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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Saddams letter.

There will be more on this, but if you have not heard Saddam wrote a letter and this storys cover it, again we will have thoughts on it later.

Here is the link,

Your thoughts welcome.

Gerald Ford dies at age 93.

Gerald Ford Americas 38th president passes on. Today marks a sad day.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas.

There will be no posting the rest of this week on DP. We hope you and your family have a great Christmas, we will resume posting after the big day.

Our Daughter will love it this year, she has not liked santa to much but hopefully next year she will.

Again hope all goes well for all of our read's this Christmas.

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

NFL Sunday

Hoping to post more then NFL updates today but I will not make any promises as I am very busy. So for now here is what we are following.


Jets lead 10-7 in the second qaurter. The jets are out playing the vieks to this point, the vikes are still stopping the run but again having a tuff time against the pass on defence. The offence still is struggling to advance the ball.

Packers and lions tied at 3 in the second qaurter and it is not a very interanting game to this point.


Vikes and Jets tied at 7 in the 1st quarter, Bears lead 7-0 in the 1st qaurter. YOu can follow all the scores at

Vikes and Jets

The vikes forced a fumble and recoverd it. Then had a very nice short TD drive lead by Brad Johnson, vikes lead 7-0 but the Jets are on the move.

Detriot and Green Bay 0-0 and other games as well

Updates will be at the top of this post as we can. Again we hope to most more info here today as well but don't know if we will be able to.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers just called Santa a big red moron, I am guessing Santa will not be going to her house. I can't stand Joan Rivers, she did this on QVC. I am Watching ( listenting) to it, I like to see what they have this time of .

Now Rivers is you can beat I will not buy anything with her on.

Grandma's marathon

As you may have heard the winner of this years race was disqualified by officials on Thursday. She was caught cheating as she tested positive for a banned steriord. This in no way posses any threat to the race and it is in fact good for the race I believe, it proves to everyone hey we will get you if you cheat.

you read read what the paper said,

Apartments downtown good or bad? City tif good or bad?

A company building apartments downtown on first street wants the city to develop a tif district for it. The tif would put the city on the hook for part of the project along with some other benefits for the developer.

Some councilors feel that helping with this project (granting the tif) would revitaliz the downtown area. I disagree, there is a lot more that needs to happen to help our downtown, or any. First there needs to be a reason for people to go downtown (other then going home). There is nothing downtown, it needs big name shops and restrants to take a chance. The city has tried many times to talk Maricuis into going downtown with no luck.

The area would need a huge overhaul in appearance, would a new apartment complex help? Maybe but there are so many old run down buildings it would not come close to what needs to happen.

There are many steps that need to happen before we deal with apartments plus I have trouble sudsidisinzing apartments.

This however is not step one in revitaliz downtown in stead it is more like 4 or 5.

Update on best and worst of year.

We have been getting votes in. Will post more about it tonight as well. Remember if you want to vote you can either sent email wich has been the chose so far, email address is or left a post at one of the best and worst of post.

There are some interesting results so far on some things.

Busy time of year.

As you may all guess this time of year is very busy, with shopping, party's and just life. Post will come tonight however. The wife will be out shopping for me and our little one, so I will have time to post tonight. This week has been busy and no slow down tell after the new year, but will post as I can. So please check back.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

That will be the close to every post from here on out.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Downtown apartments.

So a company building apartments wants the city to develop another tif district for them. What will these apartments really do?

Some councilors have an idea that these apartments will help revitaliz the downtown. I don't think so, not yet anyway. There are many thinks that need to be done downtown before building apartments will help the downtown.

I agree with councilor Stewart and Krause, so far the only two councilors that have indicated not supporting this TIF district. I have more to say on this but for now it is off to work. Come back for more on this and other things later today or tonight.

This is just something for you to think about, should we give this tif district why or why not?

Check in tomorrow.

Post coming tomorrow some time. Check back and see what is going on here at DP. We will have a post about UMD hockey, the apartments downtown, and much more.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

More best and worst of the year.

Best political move?

Worst political move?

Best Duluth paper?

Worst Duluth paper? (note the paper can be free or cost money for both of these votes.) That means the reader or twin ports paper can be voted for on either one of these.

Best place to shop?

Worst place to shop? (note reasons must be given for it to be posted.)

Remember the talk about Hatch and Swanson signs together?

If you remember the talk about the Hatch and Swanson signs being put together whether people wanted them or not. Well the plan was shown earlerier this week.

As we all know Hatch lost his bid for Governor to Pawlenty, but now he is more then likly going to stay on as a top aid to Swanson in the AG office. Wait I mean Hatch will retain his AG post.

Above is just one of many post we had about the issue but if you want to look back on it click the link above.

For Swanson and Hatch to even consinder this is wrong!!!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Best and worst of the year

Okay it is time for the best and worst of the year.

This will be the first annual Duluth Politics best and worst of the year.

Here are some categories you can vote on.

Best place to Eat out?

Worst Place to eat out?

Best gas station?

Worst gas station?

Best local event of the year?

Worst local event of the year?

Best politician ( local)?

Worst politician (local)?

Others to follow. You can vote two ways. You can email or you can post a comment here and we can chat about your nominee.

Did you see the paper yesterday.

The front page of the paper had the day wrong, it read Wensday December 7th. Every other page read Thursday.


This election was a mess part 2.

Okay so the election between Allan Mitchell and Melanie Ford was a mess. There were different winners on three occasions.

Is it that hard to count votes. First the Ford won then oh wait Mitchell wins now yesterday Ford won a recount.

I believe there are some questions that could be raised about the recount. I however don't know if Mitchell fells the need to fight for the seat a 20 years plus veteran. We will have to see.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This election was a mess.

I have some thoughts but would like to know your first.

All I will say now is, that this election was a mess. Here is a story from the DNT

Monday, December 04, 2006

Kroc Center update.

Kroc Center passed with ease after an amendment. The center passed on a 8-1 vote, there were about three or four councilor who still had questions however and were questing which way to vote.

Straight talk dead wrong.

I was listening to straight talk with host Brad Bennett today. There was one thing I think he failed to understand. Council Krause is asking and has prosed a resolution to use different lighting in a billboard sign on central entrance.

The sign has a number of different ads as it is a electonic sign with some ads being so bright it lights up the sky in the area at night. The light is worse then hi-beems on a car.

A person emailed making light of the resolution and saying that christmas lights also cause a distraction so should be ban them. Then Brad went on and joked about it, missing the point of this resolution completely.

I understand there are more important things then this but it is a big issue in a heavily traveled area. If this sign cases one accident I believe that is to many.

The point of the resolution is not to, not allow advertising or even muti advertising it is asking that a dimmer light be used, common sense to me.

Off to yet another council meeting.

More then likely not going to be able to make it to the meeting because of an emergency in the house.

I was not able to make it to the meeting but am watching I will have an update later.

Tonight's agenda has yet another council meeting for the host of this blog. After eating dinner here and few other things it will be off to the meeting.

tonight's meeting starts at 7 p.m. The Kroc Center is one big topic on tonight's agenda at the meeting.

We need the Kroc Center, the council should approve this on a 9-0 vote I don't think that will happen. I believe the center needs 7 votes to pass. Right now there are 5 solid votes with these councilor unsure of how to vote, Ness, Little,Stewart. I think there maybe one other undecided but I can't guess why some one would vote against this project.

The DNT has a story at

Saturday, December 02, 2006

More on Coon Rapids man that shot and killed an intruter.

Check out the Star's story it is very interesting. Thanks to Brad for drawing my attion to it.

There are many intereisting part to the story that the Star choice to write I will highlight some of them.

"I can see both sides of it," said Otteson, 30. Somebody "was in the house and he [the homeowner] was scared and didn't know what to do. ... He was waiting for them. Why couldn't he have gone out the back deck before he shot them?"

YOur Step son or not he has no right to brake into some ones house. He got what he had coming to him, the owner of the house sure did not have to go to his deck what a joke. I am sure if I had a gun I would do the same thing. It is protecting your self and what you have in your house. Get over it you idiot. You may have lost a step son but to bad he was doing an act that is not good, breaking into some ones house. Weather you think some one is there or not, it is not right, nor legal. Yet you seem to be okay with your Step son's action. Get over it.

"He was definitely not a thief," Otteson said.

Again what a joke, if he is not a thief then why break into a home? Let me guess it was a "bad Choice

More to come!!!

Kroc Center yes!!!!

Here is a good piece in the paper today.

It is written by Ron Stone of Duluth, and for those that don't know as well Ron is the GM of clear channel Duluth radio stations.

Kroc center is symbolic of Army’s Christian charity
The Salvation Army is offering Duluth something few organizations in the private sector or not-for-profit sector have ever offered: A new community center 75 percent paid for with funds from the bequest to the Salvation by Joan Kroc. What a gift!

