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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coon Rapids man takes care of business.

Good for this guy!!!!! We need more like him. None of this pussy footing around crap when something bad in your own house happens.

Please read the story below, it is from the Duluth News Tribune.

Coon Rapids man kills home invader
Associated PressPublished Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Authorities are trying to identify an apparent intruder who was shot and killed by a homeowner late Monday night in Coon Rapids.
Police say the 73-year-old homeowner was asleep on the second floor when a burglar - and possibly another - broke in by kicking in a side door from inside the garage.
The homeowner grabbed a rifle and shot a male intruder who came into his bedroom with a flashlight. The intruder - believed to be in his 20s - ran downstairs, where he died.
The homeowner said he heard people talking and believes there was a second suspect who escaped, KSTP-TV reported.
Coon Rapids police and the Anoka County sheriff's office are investigating. Sheriff's Captain Bob Aldrich says any possible charges would be up to the county prosecutor, but he says they don't see that the homeowner violated any laws.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Won my first bowling tournament.

Today was the annual country holiday classic tournament, the tournament was held at country lanes north in Duluth behind Kmart by the mall.

Well there 76 people entered in the tournament today and I won it. There was five game qualifier I finished that with an 1159 which is an avg. Of 201, it placed me 7th in the double elimination finales. In the finale rounds I avg.235. I went undeafeted to win the tournament.

Here is a link to the page for the tournament, Country lanes main page is


This was my first adult tournament win, I have won many youth tournaments when I was in youth bowling. I also finished 2nd is this same tournament three years ago. I believe this years tournament was there 10th year the classic has gone on.

It was special for me to win this tournament this year, I have worked hard to compete with the best of the best and to win this years tournament means a lot. Now we will see how I do in the Subway challenge coming up in the end of January.


Here is what the paper had yesterday, it is just the results of the last three games.

At Country Lanes North
Sunday’s Results
Match 1 — Jerry Baker def. Randy Neumann 212-179.
Match 2: Jerry Baker def. Tom Ojanen 222-202.
Championship—John Rathe def. Jerry Baker 199-186.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This guy is joking right?

This guy is joking right? He is whinnying about Norm Coleman already raising money for the his '08 re-election bid. Here is the piece he wrote on his blog:

Here is the just one of a couple things that I found interesting:

It isn’t even two weeks after election day and Norm Coleman is already rolling out the campaign machinery for ‘08… is someone a little bit scared?

First this guy must not understand that aspoliticiancan at that scale you are always raising money for your campaign and you are always running for re-election or election no matter what you do.

This is one of the first thinks you need to understand!!politiciancan is just that, and everything they do is to ensure that they win.

One more thing , I guess it is okay if a democrat raises money two years before they election date but not forrepublicancan, typical hypocriterit.

Here is a link to his main page for his blog,

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why do we spent money this way?

Here is a head line from the DNT today,

Survey finds higher tobacco use at LSC

Why do we spent money on surveys like this one? Higher smoking among LSC students but they don't smoke as much pot!!!!

Why do we do this? Can anyone help explain this to me.

Little respect!

Governor Pawlenty has annouced the five finalist for two seats on the 6th judicial courts here in Duluth. All six have Duluth ties, and all are current lawyers is some form.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced this morning five finalists for two 6th Judicial District court vacancies that will occur in Duluth in December.

The vacancies will occur when Judge David P. Sullivan retires on Dec. 16 and Judge John T. Oswald retires Dec. 31.

The finalists are Michael J. Cuzzo, Susan Ginsburg, Eric Hylden, Thomas H. Pertler and Sally L. Tarnowski.

Note that there is no Tim Little, why? Did he not want to be cosidered or does the Governor not think enough of him. Tim would make a good judge I believe.

For more go to , they have a good short history of the five that remain for the two seats.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Al Fraken.

Well it sure seems like Al is going to run against Norm Colemen in 08 for Coleman's senate seat. I would bet just about anything he does run, weather he get the nomination is another thing. There will be a long name of candidates to go for Norm's seat because of the election of 06.

Franken would be bad for Minnesota. I can't believe anyone would vote for him, with that said Minnesota Democrats Exposed is reporting that there are a couple of websites set up for him and that Franken was to have made his or is close to making his decision on weather he will run or not.

