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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Saying good bye

Today I with a number of other people said good bye to a friend, teacher, coach. Mr Forbort passed away at the age of 72.

His service was today. The church was packet. It was nice to see so many people come out to remeber this great man.

Mr. Forbort was an outstanding person. Anyone that knew him does need me to tell them that. It will life on in his children ( not so young any more) lol.

Thanks Mr. Forbort. You were a great inspiration in mine and so many other peoples life.

Funny clips

Go here to watch some funny clips about the presidental race.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NEW: Lakeside/Lester Park post. A&L tied together with Diamond Willow?

Here is an interesting twist. Well, I don’t know if you even want to call it a twist. It is a fact that adds many questions in this case. I am of course talking about the St. Lukes Lakeside/Lester Park Clinic and the Diamond Willow Assisted Living project. Diamond Willow is owned by a group called Five Star.

After talking with community members opposed to this project, I learned some very interesting news shortly after the voting for the project. It became evident that one of the two developments in this case have something very interesting in common.

As many people know the community against the project and those parties vying for the project have had community meetings with each other. A source last night told me in one of those meetings a question came up to the Director of Diamond Willow. The question was who owned them? The response was shocking; Five Star, who owns and will operate and benefit from Diamond Willow is owned by Rob Link, from A&L Development, who is obviously the developer of this entire project.

Why is this issue? In the course of the meeting the developer, Rob Link from A&L had said “don’t blame us we doing what are clients are asking us to do”. Yet come to find out that one of the clients is actually him for which he has a vested stake. Now not only is he the developer of the project but he has part ownership in Five Star, Diamond Willow Assistant Living, thus a true direct financial benefactor, rather than just a "hired" developer which follows his clients request. He is the overall "Mastermind" her. Mr. Link chose to leave this very big part of the financial equation out of the discussion, and even side-stepped this important correlation, it had to be forced out, when left with no other choice.

Talk of the Town.

As I Mentioned before, Tracy Lundeen with host a new talk show. The show will air every Saturday morning on the Fan (WEBC560).You can also listen to the show live on the internet at If you are not up that early or would like to listen to the show again Tracy will have you covered. You can listen to the show on his site that should launch on Friday. That is located at .

Talk of the Town is the name of the show. It will vary a lot in topics discussed. It should be a lot of fun. Tune in for a great two hour program.

Here is the Press release that Tracy sent out to the media:

2828 Piedmont Avenue, Suite B, Duluth, MN 55811

For Immediate Release (2-7-08)

“Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen” to Debut February 16th

Duluth, MN……. A new weekly radio show “Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen” will debut Saturday February 16th on WEBC the Fan 560 (560AM) it was announced today. The weekly show will air from 6 to 8am and will also be on the internet at

Tracy Lundeen who was co-host of KDAL’s top rated Saturday morning talk show “Northland Calling” with Neill Atkins for nearly three years most recently co-hosted “Northland Magazine” with Kerry Rodd the former voice of UMD Hockey and KDAL Radio personality. Northland Magazine was aired weekly on three area radio stations based out of Cloquet.

“I’m excited to be back on Duluth radio as this is the area where I work, live and raise my family” said Lundeen. “I hope to entertain listeners and at the same time make them think a little about all the positive things we can do as a community if we just cooperate and work together towards positive solutions to the very challenging issues we face.”

Lundeen calls “Talk of the Town” a Magazine Show that will move quickly and cover many topics and occasionally take listener phone calls. With Lundeen’s vast background in the fields of entertainment, business and politics and also being a single parent there should be NO shortage of topics Lundeen can or will cover on Saturday mornings.

Guests for the first show will be Musician-Songwriter Bill Sandwick. Bill is the author of the song “Duluth” that was recorded by the Duluth based rock band “Winterwood” in 1977. The song was commissioned by WEBC for a promotion they were running called “I Love Duluth.” Sonny Geraci, Sonny was the voice of the hit “Time Won’t Let Me” by the Outsiders in the late 60’s and the number one ballad of 1972: Precious and Few” by Climax. Duluth Businessman Charlie Bell and Neill Atkins, Lundeen’s former co-host on KDAL.

This new show will be the Talk of the Town!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tracy Lundeen back on the radio.

I am very excited about this show. Tracy Lundeen will host a radio show on the Fan ( WEBC 560 am). The show will air Saturday mornning from 6-8A.m. The show does start this weekend.

If you are not up at the time you will be able to hear the show on his web site. I will let you know that info as soon as I am okayed to put it out. I understand that this weeks show will be jam packed with guest. It should be a good first show.

The other exciting part for me is that I will be producing the show for Mr. Lundeen. You may even hear my two cents every once in a while. I have not yet talked to him about that but you just never know what you may hear. Tune in this Saturday for the first show.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tomorrows council meeting.

Tomorrows Duluth City Council meeting should be an interesting one. There is a public hearing for the Lake side clinc. Plus that could be voted on the same night. There are a couple of other interesting things as well.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two days removed from Super Tuesday.

I could not be more happy today. We are just two days removed from Super Tuesday and Mitt Romney is now out of the race. Mitt said Tuesday night that this fight has just started. We will fight on.

Today Romney dropped out of the race saying it is now time to unite. If I stayed in this fight then we would ensure a win for Clinton or Obama. He said this is not about me, it is about our Country.

Thank you Mitt Romney for relizing what this race is about and being a great candidate. Unlike those that run radio shows are a class act.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SMDC reaches deal with city on parking ramp.

SMDC and the city of Duluth have reached a tenitive agrement on the first street parking ramp. After a long debate over what SMDC should pay for there spots it may come to an end on Thursday.

A debate that started after a poor choice by Mayor Bergson to not get anything in writing may end. The council will hold a special meeting tomorrow to deal with the issue. They will vote on a agrement reached today between the city and SMDC. The agrement is for SMDC to purchase 200 spaces at $72 each, which will increase 3 percent annually through 2027, meaning that by the end of the agreement spaces would cost $126 a month.

I do hope this will be a end to this issue.

You can get more info at the DNT, .


I thought it was funny as I was listening to radio today. I heard a commercial for Hillary. It made me laugh because it was on Duluth stations. I thought by you are a day late. She does not even know when Minnesota votes.

I know I heard the ad and it was geared to Wis. but I still thoght it was funny. Yes the Duluth stations of course reach into Wis. however she did not advertize for the Minnesota caucse at least not up here and now she is for the Wis. vote. Just got a kick out of it .

Radio talk shows.

I am so sick of Sean Hannity and Rush cring like babies about this election. I like both of these talk shows however I can't stand there whinning.

They are whinning about John McCain how is a head in this election. They have been pushing Romney who is not the conservitive candidate, out of the three I would Huckabee is the most conservitive. McCain is not perfect but I believe he is the best candidate to take on the war on terror. Notice I said war on terror and not just the war in Iraq. Will we be there for a long time yes. It however will not be the only place we need to look. I also believe ther Mr. McCain's forgn policie is out standing.

I don't agree with him all the time, there are major things we disagree on. I still however believe he is the best candidate we have at this time.

Fact is I am so sick of what Sean and Rush are saying and doing. If Romney did get the nomination I would not vote for him. I would have to either do one of three things, not vote for president, write some one in or vote for a candidate in a different party. Not the democrats however. Thanks guys!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday.

I will be taking part in Super Tuesday tonight. I will however have many comments when I return home, I may even have some well the we are in the middle of the whole deal. I love cell phones with the net on them. check here later for more info and thoughts on Super Tuesday.