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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Councilors use city web page as an election tool.

Duluth City councilors use city's web page as a place to make political statements.

Check it out for your self www/

I think it is ok to have a bio but not the little comments leading into there bio's and even some the councilors use there bio at a place to put political statements.

Also is the bio really needed on the them? I don't believe so.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What does the city need to provide

On the Duke Skorich radio Tuesday night, Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson said if the health care issue is not solved and we need to budget for cuts they would maybe come from places such as golf courses, the zoo and other such programs.

My though on that is ok so what is the problem with that? It also brings up another question in what does the city government NEED to provide as services, and or program's? I hope this gets a lot of people thinking about what our city's needs really are and what we can cut or even get ride of all together.

I sure am interesting in seeing what people have to say.

Duke Skorich radio show look back.

Tonight Duke had Mayor Herb Bergson on his show tonight. No surprize Duke or Patty did not ask a hard question to the Mayor on the issue of the city's health care issue. The whole program was a fluff piece for the Mayor. The only time a some what hard question was asked was near the end of the program. The question was regarding the great lakes aquarium, and when the issue was brought up no one had time to call and react.

Duke calls Mayor Bergson Herb on the air, and it may have been a slip but what a show of disrespect. I don't care if it is a Mayor or the President of the U.S. they should always be referred to as there title such as Mayor.

You can listen to Duke Skorich on KUWS Monday - Wensday starting at 5p.m.

Sen. Joe Lieberman on Iraq.

This story was in newsmax. I find it funny you will not here this on the main stream media. Read the whole story on newsmax the link is below.

Fresh from his fourth trip to Iraq in the past 17 months, Sen. Joe Lieberman insists the U.S. must stay in the embattled nation and not abandon "27 million Iraqis to 10,000 terrorists."
"The Iraqi people are in reach of a watershed transformation from the primitive, killing tyranny of Saddam to modern, self-governing, self-securing nationhood – unless the great American military that has given them and us this unexpected opportunity is prematurely withdrawn," the Connecticut Democrat writes in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal.

God help us, Air America attacks Duluth.

Air America comes live to Duluth. The attack of Al Franken is coming to Duluth.

Al Franken host a daily show on air America and now bringing his show live to Duluth December 7th and broadcast live from the ultra-liberal university of Minnesota Duluth. If you want tickets you can get them at the air America studios in canal park they are free.

I don't know how anyone can listen to this guy, he is not funny even when he tries and never makes a point.

Lets get some level minded thinking people at this show and let Al know his type are not wanted around here and we do not agree with most of the ultra-liberals.

Motor City Kitties

The Detroit Lions fire there head coach after a poor performance this year and in there tradinally Thanksgiving Day game.

Here it the problem it is not a head coach problem Steve Mariucci it a great coach and worked hard to make that team as good as they could be with the members on the team.

Here is the problem your quarter back Joey Harrington is no good he could not lead a team to win against a pee wee team. The GM Matt Million also needs to realize he is the problem as well. The problems start from the top.

I hope the Vikings will pick up Steve at the end of this year and fire the joke of a coach Mike Tice.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Disappointed citizen

Tonight I am disappointed in our city council as decided to table the superviors health care cost vote for another two weeks. I know many are wondering why the rush, but why not it seemed like a great deal for the city. I do normally not agree with Mayor Bergson. This time I do. I believe we lost out on a great opportunity .

The union will not put this offer on the table again. I do not see were there was a loss fot the city in this at all. It would have saved us money and after all that is what we all have been looking for. Why did the council not accept this? I hope to hear from people and most importantly I would love to hear from councilors.

Steal this!

I fail to see the humor in this cartoon that appreared on the back of the steelabor which is the steal workers nation magazine.

The political cartoon shows the "grinch" President Bush(stealing) services the government offers. The services and programs are all related to senior citizens.

I find it funny how these unions and the Dems need to use fear as there way to try to get there lame points across. The fact is that President Bush is working hard on getting low cost prescriptions and he is working on reforming social security to work for all Americans. I love the idea that we all should put away in the stock market for s.s., and that what you put in would be there for you not for the current baby boomers.

