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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kroc center all but done?

It seems like many on the Kroc center board feel it is a done deal. The applications was sent to Chicgo for final aproval from the Salvation Army. The board seems to think Duluth will get the okay with no problem as long as we agree to pay our small portaion of the project. This would be 7.2 million dollars of a 50 million dollar project.

Some councilors had questions a few weeks ago, and ones that need to be answeared before we move forward with this project I believe. Other councilors just don't like the project namly because of what the building looks like. Councilor Greg Gilbert holds issue with a cross on the out side of the CHAPLE building.

By the end of June, Duluth Salvation Army officials expect to overcome several sticking points with the city and move ahead with the proposed Kroc recreation and community center in West Duluth.

Maj. Mark Welsh and Kay Biga, chairwoman of the Duluth Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center advisory committee, made the predictions Tuesday during a meeting with the Duluth News Tribune's editorial board.
Salvation Army officials submitted their project application more than a week ago to their territorial bosses, who hold the purse strings for much of $50 million-plus construction, maintenance and operating costs. They said Duluth is almost a shoo-in for the center, which would be paid for by the McDonald's Restaurants fortune, as long as the city holds up its end.
However, the Duluth City Council still must finalize its previous $7.2 million pledge toward the 85,000-square-foot complex at Wheeler Field on Grand Avenue. Some councilors appear reluctant to finish the deal until they get a number of guarantees from the private Christian nonprofit.
"A lot of things don't happen until push comes to shove, and I think we're at that point now," Biga said.

Still unresolved, said City Attorney Bryan Brown, are contracts with the city of Duluth over shared facility use, a land sale, development agreement, constitutional issues and the replacement of current facilities that will be supplanted. He hesitated to put a timeline on the process but said the city and Salvation Army exchanged a draft use agreement last week.

There should be little consern about the land sale and land use these I believe will be easly worked out. What has become a sticking point for some councilors and citizens is what is going to happen with the tennise courts, along with the bocce and horse areas? This is a very fair question. Who will pay to move and or replace these areas that are used by many people.

"I think we've made significant progress," said interim Chief Administrative Officer Julio Almanza.

Councilors have expressed support for the project but recently questioned the budget, entrance fees, size of the cross on the building and whether non-Christians can hold meetings in the center's community rooms.

The Salvation Army made it very clear that the Kroc center will be opened to everyone regarless of your faith or lack of it. The only issue the Salvation Army has is if a group wnates to meet there that is anti salvation army. Then that group would not be allowed to meet at the Kroc center. That is more then lodical to me.

Welsh said the center will have a cross on the building but officials haven't decided where or how big it will be. As far as who can hold meetings in the complex, he said the Salvation Army hasn't written a policy yet, but he doesn't anticipate turning anyone away.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Minnesota's Mr. Right to return home?

It seem as if Jason Lewis (Minnesota's Mr. Right) will be coming home.

Jason left Minnesota and his old radio station KSTP in 2003 for warmer weather, and work at a radio station in North Carolina.

Jason Lewis says that his departure of the NC. station is not related to presure from any politision or the station managment. It is a personal one that he made with his family.

Here is an story from the star tribune,

There will be no post.

Duluth Politics will be getting ready to head of town Thursday and then will be out of town tell Monday.

We may have some post on Thursday but after that we will not post tell Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy day!!!!

Well as you know by now ordinance 60 passed last night.

It was a long hard fight. The ordinance passed by a 5-4 vote. Councilor Gilbert changed his vote from no to yes and councilor Stover changed his vote from yes to no.

The ordinance started almost four month ago. Then to last night it seemed that ordinance 60 was going to fail. When councilor Stover changed his vote, because with out him it seemed like there would be no chance.

Councilor Gilbert said nothing in the council debate, so it seemed like when you counted the votes it would be a 5-4 vote to turn down ordinance 60. Then when the vote was taken at first it was not a roll call. Then when asked if you support the ordinance I thought I heard Gilbert say I, then to a roll call it confirmed that he did support the ordinance. It passed then by a 5-4 in favor.

This was long process, but with the results I am happy.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ordinance 60.

A look back at ordinance 60.

Here is part of our fist post on the ordinance.

We hope all nine members of council will keep an open mind on this. As I read this ordinance , we think we are about 50 - 50 on it right now I am going to the meeting tonight to get more info on it. This could form what Duluth business claimed is going to be from here on out. Everyone needs to show an interest in this.

Then the next day after the council meeting regarding this ordinance we were for the ordinance and have been eversensee then. This ordinance has been though a lot but it needs to pass.

