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Monday, August 31, 2009

New job.

I have started a new job with new hours. I am working as a CNA overnights at a local nursing home. My booty needs to get adjusted. I will continue to blog updates may not happen everyday also if you comment it may not posted right away. I will get to posting them.

Another note if you have not read it or comment on the post below please do so. I want to know your thoughts on the idea.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here it is.

Okay so here it is. My thoughts on the murder and then the stand off that occurred the other day.

First lets start by making it clear regardless what people have said neither of these men or were good people. Both had criminal records a mile long.

The murder most likely took place because of money and or drugs. It happened in a part of town that is well known for drugs sales.

One thing I think that needs to happen is a some kind of program/law that makes it mandatory that landlords do criminal  background checks on all people interested in renting from them. Depending on the check they get it or don’t. If the background check has one case of drugs, abuse, murder, assault, ect.. They don’t get the place.

Please don’t try to tell me this is discrimination it is not. It is watching out for your self and the community in which you live in. This would stop a lot  of the unwanted people come here and all towns.

Also promote Duluth in a positive light. One that is uplifting but not over welcoming to those that will cause major pain to our people and our town.  I have had more people tell me horror stories about how Duluth is presented as a place to go when you get out of jail.

I am okay with hand up’s but not hand out’s. Hand up’s help people out of poverty and crime well hand out’s just in crease poverty an crime.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crime in Duluth.

A great question posted on face book today by talk of the town host.


Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen

Is it time for local law enforcement to crack down on suspected gang members and peol. e that have come here solely to participate in criminal activities similar to the manner in which they did with the recent Hells Angels visit? Three murders in one ...summer? Contrary to what you want to think or say....."this isn't the Duluth I grew up in"


My reply below: 

If you read the DNT they try to tell us that there is not a crime problem. Not only that they tell us that they are people not from out town, they are Duluth citizens. I don’t buy it.

When you read the story they are always or at least almost always not from Duluth. They have moved here from bigger cities all of which have big gang troubles.

Is it time to scare the entire public and hurt business like the cops did during the hells angles visit no. It is time to crack down on land lords that allow these people to move in to there houses. It is time the Government understands we have a problem and they allow the cops the tools needed to fight this type of enemy.


Then a comment was made that the DNT needs to revisit the idea of crime. Again my reply to that is below:

The DNT does need to revisit it however they won't and if they do it will the same old story. Why? It is the line the local Government wants them to hold. The Mayor and other left of center politicians don't want to lo ok bad to any one.
Those of us that speak up against the crime however don't count to the local government.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fill the boot campaign starts today.

If you see the Duluth or Superior firefighters out give them some money for the boot. They are raising money for MDA. They will be out on a number of busy street corners from today to Friday.

54 years and done.

A Superior Barber shop that has seen just one barber for 54 year will change hands. Bud Wigchers shop he has owned for 54 years has had it’s good times and it’s bad times. The shop is called Campus Barber Shop.

He remembers when haircuts were just $1.40 and you they could use straight edge shave. He has kept the straight razor but has not used it for decades. 

Has anyone gone to this shop in Superior will you miss Mr. Wigchers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not Watching the Minnesota Vikings this year.

It seems like a deal has been struck with Brett Favre to join the vikings. That means I will not be watching the vikes this year.

I hate Brett Favre and I think it was a poor decision for the the vikes to sign him if they do. They will lose some fans and I will be one of them.

Way to go.

No P.E.T.A. park in the Duluth Morley Heights. The Morley heights area has been looking to upgrade it's park. They need to raise 35,000 to do so. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals contacted the group last week they would give the group money for the park in exchange the P.E.T.A. group would be allowed to put anti meat eating messages on the equipment.

The group said thanks but no thanks to the group. That is a good thing I think. The Morley Heights community did not want any political messages attached to the park.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ian Guzzo gets what he deserved.

Ian Guzzo who played hockey for Marshall got what he deserved yesterday. He drew a map of a house that two of his friends broke in to. They threatened to kill the mom and 9 year old child well there.

Guzzo got the least amount of time in jail of the three. He got a 57 month sentence. The other two got 81/2 and 93/4 years. I think Ian should have got more time then he did. He however got the most possible. I wonder why he could not have gotten near what the other two did?

Firefighters and MDA part 3.

Well I was not able to attend the council meeting on Monday I have heard a lot about the “fight” with the administration, the firefighters union and some councilors.

I do agree the Mayor that this does set a bad president. Now any time a city organization has a problem with what there department head is saying they can just go straight to the council and ask that they try to do something about it.

Well I continue to see both points of this argument I still don’t see the harm in letting them do well on duty . It is sit the station and wait for a call or do this.

Now I must say I also don’t like that they went straight to the council. Yes they are going over the head of the chief and the Mayor. Well the administration does not need to listen to the request it is a bit of a slap in the face.

