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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sheriff endorsment.

After a busy day of work I am able to blog about the St. Louis County sheriff's endorsement. Ross Litman who has been Sheriff for about six years did his endorsement's at this late hour of the campaign. With just days left to election day Litman endorsed two long time board memebers. Bill Kron and Peg Sweeney.

As I was on my way to attend the news conference I thought this was a bit odd. I thought this for a couple of reasons. I can never remember an endorsement coming this late from the office. The endorsement never gets play ahead of time. It did this time by print and radio. Well these two things are very very odd for this endorsement.

Well at the press conference a few more things got my eye. The body launge of Mr. Litman was well less then enthusiastic. The crowd behind the endorsed candidates.

More on this tomorrow.

4 days to go.

Well here we are just four days away from election day. For once I can't be happier that the election will be over. I am one that mostly hate to see the election come to an end. This year however the commercials are getting sick, the hype is just that.

Now I believe that we will see some change over all. I think the Democrats will pick up a number of seats in the senate. I am no longer sure that they will however they will win the president. If you asked me a few weeks ago I would have said it is over. Now I think it will be a few tight race.

Local races we will not see much change. Oberstar, Huntley (7A), Murphy (6B), Peg Sweeney (county board) will all be reelected. The only change I can see is a 32 year incumbent losing. Bill Kron is in a fight for his county board seat. I think the challenger will win. The challenger a former city councilor is working hard to win the seat. His hard work to get elected is not just to get elected. He wants to bring change to the board and he will work for the people that elect him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The new alley.

So today the Duluth News Tribune ran a story about the alley of which Duluth Mayor Don Ness parents live. The story was and is of interest to me. It was in fact of such interest to me I was going to break it here but thought better or it.

I noticed the alley was repaved the day after it was done. I thought boy that was fast, at the time the Mayor Ness was not in office for very long. The fact that this was done almost right after he took office was a big odd to me.

I started to talk to people as I wanted to know there thoughts. As you would expect many were pleased but shocked at the same time. The an alley that has been in such poor shape for so many years would have all of a sudden been repaved. There was talk right away of a favor.

Is this fact of fiction the DNT story tries to lay that out, Well it is hard for me to see that this was done because Don Ness is now our Mayor it is still possible. Then again anything is possible. What is the likely hood of this being a favor?

I am thinking little at this time but know that the DNT broke the story lets see what happens. The writer or the story was a bit uneasy to do it here is why, I agree at this point. Well residents may say different things in the end most come to the conclusion that I do. There was no favor. Should different facts come out we will wait and see.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Predications.

Kron/ Dahlberg county board race:

Well the 32 year incumbent could be in trouble. Bill Kron has not seen a serious challenge for 20 plus years. It seems that many see Kron in trouble. Mr. Kron has been seen around town not looking the best and seeming down and out at times.

Well the challenger has been working hard, his hard work now is not just to get elected if Mr. Dahlberg does in fact win he will work hard on the board for the district. Mr. Dahlberg has worked hard in everything he does.

Dahlberg seems to be out working and fundraising the 32 year incumbent this should be an interesting race. Well many feel this will be a close race I am not so sure it will be.


Chris Dahlberg ( you may seen numbers like councilor Fooslie had over Stover in the last council election.)

Huntley/ Stauber

Tom Huntley the state Representative for 7A will win with ease. Huntley has not been doing much that is because he does not have to at this point.

The young Stauber is to be commend on his run. Ryan Stauber the son of city councilor Jim Stauber has ran an out standing race yet it will not be enough. Mr. Stauber just does not have the experience or he money to compete for this office at this point.


Tom Huntley

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Levy not to include the long range plan.

Well there were a number of people at the school board meeting last night. I was one of them. I was one of two that spoke against supporting the levy. Well the YES YES YES group has a good showing of about 30 people and 20 or so speakers.

Well the board passed a vote last night saying that they would only use the levy for it's intent and not use on the red plan I don't buy it. They can try to sell the public that this levy has nothing to do with the long range plan yet that is a false statement.

Well the Yes Yes Yes group talked about the students being the future of Duluth they fail to understand the tax burden.