The only way this ordinance will pass is if PEOPLE SHOW UP at the meeting. The meeting starts tonight at 7 p.m. and is help on thethirdd floor of city hall.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Kroc Center part 2.

Councilor Gilbert has a huge problem with the chapel having a cross on it.

All we have to say to this is it is a CHAPLE what would you expect it to have. There is no issue of church and State here at all Gilbert get over it.

The Mayor even said it does not matter what the building looks like.

Kroc Center

Duluth Politics attained the special meeting regarding the salvation Army Kroc Center last at city hall.

I think the council along with many were very surprised that the rep for the Kroc Center had little answers. He laid out what the building would look like but other then that offered no real answers to any question.

The center needs to get it's act together if they want the city to put any more money into this project.

There were some serious questions asked last night that were not answered.

Here is a great piece in todays DNT, it outlines many of the questions.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Must read.

We will have comments on this later, but it is a must read.

This is in regards to the Myaor breaking the law by, giving the report to the DNT. It is from a State employee.

Regardless of his intent, mayor broke law

I am responding to your May 14 editorial, "Probe into Bergson leak is waste of city money,"about the controversy concerning Mayor Bergson providing a classified draft audit report to the News Tribune. You trivialized the central concern by characterizing Bergson's offense as a "who-cares misdemeanor." I think your readers deserve a more thoughtful consideration of the issues involved.

In 2005, the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor investigated how state grants were being used by the Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling. In the interest of efficiency, we agreed to review grants to the council from the city of Duluth (a task that would normally fall to the State Auditor's Office, which audits local governments).
Following standard audit practice and state law, we allowed the affected organizations -- the council and the city of Duluth -- to review and comment on the draft report before it was finalized and made public. Minnesota law clearly says that a person who receives a draft audit report from the Legislative Auditor is obligated to protect it from "unlawful disclosure" or be subject to penalties in the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.
The draft report sent to Mayor Bergson on May 20, 2005, prominently displayed the following notice on each page: "Under Minnesota Statutes 3.979, subd. 4, it is unlawful to disclose any part of this draft to anyone not authorized to review it until it is released by the Office of the Legislative Auditor." A letter addressed to Mayor Bergson accompanying the draft emphasized the obligation and specifically said he was not authorized to show the draft to anyone except a city employee.

On May 27, 2005, both an article and editorial concerning the Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling and OLA's draft report appeared in the News Tribune. Shortly thereafter, Bergson took responsibility for providing the draft audit report to the paper and apologized to my office. While I appreciated Mayor Bergson's response, the fact is he did violate Minnesota law -- a law that serves a good purpose.

In essence, the Legislature classified draft audit reports as "not public" to facilitate an orderly and fair audit process. Legislators -- and I would hope the News Tribune -- expect auditors to thoroughly and thoughtfully consider all of the evidence before issuing a report. There is little value in having auditors dribble out preliminary findings that are subject to change. An audit report should not be a work in progress but a fully considered professional judgment on well-established facts. Indeed, legislators themselves do not receive -- and do not want -- draft audit reports.

Of course, I realize that you are in the news business and beating your competition to a good story is a daily goal. Nevertheless, I think you should show greater regard for the audit process and the law.

JIM NOBLES is the legislative auditor of the state of Minnesota.

This Mayor will do anything.

This Mayor sure is trying to do anything he can to "help" the homeless isn't he. What a joke. He will not look at the real issues this city faces.

Again you will never bealbe to solve homelessness in a city it needs to solved at a national level first.

This is part of the article in today's paper,

That's how the well-known Duluth American Indian and environmental activist said she became a "poster child" for affordable housing and homelessness.
Three years ago, her 33-year-old husband died suddenly. Six weeks later, Bird, who lives on government disability payments, was homeless because she could no longer afford their apartment. Soon she returned to drinking.

check out our sports page

We don't write a lot on the sports page but we have some interesting thoughts there now up about the superior speedway. Check it out at .

We will post more on the sports page this summer as our local and othere sporting events get going.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here is part of the debate.

Gilbert said he met with a Salvation Army representative last week. He was pleased with the mix of recreation, community and service facilities, he said.

Gilbert said he was not shown the artist's rendering of the exterior.

"If it looks overtly like a church from the outside, that is something we would have to take into consideration," Gilbert said. "I think that makes a difference. We know we're not fooling anyone and there is a spiritual aspect there, and it's OK. It's when it crosses the line."

Does it really matter all that much, what the outside looks like? If it resembles a church is that not okay? If it does not resemble a church that would be okay as well I don't care what the outside looks like.

The Salvation Army WILL NOT push religion on anyone.

Kroc Center ready?