More to come on this later, if you want to check out MDE here is the link:

Police Chief?

It looks like the Duluth Police Chief spot could be filled soon. Mayor Bergson set no time line for when it maybe filled but the field is now down to three.

Two current lieutenants John Beyer and Gordon Ramsay, the third is a retired deputy chief Robert Grytdahl. If it is between these three my hope is that they don't un-retire a retired person. That is a bad idea for the city. I really like John Beyer and hope he gets the job.

With that said I don't understand why why the mayor would appoint a new chief to fill the 07 year. Why not just appoint an interim chief for a year and then allow the new Mayor to appoint the new chief. That makes more sense, after all Bergson is not going to run again right?

America under attack?

Is America under attack? Better yet is the white person under attack?

The life of the American way seems to be under attack. The very values this country was formed on seem to be getting taken away.

separation of Church and State is way out of wack. It is used as an excuse for everything. All it was meant for is that leaders of the country or others could not lead prayes in anyway, yet now it is used as an excuse for everything that may have some religion to it. Here is what I can think of,

The Kroc Center


Ten commandments

The Flag

The Church

The list goes on.

Who is leading this attack, it is wack groups. It is also being lead by the democrats who fall to believe what these groups are saying. The need to wake up is now. More to come later.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

McCain says more troops needed.

John McCain said that more troops are needed, and setting a time line for with drawl would be detrimental to Iraq and the U.S.

You can read more on msn,

Internet down.

I was not able to post do to our internet being down tell yesterday. I hope to do some today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rudy the next President?

Here is part of a story from News Max, you can read the whole thing at

Rudy Giuliani Forms Panel for 2008 RunThe man once dubbed "America's mayor" has taken the first step toward becoming America's next president. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican moderate who achieved near-mythic popularity for his handling of the Sept. 11 attacks, filed papers Friday in New York to create the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee Inc.

A copy of the document was obtained by The Associated Press. Creating an exploratory committee does not make Giuliani a declared candidate, but it does mean he intends to travel the country gauging support and preparing for a White House bid.

What are you thoughts? Do you like Rudy or should the republican go with some one else, if so who?

Lieberman tossed to the curb by democrats.

Joe LIeberman the now independent senator for connect has been tossed to the curb by many democrats. The fact is Joe really is not a party person, I like that he stands for what he believes is right. It does not matter what side of the aisle it comes from. I wish there were more of them.

Here is what some bloggers are saying,

The host centrisity was fast to cast Joe aside like many in the party did. What a shame for the democrats.

This guy does not understand Knight.

This guy wrote an article about Texas Tech head basketball Coach Bobby Knight, it is clear he does not understand knights passion and understanding of the game and life.

Jeff Goodman is a senior college basketball writer for He can be reached at

Here is his story,

I will have more on Knight later. This brings up some things I have wanted to discuss about coaches for some times and now I will. It may not be right away the next day or I would say.

Here is an article defending Knight, it is the Athletic Director, along with the kid and his parents.

Funding Human Rights Office in Duluth.

As you may remember the Mayor was forced to find the funding for the Duluth Human Rights Office because of a resolution passed a few meetings ago. I will have to go back and look what the resolution wording was, but it was excepting grant money. The grant money did not fund the office it only protected it.

Now the mayor's hands are tied and he has to fund the office. With that we now lose three snow plow jobs , it is in part do to the funding of the human rights office.

We need to have priority's, and well protecting the minority's is one there are betters ways to do.

Here are a few I can think of:



Community Centers

Youth activities

The safety of this community has to be the second priority in the budget as the unfunded health liability is number one.

The above does not only help minority's but it helps the whole community.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Peace Dog?

If you saw the hard copy of the paper then you saw a picture of a "peace" dog.

Yes that is right a peace dog, his name is Rusty and he marched with his owner Nancy Nelson. The dog had some ridicules sign on it. It is hard to read in the picture.

What a complete joke.

At work today.

Well I was at work today, a person came in and looked at the paper. There comment was priceless.

They said something like this:

There still going on about anti-war in Iraq. Give it up we are there.

This comment was given because of the front page of the Duluth News Tribune today.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Elections thoughts.

Okay so it has again been a busy week, that is why the lack of post. Please note I can only do this when I get a chance to. My wife is going to New York and we have been getting her ready for that. Along with work and just everyday duties. Most weeks will have a good number of post.

