey Sanders, Staff Sgt. Derek Bertram, Staff Sgt. Daniel Williams, Staff Sgt. Patrick Hayes, Staff Sgt. Son Ly and Senior Airman Samuel Lask.

Thank you very much for your service and welcome home.

Why the city of Duluth should have fought to keep the Ten Commandments on the it's property.

This link is why Duluth should have fought to keep the Ten Commandments on city hall property. Yet the council choice to chicken out.

Check out the link for more info. Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Paper reacts to Dayton as one of the worst senators.

Most you know that Time Magizene have named Minnesota Senator Mark Dayton one of the top five worst Senators. They did this for many reason's.

Here is what our Duluth news paper things of that. What a joke just like the paper is.

Dayton needn't give Time of day to magazine's criticism
So the magazine that named Hitler and Stalin as men of the year has deemed that Sen. Mark Dayton doesn't live up to its standards of leadership. Good for Dayton.
In what must have been a slow news week, Time named the Minnesota Democrat one of the five worst senators, ridiculing him for temporarily closing his Washington office in 2004 after a terrorism scare. "The 99 other senators had access to the same intelligence and kept their offices open," the know-it-all newsweakly stated.
So what? Based on far more dubious intelligence, a majority of those 99 other senators -- and not Dayton -- voted for the war in Iraq. Regardless of your feelings about the war, Dayton's office evacuation didn't cost the lives of 2,377 American servicemen and women.
Time also chastised Dayton for saying the Mayo Clinic is "worth a whole lot more than the whole state of South Dakota," though Dayton, ever the gentleman, apologized for the remark.
The magazine's choice for best senator?
Republican Thad Cochran of Mississippi.
We're sure he's worth every bit of his $8,000 donation from Jack Abramoff.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What is this? A joke?

This is a joke right? Who cares I hope some one does buy the paper and then maybe we will have some real news.

Check this out, let us know what you thing.

Don't have car trouble in the Twin Cities!!

Hopefully you don't have a problem with your car in the Twin Cities or surrounding areas.

The auto mechanics represented by Teamsters union 974 down in the cities are on strike. At issue is is pay and reclassification of some jobs among other issues union leaders said. The strike put a damper on car dealerships in the cities as they now struggle with how to mange there shops. This includes oil changes and other routine maintains done to cars. As about 1,400 workers walked off there jobs Monday.

This could have a huge effect on the Twin Cities. I hope you don't have car troubles down there and have to bring your car to a dealership as it looks like it will be hard to have any work done on it.

Just some questions to spark converstation.

With gas on the rise again, now at 2.85 a gallon I was just wondering if this changes anyones plans?

Will you drive differently? Will you not go as far on a summer vaction? What other effects does this have on your life, if any?

Harry Welty who cares?

Harry Welty after 35 years of being a republican leaves the party and goes to the Democrats.

For those that don't know Harry Welty was a formor school board member. He writes for the reader weekly, and also has his own blog and web site. He of course does snow sculpters in front of his house every winter as well.

So it trunes out that he decided to change parties because he does not care for President Bush and how many in the republican party view him. Who Cares? I don't I never really could stand Harry, I did not affen agree with him. He is not realy a democrat either Harry does not know were to belong. He should start his own party and call it the dumb ass party. He could be the only member.

City pays huge amount of overtime.

Overtime pay for the city employees have gone up sense Bergson took over. Why now the city wants to take a look at it and see what can be done about the overtime pay. Public works, Police and fire, Parks and Rec. All have a huge overtime pay rate for the 2005 year.

Now four month into 2006 the council is questions this. The reason that so many of these departments have so much over time is because one of the first things our Mayor did was put a hiring freeze on city employment. This making everyone in the city have to work overtime. I am sure some of the workers enjoyed the big checks, there is just one problem with it. This city already faces major budget problems. The Duluth News Tribune makes the hiring freeze seem like a good thing. They say the city's budget is in the black because of the freeze, this is not true even if we would have hired more people to help such as police and fire the city would have been better off.

The News trib has an article read it here,

Post moved up.

A couple of post were moved to near the top of the blog today.

KB's corner and the rally post for ordinance 60.

Please note the date to reply if you are interested in the rally post a message or drop us an email.

Kb's corner was moved up because I like the topic and have yet another experice to share soon.

Duluth business climet.

I was at a business meeting yesterday afternoon with some people that call hope I can now call friends. Anyway after the meeting and before as well we discussed many issues and topics. Topics included personal and of course politics.