The Kroc center to be located at wheeler field is almost ready. The money is there and now the salvation army just needs the city to once again approve this project.

It seems like there could be a small debate growning on this however. We here at Duluth Politics ask that this be approved again. More on the debate to come later.

The Salvation Army almost certainly will come through with $40 million to build and care for a Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in West Duluth, the nonprofit's local leader said Tuesday.

"If the city can affirm they are going to give us that money (its previous $7.5 million commitment), that gives us a 100 percent possibility," said Maj. Mark Welsh of the Salvation Army in Duluth. "Obviously, the city's pledge is the key thing to the whole project."

to read more go to

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

For give me.

I am so excited, I grew up watching the WWF now the WWE world wrestling entertainment.

I grew watching such greats as Hulk Hogan, Andrea the Giant, George the animal Steel, among many others.

The reason for this post is because the WWE is coming to Duluth for a show. This is not just any show however, it is Summerslam. So what you ask?

Summerslam is a Pay Per View, that in the past has been one of the best shows. I am not sure how Duluth landed this but we got it and it can only be a great thing Duluth. There will be people from all over coming to watch this event.

I for one can't wait, I am so excited.

Well we were right.

The Duluth Chamber will not support ordinance 60 no matter what. The information was given to use in an email from a chamber member.

What a joke the meeting that councilors Stewart and Stauber had with the Chamber was just to try to make the chamber look good.

This ordinance needs to pass. I know the chamber and some others believe that this will hurt the city in working with developers but it will not. If this ordinance passes it will go into effect and developers will complain in the first couple of times. Then it will just be business as usual with ordinance 60 in effect.

Thoughts on the retiree health care issue.

It is time that the city and the unions get together for discussion. They are suppose to be in talks now yet many of the city councilors don't believe that the union is even at the table yet.

The unions and the city are suppose to have a settlement done by the end of this year.

Here is what I believe the city and the unions will have to discuss. The city is going to have to go and say you the union have to agree with concession, this can not be a give and take period.

The unions will not like that but it needs to be done. Maybe some were down the way many years later the unions could get something for doing this.

The city and the Mayor needs to be very clear and very hard with this however other wise it will not work.

This is were most money will be made up in this issue.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here is another reason that ordinance 60 is good.

The city of Duluth is considering passing a TIF district for a housing project that is going to be availble for family and indivials that78,000 dollars. This is well over what the city is use to subsidizing wich is around 50,000 for housing units.

There is a great articale on this as well at

This is yet another great reason we need ordinance 60.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What a waste of time!!!

The City of Duluth has been famous for this. They have time in and time out talked about renaming a streets.

It is a complete waste of time, no one cares. Now they want to rename a street after Bob Dylan yes a great prefomer. However we can honor him in many other ways, then renaming a street. What a joke.

If the council feels that is must rename a road I would ask that they don't rename road like London Road, or Superior Street ect.. These are roads that mean so much to Duluth and to rename them would be a shame.

The City faces major issues, yet the city feels like it must talk about renaming streets.

Here is the article from the Duluth news Tribune today.
'Honorary Bob Dylan Drive' less than meaningful tribute
A Bob Dylan Drive survey, conducted over the weekend during Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival, was far from scientific. Participants were, after all, concert-goers in drinking establishments. Still, its results were noteworthy.
Nearly 70 percent indicated that if the city of Duluth were to rename a street for Dylan, it ought to be London Road. Only 13 percent opted for downtown's Michigan Street, as had been proposed in February by City Councilor Don Ness and others. Nearly 300 votes were cast.
Ness said yesterday he plans now to introduce a resolution, leaving it up to his fellow councilors to choose the street, if they choose to honor one of Duluth's most famous sons at all.
Here's hoping they do. Honoring Dylan -- who was born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth's St. Mary's hospital in 1941 and lived the first six years of his life in Central Hillside -- is a gesture long overdue. A Grammy Award-winning icon of folk and rock music, Dylan and his connection to Duluth ought to be celebrated. Renaming a highly visible public street would be an appropriate celebration.
But selecting an obscure or out-of-the-way street, such as Michigan Street, or paying tribute in a half-hearted way would no tribute at all. It would be an embarrassment.
"My intent would be just honorary," Ness told the News Tribune yesterday of his Dylan-naming plan, meaning if London Road is the choice, it'll still be London Road. No one would actually have to call it Bob Dylan Drive. Who claims to live on Rudy Perpich Memorial Highway?
"It would be ridiculous," Ness argued, "to rename all of London Road and to make all those people change their addresses."
No, it wouldn't. It would be reasonable to phase in a name change so businesses, residents and other London Road property owners could warm up to the idea and have time to use up stationery and other materials printed with their addresses.
London Road is a good candidate because it's home to the old Duluth armory where Dylan saw Buddy Holly and the Crickets in 1959, which 40 years later he mentioned as an influence on his storied career. Part of London Road is also Minnesota Highway 61, immortalized in Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited."
Councilor Ness is absolutely correct is stating: "Our recognition of Bob Dylan's roots in Duluth is also a recognition of the talent that is born in our community every day. Duluth is a community that values music and art. It is part of our heritage. ...The spirit of artistic freedom and expression that Dylan represents is alive, well and thriving in Duluth."
Last week, 120 local bands and 300 area artists proved the vitality of the city's arts scene. Naming a street for Duluth's greatest artist would prove it even more.

