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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Duluth police to use ATV's

We are in agreement with almost on the Range blog about this issue.

ATV's to cut down crime right? Okay Duluth has a crime problem yet they don't seem to care. What are they wasting there time on? Cracking down on ATV use in Morgan Park and those area's of town. These areas of town have people using ATV's, yes it is illegal to use them in town. However it should not be the biggest issue our police department deals with.

They had to use ATV's last weekend from the DNR and the State to do a string operation on ATV use. It is now our hope that the department does not get the bright idea to buy ATV's for department use. The money they should spent on real crime problems.

Almost on the range can be found here, .

I find this odd.

Okay after the paper went to get the information about city councilor Tim Little's divorce there is no follow up.

They broke this so called big story, yet today there is no follow up. If this was a huge deal you think they would have had a follow up of some kind. Much like you heard with president Bill Clinton, now grant it Little is not the same scale as the president however it is not a one day story should all what the paper reported be true.

As we said before, we do not condone the cheating or at least alleged cheating of Mr. Little. We do however questions the papers motive.

After all the ex wife does work for the paper and has some pull to this story.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Have to get my Little sign.

I was not going to get a yard sign for Tim Little for judge. I will now because of the story in the DNT read comments in post below.

You want to talk about a witch hunt here it is.

Why now?

Why does this story apprear in today's paper? The story basically asking if Tim Little has a conflict of interest in the gambling report investigation on Bergson.

It seems now that city councilor Little may have had a relationship with the second highest paid worker for the gambling council.

Okay here is the thing, when you read the story they talk about that he voted for the grants for gambling council well he was in a relationship with the vice president of the gambling council. What effects does this have on the investigation of the state report? Simple nothing.

The fact that he had a relationship with the vice president of the gambling council means maybe at best he should not have voted on the councils grant. With that said I don't have a major problem with him voting or not voting on the grants. If this is a conflict at all you must look at the big picture here and ask your self something.

The questions that needs to be asked is this, do I believe that the city council has members that may have conflicts of interest? My answer is yes. The biggest being councilor Johnson. She has a conflict with the unions and the city deals with union issues all the time much more then they will ever with the gambling council.

Back to the question of why does this story run now?

Why now, is it because Little is in a fight to become a judge and the paper wants to make an issue out of a little thing? Yes. All you have to is go look at the article and see that the pic they choose to run was his campaign office.

They did not choose to run a pic of him in council chambers or any other.

Here is the link to the story.

Governors race.

Why does it seem as if no candidate cares about the northern part of the state?

Okay yes the candidates may have made an appearance up here, but lets call it what it is. The appearance is just a token visit to pretend that they care about the northern part of the state.

Ever candidate is doing all or most there campainging in the cities. It makes us sick.

Duluth gets more play from the presidents race then the states own governors race.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Duluth finest pot part 1.

Okay so a Duluth News Tribune along with some other reportes found pot in flowers pots out side of the West Duluth station.

The Duluth Police is saying that the front door of the west duluth station is locked most of the time and the officers that use the station go in the back so there is no way they would have known about the pot in the front.

They also atribute the issue to a joker. That maybe true however I find a real problem with this story and that the police and city staff saying they did not know about the pot growning in the planters.

Some one must go out and check on these things. don't they?

Duluth finest pot.

The Duluth finest have there own pot growing team.

Here is part of an artical from the Duluth News Tribuen,

Goerdt also uncovered a dozen marijuana plants growing in western Duluth.
The pot wasn't growing off an ATV trail. And she didn't find it in the woods.
Goerdt found the marijuana growing in a planter near the front door of the West Duluth police substation.

To think know one knows about this is insane. More to come later.

Council response.

Okay many Duluth City Councilors have said this that citizens are the only people that make a difference.

Then why when you sent an email, make a phone call or any other attempted to contact the councilors do only a few reply?

As many of you may have guessed we hear at Duluth Politics have sent out our share fair of emails about issues. When we do only a few reply. The councilors that are very good at responding are as follows.

City councilor Stauber, Little, Stewart, Krause and Ness the other's never reply or rarely. Here are the councilors that never reply. Councilors Stover, Gilbert. Here are the other two don't reply affine and those would be Johnson and Reinert.

We don't make many phone calls but people tell us much of the same happens, when you make a phone call.

Is it really that hard to reply to an email? No, we don't want to hear oh we get so many. Bull, it goes with being a councilor.

Councilor Stover believes if you don't agree with him you are not worth his time. He is an arrogant snob. Why the others don't reply I don't know.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So it goes.... on and on .....

