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Sunday, January 31, 2010

John Beargrease sled dog race.

With everythink going on over the last couple of weeks I did not get a chance to mention that it is the beargrease. This year is the 27th running of the event. It is a great winter event to head out and watch the kick off.

This years starting point is different because of the construction at ordean school. The race will start at Lake Park Soccer fields of the Jean Duluth road. They have a map at www.

This years field is one of the deepest ever. There are four returning champions. Including the defending champion, Jason Barron, his father John Barron, Jamie Nelson (a three time champion) and Mark Black are the returning champions. It also features some up and coming races.

The event starts at noon with meet the mushers and the race is at 1pm. Come out and enjoy the start of the race. You can get updates on the beargreas's site. I will post updates of the race as it goes on as well. The race is expecting to run till the February 3rd as it runs threw the North woods and back to Duluth as it finishes at Billy's bar.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

picture blog.

Well I was out an about today I thought I would stop at a bus shelter and take a couple of pictures. I send the DTA an email asking there thought on the passed ordinance. I hope to get something back soon.

Ones show the signs that have been in the bus shelters for many years regarding smoking and how far 15 feet is from a shelter.

Holy Cow!!!

Okay so I know these days it does not take that long to update a website. That said the Duluth News Tribune has a new look and it happened in a matter of hours or less. Well I don't remember the last time I went there today before just now. It was not any longer then 2 hours.

I think I like the new look. What are your thoughts on the new look for the online DNT?

Talk of the Town coming to an end?

I believe talk of the town with Tracy Lundeen will be coming to an end. On January 17th Tracy posted a question a on his face book fan page. The question was should I keep doing the ( the radio show)?

When asked if his show is coming to an end, his reply was he will be making an announcement next week.

My guess is that the show will end. If that is the case it is to bad. Tracy has a good show that focus on local business, politicians, and other local stories. The other thing he could do is go to every every other week but again my guess is the show will be ending.

Thanks for the show well you where able to do it Tracy if this is the end.

Still searching.

The search continues for Slyvester "sly" McCurry. He went missing almost two weeks ago. When he left a Superior nigh club by him self. He has not been seen or heard from sense then.

The family was to meet with police today to talk about the next step. The family also is reporting they have received death threats against them. They reported this on a face book page set up to help find Sylvester. It is my hope they report this to the police. It could be a clue in the case and if not it is against the law and it needs to stop.

I know that this site has devoted a lot of time to this case but it is some thing that does not happen here offend. No I don't know Slyvester at all nor do I know any of his family or friends but is the this blog can at all help bring him home then I am happy.

It is my hope he is found safe and sound and returns home soon.

Sports a top priority?

I was reading an article this morning on the Duluth News Tribune web site. The story was about the Minnesota Twins caravan that stopped in Duluth last night. The story made it seem like there where still people real ling from the Minnesota Vikings lose on Sunday.

It made me wonder in today's world where there is so much going on, on so many different levels. Is sports really a top priority to people. Now I love sports and am a huge fan of baseball, football and college hockey. As far as more recreational sports go I love bowling. The PBA and local bowling tournaments are a must for me.

I guess my thought is if you are still in disbelieve from a game that took place days ago then you need to get your priority's straight. Our City, State, and Nation have much bigger issues then what a sports team is doing or not doing. I understand that sports is an out let to get a way from the real world, but lets not try to make it the real world.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gatorades: New flavors.

Gatorade has announced they will produce two new flavors. They will be exclusive to Minnesota.

The first one will be a sour grape it will be called Purple choke. The second will be a light gold color. It will be a mix of white grape and lemon lime. This one will be called baby Favre .

No smoking near bus stops.

The Duluth City Council passed an ordinance last night, that does not allow smoking with in 15 feet of a bus stop. It passed by a 7-2 vote. Duluth is the first city in Minnesota to pass such an ordinance. There is a state law that does not allow smoking in a bus shelter.

The State law is no enforced and I don't see this one being enforced either. It is hard to enforce unless a cop is right there. What happens some one calls the cops there is some one smoking with 15 feet of a bus stop. By the time a cop gets there they are done with there cigarette and nothing can be done. It is an ordinance if easily enforced I would have been okay with. I don't see this serving any good.