Come on if you truely want to rename a street lets do for some one that lives here and cares about the city.

Here is my idea, rename a street after our Mayor, you could call it fully loaded road.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dean Pisses off and may be pissed on.

Howard Dean angers gay community. Below is part of what he said on the 700 club yesterday.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has angered supporters in the gay and lesbian community by stating that his party opposes gay marriage.
Appearing on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s program "The 700 Club” on Wednesday, Dean declared: "The Democratic Party platform from 2004 says that marriage is between a man and a woman. That's what it says.

To read more go to

Amy Klobuchar flip flops on Medicare part D.

Thanks to loyal reader that sent this to us.

I find it very interesting that U.S. Senate canidate Amy Klobuchar has done nothing but down play and say negitive things about medicare part D. Now she is out there saying that senior need to sign up for it.

Klobuchar: Medicare Part D Causes “Unbelievable Headaches.” “Here are a few things I would like to see in the State of the Union address tomorrow: First, we need to fix Medicare Part D. Since the new Medicare prescription drug benefit went into effect at the beginning of this year, our seniors have faced unbelievable headaches trying to get the drugs that they depend on. Pharmacists are unable to verify that patients are covered by one of the plans. Low income enrollees are being asked incorrectly to pay $250 deductibles. The result is that people go without prescriptions, or pharmacists and other advocates spend hours trying to navigate the bureaucracy.” (Amy Klobuchar, “Klobuchar Addresses President Bush's State of the Union,” January 30, 2006)

Here is what she is doing now:

“After repeatedly trashing the new Medicare Part D program as a ‘nightmare’ and ‘raw deal,’ Amy Klobuchar now is encouraging Minnesota seniors to sign up for the very same program.

“I guess the Amy Klobuchar advising seniors to sign up for the Medicare Part D program forget to check with the Amy Klobuchar who mocked the same program as a ‘basic policy failure.’”

Who will run for Mayor.

Lets have some fun with this!! Who will run for Mayor and city council.

The Mayory's race is in 2007, of course the current Mayor Herb Bergson will run again.

Others may include who?

Council races, who will run? Most if not all the incumbents up for re-election will run. Who will run against them?

Cults lead to abductions Part 2.

This info came from a post in the first part of this located a few post below this one. Rex previded us with this link here is part of an articale written by Peter Hoover. You may read the whole thing by clicking the link,

This articale is very interesting, it put a diffrent light on the subject. This group believes Dr. Phil did not and will not give this group a fair report.

I don't know about that, however I am willing to learn more about this whole issue of this abduction. This is a very interesting case. I believe when you read this Peter Hoover story you will see that he and this group does not believe this was an abduction, if it is not then what else can you call it?

We do not expect people like Philip McGraw, people still “in the world and of the world,” to understand it to the full. We do not expect them to give us accurate or fair coverage in the media. We do not expect kind treatment on the part of worldly governments, or that the unconverted will help us in this great struggle for the Kingdom of Heaven.

All we expect, all we hope and pray for, is that we may live as quietly and peacefully as possible in our current surroundings (1 Timothy 2:2). And we commit ourselves to doing all we can to bring the troubles of the Hari family to a prompt and good conclusion.

Like Tolstoy said, “All troubled families are troubled in their own way.” This one is no exception. And we believe the first step toward ending their current distress is for all involved to recognise the parts we played in bringing it upon them.

On my part, I need to say that I should have paid more attention to Mike Hari, his daughters and their problems when he first started telling me what was happening. I should have looked into the situation more and made sure I knew the two (or three) sides to the story before I told him whatever I felt was best at the moment.

