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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! As of right now I have no special plans for tonight. How about you what are your plans for the big evening?

As we say so long to this year and the start of a new decade lets look back at some of the big stories for the year and the decade.

The big story has to be the 9/11 attack and the war that came after the attack. The war is still on going in both Iraq and Afghanistan. There seems to be little end in site. The attack and war started under past President George W. Bush. President Bush was the 43rd of this country and served two terms 2001-2009. He was the second President with the name Bush. His Father George H.W. Bush also served as Vice President and President of the United States.

Now as we move in to 2010 the current President Barack Obama is faced with running the war. A war he campaigned to be against. Yet now he is supporting the war by sending more troops. He has upset many of his supporters.

That is about the biggest national story.

The Other story big story of intestrest has to be the election of Barack Obama. Some one I did not support and his numbers have fallen faster then any Presidents. Yes even faster then President Bush's. Obama and the media are claiming he is the first black President elected. He is not he is the first Muslim elected President.

Local story's include a year that is seeing three city councilors not run for re-election, the most I can remember in some time. The three that elected not to run again, Gary Kruase, Gary Eckonburg ( who was appointed after Rienhart won another seat), Greg Gilbert.

Gilbert also is leaving the council after serving 12 years (3 terms). He lost two bids to become Mayor in that same time frame. Gilbert was a councilor that was always endorsed by the AFL-CIO.

Speaking of the council this years election was a heated one. It saw in the final four two men and two women looking to fill two seats. In the end both of the men where elected to the council Dan Hartman and Jim Stauber who will be serving his third term. The at-large was heated because of a number of issues that came up. Beth Olson on of the candidates had her background looked in to. It found that she was arrested at the visit of President Bush. She also is part of the gay community that was an issue for some people. That included local talk show host. The issue did not matter to me.

The other women Becky Hall how has ran a couple of other times and ran good campaign ran a poor one this year. Hall was the big conservative in the race and she finished fourth in both the primary and the general election. I don't believe her problem was her politics for the most but how she ran the campaign. Some also thing a web site hurt her. The web site Duluth Citizens Blog, .

Another story was the election Mayor Don Ness who used to serve as Jim Oberstars right hand man here in Duluth. Ness is a young man who most consider the front runner for Oberstar's seat when he decided to retire. I only consider this to be true if Oberstar retires in the next couple of years.

This blog Duluth Politics has 1,233 post to date sense it started in 2005. The biggest year of post came back in 2006 when I had 404 post this year we are getting close to 330post. Next year I am hoping to post a lot too.

As I have said many times I am very proud of this blog and how many readers it has. I wish more people would take part in posting but blogs are much like radio talk shows. Only a small number of people post. On that note if there is something you would like me to talk about here send me an email . I have a couple of ideas for early next year.

This year saw a lot of post about Mayor Ness, the Duluth City Council, unions and more here on the DP.

I look forward to next year and again Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Councilor Greg Gilbert.

Last night the AFL-CIO said good bye to thee favorite city councilor Greg Gilbert. The AFL-CIO was the primary host of the good bye party to councilor Gilbert who will have served three terms (12 years) at the completion of this year.

Well I did not agree with Gilbert much of the time, I want to say thank you for your service. Councilor Gilbert did what he though was right for the city. If you agreed with him or not you always knew where he stood.

Joining him as councilors that are retiring (did not run for re-election). Gary Krause and Gary Eckonberg.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vike Queens do it again.

The Minnesota Vike Queens have do it again. They have lost 3 out of the last four games. The three loses have all came during prime time games, they also have all came against very poor teams. This time they lost to the hope less bears in over time. The vike queens had but them self's in a hole at half being down 16-0. They came back and tied it, they headed to overtime tied at 30. Only to lose off an Andiron Peterson fumble.

The vike queens are lead by the number one teamvestite Brett Favre. Favre played the victim in Green Bay when he was not. He had turned in to a cry baby and the team was ready to move on. He then retired and came back and played just one year playing for the Jets. He stared hot there and then fizzled and the team did not even make the playoffs. He then retired again to only return again this year as a vike queen. The team started off hot and is in the playoffs but is playing bad at the wrong time.

The team had controlled it's own destiny now they don't. They could have still possible got the number one seed in the playoffs with a win, at least they would have locked up the number two seed. With the lose they could drop all the way to the number four seed in the playoffs, they could also still be the number two seed but would need to win next week and have the Philadelphia lose to the cowboys. I think Dallas will win but the vike queens will lose next week to the giants. This possible dropping them all the way to the number four seed.

Christmas wrap.

Christmas was great fun at our house. I hope you all had a good one as well. The kids enjoyed then self's. We have two kids one 4 years old and one 18 month.