I am amazed and appalled by people who continue to stand in the way of this great facility in the name of “separation of church and state.” Shame on you. Your shortsightedness and selfishness will get in the way of benefits that would come to all children who would utilize this facility and the Salvation Army.
The proposed Kroc community center will bring high-quality programs in sports and recreation, the arts, education, ministry, music and family enrichment, along with necessary social services to families and individuals in need from across Duluth and northern Minnesota. At a time when so many things are being lost in Duluth, why would we close our hearts to an organization offering such a gift?

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization. That should come as no surprise to anyone. It also should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of charity work done in our great nation is done by Christian organizations, not by government. If you are opposed to tax dollars being mixed with charity, your cause is already lost.
If there has ever been a case for the people in Duluth to say to the extremist that enough is enough, now is that time. Let’s build the Kroc center for the youth of Duluth, who otherwise will not have similar opportunities. Give them a chance for success. This should be about less-fortunate children, not about an extremist point of view.

Ron Stone

Cherry man died because of a shot to the heart.

Cherry man killed by State Trooper was a result of gun fire to the heart.

There were other shot fired at him, however they were not fatal and it was not disclosed how many other shots were fired by the trooper.

Here is what we will hear next.

Cherry man family to sue State and trooper on counts of exsive use of fire arm. Along with other counts because remember this guy was a perfect person he just made bad choices says his family.

UMD Bulldog Hockey.

Okay so the bulldogs are a young team this year, but in the past the team has not been and the only good year Scott Sandlin had was with the finly recruites from Mike Sertich.

When you lose to UAA Alaska the most pathic WCHA team for year and countinues to be this year. It maybe time to pack in the season and look for a new coach.

Here is part of what the paper had to say about the game. Read more here,

The Seawolves hockey team got a gift Friday night, a 2-1 win over Minnesota-Duluth they probably did not deserve.

That's not to say the Bulldogs deserved a win, either.

Both teams stunk up the joint for most of the game. A scoreless tie would have been a just ending.

The Bulldogs still have the talent but need good direction. I don't believe they are getting that from there current head coach.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Not happy with Citizen Blog?

I know there are a number of people that don't like citizen blog, if you are one of those people check out this site, .

I enjoy citizen blog, I also enjoy Duluth Solution. Both issues to chat about, here is what I like about Duluth Solutions, you must register. Well register you must use your real name. This way when you say something you know who it is.

I like blogs as well because you can use a made up name, like you can do on Citizen blog, you can also use your real name there if you choice to.

Both sites have something to offer so weather you don't like citizen or you just want to check out another place again go to

B-105 poll

Duluth Country music station B-105 has a poll up about Troy Gentre and should they continue to play the groups music because of his scandal of shooting a bear.

You can vote by click in the kkcb link above. It is close right now if you do vote I would ask that you say they should still play there music. After all this is nothing compared to what the Dixie chunks ( chicks) said about President Bush yet it is okay to still play there music. What a joke.

A good man?

As you all know by now earlier this week a State Tropper shot and killed a man after a traffic stop. The man had a gun with him. The man is from Cherry.

The Daughter wanted to let us know he was a good man, what do you think. Here is part of what she said from a news story by the Duluth News Tribune.

“We just want people to know that despite what has been reported about our father, he was not a horrible person,” Alyssa Hannuksela said in a handwritten note that she gave the News Tribune. “He was a good father, son, brother, uncle and good friend to many people. My dad may have made some bad choices in his life, but in so many ways he was a good person. We want the trooper involved to know that our hearts go out to him at this time, also. We know this has to be very hard for hitoooo.”

He was wanted in three counties, here is the list of what for.

Hannuksela was a native of Gilbert but lived along Highway 37 in Cherry, an area with a Mountain Iron mailing address.

Law enforcement had been actively searching for Hannuksela in connection with felony warrants in separate counties: St. Louis, Carlton and Pine.

In St. Louis County, he was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant of felon in possession of a firearm. In Carlton and Pine counties, he had outstanding felony warrants from a first-degree controlled substance crime.

Hannuksela also had convictions for harassment, stalking and violating restraining orders.

I am not sure this is just a case of bad choices. What are your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coon Rapids man takes care of business.

Good for this guy!!!!! We need more like him. None of this pussy footing around crap when something bad in your own house happens.

Please read the story below, it is from the Duluth News Tribune.

Coon Rapids man kills home invader
Associated PressPublished Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Authorities are trying to identify an apparent intruder who was shot and killed by a homeowner late Monday night in Coon Rapids.
Police say the 73-year-old homeowner was asleep on the second floor when a burglar - and possibly another - broke in by kicking in a side door from inside the garage.
The homeowner grabbed a rifle and shot a male intruder who came into his bedroom with a flashlight. The intruder - believed to be in his 20s - ran downstairs, where he died.
The homeowner said he heard people talking and believes there was a second suspect who escaped, KSTP-TV reported.
Coon Rapids police and the Anoka County sheriff's office are investigating. Sheriff's Captain Bob Aldrich says any possible charges would be up to the county prosecutor, but he says they don't see that the homeowner violated any laws.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Won my first bowling tournament.

Today was the annual country holiday classic tournament, the tournament was held at country lanes north in Duluth behind Kmart by the mall.

Well there 76 people entered in the tournament today and I won it. There was five game qualifier I finished that with an 1159 which is an avg. Of 201, it placed me 7th in the double elimination finales. In the finale rounds I avg.235. I went undeafeted to win the tournament.

Here is a link to the page for the tournament, Country lanes main page is


This was my first adult tournament win, I have won many youth tournaments when I was in youth bowling. I also finished 2nd is this same tournament three years ago. I believe this years tournament was there 10th year the classic has gone on.

It was special for me to win this tournament this year, I have worked hard to compete with the best of the best and to win this years tournament means a lot. Now we will see how I do in the Subway challenge coming up in the end of January.


Here is what the paper had yesterday, it is just the results of the last three games.

At Country Lanes North
Sunday’s Results
Match 1 — Jerry Baker def. Randy Neumann 212-179.
Match 2: Jerry Baker def. Tom Ojanen 222-202.
Championship—John Rathe def. Jerry Baker 199-186.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

This guy is joking right?

This guy is joking right? He is whinnying about Norm Coleman already raising money for the his '08 re-election bid. Here is the piece he wrote on his blog:

Here is the just one of a couple things that I found interesting:

It isn’t even two weeks after election day and Norm Coleman is already rolling out the campaign machinery for ‘08… is someone a little bit scared?

First this guy must not understand that aspoliticiancan at that scale you are always raising money for your campaign and you are always running for re-election or election no matter what you do.

This is one of the first thinks you need to understand!!politiciancan is just that, and everything they do is to ensure that they win.

One more thing , I guess it is okay if a democrat raises money two years before they election date but not forrepublicancan, typical hypocriterit.

Here is a link to his main page for his blog,

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why do we spent money this way?

Here is a head line from the DNT today,

Survey finds higher tobacco use at LSC

Why do we spent money on surveys like this one? Higher smoking among LSC students but they don't smoke as much pot!!!!

Why do we do this? Can anyone help explain this to me.

Little respect!

Governor Pawlenty has annouced the five finalist for two seats on the 6th judicial courts here in Duluth. All six have Duluth ties, and all are current lawyers is some form.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced this morning five finalists for two 6th Judicial District court vacancies that will occur in Duluth in December.

The vacancies will occur when Judge David P. Sullivan retires on Dec. 16 and Judge John T. Oswald retires Dec. 31.

The finalists are Michael J. Cuzzo, Susan Ginsburg, Eric Hylden, Thomas H. Pertler and Sally L. Tarnowski.

Note that there is no Tim Little, why? Did he not want to be cosidered or does the Governor not think enough of him. Tim would make a good judge I believe.

For more go to , they have a good short history of the five that remain for the two seats.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Al Fraken.

Well it sure seems like Al is going to run against Norm Colemen in 08 for Coleman's senate seat. I would bet just about anything he does run, weather he get the nomination is another thing. There will be a long name of candidates to go for Norm's seat because of the election of 06.

Franken would be bad for Minnesota. I can't believe anyone would vote for him, with that said Minnesota Democrats Exposed is reporting that there are a couple of websites set up for him and that Franken was to have made his or is close to making his decision on weather he will run or not.

More to come on this later, if you want to check out MDE here is the link:

Police Chief?

It looks like the Duluth Police Chief spot could be filled soon. Mayor Bergson set no time line for when it maybe filled but the field is now down to three.

Two current lieutenants John Beyer and Gordon Ramsay, the third is a retired deputy chief Robert Grytdahl. If it is between these three my hope is that they don't un-retire a retired person. That is a bad idea for the city. I really like John Beyer and hope he gets the job.