Welfare what

The nation may cut some welfare benefits. The story is the Duluth news Tribune is why we need to reform welfare and make it hard to receive the assitance . What a joke seven kids this and that and the other happened to her. Boo so do something about it. Don't rely on others to give you help. Do it your self and make something of your self.

I don't know if you can still read the story or not but go to

Also in labor world

This also appeared in the same issue of the labor world. I am not sure were it came from originally. I think it was on a blog, but not sure. If anyone knows for sure let me know.

Mr. Schraw is right on the money with this. The local races are suppose to be non-partisan but yet the D.F.L. and unions, which are one in the same for the most part, feel they need to endorse people.

Do not get me wrong, I have no problem with the police or fire fighters or any other group like that doing endorsements. The D.F.L. and unions, which is just more of the D.F.L. party, should not deal in endorsements.

He shows his true colors again.

I got a copy of the beloved labor world (latest issue) and found this in the paper.

Mr.Reinert showing his true colors again, and his love for what is wrong with our city. None of these groups want job growth unless it is a non-profit.

Note the bottom of the "ad" Roger Reinert YOUR City Councilor, so he is not going to ever go against the unions as he is in bed with them.

We Need to stop electing the people that want to continue to hurt Duluth and not work on the real issues that our City faces.

Health care cost vote tonight

The Duluth news tribune is reporting that the council will vote on contract changes for supervisors in city departments.

It would effect everyone after 2006 from what I understand so you may see a lot of retirements. I like the plan and think it will help with the other groups that the city needs to work with.

The new contract would end life time health care benefits for anyone hired after Jan 1,2006. It also reduces current supervisor's health care and increases their deductions and co-pays.

Again I am in favor of this and hope the council approves this. I wonder what everyone else thinks and will the council really go for this or is it taking to much for our hippie council to approve?

Snocross canceled

The last day of the snocross event was fogged out. Yes that is right, fogged out. The fog was so heavy at Spirit Mountain that you could not see the end of your arm. I know some people will say that the race date should be changed, but I for one disagree with that. With the way it is now, Duluth is the first stop on the X-Games schedule so it gives Duluth a big chance to show what we have to offer and you still get nice weather for fans and racers. Beside the weather has only effected the race four times in the fourteen years it has been run.

To the snocross officials, please don't change the date. After all the event is the thrid largest for our city.

Football Sunday look back

Vikes win, Pack loose. What more needs to be said. The Minnesota Vikings beat the Cleveland Browns 24 to 12 behind backup quarter back and now starter Brad Johnson and a strong defense. The Green Bay Packer loss to a not so hot Philadelphia Eagle team and what was an bad game for both quarterbacks and not that much fun to watch even in a packers loss, as the eagles beat the packers 19 to 14.

The Bears continue to win as the escaped with a win over Tampa Bay 13 to 10. Other winning teams included Seattle, Miami, Jacksonville,K.C., S.D., and Cincinnati.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boston to Duluth

Boston tried to rename their Christmas tree to a holiday tree. That attempt failed as a large group of protesters were successful in making them change the name back to a Christmas tree. Thank God there are still some common sense people in Boston.

I am waiting for a mayor to join in attack on Christmas and rename our city's tree a holiday tree. The mayor has shown his true colors with the ten commandments and would again in a heart beat with the Christmas tree.

This attack on Christmas needs to stop and applaud those in Boston and many other communities that have the will to stand up to this attack.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Lew Latto

As I listened to Lew Latto the other day, he and other callers kept bringing up a point that I have known for some time. That is for most candidates that run for Duluth City Councilor, who are not far left, do not have the same amount of helpers to their campaign. Lew also said that people need to be involved all year long, like the unions are.

I know most of the support for the left council members are from the unions, they are not your average Joe or Jane off the street.H ere are my questions maybe some one can help.

How does a person get more help for the campaign?

How does a person that wants to get involved all year do that?