When we were talking about politics I was explaining what I thought jobs Duluth should have and we could focus on. Keep in mind that the people that I was meeting with are from the cities.

They of course understand some of our politics up here but can't fully because they are not here day in and day out. Just like I understand issues they face down there but can't fully understand as I am not there all the time.

Again back to the topic at hand. As we were talking I said that Duluth needs jobs and we need to focus on these areas. Health Care and Airline. It appears like we will lose the airbus station here. However Duluth could and should still be an area for airline work. We need to focus on the health care industry as well. A third on that I thought of after we were done yesterday was computer and high tech jobs.

Why don't we do this? Well there are many reasons. One of the biggest is we continue to elect the same people that choice to do nothing for this City. You hear all the time from our elected officials Duluth has the people that know how to do this work and we need to focus on these jobs yet nothing is done about it year after year.

Businesses want to come here but don't because of the issues that the city put on the them before they can even get here. Then there are the issues they must jump over when they are in. We are not a business friendly city.

Rally for ordinance 60.

A rally to be held at city hall April 24th.

What is the rally for? To support ordinance 60.

Were? Out front of city hall.

When? April 24th, the next city council meeting. When they are to vote on the issue.

Why? It is time to stand up for what is right. Many citizens feel this is importain and we need to show the council we want this passed.

Time? 6p.m. tell just before 7 p.m. when meeting starts.

If you would like to be part of this rally please email us at .

You can also leave a message here.

If you are interested in coming to the rally please email us or leave a messege here by Thursday!!

New KB's corner

I've been thinking about customer service lately. Part of my
job is training people in how to interact with customers, so
I'm sensitive to both really good and really bad service.
What's your experiences lately in our community? Let me tell
you about a couple of mine. Last week I went into the
Electric Fetus to buy some music. I wanted something
different for a road trip my hubby and I are taking. I
picked up a CD and asked the clerk if he knew anything about
it. He answered "No, not really. It's a collection of jam
bands doing Talking Heads music." and walked away. Hmmm..I
was a little disappointed, as I could read that information
from the cd jacket. I then walked up to the counter and
said, "Well, I don't know...I love Talking Heads, I guess
I'll try it." He looked up and said, "Do you like the
Greatful Dead?" I replied, "No...I hate that noodly music!"

He then chuckled and gently said, "That's what jam bands
play, the noodly music. And frankly, if you like Talking
Heads, you should just get some Talking Heads." I answered,
"I thought "jam" meant more hard edged!" Now I had the
information I needed. He saw the lightbulb go off and rushed
around the counter to pick out several other selections. He
gave me lots of options and I ended up buying two used cd's
and one new. Wow...he turned out to be great!

The next experience was at a local restaurant. I'd left a tip on the
table and went up to pay cash for the tab. The
waitress/cashier asked, "Do you want your change?" Now, I
hate that! If I wanted to give it to her, I could do that
after she gives it to me. But now she's shilling for a
tip...tacky. And...she's assuming perhaps that I didn't
leave one on the table. So...what's your good/bad service
story. Perhaps someone will learn something from this!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Duluth School district to deal with budget problems again.

You don't hear much about the school district in news. You always hear about what our city council has done or will be doing, as the school board and the district just do there business with no real reporting done on them.

Once again the school district will face some major choices and the process will start on Tuesday night at the board meeting. The district again faces budget problems do to declining population.

Nearly $1.5 million in budget cuts and more than $1 million in new spending will appear before the Duluth School Board on Tuesday for approval.

From restructuring the elementary school day to enhancing school security, more than two dozen recommendations will be voted on Tuesday, months ahead of when budget changes have been approved in past years.

District staff, board members and community members have submitted and discussed countless budget recommendations during the past four months as the district sought a solution to its $1.5 million deficit. The district's total general fund budget is about $88 million.
The deficit is the result of declining enrollment and of the cost of living outpacing state funding, Superintendent Keith Dixon said.

To read more go here:

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thoughts on the Hanson's service center issue.

As most of you know there is a debate going on about a local business that wants to rebuild in it current location. Hanson's Auto Service has to redesign there property do to a State road project on Trinity road.

What is the debate about? With the remodeling that Hanson's must do they have to go farther back which interfere with a house and the home owners don't want to sell. The house was not taken by the State. The owners of the house are claiming that there property will depreciates if Hanson's auto service is allowed to do what they want to.

Both sides have talked and have not been able to settle on an agreement to this point. The Hanson's have said they will put up a fence and a few other things to try to separate there property from the home owners. I don't believe that the home owners like that.

Well I listened to the debate at the council meeting on Monday I came to wonder a number of things.