Santa was cool this year when we came down stairs by the tree was candy canes and packs of cookies spread out all over the floor. Then came present opening, both kids got a bike from Santa. They will be able to ride them this summer together. They both got very nice toys from both sides of the family.

Christmas eve we where at my wife's dads house and Christmas day we hiked up to my parents house. As we live close and the snow was gong to prevent us from driving to works. The kids jumped in the sled and we pushed them up the hill to my parents. They had a great time with that.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Duluth Police say park on the right side of the street or get towed.

After the 5th largest winter storm the Duluth Police have a message for everyone. Park in the right side (odd) street or get towed to them it is that simple. There seems to be on little thing they are forgetting.

Most places have no where to park on the odd side. Most streets still remain with little to no parking available on them because of the storm.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve day.

Today I woke up and we had snow on the ground. That was a very nice site to see. We have about four inches of new snow. Up to today we had very little. It makes it so beautiful out side. It will also help Santa get around tonight.

Santa will visit kids all around the world tonight. He will make little boys and girls dream come true with presents and the magic he shares with everyone. It is truly a wonderful time of year no matter your age.

I hope you all have a very enjoyable Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Duluth Politics.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There has been a lot going on however. Also Random thoughts.

There has been a number of things happening the last couple of days. That said however they are not good news and at this time of year I am not going to report on the bad. I am looking for good positive stories at this time of year.

We are just a couple of days out from Christmas and still little snow is on the ground. They say we may get up to 6 inches Christmas Eve and Day but also are now saying it may stay farther south so who knows.

I love how 6inches over two days is now a storm it never use to be but at any rate it is what it is I guess.

An update on the 4th street market, they will now open in January as the construction has taken longer then thought. I can't wait for them to open. Best wishes to the Potters on there new store.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4th street market set to open.

4th street market will again be open. It is set to open just days before Christmas. There grand opening will be December 21st.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Funny and uh-0oh stuff.

Dam it that is where my pet goat went!!!! The Superior water treatment center has a goat on it's property yes a goat. The goat has been on the lose in Superior sense Sunday night. There are people from animal control and Dan's feed bin on site to try to catch the goat.

The goat has a broken rope around it's neck and the best guess is it came from a farm just out side of Superior.

The Miller Hill Mall closes. A water main brake near the Miller Hill Mall has forced the closer of the mall. The water main broke this morning. The break took place on the Decker road and it the water was turned off to the area.

The water has been restored to the mall now, it was mid afternoon before it was turned back on to the mall. Some stores will open today again at 4 pm, it is not clear if all the mall will open or if just some stores will.

The closer came with just 11 shopping days left till Christmas.

What is the rail car doing? Duluthians bitch about nothing again. Some people have complained about rail cars blocking the view of the lake on I35.

People need to get over them self's. You are not guaranteed a view of the lake ever. That said yes I want to see it and yes I don't want to lose places to see the laked, however this site is being used for a purpose to the trains and it is not pruminet. The trains are there because it is a turn around and the site they sit at when not in use to head to Bentlyville.

The trains will be stored else where after December 23rd when the trains stop running to the light display.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Still here.

Hi everyone sorry for no post as of late. I am still here and doing well as I hope everyone is this Christmas season. With the season comes many events and family things going on, I will post as I can. The posting may be light till the new year but check bad offend and as I will do my best to post.

There also has not been a lot going on. A couple of things came up last week but I choice not to comment on them as they were pretty out there. You had two councilors whining about various things. Gary Krause cried like a little baby about Bentlyvil and being on there "naughty list". There was one other councilor on that list Jim Stauber. The reason they both voted against funding the light display at Bayfront.

Councilor Gardner once again whined about her sister city issue.

Monday, December 07, 2009

President Obama's Christmas wish list.

President Obama released his Christmas list today. It was a simple request. The wish list had just one thing on it.

President Obama's Christmas wish list, His poll numbers improve.

His Christmas reality his numbers will continue to decline.

Random post.

Just some things to mention here in this post.

Winter weather may finally be on the way to the northland. Most weather reports have up to six inches possible Tuesday night in to Wednesday. This would be great let's hope so. Then I take the kids out sledding and stuff. Plus we will then have a white Christmas.

The vikings sucks last night, sure glad they put on prime time. They played so well NOT!!!
Dallas took a hart breaking lose yesterday to the NY Giants I hate the Giants.

The 4th street market is set to open soon. Well I heard the 9th is no longer the date it seems as if it may be. Potter has it as the Grand opening on his facebook page yet then says they hope to be open by Christmas. Either way I can't wait for them to open.