Council Candidate interviews.

Once again this year I will be giving the candidates running for city council an opportunity to interview on the blog.

I have not yet send out an email to all candidates but I have one confirmed so far. Matt Potter who is running in the 4th district. The rest have not yet seen an email. I will be doing that today and expect the most of them will take part again this year.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Firefighters and MDA part 2.

More on the fire fighters and the MDA. I emailed Mayor Ness this morning and he said that he supports the firefighters and the MDA drive as long as it is volunteer off duty. He supports the MDA it’s a great cause he said. He said he wanted it off duty because of legal and liability issues.

Danny at brought up some great points as well to why it should be off duty. Is it volunteer when you are on the clock was one.

Like I said before I see both sides of the issue but I don’t see the harm in them doing it well on duty. Also I have asked the Mayor what the legal and liability issues are. I think I know what they are but lets see when I get a reply.


Got an email from the Mayor. Much like I thought the concern is traffic. There is liability and legal issues should some one get hit.

Firefighters and MDA.

Last year the Duluth Fire Department took part in an MDA fund raising event. The event is called fill the boot and is done by fire departments around the country.

Now this year it seems they may only take part if they can do it well on duty. This far they are being told they can not do it well on duty. Last year some councilors and citizens raised concerns about the fire department doing well on duty. 

I remember seeing them out last year and thinking this is not right. Then after I thought about it more I thought it was a great thing they were doing plus the fact is they were ready if they were needed.

The concern was they would not be ready for a call that came in. I can see that however I can see the department saying they are ready. The firefighters where always in there fire gear well doing the event and the trucks were with them. They were in fact ready to go if needed.

Now councilor Sharla Gardner is going to introduce a resolution that would allow the department to do well on duty if they choose to.

The fire department union supports the resolution well the Mayor and the chief does not at least it seems that way. I hope they would support the department to do the event well on duty. 

Even if the resolution passes the Mayor can still not allow it. The resolution is just a request there for the Mayor can do what he feels is right. The Mayor does not have to allow the firefighters to do it well on duty. 

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What happened to Brad?

Well I have not listened to talk radio for some time. I did not realize that Brad has not been on the air. That is till Danny asked me about. I thought I would do a bit of checking around. It did not take me long to find out what the issue is.

I talked with a Mid-West employee tonight and asked if the show was still around. The person said it will be back. Brad is on his annual Marie retreat. Well I did not ask how long he will be gone for, if I remember off the top of my head it is a month.

The show will return with Brad as the host after the trip is over. Well the employee told me it was Brad that said he did not want a fill-in host. I am not sure that I buy that. MWC has had serious money issues and I am sure the company decided to put on a syndicated program instead of having a fill in host. They company has released talk show host because of money issues. They have also down sized many other departments in the company.

Running a syndicated show will save then a ton of money well Brad is out on his trip. I don’t know what they are running in his place. I did not ask and as I said before I have not listened for some time.

News on Brad Bennett coming soon.

News on the show coming soon. It is a bit odd.


Some one asked a question about comments on this blog. I only post comments that are subject related. If it has nothing to do the subject it does not get posted. I also have the right to reject any comment I want to. Don't like it? To bad.

Not much going on.

There is not a lot going on right now. The talk is mostly about Home Make Over and the Hells Angles. Both of which I are the latest voice blog I did. You can find the link in the post below to listen to it.

Another new thing to the blog is the links for council candidates. You can find out about all the candidates by using the links located on the right side tool bar. I will be adding more as I am not done yet. If you know of one that I have not yet added however feel free to send me an email at or make a comment here.

New voice blog up.

There is a new voice blog up.

It’s a bit of a bitch fest by me. Items include the hells angles wrap up and the home make over show. Listen to it and find out what is on my mind about the two issues. Leave a comment if you want to.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hells Angles updates .

I will have even more here on the week that was with the Angles and also a voice blog about once my phone is charged.

A great job by the Hells Angles. A not so good job by the police.

The Hells Angles came and went. Well the Carlton County Police way over reacted. I normally don’t go after any police department. This time I will.

Well the Hells Angles came and left with little incidents that is because of there own doing. It had nothing and I mean nothing to do with extra police. The fact of the matter is all the police did was harass the group and make it hard for people to get around and support business. Many business owners I have talked to both in the city of Duluth and Cloquet say they were hurt by the police and not the hells angles.

The hells angles for the most part stayed close to there home base for the week. This is because they did not want to go else where for fear of being pulled over for little to no reason. Many members said they have not been treated like this for a long time. The Hells Angles stayed mainly near Black Bear Casino and Lost Isle bar. They rented the lost isle as there home base.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Senator Al Franken in town.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken will be in Duluth tonight. He will speak at a conference about the progressive movement starting at 7p,m tonight. Duluth Politics will be there to cover the event.

More later after work.