What is it that the owners of the house want? It does not seem like they want to stay there. It seems like that they just wont more money then Hanson's is offering. What I understand is that the Hanson's are offering market value, why should they offer more.

The Hanson's have also said they the business has been there for 50 years, that is true however when they say this they make it seem like they have owned it all that time. This is not true in fact they have only had if a short time. I don't remember how long about 5 years or so. The owner that sold it had it for some time. Why is that they make it seem like they have had it all this time.

Anyway this is a tuff one for me I am not sure what I think. My head says that this seems fishy it is almost like emanate domain. On the other hand I feel for the Hanson's you must remember this is all because of the a State project.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Are we to belame?

Duluth Politics is disappointed by the turn out once again at the city council meeting last night. We bloged about here and got email responce saying we were right about ordinance 60 and how much we need it. We heard all around town how people were calling and emailing there councilors to reconsider there votes. Other blogs had lots of talk about the issue as well.

Yet when this came up again last night there was two people to speak on the issue. One against the ordinance representing the union workers and one for the ordinance. The fact of the matter is if we want to change we have to force it. This means we need to show up at the council meetings, we can't just email and call. Yes that is always a help but the council needs to see faces in the chamber on Monday nights.

The high powered goverment groups, and special interested groups seem to gather all the time. Duluth it is now our time we need to take a stand from here on out. Not just on this issue but all that you believe is importain to our great city.

I am beginning to think that maybe we are to blame for what is going on in the city, we need to take a more active roll in our goverment. I don't care if you speak at the council meeting or not showing up means a lot. The meeting don't start tell 7pm.

Ordinance 60 update!!!!

At first it seemed like no one cared about this when it failed 6-3. That was not the case we here at Duluth Politics were fluted with emails about how upset people were it did not pass. There were other blogs that people were just a upset as well. People were mad enough that they emails and called there councilors asking that they would reconsider there vote. Did it work?

The answer should come tonight at the council meeting. We received word that this will come up to a vote again tonight with some minor changes. Lets hope that ever ones work did some good this time. I hope that the vote is 9-0 in favor of the ordinance this time.

Okay so here is the deal with ordinance 60 as it sits. It seems as if the community's calls, emails and blogging did nothing at this point. All the council did tonight was axcept councilors Stauber amendment to the ordinance, then they TABLED it!!!

Well councilors made comments about the amendment imporoving the ordinance they were not ready to vote because most of them only had a couple of days to look it over.

Were are all the blogers that are upset over this. YOU NEED TO SHOW UP AT THE COUNCIL MEETING!!!!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Time for Pawlenty to go?

What a load of crap. Sense Governor Pawlenty took over he has been the lead on many issue nationally and state wide that have only improved our state. What you don't like Ms. Lucking is that he cut add to save money and you don't want to say that.

I also noticed in your letter or support for Kelly you beat up Gov. Pawlenty for jobs but say no were in your letter how Kelly will improve this.

This letter is just more hate from the left supported with no facts.

Minnesota needs new leadership
Gov. Tim Pawlenty has now presided over what I feel is the greatest reduction in personal income in Minnesota and one of the state's greatest increases in unemployment.
His policies have been disastrous for our state.
We need new leadership, a governor who can take us back to the top of state ratings. Sen. Steve Kelley understands that creating strong transportation infrastructure, making sure that the uninsured don't drain the economy and supporting excellence in education are the foundations for a strong, competitive Minnesota. His leadership will put Minnesota back on top where it belongs.

Source: Duluth News Tribune.
This comes from Duluth People website at

Duluth City Council President Roger Reinert (right) has taken a job with St. Mary's Duluth Clinic Health System, as a provider recruiter."I am primarily responsible for filling Family Practice positions at the 22 SMDC clinics," Reinert said in an e-mail message. "I used to work at UMD in the Medical School which specializes in Family Practice, and with a program called the Rural Health School which focused on small town Minnesota clinics. So this position is very similar to work I have done in the past."

This does not answere any questions about when he was hired or how long or when the job was posted? There are others that have been asked as well, for more on the go here

Now remember I am one that does not yet see this as a conflict of interest, but it sure could become one. Tonight is a good example, with the vote on ordinance 60.

Ordinance 60 as it reads now.

Here is ordianance 60 as it reads now with the amendements.