I talked about the levy and not the red plan. As many of the yes group advocates attacked member Glass and his views on the red plan.

Here is what I said.

Well the administration and many board members send up smoke and mirrors. The special interest groups will toss out threats on what we will lose if the levy does not pass. It is time that you work with in your budget it is not time to ask tax payers to pay more when we are in an economic down turn.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sorry for not post as of late . I have been very busy, there needs to be more hours in a day.

Today I was off work a bit early so some friends and I went and complete a lit drop for a friend of mine running for office. Hard to believe I would have a friend running for office huh lol. It was a great time and a pretty nice day to be outside.

I was suppose to bowl tonight but the team did not need me so instead I am going to the school board meeting.

I have has some emails asking if I am going to talk more about our local races. The answer to that is yes. I hope to start either tonight or tomorrow however both days are busy so it may wait tell Thursday or Friday but keep checking back.

There has been a lot going on as of late but I have been unable to post about it. I might have to do a post called old news just so you know my thoughts on the issues.

Friday, October 17, 2008

An Angry Al Franken.

Last night at the debate you saw an very upset Al Franken at the end. Franken waited to the end of the debate to confront Senator Coleman. Franken got in the senators face as the mics were turned off. Then started to yell at Coleman.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has video up. You can see Coleman tiring to settle Franken down plus then Frankens wife comes on and takes him off the stage. As I could not get down there fast enough to hear what Franken was upset about, I did have some one sitting much closer tell me what it may have been about. It seemed that Franken was mad at Coleman for telling people that he ( Franken )was for the war first. Also that Coleman tell lies about what Franken stood for. Yet the fact is what Coleman said yesterday was the truth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is it me or is Al Franken not sure what office he is running for?

So I just got home a short time ago from the debate at U.M.D. The debate was well attend I will post specifically about the debate soon.

Here however I want to talk about Al Franken and how odd it was to listen to him talk tonight. It almost seemed like he did not know what office he was running for. Talking more about President Bush then Norm Coleman. Franken talked about President Bush and the last 8 years more tonight then I have ever heard him talk about it. I have listened the prior two debates and seen him in many speeches and tonight you would think that Franken was running fro President.

Franken maybe should have thought of running against President Bush four years ago. I think the other two candidates were a bit shocked at the amount of focus on the Bush that Franken did tonight.

Franken also is the biggest chicken I have ever seen. Well both Coleman and Barkley stayed to talk with those that attended the debate Fraken went out the back door and took off.

The left is bitter and can't post a blog with out.......

Man the left is bitter and they can't even seem to post a blog with out swearing in it or at least leaving sign for a swear word. I don't understand why you can't get your point over with out being so bitter? Please explain to me.

There are many others as well.

The Dude

It seems as if the Dudes speech was very sort today. I did not attend the rally today at Gander Mountain. From what the paper said however the speech was only about three minutes long. He introduced Senator Norm Coleman.

Joe the Plumber talks.

Joe the plumber had a short interview out side of his home today. Here you can listen and watch what he say's

Joe seems to be nothing more then an average American citizen tiring to make it. It is clear he has some very pointed comments and wants people to vote for who they believe is the right candidate.

Your thoughts please lets talk about it and see were it gets us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early Predications on the election.

As always this is not how I will vote but it is a predication. In fact on most of these I more then likely will not be voting for many of these people.


At this point I have to give the edge to Obama ( God help us all.). I hope things will change but not sure they will. Well most polls have McCain down by 2-4% points one ultra liberal poll has Obama up by 14%. The race will be much closer then that.

I think McCain is in better shape then some think he is. Yet yes I do believe he is behind in the polls. I am one that does not think much of polls and believes the only poll that matters is the one in November.

The media has played a huge roll in this election and it has been very pro Obama. He has gained there support. Now as far as media I think one of two things. News outlets should either not be allowed to have a political leaning or they should have to say what it is up front.

Predication: As of now


U.S. Senate race:

I also am in in the believe that this race will be close. There was a time that Al Franken was way down and it did not look like he could rebound Now polls show the race to close to call with some polls having Coleman up and yet others have Franken up by just points either way.