Second, I believe that Mike was living in a state of real need. His daughters were not getting educated properly, their housekeeping was inadequate, they were not getting their baths, having their hair washed, and their physical needs taken care of like one would expect. Mike did not have a good job or steady work, and even if he would have, he (as a single parent) could not have managed to see to everything that needed attention. Here I feel the German Baptist Brethren failed to assume responsibility in a Christian way for those they had taken into their fellowship. If they should really have shown themselves “brethren” to Mike Hari and his daughters (both Mike and Molly having become baptised several years ago among them) I believe this entire disaster could have been avoided. On top of that, I believe it now stands as a great shame before the world, a judgement on the church, and the fact that the Brethren (many of them remarkably well-to-do) can think of nothing better than to “wash their hands” of the case at this point does nothing to exonerate them in my mind.


We here at Duluth Politics are not calling this orgainzation or any other a cult. We know little about this group and want to gain infomation about this.

Please keep in mind that this infomation was first learned on the Dr. Phil show and this is were we got this first bit of information. If we remember correct the word cults were used on the Dr. Phil show, again we do not know that this orginanitzation or any other is a cult at this time. Nor at this time do we here at Duluth Politics believe it to be a cult.

This information from all groupes is be proved to our readers as strictly information for them. The views expressed on this toipic are those of the bloggers and do not nessicerly represent the views of this blog.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Duluth Politics interview.

Duluth Politics is expected to interview Duluth City Councilor Tim Little. The interview will more then likely take place early next week.

Watch for the interview coming soon.

If you have a question you would like us to ask Councilor Little please email it to us. Email us at . The interview will focus mainly on the latest Mayor issue and councilors Little's resolution. The leak of the report will be our focus but any quesiton you have you can sent to us.

Please not any quesiton sent to, we will reserve the right to ask it or not.

New site.

I just wanted to pass this a long. I found this site., it is also added to my links below.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Old Armory part 2.

It seems as if this prject is going to be much bigger then thought and maybe even take up more space then just the old armory.

A source reports to me that this project has grown over time, to include more living and retail space. It has downplate it's plans to be an art and music center.

Here is a quote from my source: Let me what think.

"It's always had a housing / retail component. But the scope has really increased in recent months. I think it could be great for Duluth... I understand why some folks will want to criticize - but we just need to be patient with it. It takes a long time to put together a project like this."

Last night's City Council meeting.

There was not a lot of action at last night's meeting as most items stayed on the table.

There was one big one of course. This was if the City should hire an outside attorney to investigate Mayor Bergson. The investigation would be because of a report from the State Auditor to Mayor Bergson it was a preliminary report on the compulsive gambling report.

The report very clearing said do not show to any unauthorized group or person, yet our Mayor showed this report to the Duluth News Tribune. The Trib then ran a series of story's from this report.

This bringing up the issue if the Mayor broke the law. According to one state employee that Councilor Little had contact with he did. The State employee said something to this effect, Mayor Bergson broke the Trust between him and the state not only did he do but he also broke the law. The State employee also added it was very clear violation.

therefore the resolution, asking for the city to hire an outside qualified legal firm to do an investigation. Here is the resolution,BY COUNCILOR LITTLE:
WHEREAS, Minnesota State Statute Section 3.979, subd. 4, makes it a misdemeanor for public officials to prematurely release draft reports from the legislative auditorÂ’s office; and
WHEREAS, the legislative auditor for the state of Minnesota believes there was a breach of law when a copy of the draft audit report on the Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling (MCCG) was leaked to the media on or about May 26, 2005; and
WHEREAS, Mayor Bergson has taken responsibility for giving the document to the Duluth News Tribune; and
WHEREAS, the legislative auditor sent a request to the St. Louis County attorney to investigate and prosecute anyone in violation of Minnesota Statute Section 3.979, subd. 4; and
WHEREAS, the St. Louis County attorneyÂ’s office noted that it did not have jurisdiction over the matter and turned the case over to the Duluth city attorney; and
WHEREAS, the city attorneyÂ’s office has been informed by the state board of professional responsibility that a conflict of interest exists preventing it from handling this matter; and
WHEREAS, the Duluth City Code, Section 7, allows for the city council to employ and fix compensation of counsel, experts and employees to handle these matters.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Duluth City Council requests that the Duluth purchasing department, through normal procedures of contracting, employ a legal firm authorized to practice law in the state of Minnesota and capable to investigate, determine cause, and prosecute as necessary any city employee who has violated state law as noted above. Should this law firm find that no crime has been committed, they will report to the council this information and to the state legislative auditor.

The first attempt to table this failed, then discussion started and councilor Gilbert had some real question about this and wanted to move forward but needed some more infomation from the City attorney. After those comments councilor Ness who voted no on talbing said he would be infavor of tabling now, then it passed 5-3.

Well they were discussing the issue counclor Stover said that he thought it was politcally modivated.