Now on to my thoughts about the election. I knew that the republicans would lose the house, I did not think the would lose the senate as well. The top issues were the war in Iraq and illegal immigration. The Democrats won seats with out telling the voters a plan they just put fear in the voters as they always do.

The local elections was not a surprise either things around here don't change. The Democrats could say they are going to kill us all and we would still vote for them. This area is need change yet voters can't see it. As I said before the change needs to happen our we will start to see the signs again that say will last one out turn out the lights. This city is fast becoming a ghost town.

Becky Hall how ran the best campaign in the area still only got 36% or so of vote. Dennis Fink won by a slim margin the only good thing to happen in the election.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well I have not....

I have some thoughts on the election, however I think it will take another to day to find the right words to put it all together.

For now I will say this, the two party's need to note that America wants more of a center instead of the far left and far right running with control.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted

I was number 496 to vote at my polling place, at about 3:40 p.m.

I think 5 or 6 people I voted for will win tonight. We will have to wait and see, I will not have results tonight as I will be a political party. I may have some thoughts tonight after I get home, if not I will tomorrow.

Monday, November 06, 2006

New KDAL poll

Well KDAL radio has a new poll up. It must be new only 123 votes so far.

Here is the poll,

Who will you vote for in the race for 1st District St. Louis County Commissioner?

10.57% Dennis Fink
89.43% Frank Jewell
Total Votes: 123

Vote at

Sunday, November 05, 2006

NFL Sunday

The Chicgo Bears are having problems with the Miami Dolphnies. As the bears are down 14-3, with 7 minutes before halftime. This is good news for our vikes.

The bears have two turnovers, one of the two turnovers was Rex Grossmans first interception of the year.

The bears just turned the ball over for there second time a fumble, dolphin's have it now at the Bears 8 yard line as they look to increase there lead.

dolphin's QB Joey Harrinton tossed an interception on the Bears 5 yard line the score still 14-3 it is the dolphin's first turnover.


It is now halftime the Bears still trail however they did add a TD to there score and only trail by 4. It is 14-10 now, each team has 7 points on turnovers.

The Dolphinies missed a field goal to extent there lead near the end of the second queater.

It is now early in the Thrid quarter and Dolphines forced another turnover on the bears number 4 for the bears and scored. Dolphines now lead 21-10.

Unions mailling piece.

Here is the mailing my wife recieved.

AFL-CIO central labor body mailing for Jewell.

My wife who works at SMDC received a piece of literature filled with mis information about Dennis Fink. The piece of mail came from the AFL-CIO Central Labor Body. It is asking that she support Frank Jewell for 1st district commissioner.

She is not doing that. Her and I don't always agree on politics however we both agree that Dennis Fink is the only person for the job as commissioner of the 1st district.

In the piece it says that Dennis has been getting money from out side of the district and from prominted republicans. The focus to peg Mr. Fink as a republican by the unions is absurd, as I said before Dennis is a true independent and remember these races are to be non-partisan something Frank Jewell has choose not to do.

The letter also seems to think that this is an issue and I don't see who it is, Dennis Fink recording a message to please vote for him and it was then sent via phone to the people in the first district. What is the big deal there is no issue here.

This piece spread more mis information about Dennis Fink and we need to remember that on election day. Please support the only candidate that stands for Business and unions as one Dennis Fink.

I will post the mailing piece later.

Okay election day is now just 3 days away.

A few days ago I posted to vote DFL. Why am I going to do that, NO. It was a couple of reasons, one it is frustration to see this area always vote DFL. This area has been lead by the DFL party for years to accomplish nothing. All they have done is made Duluth and areas around drop in population. This maybe there plan, to only have those wacko people come and live in Duluth and surrounding areas.

The DFL party has had there chance for years in this area to prove to us they can make a difference, what do they do? Nothing, jobs continue to leave this area. Young people follow were the jobs are. The colleges have a great number of students that is great but none of them are able to stay here.

Under a now 12 +year DFL mayor lead city and a council that has leaned to the left as well. The city has only seen iconic problems increase and crime increase as well. Yes I know we are not voting on city officials other then a county commissioner seat the point is what is the DFL doing?

They claim to be protecting the unions, yet we have no new union membership for years. We have no good jobs, that unions are suppose to provide.