Well Dean Barkley will and has played a roll in this election. Lets be clear he will not win. Barkley a former U.S Senator (appointed) not elected has run a strong campaign. Barkley seems to be taking more support away from Coleman then Franken.

"Negative" campaigning has also seemed to hurt Coleman more well both candidates are doing the same amount. I have said a few times that Coleman should focus on the issues and if he does so I think he would win

Predication: As of now

To close to call, I think however Barkley will be in 20% range or so.

Minnesota voting highest ever.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is projecting the highest voter turn out in Minnesota ever. He is projecting a 90% turn out on election day. This would be up from four years ago were the Minnesota turn out was just over 70%.

This is thanks to ACORN and like groups but you will not hear that out of Ritchie's mouth. After all it helps his political party so it is not cheating.

The Dude

The Dude is coming to Duluth. I can't believe I just said dude. I have not used that word sense I was about 7 years old.

Any way the self proclaimed first dude is coming to Duluth tomorrow. The husband of Sarah Palin will be here promoting the ticket of McCain/Palin. The event takes place tomorrow at 2p.m. this is also a Norm Coleman rally.

I am not sure if I will be able to make the event I will however be at the rally tomorrow night.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lights on or off?

The Mayor has been asking for citizens and business owners to pay to keep street lights on in the city. The the fee is not huge it is another fee or tax that is not necessary. The fee is set to be $3.50 a month for business and just under that for house holds.

The council passed the administrations proposal last night by a narrow margin, the vote was 5-4 in favor of the proposal. I think the council and the Mayor forgot that Duluth already made headlines on the Jay Leno show for tax issues could it happen again?

This is why we pay taxes to keep lights on and keep roads up and have emergency services. We should not be asked or expected to pay a fee on top of taxes. Yet this Mayor and council saw fit that to do this.

I would rather walk a round with a flash light then have to pay this fee.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

This is so wrong on so many accounts.

This video is wrong on so many accounts, watch it and let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Great thoughts on the union and the Chester Bowl ski hill.

This is the papers view it was in yesterdays paper. This is great.

The union doesn't get itThe lifts were going to remain quiet this winter at Chester Bowl, a ski hill especially popular among children.

The lifts were going to remain quiet this winter at Chester Bowl, a ski hill especially popular among children. Massive layoffs and severe service cuts in the face of an even more massive and severe budget crisis for the city of Duluth claimed the job of the recreation specialist who coordinated ski-lift employees and volunteers, who oversaw snow making and who ran ski programs. He was let go as city officials reached out to the community for ways to pick up slack.
The grassroots Chester Bowl Improvement Club responded with cash from fundraisers and donations to hire the laid-off recreation specialist. Ski programs were back on.
A happy ending, right?

Not if you were the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 66. Union officials blustered because the club’s new employee will be doing basically the same work he had been doing for the city. Rather than hiring him, the union argued, the club should have pressured the city to maintain his position.
“He’s busting his own union,” AFSCME Chairwoman Deb Strohm said in yesterday’s News Tribune.

Only that wasn’t quite accurate. The former recreation specialist is no longer a member of any union. He’s just a guy trying to make a living to support his family.
And the city simply could no longer afford to keep him, not with economic realities dictating dramatic changes in the way business is conducted at City Hall. No amount of pressure from the Chester Bowl Improvement Club or anyone else could have changed that.
AFSCME did what its membership should expect: watch out for them and their jobs. But rather than bumping heads, the union and the city — and the rest of us, for that matter — are more likely to find solutions by putting our heads together.

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VP debate headflines.

Well as many of you know I was unable to watch the debate. I relied on my views who did a great job of letting me know what was going on thank you.

I also relied on the papers and other news outlets. Here is what the headlines said.

Duluth News Tribune: Biden, Palin both exceed expectations.

That did not seem to be very hard for either candidates. Well all Bidin just did not have to say anything stupid. Palin needed to seem well educated. She is but the fact is she comes from a small State and is not known much.

Star Tribune: A polite face-off

I don't yet know of this was try.