It will not prevent people from smoking in or around a bus stop. I have seem plenty of people smoke in the shelters and downtown at the transit center.

I agree with councilor Jay Fosle this is going to difficult to enforce. It is going to be another wasted law on the books.

Todd Fedora and Jay Fosle where the two no votes.

Favre hater.

Any one that has followed this blog and or knows me, knows I am no Favre fan. I was mad as hell when the vikings signed him. I swore to not watch them all year, which I did with exception of two games. The play-off games. I watch cheering for Dallas and New Orleans.

I watched the Dallas game only because Dallas is one of the four other teams I enjoy watching when I get a chance to. If the vikings would have played any one else I would not have watched. I watched the New Orleans game because I thought it would be a good one, and it was.

Back to why I hate Favre. The number one reason is because he is a Green Bay Packer. He of course played for them for many years and is a big rival of the vikings. I don't understand how a team that plays against a team like Green bay and developed in to one of the NFL's biggest rivalry could go and get there quarter back.

Well many people say Favre is a sure hall of famer I wonder why? Yes he is very good. That said he made just as many stupid plays as he did good ones over his long career. You saw it at the end of the game Sunday.

I am okay with the pass play after the team got a five yard penalty after 12 men in the huddle. The problem is he roiled right and threw across his body to the center to center left of the field. A pass that will be picked off all the time. You can't get enough on the ball. More then that he had a receiver wide open on the right side line at the 20 yard line. He also could have ran to the 30 yard line. At best toss the ball and try the long field goal. He has been in the league far to long to make that mistake and he does it time in and time out in big games.

He makes poor decision just as much as good ones. That is why he is number one in interceptions in the NFL.

Now the talk will go on if he should/will retire or not. I hope he does so I can watch my team again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

More then one reason to hate Favre.

I have a number of reasons I don't like Favre you saw one last night. I will have more later. Most likely tomorrow possible tonight.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One week.

Today marks one week sense Sylvester "Sly" McCurry disappearance. He has not been seen or heard from sense late last Sunday. He and a friend went to a club in Superior. McCurry left the club by him self around 11pm.

The search continues by both family and friends and the police departments of Duluth and Superior. The search has included knocking on doors, searching along rail roads, fields, and woods of Superior's north end.

There is still no leads of any kind to what may have happened to McCurry. The police are ruling nothing out. Family member and the community remain hopeful for his safe return.

If you have any information please call 911. There is also a reward being offered by the family leading to information that leads to McCurry.
This blog will continue to give updates until he is found. I hope safely.

NFL "live" updates here.

Note I will not have updates today. Plans for us have changed and Iam un able to do them.

I will have live updates of today's vikings game, yes that means I will watch it. I may also blog the jets and colts game not sure.

If you are a fan of Duluth Politics on face book I will have short updates there as well. The longer more in depth post will be here. Tune and and chat about the game(s).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bulldogs and more.

Last night the UMD bulldogs had the first of two games against Bermidji. It is a home and home series, last nights game up there tonight's game at the DECC.

UMD lost 4-1 to a much improved beaver team. Lets hope for a better result at home tonight. Game time is 7 pm.

Speaking of hockey today is hockey day Minnesota. This is the fourth year that the event has gone on. It features three games out side. This years events takes place in Hermantown, just up the road from Duluth Minnesota.

All three high school games will be on state wide television (fox sports north). The games start at 10:30 with two boys games and a girls game is the last of the day. Head up to hermantown and support all the teams that take part in hockey day Minnesota.

Now on to football this weekend. With all of Minnesota's injuries it will be difficult for them to win, much less even be competitive. The only hope I see for them at this point is Brett Favre. As you all know I am fan of his. I see a saints win 31-10. I hope the jets can beat the colts but it will be difficult for them to do that. That said I will go with a jets win 21-17.

Door to Door campaign.

A door to door campaign has started. It is just another effort to find the missing Duluth teen. Sylvester McCurry has been missing sense Sunday.

Friends and family knocked of doors of homes in Superior the effort will continue.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Superior Police say no evidence of foul play.

