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Friday, October 22, 2010

So there has been a lot of talk about the debate.

There has been a lot of talk about the debate at the DECC between Chip Cravaack and Jim Oberstar. First I must say the moderaters did a horrible job on all ends. It was poorly organized and set up.

The word debate should not have been used as it was not even a debate set-up, It should have been called a town hall meeting or forum.

Now on to what every one seems to want to talk about. The crowd. Yes the crowd was ruckus and loud, it did turn in to more of a rally then anything, only because the moderaters let it.

Keep in mind both sides made catcalls and voiced there opposition to what the other candidate said. Well the Oberstar group was more polite later in the forum they also where just as guilty as the Cravaack supporters. This being said I don't think what the crowd said should be a reflection on either candidate.

The actions of the candidates should be a reflection on them. Cravvack remained claim when calls came out from the Oberstar supporters. Oberstar was clearly frustrated and unsure of what to do when the same calls came out at him. Now I am not condoing any of the action by the crowd but is shows how upset people are on both sides.

Dave Stramberb (Stranberg).

So I was listening the morning news today on one of Mid-West's Radio stations and Dave Stranberg was talking about tonight night debate between Chip Cravaack and Jim Oberstar on the range. Hear is the thing.

Stranberg who has been doing the news on radio for a long time said Skip Cravaack. Dave it is way to late in the political season to be giving the wrong name of a candidate. You have been doing this long enough and at best check your sources. No where have I ever seen Chip Cravaack refereed to as Skip unless of course we are talking about your news items.

It even says Skip on the Dave and Dave blog on KDAL's web page

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fink campaingn page.

First district county commissioner Dennis Fink has a web page for the first in 16 years. His page is, well the page is a campaign page it is set up much better then his opponents Frank Jewel.

The page is very informational, it explains the role of the county board and how it effects the state,county and city. The page talks about what Fink has done for the county and the district. Its focus is more on issues then what where he is and wanting people to contribute to the campaign.

He has a message on the front page talking about making the tough decisions and having the courage to do what is right. I urge you to check it out.


Hello blogging world. it has been some time sense I have had the chance to blog. Again I will post as I can, as of late been busy with other political projects.

I will post more and more as we get in to the hussle of the election as of now there has not been a lot going on. It is a bit of a surprise to not have much happening.