Channel 6 news: Was also reporting that the VP debate did disappoint those that wanted to see a "bad" debate.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just a question?

Does the union ever stop whinning?

Bowling tonight.

As many of you know I am a bowler. Tonight is one of my two bowling nights. This means I will miss tonight's VP debate.

I would like you to keep me updates here is some of what I would like to know.

1. What kind of question are being and do you think they are good and or relevant to the issues facing the U.S.

2. What kind of answers are being given by both candidates.

3. Who is best answering the questions?

4. Who won the debate?

5. Any other thoughts you may have.

Thanks for your help. Comments will not appear until I return home as I have approve them but still please leave comments.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

300 foot rule or no that seems to be the question?

Sense the ordinance passed a few years ago it has been on the hot seat. The ordiance has been under attack for a long time. Well two councilors defeand it to no end others see it harmful. Yet the council has not been able to rid of the 300 foot rule. Is this a good thing or a bad? It depends on who you talk to.

Here is one that likes the 300 foot rule:

Dear City Counselors,
I am begging you to keep the 300 foot rule. My husband and I have lived and raised our family, for the past 33 years, on Garden Street.

It was always a good place to live, until rental housing began.
On Friday and Saturday evening, of this past weekend, we were awaken at 2 am with kids walking by, drunk and shouting. On Saturday they also were pulling up the parking signs up and down our street. I caught two of them in front of our home. I was not able to fall back to sleep until 5 am and had to get up at 6:30. I will tell you that this is not a isolated incident. We spend every Sunday picking up garbage from the weekend.

If you allow rentals to increase all you have to do is look at what has happened to 21st Avenue and Woodland Avenue. It's is embarrassing when you drive by. Houses are not maintained, garbage is laying around. It is beginning to look like the slums. Is this what you want people coming to our city to see? Please don't allow this to happen to our neighborhood.
Why should you repeal a rule so people can make money and the expense of those that are trying to continue to make this our home. Why should we have to sell our home to live in peace. It's absolutely not fair!!!

We have a home at 135 Garden Street and we would like to stay here.
Thank you for your effort in keeping our neighborhood a civilized family neighborhood.
Sincerely,Mike and Shirleen Hieb

source: Duluth News Tribune

Yet there have been many other thoughts in the paper against the 300 foot rule.

Here is an example from the Duluth News Tribune today:

For the past half-year, Pat Shelton lost $800 a month as one of his homes in the Chester Park neighborhood sat empty. The owner of Viking Properties said the economy has been so poor that until recently he had been unable to sell it. And, because of Duluth’s 300-foot-rule, which forbids new rental licenses within 300 feet of an existing one, he had been unable to rent it.
“That the city won’t let me generate income off of it is ludicrous,” he said. “I don’t understand the philosophy. I just don’t get it.”
Shelton and others have been lobbying the Duluth City Council to get rid of the controversial 300-foot-rule.

As a person who has lived in the East and Central Hillsides all my life this issue is of interest to me and many others. I will have more later but for now chew on this and get your thoughts flowing on what you think of the issue.

Mayor Ness at last weeks Obama rally.

Here is part of what Mayor Don Ness said at the Obama rally last Wednesday. Remember this was on city time in the middle of the day.

"This election must be a referendum on the failure of republican politics. Whether it's the reckless deregulation of the financial industry that requires a bailout of billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars on the backs of working men and women, exploding budget and trade deficits that have weakened the American dollar, an energy policy written by oil lobbyists that has resulted in $4-a-gallon gas, or an unprovoked, pre-emptive war, they all undercut the integrity of the principles that make this country great. This election is about big ideas, it's about big direction that our country is headed, and it is time for a change. And it's the Obama-Biden ticket that represents that change. The only change that we've been hearing from the McCain ticket is him changing his positions on the very fundamentals that have created this financial mess that we're in today."

Now I wrote about this last week when it happened I say the quote on Brandon Stahl's blog Brandon made an interesting assessment of the speech. He said it was a site of the Mayor we don't see much of. I would say head over to Brandon's blog and read it. Then form your own thoughts. Mine remain what I wrote last week.