*******UPDATE****** Well the police found no evidence yesterday of foul play, they still are not ruling any thing out.
At this point there is no sign of foul play. That is what the Superior police are saying after a search today.

Slyvester "sly" McCurry the 18 year old teen left Stargate night club Sunday night around 11pm. He has not been seen our heard from sense then.

The search today focused on the north side of Superior along railroad tracks, woods and fields. There was no sign of him or any sign of foul play this point.

Lets hope he is a live and well.

SMDC and Steelworkers union reach a tentive agrement.

It seems as if the picket will not happen. At least to this point it has been called off. This is because the the union and SMDC have reached a tentative agreement.

The agreement was reached late Wednesday night. The union members will vote on the contract February 1st.


Please if you have any information regarding the missing Duluth teen call 911. Sylvester McCurry went missing Sunday. He left a Superior night club by him self late that night.

Missing person.

Duluth Police are searching for a missing person. The kid left Stargate night club Sunday night by him self about 11pm.

Sylvester "sly" McCurry disappeared Sunday night he has not been seen or heard from sense then. The last contact he had with any one was 10:45 with a good friend at the club.

There police currently have no good leads.

If you have any information please call 911.

A full story can be found on the Duluth News Tribune web site.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KDAL's line up change.

The once great AM 610 KDAL is again changing there line up. The station use to have mostly local talk. The last couple of years the local talk has been less and less. Now with the line up change the only live and local program is the morning show from 6-10am. The 9 to 10 am is a contention of the morning show. It is an all news hour with Dave Walter and Dave Stranderg, from 9 to 10 am.

The only other local program KDAL had left is now being eliminated. The 1 to 2pm hour use to be a local business show, but that will now go away. It is being replaced by Clark Howard.

When will local radio get it? We want local talk.

SMDC and union back at the table.

Saint Mary's/Duluth Clinic and the Steelworkers union are back in talks. When it looked like SMDC was set to not go back to the table for some time.

The two groups are trying to work out a deal that would stop the informational picket that is set to start in five days. The union gave the notice to SMDC that they would conduct the picket and set the date of the 25th to start.

Today the two groups got back to negations with a mediator. This is good for both sides I think. It is best to talk about the issues facing you. If one group choices not to take part it just breaks down in to a bad saturation for both sides.


A correction to a story below. The Steelworkers union will have an informational picket not a strike starting the 25th.

Employees are encouraged to still go to work. They are asked to join the picket on days off or when able too. They hope by the union is to bring SMDC to the table with a reasonable offer.

Note to anonymous poster your comment did not get posted. It is clear you don't fully understand the issue not me. Besides when you talk about an issue like this if you don't use your name then I will not post it. Just the way it will be.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK Day.

Yesterday was Martin Luther Kings Jr. birthday. A day that this country celebrates because of his work to help provide equal rights to all. King help shape the movement of equal rights, peace and justice.

Duluth has a march and rally every year. This year they was about 500 people who marched from the Washington Center to the DECC. Where the rally took place.

Well this year I thought the crowd done a lot, there is normally a lot more who take part in the march. At least it seems to me, last year there was a huge crowd and in years past I remember much larger crowds. The media is reporting there was about 500 people if that is true it did not seem like that many. Again even if there was that many it seems to have been down to me.

The event was strange to me this year. The program at the DECC was not well attend if there was 500 people in the march most did not go to the rally. It is normally the other way around people wait for the march at the DECC.

The part of the rally that stuck out to me was a part that UMD did. A person by the name of Dan did a piece where he said the police send out crime report about a break in at CSS. The report said the suspected was a black male about 5' 9". He said he fit that description. Making it sound the way they do reports is wrong.

Yet if you think about it they always describe a person of interest that way. They have to it is the best way to relate info about the person. They always use ethnic or color skin to describe the person. It does not matter if you are white, black, or Native American.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Norm Coleman: Not this time.

Former Mayor (St. Paul) and U.S. Senator Norm Coleman will not run for Minnesota Governor this go around.

Norm Coleman used Face book to issue a statement saying he would not run for Governor. He loves the State and public service. He said now is not the time for him and his family.