With that said I don't understand why why the mayor would appoint a new chief to fill the 07 year. Why not just appoint an interim chief for a year and then allow the new Mayor to appoint the new chief. That makes more sense, after all Bergson is not going to run again right?

America under attack?

Is America under attack? Better yet is the white person under attack?

The life of the American way seems to be under attack. The very values this country was formed on seem to be getting taken away.

separation of Church and State is way out of wack. It is used as an excuse for everything. All it was meant for is that leaders of the country or others could not lead prayes in anyway, yet now it is used as an excuse for everything that may have some religion to it. Here is what I can think of,

The Kroc Center


Ten commandments

The Flag

The Church

The list goes on.

Who is leading this attack, it is wack groups. It is also being lead by the democrats who fall to believe what these groups are saying. The need to wake up is now. More to come later.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

McCain says more troops needed.

John McCain said that more troops are needed, and setting a time line for with drawl would be detrimental to Iraq and the U.S.

You can read more on msn,

Internet down.

I was not able to post do to our internet being down tell yesterday. I hope to do some today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rudy the next President?

Here is part of a story from News Max, you can read the whole thing at

Rudy Giuliani Forms Panel for 2008 RunThe man once dubbed "America's mayor" has taken the first step toward becoming America's next president. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican moderate who achieved near-mythic popularity for his handling of the Sept. 11 attacks, filed papers Friday in New York to create the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee Inc.

A copy of the document was obtained by The Associated Press. Creating an exploratory committee does not make Giuliani a declared candidate, but it does mean he intends to travel the country gauging support and preparing for a White House bid.

What are you thoughts? Do you like Rudy or should the republican go with some one else, if so who?

Lieberman tossed to the curb by democrats.

Joe LIeberman the now independent senator for connect has been tossed to the curb by many democrats. The fact is Joe really is not a party person, I like that he stands for what he believes is right. It does not matter what side of the aisle it comes from. I wish there were more of them.

Here is what some bloggers are saying,

The host centrisity was fast to cast Joe aside like many in the party did. What a shame for the democrats.

This guy does not understand Knight.

This guy wrote an article about Texas Tech head basketball Coach Bobby Knight, it is clear he does not understand knights passion and understanding of the game and life.

Jeff Goodman is a senior college basketball writer for He can be reached at

Here is his story,

I will have more on Knight later. This brings up some things I have wanted to discuss about coaches for some times and now I will. It may not be right away the next day or I would say.

Here is an article defending Knight, it is the Athletic Director, along with the kid and his parents.

Funding Human Rights Office in Duluth.

As you may remember the Mayor was forced to find the funding for the Duluth Human Rights Office because of a resolution passed a few meetings ago. I will have to go back and look what the resolution wording was, but it was excepting grant money. The grant money did not fund the office it only protected it.

Now the mayor's hands are tied and he has to fund the office. With that we now lose three snow plow jobs , it is in part do to the funding of the human rights office.

We need to have priority's, and well protecting the minority's is one there are betters ways to do.

Here are a few I can think of:



Community Centers

Youth activities

The safety of this community has to be the second priority in the budget as the unfunded health liability is number one.

The above does not only help minority's but it helps the whole community.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Peace Dog?

If you saw the hard copy of the paper then you saw a picture of a "peace" dog.

Yes that is right a peace dog, his name is Rusty and he marched with his owner Nancy Nelson. The dog had some ridicules sign on it. It is hard to read in the picture.

What a complete joke.

At work today.

Well I was at work today, a person came in and looked at the paper. There comment was priceless.

They said something like this:

There still going on about anti-war in Iraq. Give it up we are there.

This comment was given because of the front page of the Duluth News Tribune today.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Elections thoughts.

Okay so it has again been a busy week, that is why the lack of post. Please note I can only do this when I get a chance to. My wife is going to New York and we have been getting her ready for that. Along with work and just everyday duties. Most weeks will have a good number of post.

Now on to my thoughts about the election. I knew that the republicans would lose the house, I did not think the would lose the senate as well. The top issues were the war in Iraq and illegal immigration. The Democrats won seats with out telling the voters a plan they just put fear in the voters as they always do.

The local elections was not a surprise either things around here don't change. The Democrats could say they are going to kill us all and we would still vote for them. This area is need change yet voters can't see it. As I said before the change needs to happen our we will start to see the signs again that say will last one out turn out the lights. This city is fast becoming a ghost town.

Becky Hall how ran the best campaign in the area still only got 36% or so of vote. Dennis Fink won by a slim margin the only good thing to happen in the election.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well I have not....

I have some thoughts on the election, however I think it will take another to day to find the right words to put it all together.

For now I will say this, the two party's need to note that America wants more of a center instead of the far left and far right running with control.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted

I was number 496 to vote at my polling place, at about 3:40 p.m.

I think 5 or 6 people I voted for will win tonight. We will have to wait and see, I will not have results tonight as I will be a political party. I may have some thoughts tonight after I get home, if not I will tomorrow.

Monday, November 06, 2006

New KDAL poll

Well KDAL radio has a new poll up. It must be new only 123 votes so far.

Here is the poll,

Who will you vote for in the race for 1st District St. Louis County Commissioner?

10.57% Dennis Fink
89.43% Frank Jewell
Total Votes: 123

Vote at

Sunday, November 05, 2006

NFL Sunday

The Chicgo Bears are having problems with the Miami Dolphnies. As the bears are down 14-3, with 7 minutes before halftime. This is good news for our vikes.

The bears have two turnovers, one of the two turnovers was Rex Grossmans first interception of the year.

The bears just turned the ball over for there second time a fumble, dolphin's have it now at the Bears 8 yard line as they look to increase there lead.

dolphin's QB Joey Harrinton tossed an interception on the Bears 5 yard line the score still 14-3 it is the dolphin's first turnover.


It is now halftime the Bears still trail however they did add a TD to there score and only trail by 4. It is 14-10 now, each team has 7 points on turnovers.

The Dolphinies missed a field goal to extent there lead near the end of the second queater.

It is now early in the Thrid quarter and Dolphines forced another turnover on the bears number 4 for the bears and scored. Dolphines now lead 21-10.

Unions mailling piece.

Here is the mailing my wife recieved.

AFL-CIO central labor body mailing for Jewell.

My wife who works at SMDC received a piece of literature filled with mis information about Dennis Fink. The piece of mail came from the AFL-CIO Central Labor Body. It is asking that she support Frank Jewell for 1st district commissioner.

She is not doing that. Her and I don't always agree on politics however we both agree that Dennis Fink is the only person for the job as commissioner of the 1st district.

In the piece it says that Dennis has been getting money from out side of the district and from prominted republicans. The focus to peg Mr. Fink as a republican by the unions is absurd, as I said before Dennis is a true independent and remember these races are to be non-partisan something Frank Jewell has choose not to do.

The letter also seems to think that this is an issue and I don't see who it is, Dennis Fink recording a message to please vote for him and it was then sent via phone to the people in the first district. What is the big deal there is no issue here.

This piece spread more mis information about Dennis Fink and we need to remember that on election day. Please support the only candidate that stands for Business and unions as one Dennis Fink.

I will post the mailing piece later.

Okay election day is now just 3 days away.

A few days ago I posted to vote DFL. Why am I going to do that, NO. It was a couple of reasons, one it is frustration to see this area always vote DFL. This area has been lead by the DFL party for years to accomplish nothing. All they have done is made Duluth and areas around drop in population. This maybe there plan, to only have those wacko people come and live in Duluth and surrounding areas.

The DFL party has had there chance for years in this area to prove to us they can make a difference, what do they do? Nothing, jobs continue to leave this area. Young people follow were the jobs are. The colleges have a great number of students that is great but none of them are able to stay here.

Under a now 12 +year DFL mayor lead city and a council that has leaned to the left as well. The city has only seen iconic problems increase and crime increase as well. Yes I know we are not voting on city officials other then a county commissioner seat the point is what is the DFL doing?

They claim to be protecting the unions, yet we have no new union membership for years. We have no good jobs, that unions are suppose to provide.

At a council meeting a couple of weeks ago, union head Mary Owen said what do you think a the purpose the union is to protect the union heads No she said. Yet in fact that seems to be the case.

The DFL continues to endorse candidates in non-partisan races.

There is so much wrong with the leadership we have I could write a book about it. We need a change, please look at supporting the other candidates.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Maybe it's time.

I am starting to think it is time for everyone up here to vote DFL. It does not matter who the republicans or any party runs they will NEVER WIN.

There you have it vote DFL.

Central Football.

Duluth Central plays in the section finales tonight at public school stadium. It will pit two teams that have played once this year already. Central and Grand Rapids, I don't remember the score but central won the contest earlier this season.

Game time tonight is 7p.m. again at P.S.S. in West Duluth. If Central wins this it will be the first time a Duluth has gone to State for football for some time.

Good Luck Central!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Man charged with arson.