Here is the latest on the Hatch Swanson signs in Duluth.

A reliable source has told me this is going on in Duluth because the local DFLers (at least a large amount) want Swanson to be the A.G.. This is why they are making it look like Hatch is endorsing Swanson.

Okay am I the only one?

Okay yes I know it is illegal to use ATV's such as four wheelers in the city limits. I understand it is for safety of all and there are other issue with noise and such invalued as well.

With that said am I the only one that finds this funny?

In response to the continuous, though seldom addressed, problem of illegal ATV use in the city, the Duluth Police Department teamed up with the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Saturday to patrol trails and streets in western Duluth areas, searching for violators.
It's something Duluth police don't get to do, said Lt. John Beyer, mainly because the department itself doesn't own any ATVs for officers to use out on the trails.

For Saturday's enforcement sweep, the DNR pitched in five ATVs, and the sheriff's office lent one.
It is illegal to ride ATVs or similar vehicles on city streets, trails or other property. Violating the ordinance means the rider must appear in St. Louis County Court and pay a fine, Beyer said.

Officers issued at least six citations through Saturday evening while patrolling the trails, Beyer said. They focused on known ATV hot spots in the Smithsville, Morgan Park, Gary-New Duluth, Norton Park and Fond du Lac neighborhoods. A mix of private and public land, plus easy access to city trails makes for a tempting combination for some ATV riders.

It seems like if you are a cop you can do what ever you want even if it is breaking the law. Yes they enforce the law, however even if some think it they are not the law. I guess the way I see if the law should be able to be broke to caught people in this case.

What could be done to stop this? It seems like many times people have to cross a road, then what could be done is have a cop sitting waiting for these people and stop them there. Set up blocks, most trails are at some point either start or end of a trial are wide enough to put a cop car there.

When some one calls 911 send a cop out to the spot and stop it. Enforce the law in a legal way.

Remembering Paul Antonich.

10 years ago tomorrow Paul was kidnapped and then brutally beat to death after a very small fender bender on 6th Ave and 9th street.

Paul Antonich a classmate and fried of mine. I miss Paul with all my hart. No one knows what many of close to Paul felt the day after his senseless death.

Paul was a great kid, he did not care if you were popular or not, he did not care if you were a"punk" or and "normal" person. He took the time to make an effort to talk to you and become your friend. I can remember when I first meet Paul.

It was the first week of being a Duluth Central. I was standing at the top in the hall waiting for some friends of mine. He came up to me and introduced him self, and we talked about a number of things and from that day on we were friends.

Paul did this many people, some loved it others just were not the type to talk with people they did not know.

Paul always took the time to try to understand everyone. It was a great asset of his.

I can remember many times that Paul was talking to friends of his that were the (popular) kids and I would walk by and he would always make the effort to say hi to me. Many of the popular kids would wonder why he would talk to me. Paul would always reply everyone is important. No one should be left out. Paul was a very popular kid, yet you did not have to or want to be popular to be a friend of his.

Paul went the extra mile.

Paul there are many many people that miss you and love you to this day. We will never forget what happened.

Your spirit and hart will live on.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time to recall Bergson update.

As you may re-call a month or two ago we had a post up about a web site being created to recall mayor Bergson. Here is that post,

There still is no web site up and running to this day. It is becoming almost to late to do anything, to recall the mayor the process takes to long and by the time it was over and done we would be looking so little time left for mayor Bergson.

We believe at this point for now anyway that a recall can not be done.

I know in conversations with Mark we have said that the web page was the most important part to use as an informational tool.

We also are not sure that the Mayor has done anything to this point that would make recallable. You can always make an effort but it also may not be enforceable.

Mayors races and other community races.

Okay so I am wondering what people think of endorsements for mayor races, city council races ect.....

In many cities in Minnesota races these races are suppose to be non partisan. Therefore DFL or republican party's should not endorse. That is our feeling at DP. What do you think? In mayor races or such like races is a party endorsement okay? why or why not?

Also what are your thoughts on all the other endorsements such AFL CIO, Teachers unions, Police ect.....

Fink needs to re-elected to first district county commissioner.

Mr. Fink has been working hard for the first district for the 12 years. He deserves to continue as our commissioner.

This election needs to be about positive visions and what will be done. The person that has the best message in Mr.Fink.

Much more to come later.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Third string QB?

Here is a headline from the DNT today. To read the story click here,

Veteran QB McMahon finds his stock dropping with Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings QB hopeful Mike McMahon is struggling to make the team. He did well in practice and in camp but has not performed well in the pre-season games so far.

