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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fink signs going going and gone.

I hope people have noticed that commissnor Dennise Fink has been working hard to his re-election. He has as always been out door knocking as well as had radio ads and of course signs. That brings up a great point about his signs.

Dennise Fink signs have been going up fast but for as fast as they go they come down, why? Fank Jewells camp has an effort to try to make it look like Fink has little support. They are out taking the Fink signs. Fink has lost a record number of signs to this point.

The effort by the Jewell camp is a piss poor attempt to make it look like Fink support is low, Frank will find that to be anything but the case in November.

The signs are going missing in high profile places and the Jewell signs are not I wonder why?

If you are one that votes on looks is this what you want?

Do you really want ugly and ugler on the county board?

The smaller pic is Steve O'Niel commissner 2nd district. The larger pic is Frank Jewell who is running against 1st district commissner Fink.

Disclaimer: This post is to be taken with a grain of salt and meant to be have some humor.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Down size DC VS. Move on.

Here is a web site for those of you who think less goverment control,is better it is also a rival to this ultra lib site,

Check out it has some very interesting thoughts and join the team if you would like to. Let us know what your thoughts are about the site.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

More on the political races.

U.S. Congress 8th district.

There are three candidates running for the 8th district.

The democrat is a long time congressman, he has never faces a hard challange this time he may. Oberstar in his earlyer years did a lot for this area, however it is a what have you done latly issue with me. For at least last 10 years congressman Oberstar has done little to improve this district.

With that said however, we feel the district will still have strong support for the do nothing congressman.

One of the two challangers is running under his own party, unity party candidate Harry Welty. Mr. Welty served on the Duluth school board and is well known around Duluth however other then that not sure how well known he is in the district. With the district being large and his lack of effort out side of the Duluth it will be hard for him to get much support. We believe that money could be an issue he as well. We don't know the facts of Mr. Welty's camp but we guess he has little money compared to Oberstar and Grams.

Welty does however have some very interesting thoughts about both candidates on his web site , he also has very interesting thoughts of the day along with some other info. Welty offers a chose for those who are sick of far left and far right ideas if you believe the two party candidates represent that.

The last candidate is formor U.S. Senator Rod Grams. Rod is the republican candidate.

Grams has been a lobbiest as of late for Minnesota in Washington. He lives and has businesses in Minnesota and has some start forward ideas. However he also has ideas that many consider to be far right.

Grams and Oberstar both have extensive political records to stand. Well Welty has some thing to stand on it is not anything close to what Grams and Oberstars experinse is. If you think about that however this maybe a good thing.

One finale not on this race before the pick. All three candidates have ideas on were they want the 8th district to go. It is up to you to decide what way you want it to go and then vote for the approite person.


The numbers:

Oberstar 55%

Grams 40%

Welty 10%

These numbers may change as we get closer to the election so check back with us for updates.

One more note on these numbers, As we said before the unabilty or seeming unabilty for Welty to reach out to more of this district wil hurt him. He could play spoiler in fact if we are at all close in our numbers now he would.

Oberstar more then likely will not ever be beat for the seat, he will retire and then we will have to deal with Don Ness to run for the seat.

Friday, September 22, 2006

A little look into some of the races.

Here is how we see some of the political races going down.

Governors Race:

The republicans are out saying the Pawlenty is the most fiscial conservitive governor in some time. You must decide for your self if that is true to you or not. He has done some good things and of course some things many people don't like. With that said we don't believe he has pissed of a huge number of people. Othere then the ones that would not vote for him from day one.

The democrates picked to run some one very contifersil even in there own party. Mike Hatch has done some very odd things to put it nicely as he has been in goverment. He will get a lot of the democrate vote but will not see a lot of cross over from indepentends or republicans.

Jess's party:

I have came to call the Minnesota indepentins party Jess's party. They are running a wacko in Peter Hutichison. This guy to us is farther left then most far left democrats, and may take votes away from Hatch.

We did not give Peter much of a chance to have a good showing but now with Jess backing him and asking the young dumb voters to vote for him he should have an okay showing.

Pick: Tim Pawlenty

The numbers:

Pawlenty 50%

Hatch 25%

Hutchison 25%

U.S. Senate Race

The republicans are running a big name in Mark Kennedy. Mark is well established in Goverment. His record speaks for it's self. It seems as of late however Kenndy has had trouble resinating with the voters, across the State. If he expects to win that will have to change.

The democrats run Amy Klobuchar as there candidate. She has been a lobbist for many years. What she has done or not done also speaks for it's self. She was out of the box much faster then Mark Kennedy and it may pay off for her.