More later.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Steelworkers give SMDC notice.

Saint Mary's Duluth Clinic and it's largest union have been unable to reach a contract agreement. Therefor the union has given SMDC it's 10 day notice that they will strike.

Steelworkers local 9460 is set to strike on Monday January 25th. The strike would effect 1,400 workers and main departments with in SMDC.

The unfortunate thing is well unions are suppose to stick together and support each other that does not seem like it will happen in this case. Many of the other union workers (that work under different unions). have a no strike cause in the there contract. This in part allowing them to still work well another union is on strike. Many of those workers have said they will continue to work for SMDC.

The good think is that a lot of the hospitals patients are also union workers and they will not cross the picket line at least a large group of citizens have already said so. The union also has a large backing of non union employees across the city.

Should there be a strike in 10 days you can beat the employees will have a lot of support from this community.
The dispute is over out sourcing jobs and a hiring freeze. Well SMDC has given pay increase to none union employees and it's top people they are set on not allowing an increase to the Steelworkers for some reason.
SMDC says they are ready for a strike if they don't reach an agreement in the next 10 days.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is any one else having trouble.

What good is it to have the paper on line if you can't read it? I have had trouble the last couple of days. I don't know why, I have went to sign in and when I do I get a big long error message.

Is any one else having trouble?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Police department is hiring who/what?

Last night the council accepted a donation to the Duluth Police Department. The money is going to the K-9 unit. The money will be used for the expansion and up keep of the unit.

The Duluth Police Department plans on hiring 2 new dogs. Wait what, Hire? I did not know that they paid dogs. How much does a dog make these days? I found it odd this morning well listening to the radio and a Northland News report on B-105. The story was phased that way.

I know the dogs play a huge roll in the police department and I am glad we have them. Also glad the department received this money, so they can use it to replace dogs lost last year to retirement.

I just thought the word hire was an interesting way to put it.

Does Mayor Ness run you out?

Does Mayor Don Ness run you out of your job is he does not like you? You could ask any number of people. Byran Brown, Genie Stark, Mark Winson, and more.

Lets start with Mark Winson and the position of Chief Administrator. Winson came back to be the C.O.A. and left after about two month of being back on the job. Winson said that working for the city just was not same and he was going to return to LSC.
To many there was othere issues behind him leaving you heard speculation that he and the Mayor did not get a long. Few answears where given by either Winson or the Mayor making it more suspicious. Yet no one could find any thing out. Also out of COA has been Lisa Potswald, John Ashcraft. Ashcraft was for sure run out by the Mayor. Potswald still works for the city but in a smaller capacity.

Genie Stark was clearing ran out of the city. She worked for 33 years as finance director. She was placed on leave under Mayor Ness in October of 2008. Yet when asked why she never got any answers, city councilors where also concern about the way the Mayor was conducting things. It seems like if you are being investigated at some point you should know for what. That was never the case. Stark retired quietly, but her reputation is at ruined. Yet the Mayor will not give any specifics.

Long time City Attorney Bryan Brown retired before Ness took office this after he was told he would be welcomed under his administration.

If you work for the city don't get on the Mayor's bad side or he will run you out.

Monday, January 11, 2010


It's an all sports post. This weekend was a huge weekend for sports on both the local and pro world.

First lets talk hockey. It was a great for our local college teams. The U.M.D. Bulldogs took on the number 3 ranked team in the country at the DECC. Well the bulldogs are ranked in the top 20 them selves at number 12.

It was #3 Colorado College against #12Bulldogs. The dogs where able to stifle the tigers and take both games. They allowed just 2 goals in a two game series. The bulldogs on the weekend only allowed three goals and 38 shots in two games. The dogs walked away with a 5-2 win on Friday and 4-1 win on Saturday. They allowed just 19 shots both nights to a high powered offence in Colorado.

Well the other college in town St. Scholastic is doing well them self's. They play D3 hockey and started there second half off ranked 5th in the country. They had two games also this weekend. There result was the same as U.M.D. a sweep. Two more wins for the program.