More on this later on our sports page,

Hatch wrong.

Minnesota's DFL endorsed candidate for Governor is wrong yet again.

Mike Hatch is using an issue that is and should stay a federal issue to try to gain on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Stem Cell research is and should stay a federal issue. It is hard to believe that there are people that believe this should be a local, city, and yes state issue. It is simple to understand it should not be.

Here is part of an article from the Duluth News Tribune. To read the whole article click here,

ST. PAUL - Funding for embryonic stem cell research -- a splintering issue among Republicans -- is playing an increasingly prominent role in the gubernatorial campaign of DFL candidate Mike Hatch.
In renewing a call to put $100 million in state money toward the budding research, Hatch and his allies worked Monday to portray Gov. Tim Pawlenty as indecisive on an issue where medical promise and moral concerns intersect.
"He has dodged and avoided this issue," Attorney General Hatch said of the Republican governor. "He keeps claiming this is a federal issue. It's not a federal issue. It's a state issue. We can advance here."

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Brad.

Local talk show host and formor school board member Brad Bennett turns 60 today.

I bet Brad is happy to be having a birthday so close to President Clinton's. Bill's birthday was just 2 days ago.

Well happy birthday anyway Brad hope you have a great one.

Mayor Bergson above the law?

I was going to post about the troubles that seem to be going on about the law suite against Mayor Bergson or lack there of. I however can't seem to find the paper and Erik over at said almost everything in his story of it. Check it out.

Swanson and Hatch.

It seems more and more like Hatch is in fact endorsing Swanson for Minnesota A.G.. In past conversations with many people the signs are at best questionable. Most of the democrats that are supporting other A.G. candidates don't like the signs being up together.

This may cause for some concern even in the DFL party. One democrat that has some power told Duluth politics that this just is not right. The signs should not be put up together. The signs make it look like Hatch is supporting Swanson.

Hatch has been known to do some things that his own party does not like. It seems now that this may just be one more of those type of events.

By the way, Erik over at has a post up about a past post of mine. One of his readers seem to thing this may be a plow by the Swanson people. All indications are it is not. This is being clearly set up by the Hatch camp or both are working together.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just a few notes.

We have had some internet trouble the last couple of days. It seems to be fixed now so we will have some post later tomorrow afternoon. As work fills are morning and early afternoon.

There will be post a number of issues. Some that have been in the paper today and others from converstation around town. Others from yet other sources.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sugar daddy's still in Duluth

Well it seems as if bad reports or not sugar daddy's strip club does not care. The DNT had a story a few days ago about the sign having troubles in Hermntown and also being driven around downtown Duluth. When driving around downtown many people have made comments that it should be driving around with kids all around.

They don't seem to care as yet again today I saw it a number of times well downtown. This is not only offensive to kids but it upsets many adults as well.

Hatch and Swanson signs update # whatever it is.

Okay so here is more on the Hatch and Swanson signs. I have now been told by a number of people that asked for Hatch signs that they got both Hatch and Swanson signs. Most of them did not want the Swanson sign.

A couple of people have been told they must have both signs to have a Hatch sign. Well yet one other person said he was told in an email from the Hatch campaing that he was to keep both signs.

These signs are still only in Duluth, I am beginning to wonder why this is only in Duluth? Is it because this is the only place they can get away with it?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Judge races.

Okay so here it is. The post about the judge races.

You may not like our thoughts on this, that is okay let us know. You may agree with us and again if you do let us know.

First it is very important to have good judges that serve us. With that said however. How many people really pay much if any attain to the judges. Why do you think we have the same ones time in and time out.

We here at DP have not affine even voted for judges. We will this time, and we will support Tim Little.

Again with that said however, we don't understand why so much time and money is put into a race like this. Little is having a meet and greet tonight and others have web pages, They also spend time with signs and such.

Why? When such a small amount of people vote for the judges. I guess it is hard to see spending such a large amount of money on this when no one seems to care.

Again no disrespect to those serving or running but we don't get it help us understand.

Hatch and Swanson? Hatch says he is not with Swanson.

Having been out of the loop for a few days in Indy. I did not see this tell now. Both MDE and almost on the range have a story up.,

Hatch has said now via his spokesman that he will not endorse any one for A.G., however then does he explain the signs in Duluth. You can read the story's we have done by clicking the links for more info on that.,

Also being reported is that Hatch is giving his supporte list to the Swanson people as well. It is clear or should be clear to everyone that this is a joint effort.