I know a lot of people that want to be involved and they don't know were to turn to.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Duluth Target store

Do not shop at the Duluth target store for your Christmas shopping. All target stores have decided that they will not allow any signs that say merry Christmas on them in they stores. This is just another attack on Christmas and what it stands for. We all need to understand that 99% of Duluthians celebrates Christmas, and most of the U.S. also celebrates Christmas as well.

May I also remind you of the way they handled the salvation army bell ringing campaing. They told the salvation army they would not let them bell ring anymore which started last year,because they have a policy against silitation. The problem is that they did not bother to tell the salvation army until they called and asked that year if they could set up there as they had for years. Target was a major red kettle drive bell ringing place and now they just prove as another part of the attack on Christmas.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sounds like a "if you build it, they will come" story.

From the Duluth news tribune today,

This Duluth snow plow story sounds like a "if you built it, they will come" story to me. The story goes on to say we are ready for anything, and mayor bergson says well almost anything, this is what he said. " We should have no problem getting rid of the snow, unless we have a really really bad storm." Mayor Bergson must not have lived in Duluth for very long. We get big storms all the time. Come on get with the picture. We know we will get the snow and we know that the plows will do the best they can, but we will get one or two storms were they will not be able to keep up.

Monday, November 21, 2005

health-care cost on the rise

Duluth city health-care cost in last report went upto $280 million dollars There was a story in yesterdays paper about it There is also a report on connect duluth, both need to read.

Mayor Bergson said in his campaign to become mayor that this was one of his top issues and it needed to be solved and now he is saying that the hiring freeze will help with the issue, however that is not true as the freeze has been in effect now for a bit and sure we have no new employes.

Mr. Mayor and city councilors this issue needs to be solved now not a moment later.

Here is your towel farve

Give greenbay quarter back Brett Farve a crying towel as they lose again to the Vikes. The vikes are now 5-5 and at .500 for the first time all year having beaten the packers both times this year. The vikes believe it or not are still in the division just two games behind the bears. I still think the bears win but you never know.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ice arena

Duluth and hockey go hand and hand all the way from little kids to college we play hockey . There is a group that now wants to rebuilt the youth hockey rink that burned down, not only do they want it to be for youth batam program but also for high school so they would have a home arena. The group also said they would like to have other sports there such as, indoor baseball, tennis, soccer and more.

To read the full story go

My thoughts I am all for this project but I have a few concerns and questions about it.

It would be at the old clyde iron site which is located in one of the poorest areas of Duluth is this a concern for validails?

It seems to me Duluth high school already have a place to play and that is at the Decc. Now with that said I know it is hard to get ice time at the Decc so maybe this would help I do not know for sure however. I also thought we were making Wheeler field into an all sports complex is Duluth big enough for more then one bit sports complex.

My big concern of course is how will it be paid for? We can not afford to get farther into problems with the city finaces.

Big congratulations to the Duluth news tribune.

Hey way to go D.N.T. for having an all local front page and on a Sunday as well 2 for 2 to bad you don't do it all the time. The D.N.T. normally runs storys from the red star (Minneapolis) or some were else instead today they went to all local stories on there front page. They should get an award.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Duluth needs fair and balanced news

Look at the Duluth media, all three types of the media are left of center, radio, print, and television.

What we have is a left leaning media and we only get one site of the story. Lets take a look at radio we have to public stations that are always way left of center, and KUWS proves that every Monday Tuesday and Wensday by hosting the Duke Skorich radio show, who could not be any more left of center. Local radio programming also has a left of center so called republican in Lew Latto, but again Lew is not much of a republican on most issues. You have to relieze that I am not a right wing republican but Lew to me is barley a republican. The only fair and balanced radio is with fightline.

The print media in Duluth could not be any more left of center then it is. There is not much to say other then read these papers and you will see what I mean. Duluth news Tribune, reader weekly, the ripsay news. rip saw and the reader are free news papers. Duke Skorich writes in the reader weekly.

The T.V. provides no better covage of events either, all three station are hard pressed to find anyone with common sense forget what party they may belong too.