There is a indepent running but he does not have a chance.

Pick: Klobuchar

The numbers:

Klobuchar 65%

Kennedy 35%

More to come, also we will change these if something changes the races so check back for race prediction updates as well.

Why not to use check n go places.

A Duluth woman that was missing and later founder was hiding because of some issues she had with her money.

Mrs. Fry who I knew and never let on that she was having any trouble when I would see her, seemed to have some demands that she could not over come.

Fry the missing woman here a little bit back was found about a week or so ago and she was in good condition but had no or little money.

A story in yesterdays Duluth News Tribune said that she was hiding from creditors that were calling her for payments. She could not pay so she thought she would leave her apartment. When she did she would also leave her car with the thinking if she left everything the creditors would take it and there would be nothing left for them to take.

She would take shelter in a shed on London road,and would eat scraps she could find sometime stopping at a fast food location.

Here debt was because of places that would give you an advance on your payroll check and you then pay them back with very high interest. She had apparently done this many times and was in such a hole she could not claim out of it.

These type of places are very dangers and she is just one of many who got caught up in this scam. Lets call it what it is.

We wish the best for her and her family.

Duluth Human rights office to close?

As many of you may know, Duluth mad man and Mayor Herb Bergson has said he will not fund the Duluth human rights office. There for the will close. The reason given is the unfunded health care liability.

I agree with the mayor on this on. There is no need to have a Duluth office that State already handles these issues. I believe that we (Duluth) is the only city in Minnesota to have a separate office at least five years ago when we were debating the issue we were.

Here is part of an article for the Duluth News Tribune,

Supporters of the Human Rights Office say that if city officials shut down the office, they risk slamming the door on Duluth's minority populations and newcomers.
Please what a poor excuse for this group to use. You can't tell that our city programs along with State EBT and such minority's will stop coming to the HELP city and state of the world!!!! What a joke. It also will not at all shut the door on the minority's already here.

In nearly five years of existence, the office has lost its only court case. But success is better measured by the number of complaints that are worked out before hitting the legal system, proponents say.

Mayor Herb Bergson has proposed cutting the office and its two staff members as a way to balance next year's budget. Twenty-seven jobs are on the chopping block in various departments, although that number will be met mostly through vacancies and retirements.
But supporters said news of the Human Rights Office's demise is premature.
Of course they did and with the wacko city council we have it more then likely is. Read on.

City Councilor Greg Gilbert said the office's budget is small and he expects the necessary budget money to surface somewhere before the council finalizes a 2007 budget in December.

"I do not want to close the office," Gilbert said.
See we told you, the council is nothing but bleeding hart wacko's. Gilbert, Johnson, Ness, Stover, Reinert the list goes on.
Bergson said he doesn't have a poor opinion of the office or its personnel, but believes the Minnesota State Human Rights Office can take over many of its functions.
Very well said. I don't think it is anyone has a poor opioion of the office, however some feel there was and still is not need for it. The State does a good job of handling these issues, when they arise.
But members of the volunteer Human Rights Commission and staff say complaints would slow to a trickle without an office in Duluth.
Again just an attempt to play the feel sorry for us card.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Frank Jewell

He is of course running against a long time commissioner. What does Jewell have to stand on? His record of anti-military speaks for it's self. His work or lack of work record speaks for it's self. Having never had a real job. Frank has only worked in government or non-profits all of his life. Well commissioner Fink has worked in the private sector for many years.

Frank was however on the Duluth city council, there however he was only a one term councilor. He was defeated by the youngest councilor at the time to ever sit on the board Chris Dalhberg. Why was Jewell a one time councilor, his lack of a record and lack of getting things accomplished.

The only thing he seemed to do when on the city council was going ahead and do nothing about city's retiree health care.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Coast Guard live fire update.

There are some that seem to think the mad mayor is or was right to be pissed about the live fire that took place on Lake Superior.

We have received many comments that we chose not to post. The comments made by these people were out rages and had uncalled for words in the post there for they did not get approved but other then that there are still other's that agree with the mad mayor.

I don't care if you do or not but remember is you chose to write a comment about this post then do it with some respect to everyone. If you don't then it will not be on this blog.

Anyway back to the point. Dave Walter who filled in for Brad yesterday on KDAL agrees with the Mayor saying at very least it gives the public the chance to voice there concerns. Remember there was already a open comment period were there was little comments from anyone.

It also seems like Dave was saying that he did not agree with the live fires. A caller called him on this and Dave said that is not what he said. However it sure seems like that is what Dave was in fact saying.