Suger daddy's report update.

Well the report of this sign being driven around downtown was reported here first. It seems now that the Duluth News Tribune is picking up on this story.

Read the whole story at, It seems there is an issue with the sign in Hermntown.

The stroy also talkes about what we brought up first. That being a hummers has been driving around Duluth to advertise for this gentalmans club. Breaking news here first.

Here is our story,

We will keep up on this story as we broke it first here.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mixed in this week.

Just so you all know. I will have things from our trip this weekend to Indain mixed in with the normal issues this blog talks about.

Here is a start from the trip.

We went to there state fair. It was a lot of fun. The set up was much like our state fair and it was just as big. Just as many people as well.

There state fair had a lot to offer to people even if you were not from there. It was a blast. Hard to find a place to park however.

The Pics are some things that we recieved well at the fair. The map wich was very helpful to us. Hoosie honey gift shop. It was great if you like honey this was the place to be. They had this spread wich I bought a jar it was fruits mixed with honey. I got Strawberry and honey it is great stuff. They also had just honey and honey candy's. Along with ice cream that was very good as well. They also had candles and soaps and just things made out of bee's wax.

The BBQ place was some of the best I have ever had. They were giving away samples of the there bbq and it was great as well. They are a catering place in Indiana. They were also selling the sauce at the fair but we did not buy any. However I might off line later. There was so much to do there and I know we did not even see have of the fair area.

Just a note if you want to learn more about the honey or bbq place check them out online, there info is above.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gas and in store prices at gas stations in Indy.

Gas ranged any were from $2.89 to $3.02 a gallon. The in store prices were very close to the same as here. In fact most everything was the same price as here. There has a few things we don't have up here but not as much as I thought they would.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Downtown and canal park events part 2.

Now canal park talk. There really was not much different then any other summer day. Lots of people in the middle of the day.

People seemed to enjoy the shops in the canal. The carriage rides were going. My daughter saw her first horse. She loved him. Got a chance to pet him. The horse even gave her a kiss, and she did not freak out. It was cute.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Downtown and canal park events .

A couple of days ago I was out with my daughter. We went downtown and to canal park. Boy at just over a year old I she was beat when we finale got home. It is always fun to beable to spent time with your family.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I noticed a few things in both area of town.

One, the very first thing I saw as I got downtown was a big hummer hauling a trailer. Okay os what you ask? In the trailer was a sign for sugger daddy's gentalmens club. It was out driving around downtown from 3rd street down to superior street from the library past the norshor. No dout trying to take advance of the new norshor and wanted those partens to know about there club.

What is the issue with that? Simple people are complaining about the norshor. If you are going to whine about the norshor yet they don't advitse out side of the building. If you walked by well the doors were closed you would not know what was going on in there. Yet a truck drives by with a gentalsmens sign and no out cry. Get real people.

Second: I could not help to notice all people downtown. Yes there were a ton of people. Many were tourist and many were looking for shops to look around at. I said well you won't find much downtown to one couple that I talked with. I did say however take a look around and go in the canal there are some special shops there as well.

third: I made mentions of this already. Well downtown I talked with a guy that was upset about getting a Swanson for AG sign along with his Hatch for Governor Sign. He was not going to support Swanson and did not want it. He did not know who put it up or why they were together.

I have more on this and other events of the day but will have to continue later. Stay tuned for part 2.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Despite losing the primary Lieberman will go on.

Joe Lieberman senator from Connecuit lost his primary yesterday. He vows to go on however as an independent.

Here is part of an AP story.

Hours after losing his Democratic primary to an anti-war businessman, Sen. Joe Lieberman vowed to continue his run for a fourth term as an independent, saying Wednesday that he had to do it for the good of the country and no one could persuade him to drop out.

"I'll always take the calls of friends, but my mind is made up," Lieberman told NBC's "Today" show Wednesday. "I'm going forward. I'm going forward because I'm fed up with all the partisanship in Washington that stops us from getting anything done."

Asked if there was anyone who could call and get him to change his mind, Lieberman replied:
"Respectfully no. I'm committed to this campaign."

What are you thoughts? Should he continue to try to win his seat back? Do you believe the war was the biggest issue? Any other thoughts you may have a bout Joe.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Duluth Solutions to host an open forum.

Duluth City Councilor Don Ness will be the first guest on Duluth solutions byoc forum. He will be on Augest 23rd from noon to 1 in the afternoon.

Here is part of an email we received, from Chris who runs Duluth Solutions.