It will be very hard to get anyone elected that has common sense fightine the news media and the unions that run Duluth politics. We must keep on fighting for the right people to run are city no matter who we have to fight against.

Duluth needs help, and we can give it if we keep fighting the good fight against the media and unions.

DWI license plates

Please read carefully, as I do not support drunk driving at all.

Lew Latto, talk show host on WDSM, brought up an issues that is going on in Florida at this time. I wonder when it will happen in Minnesota or even just in our city.

Here is the deal. In Florida, they want to make it so that all caught drunk drives would have license plates with D.W.I. on them. That would allow the police to pull them over at any time and for no other reason then to check to see if they are driving drunk or not.

I am not in favor of people getting drunk and then driving, however I can not see how this could be allowed as it is just another way for government to get involved in our private life. The police should not beable to pull anyone over with out a reason. If this becomes law anyone with a license plate DWI could be pulled over with out speeding, or another reason and be checked to see if they have been drinking.

Another issue was raised on the same point and that was wearing your seat belt and being able to be pulled over or not if you are not wearing it. I have to say I always wear mine and sure do ask everyone to as well, however again the police should not beable to pull you over just for not wearing you seat belt.

As they were talking about these two issues I wondered how long it would be before some one tried to make it law in Minnesota or even just a city issue after all we have councilors like Greg Gilbert that want to mange your garbage cans, and councilors like Donny Ness that feel we need to take a stand on federal government issues, so when will be brought forward in Duluth? I hope it does not, but I would not be surprised if it did.

You can listen to Lew Latto live every week day from 9a.m. to 11 a.m. if you choose.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Duluth budget

Duluth again is in troulbe coming up with a budget for the city, they again are saring everyone by saying they will need to cut police and fire the things they should provide. Why don't they say they will cute programs that are not needed. The answer is easy the left leaning politicians want to scare us into believing we need to go with what they want so we do not get ride of more police or fire, when the truth is they just want to beable to spend more money on wearthless programs.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Christmas parade

News 6 has allowed people to celebrate everything but Christmas in the city of the north parade. I am so sick of the people not being able to say or celebrate Christmas.

This year the parade will include groups and floats that want to include every holiday in the winter season. Christmas has been under attack for so long that soon if we do not stand up and say enough is enough we will not have Christmas which is what most of us celebrate by the way.

New 6 has allowed groups to celebrate, the beginging of winter ( not what the parade is about), Jewish holiday and more that the parade has not been about and should not be about.

I hope people will start to take a stand. I will not go to the parade and will let many people know how I feel about it.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Crime in Duluth

I want to know what you all think about crime in Duluth? Do you think it is as bad as some said it was in the last election if so what can we do about. If you don't why do you think they would have been saying that crime is a major issue for our city?

Duluth election thoughts aloud

As I look back on the election, I think the city is in big trouble. We will see a lot of 7-2 votes now and have no great discussion of the issues that face the city.

The many issues that will be of concern to me are the city street, violence, what is going to happen with city contracts. We also need to be very concerned with business growth with the new city council, I believe we will not see much growth and what we do see will be low paying jobs or non-profits that do not pay any tax dollars to the city.

Duluth needs to start electing people that will make positive changes to the city. The only way this will happen is to change the mind set of many people including the unions that work very hard around Duluth to continue to elect who we have now on the council. I kow that not all union members vote the way the union wants them too, however the unions work at election time makes it hard not vote for the candied they want you to.

What you think is important to us let us know by making a comments on this issue.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election results

Here are totals for the Duluth elections held November 8th 2005

There was a total of 17,260 cast

In the at large race there were four canidates and the top two will sit on the council starting 2006.

Roger Reinert 8,847

Jim Stauber 7,947

Tim Bearheart 7,472

Bob Hansen 7,106

There was 50 write in votes.

2nd district council race.

Greg Gilbert 1.845 votes

Carinda Horton 1,428 votes

There was also 4 write in votes.

4th district council race.

Garry Krause 2,299 votes

Neill Atkins 1,625 votes

There was also 10 write in votes