Other items, Ordinance 60 stayed on the table yet again but should be up for a vote in two weeks.

Monday, May 08, 2006

8Th District get some play.

Well at very least with former U.S. Senator Rod Grams running against Jim Oberstar the district will have some news about it. Jim Oberstar has not faced a real opined for many years.

Rod Grams running will at least bring some much needed attion to this race. Rod Grams is a masterful campainger, he also is a great public speaker. It will be interesting to see his number as this race goes on.

Congressman Oberstar also a very good public speaker, I don't know about his debating skills, as he has not had to really run a big campain in the passed years.

Most of us here at DP already know who we will support and that is Grams, with that said we don't think he will win at this point. We believe it will be something like 60% to 40% mainly because this area is so hard core DFL.

We ask however what is it that Congressman Oberstar has done in the past few years, lets say five to deserve to be re-elected?

Again this will bring some much needed attion to our area, and maybe we will get to deal with some real issues that face this area in this election.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Why is it that that left leaning blog's must focus on Natinal issues?

As you may guess, we here at Duluth Politics like to go to varius blog's and other news sites as well.

The question is this? Why is it that most left leaning blogs talk only about national issues? Is it because they are so focused on President Bush they can't focus on our big local issues? Is it because they just don't care about what happens here, or in the State?

Is it something else? What are your thoughts?

Mayor in more legal trouble?

It seems like at least three Duluth City Councilors want to investagate the mayor. The three councilors are Tim Little, Jim Stauber, and Russ Stewart. In a resolution that could be voted on as early as Monday night. The resolution would call for an outside attorney to investigate weather the Mayor did an illegal act, by giveing information to the Duluth News Tribune.

To find out more about this you can go to WDIO TV's web page, They broke the story last night.

I will have more on this later as well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More on Chamber and ordinance 60.

Below is part of a post about ordinance 60 that the Duluth Chamber President David Ross wrote about on his blog. Here is were you can read the whole thing,

Thankfully, we recently got a grip on our collective selves and agreed to meet and discuss our differences related to ordinance 60. The meeting occurred at the Chamber just hours before the ordinance was scheduled to be voted on Monday, April 24. The meeting resulted in the ordinance being tabled at that night’s city council meeting. We now have time to work out our differences and to modify the ordinance in a way that will allow the business community to find common ground on this important initiative.

The Chamber’s leadership is pleased and proud to be a part of this effort to move business forward in this beautiful city. Besides, I don’t like to see business men and women scuffle. It’s hard on the business wardrobe.

This is a joke, that Chamber has came out is oposition to this ordinance. Now they want to make them self's look good by pretending to work with the council. When what they will do is turn and still be in oposition to this ordinance. If they do support it, it will be because there is nothing left good in the ordinance.

So to say the least I would be very surprised to the Chamber support the ordinance ever. I would hope that they would support it. Not only support it but support it as is or at least very close too.

New KB's Coner!!!

In light of all of the hubbub over a home loan for the Croud family, I've been thinking about kids. And how kids get caught up in the messes their parents might've created. I'm not going to talk specifically about the Crouds here.

Last week I spent a few moments in a courthouse giving the evil eye to a man who raped a child several times. This child thought this man was her step-daddy and she was a bit over a year old when he came into her life. When he stepped in to that courtroom with a swagger and a smirk, I was sickened. This child is not a relative of mine, and I've never met her. She's related to a friend of mine and I'm pulled into it for moral support, but believe me, having a 6 year old daughter, my reaction to his attitude was pretty powerful. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, sitting there and knowing that the 11 year old girl now has the word rapein her vocabulary, and she uses it when referring to whather so called dad did to her.

Why-o-why must she pay for her mother's poor judgement in companions. And why does this mother still live with this pig? Luckily my friend fought hard to have the children removed from the mother's home, not without a lot of struggle and fighting with social workers. In fact she had to threaten calling the attorney general before they really took her serious and investigated the deplorable life this mother was providing for her kids.

Now to find out that this monster violated this child while she was fighting to get those kids out of that house is really hard on my friend. That's why I wonder about people who say nasty things about the Croud family, lumping them all into what their Dad might have done. I just can'tt olerate it. Children are innocent and shouldn't have to live like this.

Sorry for the bummer posting but that's whatI'm dealing with right now.

Cults lead to abductsions.

I was watching Dr. Phil, ( I don't watch affine) this one to me was very interesting it had to do with child abductsion. The two abductsion that they discussed have to do with cult's.

One of the abductsions had dealt with Minnesota and a cult called the hutterites. Some people believe this to be just a very spiritual group well others consider it a cult.

