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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Johnson Brothers Furniture closing?

The signs on all three of it's locations say it is true the stores are closing. The owner says not so fast. Signs located on all three of furniture shops owned by Johnson Brothers say "going out of business, "calling it quites" and so on.

It seems to be either an early or late April fools joke. None of the stores are closing including the long time store in Duluth Lincon Park area. The signs are in reference of there father retiring at the age of 83. So why the calling it quites and going out of business signs? There is yet no good answer I wish there was.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chip Cravaak.

Congressman-elect Chip Cravaack is in Washington this week for orientation. Cravaack talked with the media yesterday saying he will better represent all of the district, he felt that congressman Oberstar was not listening to him. Cravaak said his focus will be Minnesota's 8th district when making decisions.

He talked about a number of things ear marks, health care, tea party, and more you can watch a video at

Kozy bar fire.

There is not a whole lot to report on this fire. The Kozy bar which has long been a trouble spot for the Duluth Police started on fire last night at about 10:15pm and burned in to this morning. Damage is over 500,000 dollars.

No one was killed in the fire thanks to the fast action of the fire department, which went back and fourth with rescue efforts and working on putting the fire out.

The bar has been a trouble spot with nurmous calls made by the police over the years. In 2005 the bar was in jeopardy of loosing there license and it would have been good if the city would have went threw with that.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Other quick notes on the election tomorrow.

Roger Reinert will big for the state senate seat. The Huntley/ Horton race will be close but I think the DFL will retain. The DFL will retain the seat being vacated by Roger as Kerry Gauthier will win big.

One race I don't want to call at this point is the Oberstar/Carvaak race, I will vote for Chip and hope he wins. Two weeks again I was saying what I have been saying all along I don't think there is a chance Oberstar is defeated. Now I am not sure I think it will be close and it at this point is a toss up. Carvaak has ran a good race well Oberstar has ran a negative race. He is an un-none spot that is for sure. Oberstar has never faces a challenge like this.

Okay got to run and campaign more tomorrow as we follow the election all day long. don't forget to vote!!!!

Tomorrow is election day.

Tomorrow is election day. A time most people can't wait for, but a sad day for me. I love the political season. Most people by now are sick of all the ads and door knocking and such publicity. With that said please do take the time to vote tomorrow. It only takes minutes out of your day.

I don't see a whole lot of changes in the Duluth area. Here is a look at one of the races tomorrow. With my picks of who will win.

1st District county board race. Dennis Fink and Frank Jewell.

This is a rematch of a race four years ago. Dennis Fink retained is seat by a little more then 200 votes last time. I don't see the numbers changing much, if they do I see them changing in favor of Fink.

Fink has been in office for 16 years and the experience is a big issue in this election. At a time where the county could face cuts from the State we need to retain a board member that has the experience of working on the budget. Fink has helped hold on the line on county taxes. The last three years the county has had the lowest increase in taxes.

Frank Jewell's campaign has been nothing but a huge attack ad. They attack on a couple of miss leading stories reported by the Duluth News Tribune. I won't even give them the satisfaction of saying what they are.

Prediction: Fink 55% Jewell 45%

The other two siting board members will keep there seats with big wins.