There have been charged filled against one man, for starting a wildfire that killed five firefighters. One of the five from a Minnesota native and brother of Kim Mckay. Kim ran for the county board.

This is from msn, read more by going here,

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Authorities on Thursday filed murder and arson charges carrying the death penalty against a man suspected of setting a Southern California wildfire last week that killed five firefighters.
The suspect, Raymond Lee Oyler, 36, pleaded not guilty through his attorney. Oyler did not speak during his afternoon court appearance in Riverside.
Oyler, from nearby Beaumont, was already under arrest on suspicion of setting two other wildfires over the summer.

McCain get out and vote.

Arizonia Senator and one of today's beloved politicans was in Duluth yesterday. McCain asked that we get out to vote and give Tim Pawlenty a second term in office.

Here is part of what the Duluth News Trib had today.

Arizona senator and Republican presidential frontrunner for 2008 John McCain stumped in Duluth on Wednesday afternoon for Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s heated re-election campaign.
About 130 people gathered in an airplane hangar at Duluth International Airport for the rally and media event aimed at giving Pawlenty a northern boost less than a week before the general election, in which Pawlenty opposes DFLer Mike Hatch, the state’s attorney general.
We all know “that this is not the most friendly part of the … state for our governor. But let’s surprise him,” McCain said late in his 15-minute speech aimed at pushing Republicans to get their neighbors to the polls.

In a governor’s race that polls show is close, McCain said the victor will be decided by volunteer efforts over the next few days.
“It’s going to come down to who gets out the vote,” McCain said.
He said Pawlenty has the potential to become a national figure in the Republican Party and a national leader — hinting, some speculate, at higher office, possibly even a Pawlenty vice presidential bid on a McCain presidential ticket.

McCain praised Pawlenty’s efforts to balance the state’s budget, turning a $4.3 billion shortfall into a $1 billion surplus over four years, and the governor’s efforts to reduce the state tax burden and support military veterans.
“He is one of the great leaders of America as well as Minnesota,” McCain said.

It will be interesting to see what if anything McCain' vistit did. McCain was on the Hannity show today and said he was out yesterday in Minnesota for Governor Pawlenty. Saying again that Tim is one of the great politicans.

Harry Welty interview part 2.

In this the last part of the interview I asked Harry his thoughts on a couple of issues. Gun control, gay marriage, and abortion. Only one of the three are huge issues to me, I know however many people care to know a candidate things about the other two.

What is your position on Gun control?

I have been irritated for 20-30 years on gun control. Both sides have drawn a line in the sand and will not differ from that. The two sides don't deal with reason. Yes we have a 2nd amendment and I believe in it. Disappointed in gun show regulations.

What is your stands on gay marriage?

I believe they should have all rights as married couples do. Property rights and other included. Would be for civil union. Believes that one day gay marriage or civil union will be legal in all 50 states. Welty also believes that you can not force a church to marry gay couples, the church has a right to it's believe.

sense gay marriage is now an issue, who do you believe should have the say in laws?

I believe in states rights. It is huge to have these states rights as the president has been taking them away. The states should be able to craft the laws for its citizens.

What is your position on abortion?

I am pro-choice with the understanding and respect of pro-life movement. I would not have been able to be a republican with out at least understanding the pro-life issues. Welty believes there are circumstance that abortions should be allowed. I don't like the idea of abortion in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

One other point that Welty brought up was he thinks it is odd how the republicans stand for life yet when a child is born they don't stand for opportunity for that child to succeed.

Will you for this office in two years?

Maybe? I have thought about it. I thought this year was a golden chance for me as I would have given the moderate voters a choice. In two years it will be tuff as all the new (from this election) congressman will have been there for two years.

Harry thank you for the chance to speak with you. I enjoyed it. I hope you thought the interview was fair. If I missed anything or mis represented anything please let me know.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Harry Welty interview part 1.

Both Grams and Oberstar are out spending you, how does this affect your approach on the race?

Oberstar will win Grams will get more votes than me. It is hard to compete with people spending 200.000-300,000 when I spent 3,000. I could have been more competive if I would have gotten going earlier.

What could you do to attract business to the district? Congress does play a huge role in getting business to the district. The State and city has more responsibility to do this then does a U.S. Congressman. It is the congressman responsibility to try to understand the world economy and getting and keeping jobs in the U.S.

Yesterday the unions asked Grams to drop out of the race, will this be an issue?

I think that the ads by grams are ridicules but it is more upsert that the unions asked for Grams to drop out. IT makes it look like Grams is more of a serious challenger. It seems as if the unions are running scared.

Some have said you will play the spoiler, what are your thoughts? I don't want to play the spoiler I don't like the republican party why would I play spoiler for them. It was my hope to get 38% of the vote and win. Now I hope that Oberstar wins but not with his 65%, it is my hope he gets just 51 or 52 % and that shows the democrats that Oberstar is not serving the district any more.

Why don't you think you have gotten the attension of the media? I don't blame the Star trib for not including me in there stroy's as I am not well knownen out side of Duluth. I am more disappointed with the Duluth News Tribune that they did not let me in on the debate as I am well known in Duluth.

Harry Welty interview.

I had a chance to interview Unity candidate Harry Welty. Welty is running for Congress in the 8th congressional district.

Harry and I have not always agreed, however I enjoyed the opportunity to interview him. Now the challenge of cutting the interview down so it is not so long lol.

The interview went some thing like this, the questions written may not apprear the same as I asked them.

Who is Harry Welty?

Harry: I am 55 years old. Grew up in Kansas moved to Duluth 32 years ago has 2 children a Daughter and a Son. Served in the service in the millitary. Jobs included teaching and insurance sales man.

Ran against Jaros twice in the 70's and also ran 3 times for the school board and lost before winning his fourth go around. Well on the board he was board of a school board that had brought the district back into good fascicle condition. They had what he thought was a stable board and administration. They also brought on the confrontional Edison school system.

What qualifies you to run for congress? He of course meets all regulations he is at least 25 years old a registerd voter and lives in the district. He also feels that his service on the school board gives him credibility along with keeping up on current events news and the history. He believes he has a strong knolege of government.

What do you believe are the top five issues facing the 8th congressional district?

I believe most voters are worried about local issues. Welty mentioned the economy, environment,transportation being many that people focus and they are among the important issues facing the district. Other then those so called core issues Welty also believes that the war in Iraq is a top issue of both the district and the country.

The big issue for Mr. Welty running was the fiscal state of this country. He believes that the Republicans have driven this country into fiscal irresponibillity.

Other issues of importance was bringing money to the district. He also believes that the two parties far thinking groups (far right and far left) have taken over the parties. Leaving moderates no were to go.

What will you do to improve these issues?

Work to balce the budgett, the country needs learn they can't spend what money they don't have. Work on bringing the two parties closer together and stop partisan bickering. Have a strong personality.

Do you believe in setting a time frame to get out Iraq?

No, I believe we need to get out as soon as possible. I don't believe is setting a time frame that would only hurt the effort already made to establish a free country. Welty does not believe that a free country can be established but believes maybe they could have three separate countries.

Do you believe president Bush lied with the Information he had to go to war?

No I don't believe he lied inteninaly. I believe that he has relied to much on his staff Vice President Cheney and secretary of Defense. He also believes the president did not do the cold hard fact checking that a president needed to do.

More to come of Duluth politics interview with Harry Welty.

As the election gets closer.

This week will be light on blogging as the election is now just less then a week away. I will be out helping the people that I want to win.

I will however have many thoughts so check back. In fact I know today I hope to have three or four post tonight along with an interview with Harry Welty.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

KDAL poll update

This poll goes more ways then the wind can. The poll can be follwed at KDAL web page. Here is the link

KDAL poll update #1

Here are again the latest poll update from KDAL, if you would like to vote go here,

Who will you vote for in the race for Congress in District 8?

58.36% Jim Oberstar
3.90% Rod Grams
37.73% Harry Welty
Total Votes: 538

Harry Welty's Blog has a post asking people to vote just once, I believe that is good because it would give a more real result, however you know people from the DFL for sure are voting more then once. It is clear that the Grams people either don't know of the poll or don't care.

DNT showes it's bias again.

All you have to do is read this headline and you can tell were the articale is going to go.

Here is the headline:

Incumbents have many advantages

Now do I agree that the Incumbent has an advantage yes but with this paper you can only imagine the bias report of it.

I have more thoughts about this comeing later.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kdal poll update.

Wow what a change in a day. The DFL gets people to do everything it seems even vote in an on line poll. This poll means nothing but still interesting.

Here are the updated results:

Poll Results
Who will you vote for in the race for Congress in District 8?

51.77% Jim Oberstar
3.98% Rod Grams
44.25% Harry Welty
Total Votes: 452

Will follow this as it goes on.

If you would like to help with a lit drop tomorrow here is how.