ORDINANCE NO. __________
The city of Duluth does ordain:
Section 1. That the Duluth City Code, 1959, as amended, be amended by adding a new Article XXXIV to read as follows:
Article XXXIV. Regulation of development agreements
and business subsidies.
Sec. 2-179. Policy.
It is the policy of the city of Duluth to engage in appropriate business development and physical development activities, but only in compliance with law, this ordinance, and reasonable standards for the honest disclosure of costs and revenue sources to the public. The city should not agree to pay for activities or structures unless the maximum cost thereof is set out in the agreement.
Sec. 2-180. Definitions.
(a) Development agreement means any promise between the city, DEDA, a city department, city agent, or city official acting in his or her official capacity and at least one other party, which agreement at least one of the parties intends to be legally enforceable, and which agreement has, as a significant purpose, the accomplishment of economic development goals and activities addressed in Chapter 469 of Minnesota Statutes, as it may be amended, and which agreement is related to a physical development. In order to be a development agreement, it must be an agreement whereby the city intends to contribute money or resources to a project in order to encourage, assist, subsidize, financially support, or develop commercial investment, land development, employment, or business activity within the city of Duluth for the purpose of benefitting the local economy or tax base. It includes an agreement with a not for profit corporation, a government agency, or any other party. It includes an agreement whereby the city agrees, as part of a development project, to alter or build public facilities, streets, sewers, or other physical improvements, including a tourist attraction, but does not include the contract for actual construction of the improvement. It includes an agreement for a business subsidy. It includes a change to, amendment of, or a part of, a development agreement. It does not include a contract for general community betterment, such as a grant agreement for a state financed social program, or an agreement to build or repair public facilities, streets, sewers, or other physical improvements, that is not related to a specific economic development project;
(b) Physical development means construction or alteration of real estate, including buildings, structures, and infrastructure, whether or not for public use;
(c) Public activity summary means a document, on a form approved by the finance director, which contains the following information about the development agreement:
(1) A brief statement that describes the project;
(2) The public purpose of the development agreement;
(3) Identity of each party to the development agreement;
(4) Describe any public facilities, streets, sewers, or other physical improvements the city will provide or alter under or pursuant to the development agreement;
(5) A good faith estimate, based upon information currently available, of the total cost to all parties of completing the project, including interest, professional fees, financial fees, bonding costs, the value of donated land or property and, for each item, identifying the source of the estimate;
(6) A good faith estimate of the greatest possible total expenditure by (cost to) the city, including the value of land or property donated by the city, but excluding a reasonable reserve for foreseeable contingencies, under the proposed development agreement;
(7) A good faith estimate of a reasonable reserve for foreseeable contingent costs, such as environmental response or regulatory penalties, that were not included in (5) or (6) above, or, if none, the reason why no contingency fund is included;
(8) The estimated actual total gross expenditure (total disbursements) by the city and/or DEDA under the proposed agreement, including business subsidies, pass through money, grants, loans, use of the contingency fund, tax increment financing, value of land or property donated to the project, etc;
(9) The estimated total net expenditure by (cost to) the city at the time that the project is constructed, accepted, and operating ((8) above less money or property received by the city from other sources or under the development agreement for use to finance the project);
(10) The amount and source, by fund if applicable, of each revenue to the city that will be used to pay the expenditures that make up the total gross expenditure (total disbursements) shown in (8) above;
(11) The good faith report by the city chief administrative officer, his or her designee, or the city auditor that each amount and source identified in (10) above is available for use at the time needed under the proposed contract, and has been secured and encumbered for the proposed use or, if not, what source of funds will be used for the project in place of the planned for funds if they are not available, or if the money is to be received as reimbursement for costs actually paid, an explanation of the extent to which the city can be sure that it will receive the money);
(12) Tax base impact information required for a proposal under Article XXXI of this chapter, or its successor, and a statement of the estimated or calculated amount of annual ad valorem tax that will not be available for general use, which otherwise would be, as a result of tax increment financing of the project under the agreement;
(13) The party or parties responsible for paying any costs of the project which are not paid by the city or DEDA;
(14) The good faith report of the chief administrative officer or his or her designee that the proposed agreement is for the entire project and that costs in excess of those reported are not expected, and the policy or agreement that governs how and under what conditions the contingency funds can be used.
Under some circumstances, law requires business subsidy forms and procedures.
Sec. 2-181. Public activity summary required.
Whenever a development agreement that has an estimated actual total cost (as defined in Section 2-180(c)(8)) in excess of $100,000 is presented for review or approval to any elected official, city board or commission, Duluth economic development authority, or city council, it shall have attached to it a public activity summary that substantially conforms to this Article. The public activity summary, or a corrected or updated one, shall also be filed with the clerk as a public document. The city council shall not vote on any development agreement, or part or amendment of one, unless the most current public activity summary applicable to the development agreement has been on file with the clerk as a public document for at least five days before the date of the vote.
Sec. 2-182. Requirements for a development agreement.
Any development agreement entered into by the city shall:
(a) Contain a clear statement of the maximum actual total gross expenditures (total disbursements), including all costs, fees, business subsidies, pass through money, use of contingency fund, grants, tax increment financing, value of land or property donated to the project, etc., required to be made by the city and/or DEDA under the development agreement;
(b) Identify each funding source for the city or DEDA’s expenditures under the agreement;
(c) Not obligate the city or DEDA to do an act or construct a structure the total cost of which is not included in the total expenditure described in (a) above;
(d) Not obligate the city or DEDA to furnish a service, structure, value, or thing to another party to the contract which is not limited by an enforceable and stated cost maximum as set out under Section 2-182(a), above;
(e) If the development requires the city to take an action or provide any improvement or alteration other than providing funding including, without limitation, business subsidies, pass through money, grants, loans, tax increment financing, or donating land or other property to the project, etc., identify the actions or public facilities, streets, sewers, or other physical improvements the city will provide or alter pursuant to the development agreement;
(f) Set out the conditions and procedures for use of the contingency fund;
(g) Contain a re-opener for the parties to renegotiate if force majeure or mutual mistake prohibits performance.
Sec. 2-183. Remedies.
If any development agreement that does not conform to the requirements of sections 2-181 or 2-182 of this Article, or the successor of each, is entered into, then the city may cancel the development agreement, or the authorization to enter into the development agreement, at any time within 30 days after the last city council vote on authorizing the agreement, or part of it, or, if the council did not vote, within 30 days after the last day a party executed the agreement. During that 30 day period, such a contract can be cancelled and rescinded by (i) written notice to the other parties from the mayor or the mayor’s designee, or (ii) by written notice approved by the council by resolution, or (iii) by ruling of a court of competent jurisdiction. If a development agreement is cancelled and rescinded, the city or DEDA will be responsible for performance of the development agreement up to the date of cancellation. An intentional violation of this Article is punishable as set out in D.C.C. Section 1-7, or its successor.
Section 2. That this ordinance shall take effect 30 days after its passage and publication.