At a council meeting a couple of weeks ago, union head Mary Owen said what do you think a the purpose the union is to protect the union heads No she said. Yet in fact that seems to be the case.

The DFL continues to endorse candidates in non-partisan races.

There is so much wrong with the leadership we have I could write a book about it. We need a change, please look at supporting the other candidates.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Maybe it's time.

I am starting to think it is time for everyone up here to vote DFL. It does not matter who the republicans or any party runs they will NEVER WIN.

There you have it vote DFL.

Central Football.

Duluth Central plays in the section finales tonight at public school stadium. It will pit two teams that have played once this year already. Central and Grand Rapids, I don't remember the score but central won the contest earlier this season.

Game time tonight is 7p.m. again at P.S.S. in West Duluth. If Central wins this it will be the first time a Duluth has gone to State for football for some time.

Good Luck Central!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Man charged with arson.

There have been charged filled against one man, for starting a wildfire that killed five firefighters. One of the five from a Minnesota native and brother of Kim Mckay. Kim ran for the county board.

This is from msn, read more by going here,

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Authorities on Thursday filed murder and arson charges carrying the death penalty against a man suspected of setting a Southern California wildfire last week that killed five firefighters.
The suspect, Raymond Lee Oyler, 36, pleaded not guilty through his attorney. Oyler did not speak during his afternoon court appearance in Riverside.
Oyler, from nearby Beaumont, was already under arrest on suspicion of setting two other wildfires over the summer.

McCain get out and vote.

Arizonia Senator and one of today's beloved politicans was in Duluth yesterday. McCain asked that we get out to vote and give Tim Pawlenty a second term in office.

Here is part of what the Duluth News Trib had today.

Arizona senator and Republican presidential frontrunner for 2008 John McCain stumped in Duluth on Wednesday afternoon for Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s heated re-election campaign.
About 130 people gathered in an airplane hangar at Duluth International Airport for the rally and media event aimed at giving Pawlenty a northern boost less than a week before the general election, in which Pawlenty opposes DFLer Mike Hatch, the state’s attorney general.
We all know “that this is not the most friendly part of the … state for our governor. But let’s surprise him,” McCain said late in his 15-minute speech aimed at pushing Republicans to get their neighbors to the polls.

In a governor’s race that polls show is close, McCain said the victor will be decided by volunteer efforts over the next few days.
“It’s going to come down to who gets out the vote,” McCain said.
He said Pawlenty has the potential to become a national figure in the Republican Party and a national leader — hinting, some speculate, at higher office, possibly even a Pawlenty vice presidential bid on a McCain presidential ticket.

McCain praised Pawlenty’s efforts to balance the state’s budget, turning a $4.3 billion shortfall into a $1 billion surplus over four years, and the governor’s efforts to reduce the state tax burden and support military veterans.
“He is one of the great leaders of America as well as Minnesota,” McCain said.

It will be interesting to see what if anything McCain' vistit did. McCain was on the Hannity show today and said he was out yesterday in Minnesota for Governor Pawlenty. Saying again that Tim is one of the great politicans.

Harry Welty interview part 2.

In this the last part of the interview I asked Harry his thoughts on a couple of issues. Gun control, gay marriage, and abortion. Only one of the three are huge issues to me, I know however many people care to know a candidate things about the other two.

What is your position on Gun control?

I have been irritated for 20-30 years on gun control. Both sides have drawn a line in the sand and will not differ from that. The two sides don't deal with reason. Yes we have a 2nd amendment and I believe in it. Disappointed in gun show regulations.

What is your stands on gay marriage?

I believe they should have all rights as married couples do. Property rights and other included. Would be for civil union. Believes that one day gay marriage or civil union will be legal in all 50 states. Welty also believes that you can not force a church to marry gay couples, the church has a right to it's believe.

sense gay marriage is now an issue, who do you believe should have the say in laws?

I believe in states rights. It is huge to have these states rights as the president has been taking them away. The states should be able to craft the laws for its citizens.

What is your position on abortion?

I am pro-choice with the understanding and respect of pro-life movement. I would not have been able to be a republican with out at least understanding the pro-life issues. Welty believes there are circumstance that abortions should be allowed. I don't like the idea of abortion in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

One other point that Welty brought up was he thinks it is odd how the republicans stand for life yet when a child is born they don't stand for opportunity for that child to succeed.