I am sure you can just show up but if you would like to call and get more info I have contact info just email me and I will give it to you.

Here is an email about the lit drop I recieved.

My fellow Duluthians,

With the recent tactics of the DFL (sweeping through Lakeside, Woodland, Morley Heights, Hunters Park, etc…pretty much all of 7A) and dumping our signs in a big pile out on 7 Bridges Road, we need to get our message out more than ever to the voters! This Sunday (I know it’s church, but AFTER church) we’ll be meeting at the Super One Foods parking lot (formerly Festival Foods in Kenwood there) at the following times:

noon -1 (lunch break!)

If you can make any of these shifts (we’d love to have you for the whole day!)please let me know! I’m begging for help! we have just this one weekend to drop 1,000 pieces for Rod Grams, Steve Khalar (Senate District 7) and Becky Hall (House District 7A) all endorsed Republicans!

Bring the whole family out for a day of fun! We’ll provide lunch for everyone! Kids are great at this because they are so fast! So, if you’ll let me borrow the kids for a few hours, I promise to return them safe and sound! We’re not knocking on the doors, just dropping the lit off. It’s a fun safe activity for people of all ages.

The DFL is running scared! After being crushed in debates, our candidates have extremely good chances! Please come out to help out our fantastic candidates who put so much on the line to represent you!

Please RSVP by either phone or email!

Because we’re going to WIN,

Thinking like my wife.

Okay so it is first weekend off of work for a while. I will now have weekends off for good YES.

My wife asked me to clean the house no problem, here is the catch however.

She said to think like she does when she cleans. Yicks isn't it almost impossible for guys to think like women do? Well I let you know how it turns out. For now it time to start cleaning.

Here is an interesting poll.

I went to KDAL's web page and they have a poll who will you vote for in the 8th congressional race?

Here are the results so far,

Poll Results
Who will you vote for in the race for Congress in District 8?

11.30% Jim Oberstar
7.11% Rod Grams
81.59% Harry Welty
Total Votes: 239

Interesting that Harry Welty has the big margin. Could it be that wins? I don't think so. It is likely people voting many times. Even if it is not they are more then likely people from Duluth and remember the district has grown to the Brainerd area.

It is however very interesting and raises some question the top one being are people finale sick of your typical politician?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hoping to interview Welty.

I hope to get a chance to interview Harry Welty. I had sent all three candidates the opportunity to interview with Duluth Politics, Harry was the only one that replied back some time ago. We have been very busy and yes a bit not supportive of his run for this office. Should that prevent us from interviewing him NO. In fact should it prevent anyone from interviewing him or allowing him to debate or be printed in a news paper NO.

I will again ask all three to interview with us and I will guess that Harry will be the only to reply one way or the other. In fact I have already asked Harry to email me about it.

As most know I have been supportive or debates being open to all and Harry has been silencted in more way then one. It just is not right.

Get out the vote.

Okay so what you say people want you to vote, that is good right? Yes but read this, it is scary to think of a partisan act like this. When are the good guys going to an act like this, when I say good do I mean republican? Yes and no, I believe that in some case the republican does not get out enough. Yes they do a great job of calling and signs but they don't get out in the community enough.

with that said if you are a moderate either democrat or republican it is time to hear from you not just the far left and right. That is what this get out the vote group is a far group for you well it is clear on that as well read on. I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

By the way I found this posted on Duluth Solutions board. It is a great board I enjoy the site and Chris does a great job with it. I encourage you all to check it out and get involved there, here is the site .

Here is the post:

Posts: 1

Get Out the Vote in Duluth on Election Day« on: October 18, 2006, 08:39:17 PM »
For those of you that would like to see change in our political leadership here in Minnesota I would invite you to join us on election day and the weekend before: FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACTErik Peterson, America Votes, (218) 348-5115, America Votes Coalition Partners to LaunchMassive GOTV Operation in DuluthDoor-to-Door Effort Will Focus on Critical, Highly ProgressiveNeighborhoods in the Duluth Area Duluth – America Votes 2006, a coalition of 30 different progressive groups representing nearly 1 million Minnesotans statewide, is launching a strategic, volunteer-driven Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort over the last four days of the election. In Duluth, this 96-hour GOTV drive will be headed by Erik Peterson of America Votes.

"In 2004, the get-out-the-vote efforts of a similar coalition of groups resulted in Duluth boasting the highest voter turnout of any city in the nation. The America Votes coalition in Northeastern Minnesota hopes do it again in 2006," said Peterson. Peterson coordinated the coalition effort two years ago. America Votes and its coalition partners have been going door-to-door all summer talking with voters about issues that matter in the upcoming election. In the next month they will be recruiting volunteers and planning for an unprecedented drive to knock on every single door in highly progressive neighborhoods in the Duluth area. “Participation is critical to maintain a viable democracy and we are trying to do our part to keep our neighbors involved in this election,” said Alan Netland, President of the Central Labor Body in Duluth, one of the many groups taking part in this historic effort. “Over the past summer and fall, America Votes has been traveling all over North East Minnesota," said Tony Cuneo, organizer for the NE MN office of America Votes. "We've been talking with folks about the issues that matter in the coming elections and building grass roots connections with people who know we need progressive action right here in Minnesota.

” “This incredible coalition of organizations have come together to deliver a message of hope and change for a better Minnesota – now getting citizens out to vote is critical .” said Rosie Loeffler-Kemp, NE MN Organizer of Clean Water Action Alliance of Minnesota. "I was so proud to be part of the extraordinary effort in 2004, and I know we can, and MUST make the difference in our community, our state, and our country,” said Mary Thuerer of AFSCME Council 5. Thuerer also led labor's electoral program in Northern Minnesota in 2004.“This incredible “Get Out the Vote” effort will be hosted from Wellstone Hall in the Duluth Labor Temple at 2002 London Road. Those interested in being a part of making history in NE Minnesota are welcome to join the effort at the Labor Temple on election day and also by visiting,” said Cuneo.

Fink and Jewell are partisan race?

The Duluth News Tribune things this race has been partisan, but by who? Read and you will find out. The answer will not surprise you.

Partisan politics tinge Fink, Jewell race
Duluth News TribunePublished Friday, October 27, 2006
County board races are supposed to be nonpartisan and are usually low-profile.
But an election this fall that pits 10-year St. Louis County Commissioner Dennis Fink against challenger Frank Jewell carries the tinge of partisan politics and is drawing plenty of attention.
Thats because both candidates for the District 1 seat are well-known and have opposing political philosophies.

I think the board would change dramatically if I got beat, Fink said. Frank would certainly be classified as a liberal and myself as a conservative. Frank is a liberal on social issues and I am a social moderate. Frank is a fiscal moderate and I am a fiscal conservative.
Jewell, executive director of Men as Peacemakers and a former Duluth city councilor, disagrees with attempts to paint the race as liberalConservativeative.

If one thinks that supporting a smoking ban is a liberal issue, I have always supported a smoking ban, Jewell said. If we are talking about better land-use planning, then IÂ’m for it. As far as spending other peoples money, Im running a nonprofit, and youd better be accountable for what you are doing.
Heating up the race have been newspaper letters to the editor criticizing Jewells endorsement from a union that represents county workers and supporting Finks fiscal conservatism on the board.
I think local races, including this one, are about how the candidates increase their visibility, Fink said. Local government races generally do not become smear campaigns. Its about neighbor versus neighbor. When its all said and done, its about which one of us is going to represent the neighborhood that we both live in, so why smear?
Jewell agrees that local races should be positihas but says this one hasnt always fit that description.
Between Dennis and I, its been quite pleasant, Jewell said. But there are some people who support Dennis who are off the charts and have said some nasty things.

His endorsements — from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the DFL Party, the Duluth Central Labor Body and Progressive Action are being used to distract attention from the real issues, Jewell said. None of the people who support me are attacking him for his connection to the NRA (National Rifle Association) or RepubDennisarty.

First knowing Dennise Fink well he is not tied to the republican party. He is a true independent that votes who he feels will best represent the city, state, county, and country. I know he has voted for a democrarticletimes.

Even in this articresponsible out his plan, he is responcible with your money for the county and he could go any wlikely social issues. More then lsenseas long as the issue makes sence he will support it, and the county can afford it.

Fraendorsementspeople question your endorsments does not mean we are attacking you. They are in fact part of thepartisanemember the race iendorsementisen yet you have the endorsment of the Democrats. You and your group try to pin Mr. Fink as a rependorsementt did he go get there endorsment for this race NO.

Duluth Central football.

My old high school will play Saturday at PSS if they win they will head to state. Central who has not always been known for football has been building for this year. The team has been good over the last three or four years and it came together this year finishing the regular season at 6-2 and they could have easily been 8-0 the two losses were to great teams, however they were both winnable games for central but what do you do. It is tuff to go undeafeated, and heck they has a great regular season.