It is hard to keep on schedule when you are opening almost a brand new store as they with all the remodeling they are doing. I will keep you updated on the open date.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin deer hunting season saw a big decrease in the harvest.

There where fewer deer shot in the gun hunting season's for both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wisconsin which only has a 9 day hunting season saw a 50% decrease from last year. Minnesota was also down from last year.

Many hunters say it is because of wolves but is it? The Wolf population is back on the rise as many know. However there numbers are still low and I don't think they play a significant role in the fewer deer being taken during the season's. There are a number of issues as to why the season was down in both states.

One has to be the weather it is hard to track deer with out snow it is also much harder to see them in the woods with out snow, they blend in better. The other major is has to fall on the DNR and the hunters.

Both the Minnesota and Wisconsin DNR gave out doe permits like they where candy, and hunters where gobbling them up. There where more doe's taken the last couple of years and it is hard to reproduce with out a female. I know the effort was to control the deer population. That said however the DNR had to take in what may happen in the other elements of a deer's life. Such as being hunted by other predators and deer killed by humans other ways, such as hit by a car. Age of deer and just plain death by natural cause. The failed to do this and it extra permits only hurt the deer population farther.

That is my take.

Shopping for Christmas watch out.

When you are going to buy things it is important to watch what you are getting. There has been an increase in illegal items being sold around the country. Knock off name brands are being sold at some stores.

As you may remember about a month ago the Duluth Police along with the Federal agency's found three Duluth stores selling counter fit items. Fred and Marks sport located at the Miller Hill Mall, also two stores downtown, New U Clothing, and Christopher's Clothing. Two of the three have gone out of business. One remains open that I know of. At least it was as of a couple of weeks ago.

All three were selling name brand clothing at unheard of prices. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency says if the price is to good to be true it more then likely is. Use good judgement and really look at the item.

A few good ways to tell if the item is not authentic is if logos are upside down, the items are looking bad such as bad sticking and strings hanging from the items. You would think these items would be easy to spot fact is they are not. Many times people are in a hurry or just don't take the time to look. Also some times you have to really look as the item may look good but the defects are on the inside of the clothing.

The illegal company's that produce these items are causing troubles for everyone. It drives up the price of the real items. It also has another effect on you the buyer. You think you are getting a great deal on a sports jersey and what you have is really only worth five dollars.

Neither the Duluth Police or the feds would say if there is other stores they are watching only that the investigation in to the three places about a month ago is on going.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tiger Woods the #1 golfer and #1 ass?

The world's best golfer got in a car crash last Friday and is saying very little about it. He has canceled meeting with the police three times. He is saying the crash is private along with other information.

Sorry Tiger but when the police are called like they were for your crash it is no longer a private matter. You owe to the the police to meet with them to wrap up there investigation of the accident that happened at about 2:30 am. The police have already said that liquor did not play a role.

There are reports out that he has been cheating on his wife and there was an argument and Woods was leaving the house. There has also been reports that Wood's wife went after him possible causing the accident.

If we don't get the real story I hope people are upset at Woods. The way he has handled this is wrong.

BREAKING NEWS: Another drug bust in West Duluth.

There is very little information out but there is yet another drug bust in West Duluth. It just happened this morning. When more information becomes available I will have it for you here on Duluth Politics.

****UPDATE**** Two people where arrested. A search of both a house and vehicles was conducted. Again more as it becomes available.

*****UPDATE #2*******

The drug bust happened at 9am this morning in West Duluth. It seems like a much smaller scale then the other two. The house has been being watched by the police for some time. They found many bags of something, most likely marijuana

Thanks to my source on this issue I will have more if it becomes available once again.

It's December 2nd.

Well November came and went, with little snow and non that stayed. With highs in the 40's for most of the month. Now here we are December 2nd still no snow on the ground. It is going to get closer to normal temps today around 30 degrees.

There is snow in the forecast for the next couple of days but nothing that is going to stick. I hope we have some for Christmas.

Drug bust of last week

As many of you know there was a big marijuana bust last week here in Duluth. A house on 56th ave West was growing more then 200 plants.

There has sense been three arrested in the case and they have all seen there first day in court and have asked for public defenders. Two of them had jobs well one did not. The three arrested where James Lyons, James Lyons II and his girlfriend. Lyons II said he worked at Sam's club well his girlfriend worked as an adult forster care giver. The Dad did not work and lost his disability some time ago. James Lyons has an extensive criminal record mostly dealing with illegal drugs.

The drug bust more then likely came as a tip from a drug bust a few weeks earlier. This is being recorded as one of the biggest bust in Duluth history.

In some circules it has opened the talk once again on if the drug should be made legal. What are your thoughts?