On Wednesday, August 23, from noon until 1:00 PM, Councilor Ness will belogged onto the forum and will answer questions and address commentssubmitted by Duluth Solutions members. Non-registered guests to theforum will be able to view the dialogue, but only registered members will be able to post questions and comments.

Please note that you must be a registered member to take part in this discussion. You must also use your real name. If you are not a member or the board you may still read the context but you can't be part of the discussion.

If you would like to registered or learn more about the board please go here,

Hatch Swanson sign update 2.

I had the oppertunity to chat with a Mike Hatch supporter. He told me that he just recieved his sign(s) a day or two ago. Note the the s in ().

He came home and saw the signs and he said he was not pleased. He never wanted a Swanson sign as that is not who is going to support of AG.

He took down the Swanson sign. It is clear to him that some one is putting up these signs with out even asking if they want both of them.

The question has to be who and why? There are also so many other questions.

Hatch and Swanson Signs update.

Well the Hatch and Swanson signs continue to pop up around town. I still have not hurt of these signs being put any were else in the State.

The signs apprear to be joint together by plastic holders. The fact is however that this most be an effort on some ones part to run these to with each other.

Why do I say that? Many places these signs are located there is plenty of room for two separate signs. There is no need to stack them on top of each other.

The many question still remain. We are still looking into this to see if we can't find out more on the issue. Some one wants to at very least make it look like Hatch and Swanson are endorsing each other.

up in smoke.

This was an editroil on to the Duluth News Tribune.

Fanatic smoke-haters use biased informationI believe fanatic smoke-hater health groups are continually persuading state officials and the public with falsified studies from biased, selected, pre-programmed computers. Such seems to be the case with a recent study by the Surgeon General titled, "The risks and dangers of SHS (second hand smoke)."
The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and other health groups have become big political powers in Minnesota government. Freedom is slowly being taken away by legislators who raise the excise and sales taxes on tobacco.
What will lawmakers tax or ban next? Recycling? Hair dryers?

In a way I agree with this, I am not sure however that many will disagree that second hand smoke is bad. It is in fact bad how bad is still debateable.

The question is what else will the State or any othere Goverment take a way the right to do.

I believe to allow or not to allow smoking should be left up to the owner of the place. It should not be a political football.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Swim at your own risk.

As you may have noticed the Duluth News tribune had an article about the pollution in our swimming areas. Many areas that people like to swim that are not designated swimming spots are not tested do to funding.

Yet they would be posted no swimming if they were tested. Not only that but those spots that are designated swimming spots lately have been testing positive and marked no swimming or to use caution.

When I was little this would have never been a concern what has happened? In fact this has not seemed to be an issue up tell about four or five years ago.

Is this issue of great concern to you if so why? Do you pay attion to the warning when you are going to take your family out to these swim areas?

What has happened that these swimming areas are now affine so polluted?

Your thoughts great appreciated.

What did you do Friday night?

You were more then likely not at the NorShor Theater. As you may or may not know if opened for business Friday as the norshor experience (strip club).

This after a judge ruled that they could open as this type of a bussiness. Yes I believe it was the right ruling by the judge. I have no problem with this type of bussiness. Lets get real people if you don't like don't go. That is what I chose to do. Hey however there are people that do go and this is why they are around. I have no problem with the location of this place.

I in fact think that state did a huge dis-service to the citizens by passing the law they did. The law did not allow these types of businesses to lacate so close to schools,churches,or areas that people lived. The only place I really agree with is schools otherewise there should be no othere restrictions.

The fact is clear go if you like, don't go it if you don't. They will not around long if no one goes.

Just like Friday night, here is part of a story from the Duluth News Tribune.

The scene at the NorShor's first night with booked topless dancers wasn't overly salacious. Rather, it seemed like a Friday night at a bar with some unusual background entertainment.

Between 8 and 9 p.m., only one dancer performed. For perhaps 20 minutes, she danced topless but did not remove her G-string bottom. Five men and one woman sat in the sunken performance area on the theater's upper floor to watch her.Occasionally, three of the men walked to the stage andoffered the dancer money, but otherwise the scene was far from rowdy.

After performing to songs including "Maria Maria" by Carlos Santana and "Closing Time" by Semisonic, the dancer donned a pink negligee and walked around the bar, chatting with patrons.

Saturday as my wife and I walked by on our way to a wedding receptions at the greysolon ball room it did not seem like there were many people there either.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Lets see if the paper reports on this issue at all.

Here is an email that I sent to the paper today regarding the Hatch and Swanson signs.