Now in the section finale Central will take on Duluth East 3-5 in regular season. I believe the game is at noon on Saturday.

GO TROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:30 in the morning!!!!!

Yesterday night or early morning depending how you look at, we had trouble at our house.

Our dog was going nuts and we could not figure out why, he normally does not. However when I went to let him out we found out what the problem was. A kid 19-21 of age starts walking in our house, I push him and say the the hell out of here I don't know you. He said he knows everyone that lives here. I said no because I don't know you.

There was then a lot of just crazy talk by this drunk kid and I said I think you want the drunk house next door. The kids that are there have party's all day and night every day almost. It is crazy.

We called the cops after I finally was able to shut the door on him after about a half hour.

This is house next door to us is really out of control and we are looking for ideas on what we can do? Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We have been shafted again.

Not only do we now have card check for new business that wants help from the City, but we were screwed twice in night.

Councilor Ness has a resolution that would have stopped the utility increases tell all the unions settled. His reasons for doing so were many. The top one being he said it is not fair for the public to pay well we have no plan for what the unions are going to do. All ends need to be tied up before we expect citizens to pay. Yet the council on a 5-4 vote did not agree.

This would have given the taxpayer the break needed. It also would have called on the unions and the City to step up negotiation. As most know the hope is that the unions settle by the end of this year, talks at this point are not going well. It looks like a far cry that we will see them settled by the end of the year.

These two issue will be most of the talk on this blog this week after all it is the talk of the political world right now. We will have other things as well however. There just is not enought hours in a day so everything can get done.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ford at Embers

Ford who is running against Alan Mitchell for county attorney was at Embers Monday night. What was she doing there? Eating right. Wrong.

She was there tiring to drum up support okay you ask? What is so bad about that. She was there serving coffee. I find this an over step of anyone candidate of even any business. I sure understand that people can hold rallies and or fundraisers at a business like this. However to me this type of activity is over the line.

What is your thought.

It was my first time at Embers and it maybe my last.

City Council recap

Okay well you may have read the paper. Now you can read what real people are saying about the meeting last night. Along with my thoughts as well.

First my thoughts then I will get into the people that I talked to today.

The chamber hall was packed with union supporters and those that did not want to see card check pass. There were also a few other things of note at the meeting.

First card check, there about 16 speakers, there was about 6 to 7 that spoke against card check and about 8 or so union heads that spoke for it. There was one guy claiming to be a concerned citizen yet you could tell his speech was written for him either by the union or the senior group. Those that spoke in favor of the ordinance spoke with passion about how corrupt the system is by the United States. Remember that. No speaker talked at length about how this would help Duluth. They did not even offer reason on why it should pass. Why should they have, when the council already had there minds made up to pass ordinance 42. They knew they did not have to do any work. They used it as a platform to attack how unions are formed in the U.S. and also as a barging tool for the negations talks. Shame on them.

The number of use that spoke against the issue came from many different points, something there side either could not or would not do. I spoke of this being the wrong place and wrong time to take on the issue. This issue should be taken to your congressman and or Senator. This is in no way a local issue. I also talked about why it was not a local issue. Mentioning as well some emails from some of the councilors. Another speaker talked about how it would hurt business in Duluth and he also said that it is not fair to exclude those already exciting hotels motels. If indeed they wanted it to be fair all those that already are build and in operation should have to play by the same rules.

Then there were a number of professionals that spoke about why they felled it was bad to inact card check.

Yet the council voted 6-3 to pass this ordinance. Making it even harder to do business here. Councilor Stewart said he was voting for the ordinance because he would hear about it from the people he represents if he did not support, saying he wants to do what is best for his district. He must not have listened to me as I live in the district. I know councilor Stewart and respect him, however diagree on this issue, and take some issue with his comments.

It seems like people from both sides are a little disturbed at the council action last night. I have talked a number of people today that don't agree with the council action. The people come from both sides if you will democrats and republican. One democrat today asked me what I thought of it, all I did was roll my eyes. He then said he was not happy with the choice saying that the issue is one of little issue with local government. He also was not a huge propionate of card check, but is for reform of being able to form unions. Another a republican was very upset about the action of councilor Johnson and said he was ready to take her to court over conflict of interest. He said he knew it would pass and that she was a big reason.

There are many more that I may share later and I have a few post about this issue coming.

More on the meeting later .

Council meeting.

Well the meeting is over and I am home. If you don't know by now the ordinance for card check passed 6-3 with Ness, Little,Stauber voting no.

The council had there minds made up from like they do on most issue's, I am not even sure why they allow the public to speak. It does no good what so ever. The vote was a lock from day one, the unions knew the council knew, I even knew it but was holding out hope.

More to come tomorrow, there was a lot interesting events at the meeting.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The state of radio in Duluth.

Okay most know that I have worked in radio. Some may not know that I am just coing off another round of work. I am no longer working in radio at this time so I thought I would exprece my thoughts on radio here in Duluth.

First lets go with some of the Midwest stations:

KDAL, Most know that I have not liked the changes they have made. I would much rather listen to Kerry Rod then Mark Flisher. Mark is a horible radio personal. I am not happy with other changes they have made either. The only think they have going for them is Brad Bennette. I don't mind going younger, however you need the big name people on that station as it is the bread and butter of Midwest.

The have a couple joke of shows as well, noon-2 weekday the Rhonda Grousndorff show is a complete joke and so is Ray comes live, both very bad shows.

They do have some other good shows, I like the fishing and outdoor frenzie, and some other but all around they have seen a major decrease in talent.

Grade- D

Kat Country- I don't listen to a lot. Here again some poor choices made. I listend to them when Johnny Lee was on. I love Johnny, he is a good radio person. They moved him to KDAL now, I have not listend to the morning show on either station sence the move. The midday person is a capital B and not that easy to listen to.

Grade- D

WDSM- Has a good mix of talk and local sports , however the local sports they may lose. I love a lot of there talk shows that are from the bird. Lew Latto is still well Lew. I don't list to him much as I find his whinning and complaing to be out of this world and hard to handle.

Grade- B

Midwest has a number of stations on the range and one more in Duluth. Over all grade C.

Clear Channel Duluth

B105 is an great country station, they have lost some great talents much like KDAL, most however have just left. B105 plays a great mix of todays music and older country.

The air talent is better then KTCO by a long shot.

Grade A

Mix 108, this station has had a lot of changes early but now seems to have found it's grove. They talent is very good maybe one of the best in the northland. They play a good mix of music. They have some good shows on durning the weekend they don't just toss on crap.

Grade C

Kool 101.7 I am disspointed that this station changed from 50-60's to mostly 70's and newer music. The air talent here again is good. The Rayman they main stay is great. Scott in the mornning is also good I enjoy listening to him. Steve is a very knowlable person in all music and a good fit for KOOL.

Grade C

The Fan WEBC

I did not like the change at first, however I am liking it more and more as I listen. They do a great job with local sports, Racing, Huskies, and local high school sports. Also the fan network is worth listening too. I wish they could get a better nat. sports then fox but you can't always have it all.

It looks like this is going to be your sports station of the norhtland. They are even reporting to have picked up grandma's marthon. This station with the fan network also has a good mix of sports and politics, with there shows.

Grade A

Over all grade B

Friday, October 20, 2006


Sorry for little posting this week. It has been a hecktic week with family coming into town.

My sister is getting married today, so we have had people coming in all week. That is why posting has been light. I will finsh up the two post I started earlyer and that will more then likly be it for the weekend.

Congradulations Jody and Jamie.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Debate should include all.

I don't support Harry Welty for his bid for Congress. I do however agree that he should be allowed to debate with both Congressman Oberstar and republican challanger Rod Grams.

Harry Welty who is running under the unite "party" took part in a debate last week in the Twin cities. Now he is being excluded out of the debate that will air here in Duluth on Friday night but the Duluth News Tribune.

This is wrong there, are in fact three candidates running for the seat all three should be allowed to debate.

I hope that you will write the DNT and let them know Harry should have as much right to debate as the major two party's do.

I did here is what I wrote,
Hello my name is John. I am writing concerning Harry Welty being allowed on the debate friday night. I am not a Welty supporter however with that said I believe he is as much a part of this race as the other two candidates are.

Just because Mr. Welty does not or want the backing of either of the two major parties should not exclude him from any debate. The fact is there are three people running for the seat all three should have equal right to debate.

Web Watchers.

Okay I don't like this idea one bit. SMDC is going to broadcast surgeries over the internet. This is a bad idea, what if something goes wrong?

I am sure the people have to agree to it, however I would hate to even be asked.

Here is part of the story from the DNT,
Dr. Bradley Edgerton has done so many knee replacement surgeries — more than 2,000 at least — he’s lost count.
But he wonÂ’t forget the one he performs Wednesday night. Edgerton, who has worked as an orthopedic surgeon with St. MaryÂ’s-Duluth Clinic since 1994, will operate in front of cameras broadcasting the procedure live over the World Wide Web.