In D3 hockey you don't play the same team two nights in a row like you do in D1. The Saints had two different opponents Friday they took on Hamline a tough team. They where ranked 7th in the country but the saints took it to them beating 4-0
The second night they traveled Bethel and took yet another win to complete there sweep. The saints beat bethel 5-1 but remain ranked 5th in the country after the weekend. The bulldogs have jumped up 6 spots and are now ranked 6th in country.

Now on to the NFL playoffs this last weekend. It was a wild card weekend. I must say I was right about the out come on 3 of the four games. The only one I got wrong was the Patriots game. I just thought it is the playoffs there time to shine. Well that was not true they looked horrible in there game.

The N.Y. Jets defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 24-14. Boy the Bengals looked good for most of the year but after the lose to the Minnesota Vikings they struggled after that. The Bengals had a great and look for a good year next year as well. The only other news note for this game is that the Jets won with a rookie quarter back.

The second game was of the weekend was Dallas and Philadelphia. For the second straight weekend the cowboys made the Eagles look foolish. This time walking away with a 34-14 win. The cowboys and Eagles in one of the biggest rivals in the the NFL. The two teams don't like each other. The Cowboys where able to get back at the Eagles this year. Last year the cowboys lost there last regular season game to the eagles keeping them out of the the playoffs. This year they win the last regular season and the playoff game the following week. How great it must be for Dallas.

Dallas will come to Minnesota next week to take on the Vikings. I would not want to play the cowboys at this point. They are coming off to huge wins, where they looked great. Romo has the boys playing at the top of there game right now. That said however I give the vikes the slight edge only because they are at home. They have yet to lose at home. I think this game will be tight. It could also be very high scoring it the defences decide not to show up. Both teams can put up huge numbers. The score Vikes 27-21. There is a great possibility it is a higher scoring game then that.

The Ravens made the Patriots look silly with a big win 33-14. They came just a wild game. The Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals. A game I would love to comment on but I can't much because I went to take a nap at the half. The cards where up 27-7 and I thought game over. Nope it was a wild second half I guess. The game went in to over time and the Cardinals won 51-45.

Friday, January 08, 2010

BREAKING NEWS----- The Duluth Airport Evacuated.

The Duluth News Tribune is reporting that the airport has been evacuated. There is a report of an unoccupied bag. The airport is not closed and flights will still come and go for now. There however is not another flight for an hour.

The bag is being investigate now to determine what is in it.

Stay tuned, the Duluth News Tribune will report more and if I find any thing further out I will pass it a long as well. You can read the whole story at

Union rejects worthless offer by SMDC.

The largest union at St.Mary's/ Duluth Clinic has rejected the last best offer that they will make. What was this great offer by SMDC? Wages frozen and out sourcing of jobs.

The United Steel Workers soundly rejected the offer made by SMDC. It was same contract that the union had voted on a month or so ago. This time SMDC is claiming it is there last offer. They workers also voted to strike if necessary.

Many people pit me as anti union I am not. Sure I don't agree with everything about a union. Yes a speak out against them when I find them in the wrong, I however support them when they are in the right. As I do any group.

This time the union and the workers at SMDC where fully in the right. SMDC should be grateful to have such great workers. Yet they don't show it. When a contract comes up they offer nothing. Yet the heads of SMDC who make well over a million dollars give them self's a 19% wage increase and for what? Sitting in there nice office doing nothing. Well the workers are helping the people.

If a strike happens I will be more then willing to stand it picket with them. Please be aware that your Health WILL be at RISK if there is a STRIKE. You will not receive top medical help like you are use to at SMDC.

Clean up.

I have updates my links and other items on the side bar. I have deleted some sites and added some new ones.

The ones I have deleted for the most part where no longer active. I will add new ones I find interesting sites. If you know of any I may be interested in let me know.

4th street market.

The day has come. The 4th street market is once again open. I believe it opened yesterday. That is when I noticed it any way.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

State of the City.

The State of the City was last night. It took place at the DECC as Mayor Don Ness delivered his third State of the City. There was a good crowd by all reports. The crowd seemed up beat and looked forward to the the Mayor's speech.

As speculation was the message was going to be more up beat after last years some what pointed and not so positive message. Last year's message was all items that needed to be brought to the citizens attion however.