Dave and others sure seem to not like the military and believe we should not take every procostion to be safe.

Fink Rally and Fund Raiser

Commissioner Fink who is seeking re-election to the first district is having a rally and fund raiser today.

Place is Sir Benedicts and it will take place from 5-7p.m. tonight.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why can't we do something like this.

SILVER BAY - As all-terrain vehicle riders traveled along a rocky, dusty trail on the edge of Silver Bay on Friday, they passed signs pointing to the city's AmericInn Lodge & Suites, a restaurant and other lodging.
Placement of the commercial signs among tall pine and birch trees might seem odd. But ATV recreation is big business.
Nearly 300 ATV riders are expected in Silver Bay this weekend for the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota fall convention. As of Friday, more than 230 were pre-registered.

The Mayor talks about bringing money into the community, yet he and the Duluth Police along with other community leaders feel ATV's are evil. Duluth and the areas around don't allow for ATV use, or the use is very limetted.

Yet our Mayor believe is good policy to support a gay pride fest. Again as I have said many time I have nothing against the gay community, I don't believe however the city should sponsor this type of an event. Not only that but many things that happened this year were more the questionable.

If the city wants to have great events sponsor something like this ATV event.

Duluth wins.

It was a inter city football battle Saturday night at PSS. It pit two teams thought to be contenters in there confrence. Duluth Central and Duluth Denfeld.
The game was being broadcast as Duluth Centrals toughtest game and biggest challange. Yet the game was anything but that. Duluth Central won 27-0 and improved to 3- 0 as Denfeld drops to 1-2. It looks clear that central will run away with there confrence. Yes it is early in the season but remember the season is also short, not only that but central has out scored there oppents 115- 21 in three games. It is at least something close to that I don't have the numbers in front of me, but that is close anyway.

Well Duluth East traveled like 300 miles to get blown out of the water 41-7 again I don't have the paper in front of me but it was a score something to that effect. East which is a young team that is re-building drops to 0-3 on the season. Duluth East has been out scored badly in there three games.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mad Man.

Our very own mad man is at it again. Yes Mayor Bergson shows his anti-America colors again.

Mayor Bergson believes hs above homeland sercuity and the U.S. Coast Guard. Bergson believes rhe live fire practice rounds shot off by the Coast Guard Tuesday was very upsetting.

His consern is that the shot would harm the lake or someone would get hurt he also thought (wrongly) that the live fire would not happen tell aftmer more public hrearing took place that was never to be the case.

Yes there was going to be more public hearing thanks to Congressman Oberstar and company. With that said the life fire was still going to take place even when these meeting were going on.

We will have more on this later we are getting some story's ready.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Here are the Duluth area numbers.

First republicans.

US Sen

Kenneddy 1761

Shudlick 38

Uldrich 87

Kenneddy wins

Pawlenty 1823
Jeffers 106


Johnson 867
Anderson 807 This was a much closer race then I would have ever thought.


US Sen.

Klobuchar 6769

Stanton 391


Savior 63 boy is he getting a lot of votes.

Hatch 3579

Lourey wins in Duluth what a shock.

Secretary of State

Ritchie 4322

Franson 1319

Swanson 3953

Luther 337 Better be mad as hell at Hatch.

Kelley 2644

Swanson say thank you to Hatch when you get a chance too.

County Commissner

Jewell 1421

Fink 1045

McKay 366

When is McKay going to give up? Fink has his work cut out for him.


Floerke 5926

Little 1328

Lacy 1541

There it is like it or not. The turn out was low.

Judge update.

From what we are hearing to this point on the judge race is this.

It appears that the little story about Tim Little has had little effect on the election. In fact it seems like more people got mad that the paper ran the story and wanted to make an issue out it.

The race however still seems to be close at this point. We expect Tim Little will advance however to the November election.

By the way does anyone know if anyone is having party tonight if so were and when. We will post them if people would like to attend them.

If you don't want those party's to be posted please reply to this post anyway we would be interested to who is having a party tonight.

Follow the election here. With an update.

Duluth Politics once again will have coverage of the primary tonight. So sit back lock your computer here and watch for our reports on the election.

We have a number of people out for us today and tonight reporting back to us on what they are hearing and seeing.

We already have a few updates on the what has been going on to this point.

I can tell you that voting was very very slow this morning all over town from reports. Most voting areas only had about 40 people vote early in the morning about to 9 am.

My polling place was very slow. When I voted this morning I was the 37th person to vote.