Will you for this office in two years?

Maybe? I have thought about it. I thought this year was a golden chance for me as I would have given the moderate voters a choice. In two years it will be tuff as all the new (from this election) congressman will have been there for two years.

Harry thank you for the chance to speak with you. I enjoyed it. I hope you thought the interview was fair. If I missed anything or mis represented anything please let me know.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Harry Welty interview part 1.

Both Grams and Oberstar are out spending you, how does this affect your approach on the race?

Oberstar will win Grams will get more votes than me. It is hard to compete with people spending 200.000-300,000 when I spent 3,000. I could have been more competive if I would have gotten going earlier.

What could you do to attract business to the district? Congress does play a huge role in getting business to the district. The State and city has more responsibility to do this then does a U.S. Congressman. It is the congressman responsibility to try to understand the world economy and getting and keeping jobs in the U.S.

Yesterday the unions asked Grams to drop out of the race, will this be an issue?

I think that the ads by grams are ridicules but it is more upsert that the unions asked for Grams to drop out. IT makes it look like Grams is more of a serious challenger. It seems as if the unions are running scared.

Some have said you will play the spoiler, what are your thoughts? I don't want to play the spoiler I don't like the republican party why would I play spoiler for them. It was my hope to get 38% of the vote and win. Now I hope that Oberstar wins but not with his 65%, it is my hope he gets just 51 or 52 % and that shows the democrats that Oberstar is not serving the district any more.

Why don't you think you have gotten the attension of the media? I don't blame the Star trib for not including me in there stroy's as I am not well knownen out side of Duluth. I am more disappointed with the Duluth News Tribune that they did not let me in on the debate as I am well known in Duluth.

Harry Welty interview.

I had a chance to interview Unity candidate Harry Welty. Welty is running for Congress in the 8th congressional district.

Harry and I have not always agreed, however I enjoyed the opportunity to interview him. Now the challenge of cutting the interview down so it is not so long lol.

The interview went some thing like this, the questions written may not apprear the same as I asked them.

Who is Harry Welty?

Harry: I am 55 years old. Grew up in Kansas moved to Duluth 32 years ago has 2 children a Daughter and a Son. Served in the service in the millitary. Jobs included teaching and insurance sales man.

Ran against Jaros twice in the 70's and also ran 3 times for the school board and lost before winning his fourth go around. Well on the board he was board of a school board that had brought the district back into good fascicle condition. They had what he thought was a stable board and administration. They also brought on the confrontional Edison school system.

What qualifies you to run for congress? He of course meets all regulations he is at least 25 years old a registerd voter and lives in the district. He also feels that his service on the school board gives him credibility along with keeping up on current events news and the history. He believes he has a strong knolege of government.

What do you believe are the top five issues facing the 8th congressional district?

I believe most voters are worried about local issues. Welty mentioned the economy, environment,transportation being many that people focus and they are among the important issues facing the district. Other then those so called core issues Welty also believes that the war in Iraq is a top issue of both the district and the country.

The big issue for Mr. Welty running was the fiscal state of this country. He believes that the Republicans have driven this country into fiscal irresponibillity.

Other issues of importance was bringing money to the district. He also believes that the two parties far thinking groups (far right and far left) have taken over the parties. Leaving moderates no were to go.

What will you do to improve these issues?

Work to balce the budgett, the country needs learn they can't spend what money they don't have. Work on bringing the two parties closer together and stop partisan bickering. Have a strong personality.

Do you believe in setting a time frame to get out Iraq?

No, I believe we need to get out as soon as possible. I don't believe is setting a time frame that would only hurt the effort already made to establish a free country. Welty does not believe that a free country can be established but believes maybe they could have three separate countries.

Do you believe president Bush lied with the Information he had to go to war?

No I don't believe he lied inteninaly. I believe that he has relied to much on his staff Vice President Cheney and secretary of Defense. He also believes the president did not do the cold hard fact checking that a president needed to do.

More to come of Duluth politics interview with Harry Welty.

As the election gets closer.

This week will be light on blogging as the election is now just less then a week away. I will be out helping the people that I want to win.

I will however have many thoughts so check back. In fact I know today I hope to have three or four post tonight along with an interview with Harry Welty.