The procedure will be the first live surgery broadcast over the Web in Northeastern Minnesota and the first of four live Webcasts that SMDC plans over the coyearary's

Is this something you would watch?

Card Check vote will it pass or not.

Ordinance 42 the use of card check will get it 's second reading and may be voted on at the next the meeting.

Will it pass or not, here is what we think may happen.

The for sure councilors that will vote for card check:

Greg Gilbert, Russ Stover, Roger Reinert, Laurie Johnson

Those that will not:

Tim Little, Jim Stauber

The swing votes rest on these councilors

Don Ness, Russ Stewart, Gary Krause

Here is part of an email from councilor Ness that makes us believe he will not support the ordinance,

"I have not made up my mind regarding Stover's ordinance, but I will probably vote against it. During my last campaign when I screened before the AFL-CIO I told them that I opposed card check and I still hold that position. There are elements I like about the concept, but not card check."

If this is the case then what right now the vote would be 4-3 with the two swing votes of Stewart, and Krause.

I think this is something that Stewart could support, but not having received any info from him or councilor Krause it is tuff to read which way these two councilor may vote.

That is why if you don't like the idea of card check you need to let your councilor know, you also have to let them all know. Call or email them today.

In the end we feel like this my pass 5-4 but with pressure because it all comes down to what is best for them, it may not pass.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Andy Peterson on Check Card.

Here is what chamber member Andy Peterson says about ordinance 42.
Councilor Russ Stover’s plan to marry the city’s ability to attract new business, new development and new business expansion to an almost guaranteed unionization of those businesses – all in the name of helping the poorest of workers. What Councilor Stover forgets is by aiming his intentions at those businesses that might receive “public subsidies,” he could effectively kill job creation. Had Cirrus Design and United Health Care worked with the city under such agreements they would not have chosen to locate in Duluth. This is not to say that the city should not be careful when it enters into an agreement nor should it throw money at businesses just to attract jobs; but I am certain that under Councilor Stover’s plan, neither business would have located in Duluth.

Under Councilor Stover’s plan, the city would have lost approximately two thousand good jobs.Councilor Stover’s plan, then, is not visionary.In Councilor Stover’s defense, it is safe to say that he has a heart for the less fortunate. Like the rest of us, he wants to see people receive health care, have proper housing, and get a good education. Unfortunately, his plan accomplishes these things at someone else’s expense – that of the business community’s ability to expand and provide jobs.

By requiring any business that might receive any city help – including the provision of infrastructure – to allow unions free and unfettered access to organizing, he almost assuredly guarantees that employees join unions without so much as an employee’s ability to a secret ballot. What citizen in the US would tolerate such treatment when he or she employs his or her right to vote in any public election? These kinds of “open” elections are subject to inordinate union pressure and ultimately will take away the employers’ ability to shop around for the best price and best value in insurance for their employees.Lastly, if Councilor Stover wants to help the working poor, he should be sure to fund the non-profits of our area, as they work to change social policy and provide services. This might include making sure that those who are mildly disabled, emotionally disturbed, or those addicted to drugs or alcohol get the real help and assistance they need.In an era when the city faces great financial challenges, is a thinly disguised plan to promote union membership really the answer? We think not.Tell Councilor Stover and the rest of the city council what you think.

Let him know you don’t appreciate him serving as a voice box for union efforts. Time is short – the council reads ordinance 06-042-O tonight in preparation to vote it into law at the next council meeting. Tell them to come up with a better plan. The Council can be collectively emailed at
posted by Andy Peterson at 10:45 AM

Mr. Peterson and I don't always agree, we do on this one. Even when we don't I have the utmost respect for Mr. Peterson along with Mr. Ross.

The chamber it's self I don't agree with all the time either but they are a class act, on how people of "power" should act. Maybe Mr. Welty could take a lesson from them.

Nice reply from a candidate for congress.

This is an email reply from Harry Welty, candidate for the U.S. Congress in the 8th district. He is running against long time democrat Jim Oberstar and former Congressman and senator Rod Grams.

Here is the email:

Does Rod Grams?Look John, Grams just spent 50 grand to mail out his crap about Oberstar's bicycling in France. With that kind of money I'd raise hell about our national debt and the politization of the war in Iraq. Two kids I took on church mission trips have been stationed Iraq so that Karl Rove could keep Republicans in control of Washington DC. And that twerp Grams wastes money on this? Rod will visit the Eighth District every weekend if he's elected. O Sweet Joy and Halleleujah!

These are decent kids facing death for a war that has weakened America and put us at risk. Look how pathetic we have been dealing with Iran and North Korea. Look at what we've done to the National Guard.

We've become the reason bin Laden is having such success recruiting suicide bombers. Like I said the 8.5 trillion debt and the Iraq War stand out as major issues. How did you miss that? I gripe about both regularly. I also complain about all the bs politics of both major parties. That's why I'm running as an independent. I'm also annoyed by the interjection of religious self righteousness into politics. If you want any more issues I suggest you look to the column on the right of my blog where a great many issues are listed.

What do you want from me?


How about not being such an ass in reply's. It was in fact a simple question? Do you have any issues, fact is you must not have a clear vision for this district. Both Oberstar and Grams do whether you agree with there vision or not, at least they have one.

Check Card what is the issue part 1.

Okay so we finale have had time to check everything out. Again what is the issue of the check card ordinance that councilor Stover is proposing?

Councilor Stover says a big part of it is accountability and not at all to make unions easy to form. We don't buy that, what about you?

Here are some emails from councilor Stover regarding the issue. They are in reply to emails sent by me.

I'm rather disappointed that you didn't address the matter of public funding of private projects.
This is something you have always been a champion. Accountability of taxpayers money is the real issue.

Lets stay on the issue and stop the personal attacks.

Russ StoverDuluth City council W Skyline ParkwayDuluth, MN 55810

Ordinance 42 proposes that only new developers who get city subsidies (TIF) be required to allow card check and neutrality, at the option of the employees.

Russ StoverDuluth City Council9613 W Skyline ParkwayDuluth, MN 55810218-626-2627RStover5th@aol.com

Lets take a crack at the second email first as I will respond to the first later. He and supporters will not try to pawn off that ordinance 42 is an accountability issue. That is it not in fact about making it easy to form unions. Which in fact that is his main purpose. For anyone to fall this subsidies crap is pearly not understanding the whole issue.

Here is a third email from councilor Stover:

The subsidies are the issue. It is written in the ordinance.
It says developers using future city subsidies.
I am trying to make sure we have better jobs if we give taxpayers subsidies.

Thanks for writing.

Now this third email lays out what he is doing for me. Lets look at this The last sentence says he wants to make sure we have better jobs if taxpayers have to flip the bill.

Lets be honestly here we are talking about hotels and motels, you are not going to make a whole lot of money working in these places unless you own it or are in a high position. It is unfair to make a business pay x amount other then the current minimum wage to start. The company then gives you pay increases based on the job you are doing.

I am all for getting something for my tax dollar but it is not making unionizing easy that I want. What I would love was ordinance 60 that laid out a clear plan for both the city and the developer.

There will be more to come. By the way you can read the ordinance by clicking this link:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Crime in Duluth

What to do about crime in Duluth.

The fact is there is a number of things that could be done. I have the greatest respect for our police and they need all the equiment and essentials needed to battle this issue. This is something we need to focus on and we need to let our city council members well aware of this. The budget talks are going on now and we need to make it clear that police and fire is top priority not other programs. That is just one step but it is a very important step that needs to take place.

Second, develop community meetings were there are not and were there are try to get more involvement. With community input and involvement we will make this community better. We need to be part of the solution not the problem, we all can be added ears and eyes in the area we live. Also take a lead in developing a crime watch program in your area of town.

third, We don't affine suggest more government programs. This would not be a new program but it would be increasing and extending a city department. Increase the city parks and rec to allow rec centers to be a safe place for kids together and play and hang out.

We can remember a time when the rec centers all over town were full of kids everyday, rec centers had programs all day long, they would have out door activities, crafts and arts, along with many other events that took place after school and in the summer. Along with extensive winter programs as well. We remember times when the rec centers would go down to Twins games, go on fishing trip and other trips. Along with just outstanding activities on site.

This is just part of a grand program to start to take back our streets.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What is the issue.

Councilor Russ Stover has ordinance 42, the ordinannce would make it easy to unionize.

Councilor Stover and a local citizen have been going back and forth on this issue on what truely is the issue. Councilor Stover claims the issue is the subsidies and not that unionzing. The citizen claims that he is just trying to mislead the public by using subsidies as an argument.

It looks to us here that the citizen is right but we have alot to look over and will pass it along as we can. The email were passed on to us. Again more to come.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's time to take back our streets.