Voting seemed to pick up some over the lunch hours of the day. Most places saw a numbers increase from 11-1, then again it died down.

Hope fully there will be another big increase on the drive home. Voting looks to low in most places. The turn out to this point does not look like it will be very high.

This is good for the DFL and unions as it is more then likely there supporters getting out.

Follow the election here. With an update.

Duluth Politics once again will have coverage of the primary tonight. So sit back lock your computer here and watch for our reports on the election.

We have a number of people out for us today and tonight reporting back to us on what they are hearing and seeing.

We already have a few updates on the what has been going on to this point.

I can tell you that voting was very very slow this morning all over town from reports. Most voting areas only had about 40 people vote early in the morning about to 9 am.

My polling place was very slow. When I voted this morning I was the 37th person to vote.

Voting seemed to pick up some over the lunch hours of the day. Most places saw a numbers increase from 11-1, then again it died down.

Hope fully there will be another big increase on the drive home. Voting looks to low in most places. The turn out to this point does not look like it will be very high.

This is good for the DFL and unions as it is more then likely there supporters getting out.

Remember to vote in primary.

Please get out to vote in the primary tomorrow. This election is importain and not just the gernal election please vote again tomorrow in the primary.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Today we remember.

Today of course marks the 5th year of the bombing of 9/11. When two plans flew into the world trade center. One into the pentagon, and a third crashed in a Pennisivania land. The third plan was headed for the White House.

We ask that everyone remember this day and that you never forget the people died that day.

So there was a follow up story well short of anyway.

The Duluth News Tribune did a follow up story that had no new info.

Here is the link if you want to read it,

In the story City attorney and council attorney said Little should not have voted based on the MEDIA reports that he has read.

Here is an idea don't trust the media we all know the DNT wants to tell people what to think and how to vote. The DNT is joke.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It looks like some people don't believe the Hatch Swanson sign together is a big deal.

It seems like some don't believe that the Hatch Swanson signs being put up together is a big deal.

Yet the fact is it is for a few reason
1. We can't seem to get a straight reply from anyone on why this is happening.

2. In talks with people it is, that people ask for a Hatch sign and they get both weather they want them or not. Is this not then an endorsement. Yest Hatch said he would not endorse anyone and there is more info to come later on this aspect.

3. Why here and no were else, it is odd at best.

There seems to be so many things wrong with this tactic.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hatch Swanson sign update # 355 I think.

Okay for what it is worth. I saw to signs for just Hatch the other day along Superior Street out in lakeside. I had seen one guy out side and I stopped and chatted with him.

DP: I see you have a Hatch sign.

Guy: Yeah

DP: Did you receive a Swanson sign at the same time.

Guy: Yes I took it down, so did my friend .

DP: How come?

Guy: We did not want the Swanson sign and are not supporting her for A.G.

DP: Why do you think you got both signs

Guy: I don't know.

That was the gist of the conversation. The guy was not happy about getting both signs. I don't why this is happening in Duluth and no were else.

I wonder if it would ever change any one minds on who they would vote for? I don't think it would but you never know.

4th street market sold.

A long time central hillside market is sold. Little John's 4th street market has been sold to new owners. It will however stay a market which is very good. The area of town needs a grocery store for it's residents that live in the area.

The new owners have renamed the store Ma and Pop's and look to add new items as they are able to. The new owners have said they will add a section dedicated to black hair care products, along with expanding the movie rental and deli items.

Just for the record we here at DP don't like the new name. What are you to do however, we wish they would have just kept it 4th street market. It already has a huge backing.

We do wish the new owners the best of luck and we will continue to stop in at the store ever now and again. We always went into the 4th street market on the way downtown or something like that.

In fact we use to go in there a lot when we lived in the area but moved away from that area so we don't get there as much as we did before.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Citizens blog.

It looks like citizens blog is considering a format change.

The format change would limit what you talk about on the blog to topics they choose.

I don't like the idea at all. One of the great things with the blog was you could post about almost anything local. Now for some reason they want to limit that. I loved the blog for the views it expressed by all. It did not matter if you agreed with the person or not.

Even on this blog we have said many times if there is something you would like to bring up just ask us we will post and you can comment on it.

Still to this day.

Well okay, I must be the only one that seems to care. Again however if this Tim Little story was huge you think there would be some follow up. Yet there is not as of yet.

So are we right that this was just a political witch hunt? Na' the paper would not do that would they?

Wait they do it all the time.

One one other note. Went to get a Little sign the other day and there is nothing in his office anyone know what is going on?