Ordinance 60

So I know we here at Duluth Politics have been talking about this a lot the sense it came up months ago. Ordinance 60 in councilor Stewart's name, it deals with how the city will spend it's money dealing with developers. The other important issue to remember is that it is only developers that come to the city for assassinate that would have to follow this ordinance.

The first attempt of this ordinance failed by a 6-3 vote, but now the council has a chance to redeem it;s self. The question is will it?

At first it seemed like no one cared about this when it failed 6-3. That was not the case we here at Duluth Politics were fluted with emails about how upset people were it did not pass. There were other blogs that people were just a upset as well. People were mad enough that they emails and called there councilors asking that they would reconsider there vote. Did it work?

The answer should come tonight at the council meeting. We received word that this will come up to a vote again tonight with some minor changes. Lets hope that ever ones work did some good this time. I hope that the vote is 9-0 in favor of the ordinance this time.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Help us help our community.

Okay here is why it is a lite week on Duluth Politics. We are working on putting together a group of conserned citizens that want to take an active roll in Duluth Politics.

We have not yet decided if we are going to be a political action commity or not. We have to find out the steps of what that is. However wheather or not we are a "political action" committee or not a large group or even a small group can acomplish a lot.

Why do you think there is special interest groups? Why do they get what they want?

It is time that the "normal" citizen has a say in what goes on in our community.

This group would be non-partizen and have no party afflation to any one party or group. If you are interested in joining or would like more infomation you can leave a message here and some one will get in contact with you.

Also look for infomation regarding a meeting coming soon.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ordinance 60

I have had three source tell me that the council is considering the ordinance again. Not only are they reconsindering it but it appreas that it could pass with some ease.

Why is this happening? The community has jumped all over the councilors. Demanding answears and that they listen for once to citizens and not special interest groups.

We will keep you updated as we get more info on this story.

Decc expansion dead?

It seems like it will be an uphill clime for the DECC expansion. The house is elected to give just over 3 million to the DECC expansion project. Well the senate decided not to put it in there bonding bill at all.

I could care less about the DECC expansion, I voted no on the referendum. I hope in a way the state does not live upto it's end, why because then maybe people up here will wise up.

We have been so poorly represented by our elected officails all of wich are democrats. The republicans have done what they could to support this project. Now the democrats that live and represent this area decide no to support the DECC project.