I don't know if you have noticed the signs for the companies of Hatch for Governor and SWanson for AG.
I think you should do a story on this, it is interesting to see these signs together. I don't believe that is by chance it is very clear it is intental. With that come many questions.
I look forward to a story in your paper soon.

Walk the district.

Is this not what a candidate is supose to do? Walk door to door and see what it is the people want. That is something Huntly has not done for some time.

I do however wonder why this is news?

House District 7A candidate Becky Hall on Monday begins a walking tour of the eastern Duluth district to find out what people want from their representative in St. Paul.
Hall, a Republican, is running against incumbent DFLer Tom Huntley.

In a Thursday news release, Hall said her "Put Hall in the House" tour is aimed at showing citizens that she will "walk the walk," if elected. Her goal by Nov. 6 is to take a million steps. Hall will use a pedometer to measure her mileage. A kickoff for the tour is from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Monday at Sir Benedict's, 805 E. Superior St.


Hatch and Swanson together? has this picture up and a story about.

When I first saw this sign I thought well it is just two signs posted together. Then when I saw more and more of them it became very clear that this was not the case. If you look close at the signs you can tell that this is a joint effert on behalf of these two campiangs of Mike Hatch and Lori Swanson.

One blogger things it is not but if you stop and look at the signs you can tell it clearly is.

More to come on this later.

Thanks to Erik for breaking this story. I wonder if the news paper will look into this at all. This story is getting some state wide attion as also has a story up about it.

The other interesting thing about this is at this time it only appreas to be happening in Duluth. The signs have not yet been seen anywere else in the state.

These two signs bring up a lot of questions.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Minnesota EBT questions.

Here are a few questions I have maybe it will make me understand the system more. As I have said many times before I am not in favor of it.

1. Why should people be allowed to buy cigs off EBT?

2. Should there be limits to what one can buy? If so what are they? If not why?

3. Is the system aimed at minorities? Is it harder for a white man to get it? If so why?

There are more but I hope this brings up some good discussion.

Puppies lost to mad man.

It is amazing how sad this story is. These dogs did not stand a chance because they were not pure bred. This is a very sick man.

Here is most of the story from the Duluth news tribune.

St. Paul police are looking for a man who they say snapped the necks of 10 puppies Tuesday night.
Officers were called at about 5:30 p.m. to 300 Johnson Parkway after witnesses reported that a man was killing puppies and throwing them into a garbage bin, according to a police report.
"Upon our arrival we were met by two crying witnesses who told us they had witnessed a man break the necks of several live puppies and throw their lifeless bodies into a Dumpster," the report said.
Officers found 10 puppies in the Dumpster, who had apparently been newly delivered and were part of the same litter, said Tom Walsh, police spokesman. The trash bin is located outside an apartment building, but police said they don't believe the man lives there.
The man was gone when police arrived. A witness told police the man may have been upset because the puppies weren't pure bred. The puppies were a pit bull mix, Walsh said.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yikes I don't even know what to say about this.

First this lady is scare with her thougts.

I would never attend this event that she is talking about. Lets get real.

Please read this editroil in today's Duluth news tribune.

Green Man stripper in poor taste
I attended the Green Man Festival this month ("Green all over," July 16), thoroughly enjoying the excellent music of Cloud Cult, along with a handful of other people. I was pleased to support an environmentally friendly event that I expected would promote respect for the planet and for each other.
I felt bad, though, about the poor attendance -- until one act came on: An adult-entertainment strip show. How inappropriate for a family event. Why would event organizers choose entertainment that disrespects and objectifies women to represent green values?
I'm deeply saddened that one of our most visible local events, which promotes respecting the Earth rather than exploiting her, also endorses behaviors that disrespect and exploit women -- all in the context of family entertainment.
How will we ever make the necessary changes to honor and heal Mother Earth if we can't learn to honor each other? I think the Green Man owes Mother Earth an apology. My enduring hope is that women and men can learn to live in mutually respectful relationships with each other, as we learn to live in a mutually respectful relationship with Mother Earth.

Let us know what you think of it.

Progressive Action

Here are a couple of ads that were in a local weekly paper . I find them very interesting what do you think of them?

Are these thoughts of most of Duluth? Is this a case of the few being very focal again or what do you think of these ads in general?

Notes again.

Sorry but we never did get a chance to post on a number of issues this week. We will get back at it now and there should not be to many times we don't have new post. Except if there is nothing to mention.

There are a number of new things that have came up we will comment on tonight.