I did a search on huttrites and found a few things nothing in direct with Minnesota, as of yet anyway. Here is some history on the hutterite "religion", you can decide if it is a cult or not.

Anyway Perer Hoover was on the show. Who is he? From what I got he is a pastor at a Minnesota hutterite group. He has had contact with the child abducted Mike Hari, who abducted they two kids after he and his wife got a divorce.

The girls mother is scared for the children and also very scared she will never she her children again. Here is some of what she had to say.

Michelle's husband decided to answer his religious calling and to pursue what he considered a purer way of life. The family moved into a 1969 trailer with no running water, electricity or indoor plumbing, in a small community in the woods. Their only toilet was a five-gallon bucket with a toilet lid. Michael read Bible verses and sang hymns at certain times of the day along with his family. He soon befriended a man who was part of the Worldwide Church of God. "The Worldwide Church of God has some very radical beliefs on the Bible," says Michelle.
Her husband started buying guns and rifles. His friend told the couple that he could help them disappear from society if they needed to. "Michael would threaten to take our daughters and go into the underground and tell me I would never see them again. I didn't want to lose my babies," says Michelle.

Michael came across the Old German Baptist Church on the Internet, and Michelle attended one service with him. "This was not like any church I had ever been in," she says. "I thought, I can't do this anymore. I can't continue this roller coaster, so I came back to the area I grew up in, I got a job, and I got a divorce."

The other case also invalued a cult. This time it was the wife that disappeared and it is believed that her family knows were she is. She left for a cult based out of Japan she say on the internet. She took her kids with her at the time they were ages 7,5,2, two boys and a girl. The kids would not be ages 18,16,13.

If anyone else saw the show I am interested in your thoughts. Also if you know anything about the hutterite origination I would like to know. This seems to be a series of shows I know they will have more about the hutterirte case next Tuesday.

You can get mor information on this at .

More info from,
Investigation has revealed that Mike is a follower and admirer of Peter Hoover, a minister in the Hutterite Community. Peter has advised that he would take the necessary steps to assist in locating Mike Hari. Please contact 911 if you have any information that might help to locate these children.
Visit the following website for more information on the missing children:

Monday, May 01, 2006

Limbaugh not arrested.

Media jump on this and as it turns out once again the report if false. Look at that another attack on consertives that was wrong.

Rush Limbaugh 'Arrest' Reports Were Bogus
Breaking From
All weekend long news broadcasts were filled with reports that talk radio host Rush Limbaugh had been "arrested" on charges of doctor shopping as part of a plea bargain worked out with his lawyer.
But - as even the liberal newsmagazine, Newsweek, admitted - the "arrest" reports were bogus.
"LIMBAUGH ARRESTED was the immediate headline on the wires and on TV," the magazine said in Monday's edition. "But the word 'arrest' was misleading."
"In fact, Limbaugh had pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer had worked out a deal that would cause the single charge to be dropped after 18 months as long as Limbaugh stayed out of trouble and continued to see a doctor who has helped him with an addiction to painkillers."

Singers express thoughts on President Bush.

The singer Pink has came out with a song about president Bush it has the same ring to it that the Dixie Chicks comments about President Bush did.

Here is the sond and vidio of Pink,

Let me know your thoughts.

In the song pink ask many quesitons. The song is interesting.

Speaking of the Dixie Chicks they also have a new song out called not ready to make nice. It is in responce to the comment they made about President Bush. If you remember they were over seas and said " we are not proud that President Bush is from Texas" or somthing to that effect I do not remember the exact saying.

It was being reported a few month ago that the chicks have broken up and that became not true. They are still together and will contunie to sing. That is too bad.

Immigrants walk off the job today!!

My thought is this: If you walk off the job you are fired.

Also just wondering are there rally happening here in Duluth today. If so were?

Air show trouble?

I saw this first on Almost on the Range blog,

I think Erik and I have a diffrent way of looking at this. They way I look at will be expressed here, to see Erik's thoughts go to his blog. Erik believes that Kern is bulling the area home owners. I don't see that way as much.

I first want to take this police overtime issue for Hermntown. The City has asked Duluth to help pay and we said no, we will use some of our cops to help with airshow travel but will not pay. Then the city went to the air show staff and asked for help they also said they would not pay for city over time. Why should they have too? I don't believe they should have to. Many other events cost a city tons of money for police issues as well. Yet they are not asked to help pay for any of it.

The second issue I want to discuss is the airshow and if people should be able to watch it for free. The answear is apsolitly not. I don't care if you live near the airport or not, it does not give you the right to watch for free. Or if you go to a near by parking lot such as Harley Davidson, or pull over on the side of the road. This event cost money to put on and all that watch should pay to do so. You have to no right to watch the event with out paying for it.