Crime has been on the rise in Duluth, why? Because of people coming from the twin cities along with else were.

The crimes that are up, are not small ones they are major crimes. These crimes have been linked with a drug increase as well as a gang in crease in Duluth.

We need to take back our streets, the time is now. We will have more on this project later. However if you are sick of this problem and would like to get more info quick on the plan please email at .

Council meeting

The Duluth city council will meet tonight. They normally meet on Monday night however with columbis day yesterday the meeting will be held tonight.

The meeting is very importain to attend tonights council meeting because councilor Stover will introduce an ordinance that will make it easy to put in unions.

The ordinance would by pass the campaigning that goes on with putting in a union all the employees of a hotel or motol would have to do is sign a card saying they want a union and if there was enought people that did that then there would be a union.

I fell this is bad for both the employees and the employer. It hurts business in on both forms.

You need to show up and voice your displeaser with this ordinance because you know union heads will be there praising it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Stover wants it to be easy for unions to move in.

Duluth City Councilor Russ Stover has said he along with the unions will introduce an ordinance that makes it easy to organize a union. What this ordinance will do is by pass all the campaigning for or against a union and allow the workers to vote on a card and if a margity of those vote to have a union that is it.

The Duluth News Tribune has a full story on this. We have many more thoughts on this but are running out of time so will have to pick it up later tonight along with many other storys happening here. Please check back, also if you would like to check out the paper here is there link,

New look at some of the races

I think now that some republicans could be in trouble with the events of the sex scandal that put down Foley. Foley a representative that sent private messages and instant messages to a child.

First the Governors race

I still thing that Tim Pawlenty will win. It will be a close race however.

here is the numbers

Pawlenty 53%

Hatch 42%

The rest split between other candidates. Also look for Lourey to get some votes because her supports will not give up.

8th congressional district.

I think that Oberstar will win. I hope people open there ears and eyes. Oberstar is saying he is being attacked yet the his challenger has the facts about his record. Yet Oberstar will not address the issues.

This is one race that I think the Foley effect could make a difference. I wonder how much it will affect the race, also who it will help most if anyone. It could give a small boast to Welty as some people may vote in protest.


Oberstar 56%

Grams 32%

Welty 12%

I was once hoping this race would be closer but at this point I am not sure it will be. We will have to wait and see. Also my thoughts may change.

Teachers to carry guns in School?

A republican lawmaker has proposed that teachers and principals could carry guns. This after a threat that kid had a gun in a school.

Do you agree with this or not?

Why are school crimes getting more out of control.

Yesterday there was a group of us at an event that held a discussion about this type of an issue. One of our group members said her son told her that at East High school yes right here in Duluth you could get anything you wanted to. You could get a gun, knife, drugs, sex, whatever you wanted you could get it, if you knew the "right people".

Why are schools getting out of control?

EVELETH - Eveleth Police and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are investigating a school violence threat reportedly to be carried out by a 17-year-old male.

At about 8 p.m. Monday, Eveleth-Gilbert Superintendent Mike Lang reported that a student at Eveleth-Gilbert schools had received an internet message at the student's home describing a plan to kill Eveleth students, according to an Eveleth Police Department news release.
The message said the incident would occur on Oct 13, but did not specify at which Eveleth-Gilbert campus.
The student who reportedly received the message had notified school authorities.

As the result of an investigation, law enforcement authorities identified a suspect who admitted to sending the message.
The 17-year-old suspect has no reported current or past affiliation with Eveleth-Gilbert schools, according to Eveleth Police Chief Brian Lillis.

``At this point in the investigation, it does not appear that the suspect poses an imminent threat to public safety,' said Lillis. ``It appears that it is unlikely that the suspect has either the intention or the ability to carry out the purported school violence at the Eveleth-Gilbert schools.'
The Chisholm and Gilbert Police department assisted in the investigation.

Don Ness gets praise from some.

Duluth City Councilor Don Ness has received some praise this week from people he normally would not receive it from. At least it seems, Erik at, you will have to register an account if you have not done so yet.

Okay here we go with my comments and they will not be much praise for the councilor.

First, Lets set the record straight Don Ness does what he feels is best for his political future. He has heard from a number of Duluthains that they don't and or can't pay for a utility increase. Therefore it is best for him to take action, not because he wants to but because he has to, so he looks good.

Yet another point to the Unions will now be at Don Ness for a short time and we will see if he flips back the other way. I don't think he will he is normally good at "standing" for what is best for him.

Second, A resolution does nothing. This discussing took place in city council chambers back when we were discussing ordinance 60. A resolutions holds no water, it is only ordinance that bind the council. A resolutions is just a suggestion. It does not need to help up.

Now do I agree with what Don Ness said in the paper sure I do, the thing is do I believe him, the jury is still out.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Come on Rush.

I listened to Rush's show today, and was amaszed at his attempt to support Foley.

I normaly agree with Rush but this time disagree 100% at this point. Sham on Rush for playing the political game with this issue. I know Rush says the Democrats are playing a game and maybe they are, but Rush jumped into it doing the same exact thing.

I can see standing up for the speaker of the house, but I can't stand behind foley at all.

Rush said that he thinks it is an attack of the media and far left wing nuts and the foley is insent, but the fact is that this is not true. Even if it is in part an attack what Foley has done is in excuseable.

Rush every republican action is not right. This is one of those.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Duluth News Trib online change.

The Duluth News Trib changed it's format look for there online site. Again this may have happend a few days ago but because of work and other issues I have not been able to check out the site for a while.

Any way what are your thought of the changes do you like or not? Here is a link to the paper online,

Twins lose game one.

The Minnesota Twins lost game one of the ALDS, today at the metrodome. The Twins got behind Oakland early in the second inning by two from there Oakland never looked back as they went on to win 3-2. Game two tomorrow and it is a must win for the Twins tomorrow.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fink signs going going and gone.

I hope people have noticed that commissnor Dennise Fink has been working hard to his re-election. He has as always been out door knocking as well as had radio ads and of course signs. That brings up a great point about his signs.

Dennise Fink signs have been going up fast but for as fast as they go they come down, why? Fank Jewells camp has an effort to try to make it look like Fink has little support. They are out taking the Fink signs. Fink has lost a record number of signs to this point.

The effort by the Jewell camp is a piss poor attempt to make it look like Fink support is low, Frank will find that to be anything but the case in November.

The signs are going missing in high profile places and the Jewell signs are not I wonder why?

If you are one that votes on looks is this what you want?

Do you really want ugly and ugler on the county board?

The smaller pic is Steve O'Niel commissner 2nd district. The larger pic is Frank Jewell who is running against 1st district commissner Fink.

Disclaimer: This post is to be taken with a grain of salt and meant to be have some humor.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Down size DC VS. Move on.

Here is a web site for those of you who think less goverment control,is better it is also a rival to this ultra lib site,

Check out it has some very interesting thoughts and join the team if you would like to. Let us know what your thoughts are about the site.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

More on the political races.

U.S. Congress 8th district.

There are three candidates running for the 8th district.

The democrat is a long time congressman, he has never faces a hard challange this time he may. Oberstar in his earlyer years did a lot for this area, however it is a what have you done latly issue with me. For at least last 10 years congressman Oberstar has done little to improve this district.

With that said however, we feel the district will still have strong support for the do nothing congressman.

One of the two challangers is running under his own party, unity party candidate Harry Welty. Mr. Welty served on the Duluth school board and is well known around Duluth however other then that not sure how well known he is in the district. With the district being large and his lack of effort out side of the Duluth it will be hard for him to get much support. We believe that money could be an issue he as well. We don't know the facts of Mr. Welty's camp but we guess he has little money compared to Oberstar and Grams.

Welty does however have some very interesting thoughts about both candidates on his web site , he also has very interesting thoughts of the day along with some other info. Welty offers a chose for those who are sick of far left and far right ideas if you believe the two party candidates represent that.

The last candidate is formor U.S. Senator Rod Grams. Rod is the republican candidate.

Grams has been a lobbiest as of late for Minnesota in Washington. He lives and has businesses in Minnesota and has some start forward ideas. However he also has ideas that many consider to be far right.

Grams and Oberstar both have extensive political records to stand. Well Welty has some thing to stand on it is not anything close to what Grams and Oberstars experinse is. If you think about that however this maybe a good thing.

One finale not on this race before the pick. All three candidates have ideas on were they want the 8th district to go. It is up to you to decide what way you want it to go and then vote for the approite person.


The numbers:

Oberstar 55%

Grams 40%

Welty 10%

These numbers may change as we get closer to the election so check back with us for updates.

One more note on these numbers, As we said before the unabilty or seeming unabilty for Welty to reach out to more of this district wil hurt him. He could play spoiler in fact if we are at all close in our numbers now he would.

Oberstar more then likely will not ever be beat for the seat, he will retire and then we will have to deal with Don Ness to run for the seat.