Every speech has a title or theme. This years was setting the foundation. Yes I will say it, other will not. Setting the foundation for what? Gee let's see his re-election. This is his final year of his first term. This after he served two terms as a city councilor.

Mayor Ness focused on the good the city has to offer, he also talked about economic development and talked about success stories. Which on of the first things was a new animal shelter. What? The animal shelter a success story sure it is great and it will help them a lot but a success of what? It's an animal shelter.

As he talked about development it seems like he will focus on local business. It almost seems like he will not search to bring in new business for a while. A bad move if you ask. Yes I agree 100% with focusing on business already and helping them however you need to continue to grow business.

More later.

My State of the city report will come later.

This years address was the first one I completely missed in a number of years. I was unable to go to it this year but was hoping to watch it. That did not happen either, I did however have some one go to it for me. They reported back to me and also I have the paper and there story along with some other feed back from people that send me emails.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Change at Fox 21 News?

The quick easy answer yes. Today fox 21 fired there news director Julie Moravchick. Will this lead to more changes to come? Moravchick has over seen the news cast and news department sense 2006. They started there news cast in 2007. She build and hired everyone on the news side at fox 21.

Fox 21 came on the air a blaze. They where hot early. I am okay with the decision by management. Lets hope they get real news going again.

The other person I would be okay with leaving the station is there top news caster. He is an arrogant person that thinks his shit don't stink. Guess what Nick it does just like everyone else's.

I hope the station starts to turn around and get back on track.

State of the City.

Duluth Mayor Don Ness will deliver his third State of the City address tonight at the DECC. Mayor Ness said he hopes this year's message is more upbeat this year then last.

Many people thought last years message was negative, well many others thought he said what needed to be said about what kind of shape the city is in. Well his first speech three years ago was more of cheer leading expedition. Again last year some thought he said what was needed to be said, I however though he kind of beat around the bush. He seemed to touch on issues but not dive in to them.

This year he will be setting up for his re-election. I look for a lot of fluff in this years speech. We will have to wait and see. What are your thoughts? What should his message be?

The speech is again tonight at the DECC it starts at 6:30.

Note: This will be the first State of the City that I will miss going to in a long time. I will however have a report about it tomorrow. I have some one going in my place plus I will be able to listen to just not be there is person. It's a little thing called work that is preventing me from going this year.

Bag's.... yep that's right bags.

Yes this blog post is going to be about bags. Mainly because this is something I never saw my wife and I doing and now it makes more sense then ever.

Okay so for the last number years now place have sold the re-usable bags. It did not matter where you went Wal-mart, cub foods ect... they all have been selling them. Most the time for
$1.oo or less.

My wife and I have fought getting them for ever, we both thought for dump just use the paper or plastic bags, if you really want to you can recycle those. We like many others I am sure have hundred's of plastic and paper bags sitting in our back hall. We don't know what to do with them? Well we use the paper ones for our recycling bin the plastic ones we don't have much use for. We do use them in our small garbage can upstairs however as I said before we have hundred's of them.

Last week we bought our first reusable bag and sense that have bought like 6 more of them. We now are going to use them in stead of plastic or paper. We are using them because they are convent and easy to carry most the time better then paper. Plastic rips to easy.

Well many people have already made the change we have just started. We made it as a way to not keep accumulating bags not so much because other reason's.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Op-ed piece.

Note: Tony from Duluth Citizen link below has provided the link to the DNT story in the comments here. If you care to read the op-ed and see what we are talking about. He also provide a link to another blog and that writers response to it.

A few days ago there was an op-ed about abortion. The writer was some one from the range and he wrote about how most Democrats lie about the issue. You can go to the Duluth News Tribune site and find it or there is a link to the story at .

Now what I found interesting is to me the writer was very vague and pointed to no real evidence to support his point.

My thought on abortion is private. Yes I have my thoughts on the issue. That said I don't believe that abortion should be a political issue, it is a private matter if you ask me.

The other thing about the writer is he seems to be a single issue voter again something I don't like. When you look at a candidate you need to listen to everything they say and pay attion to what they do. No matter what they are under.