Here is the editroil by the a Duluth staff writer.

Residents resist requests to vacate


Allison Pagnac has scheduled three days off work in early July to stay home and enjoy the Monaco Air Duluth Airshow from her yard.

She has no right to watch this event from here home. Nor does anyone else that lives near the airport. Again this event cost money to put on. You need to pay if you want to watch.

Much of the action would happen right over her head, as Duluth International Airport is close to Pagnac's home on Lavaque Road in Hermantown.
But when Monaco Air Duluth Airshow President Ryan Kern came to the Pagnac's door this month, he said the Pagnacs, along with five other nearby families, must vacate their homes for the air show on July 7, 8 and 9, following Federal Aviation Administration regulations.
If they don't, "He said the (St. Louis County) sheriff would escort us out of our homes," Pagnac said.

The fact is Kern is right by regulations these areas are to be vacated. Why? because of the events on the airshow it allows for these regulations to be used. I am not sure that the sheriff will escort people out or not, but I believe they have the right to, with use of the regualtions.

But Hermantown police Chief Dan Perich said no law enforcement agency has the power to force people from their homes so that a private event can proceed. Perich said he has heard from several residents on Lavaque Road who said they were threatened with a temporary eviction.
"We can't, aren't and won't remove people from their homes," Perich said. "There's nothing we can do about it."

Notice this is Hermantown police Chief how has no respect for the show at all. You can in fact with use of regulations remove these people do to what the show effects. The fact is this is based manily on millitary based plains.

Several of Pagnac's neighbors, including 90-year-old Viola LePard, are elderly and can't easily leave for the day.
The six families on Lavaque Road next to the airport are in the "air show box," a zone the FAA wants cleared in case an air show act, such as the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, goes awry.
That's a standard practice during any air show, said David Boe, public relations director for the air show. He noted the Thunderbirds require a larger box than past air show acts.

Please keep in mind that this is realy for saved issues.

"They more or less want to rent our land to crash in," said Brent Pagnac, who lives next door to his parents. Brent Pagnac has not agreed to leave his property during the air show.
Neither has LePard.
"I can't leave my home for those many days," she said. "I just can't leave my home. I can't drive too far."

Kern could not be reached for comment on the alleged eviction threats.
Boe said that as far as he knew, no one from the air show told residents they would be temporarily evicted if they didn't voluntarily leave.
"We can't do that," Boe said. "Even law enforcement can't do that. We will do all we can to make this work."

There has been ongoing friction between some air show employees and Hermantown officials over the city's costs to manage the event. The Hermantown City Council recently passed a resolution stating the city's intent to bill the air show for about $4,000 in police costs, though city officials conceded they couldn't force air show officials to pay.
Perich said he will send as many Hermantown police officers as necessary to handle traffic and security during the air show, whether or not the city is compensated.

In a letter dated April 13, Kern offered the Lavaque Road families a free pass to the air show for July 8 and 9. They also would need to be gone July 7, when the Thunderbirds practice.
By signing and returning the letter to have the tickets mailed to them, residents would agree to vacate their homes from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day.
Two day passes aren't much compensation, Pagnac said. A one-day advance general admission ticket costs $14.

"Anyway, I don't want to go to the air show," Pagnac said. "I probably couldn't afford to eat at the air show for two days."
Neither Kern nor Boe said they knew what would happen if residents refused to leave during the air show. In past years, just one or two homeowners were involved.
"There's never been a problem before," Boe said.
"We have to work with them," Kern said. "We need to figure it out. I haven't had follow-up conversations with all people, but the ones I did speak to were extremely cooperative."
Pagnac doesn't know of anyone who has agreed to leave their homes in exchange for free tickets.
Lavaque Road resident Ole Ustad, 86, said he and his wife, Anna, haven't decided what to do when the air show rolls around.
"At my age, I don't like leaving the house for too long," he said. "We're just waiting to see what happens."

When asked if the homeowners might be financially compensated for their lost time, Kern said, "We have not yet given any consideration yet as to what we can do. I asked people to get back to me at the end of the month."

ordiance 60 takes it's time.

Ordinance 60 update.

It seems that this ordinance is just taking it's sweet old time. I was told by a city councilor the other day this maybe tabled again. This time because of a councilor not being able to attend the next council meeting. It may also be because of the Duluth Chamber and the wording changes.

It is also very possible that is a combonatin of both these.

Don't forget to check out our sports page. We have a few articales about the Minnesota Twins, we are also going to die sect the NFL draft starting tomorrow.