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Monday, January 31, 2011

Citizens In Action

Citizens in Action 2011 happened this weekend. It was the 13th Annual event and it was at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth. Now this is the biggest event for local officials to meet with the voters. It was so packed this year people needed to pre-register because of the demand for a spot in this workshop day. I missed seeing a lot of school board members and I noticed just a few city councilors were missing. It was nice to see elected officials from all over and Yvonne Prettner Solon was a great opening speaker. It is nice to see our Lt. Governor coming back and visiting the great citizens of Duluth. After the 4 workshops talking about being involved in all different ways there was lunch. The Citizens in Action say is one that people leave full of knowledge and of good food. The Conversation piece was a little different this year with the large amount of people. Each group had the chance to talk to a elected official about whatever they wanted. The whole thing was done with a great respect for the voter and the elected official. If you missed Citizens in Action day, you missed something amazing. Winona Laduke was the closing speaker and did an great job. After the event Winona stayed to talk to everybody who wanted a word with her.

Run for 3rd district council seat.

As many of you know I ran for the 3rd district council seat almost four years ago now. As it becomes time to look for candidates to run, I have been asked if I will run this time.

I had great support in the last election, and over the past four years the support has only grown. I appreciate and thank everyone for there work on my previous bid at that council seat and the continued support.

At this time however I will not seek the third district council seat this election season. I love Duluth and will work to improve our fine city over the next four years. It will not be at the council level at this point.

Family issues are the main reason, also my current work schedule makes it hard to represent the district to the fullest.

I will be looking forward to see who may run for the third district seat.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Town Hall meeting.

Freshman congressman Chip Cravaak held a town hall meeting yesterday. About 9,000 people in the district took part in the meeting. Where in the district did it take place? Was it right here in Duluth, no it took place from his office in Washington D.C.

The town hall meeting took place via phone, the calls where random and people did not know they would be getting a call from cravaak. However it did appear the calls where isolated to the southern part of the district, where he lives and did well in the election.

The meeting went well according to his spokes person. Most of the people stayed on the line for at least three minutes, and a good amount stayed for the entire 15 minute conference.

The technology for the congressman to hold such town hall meeting has been around for only about five years, it is getting more popular in D.C. as it gives the congress person a way to keep in touch with the voters with out traveling. My question is this, do u think this is good tool for the representativesin D.C?

I believe it is a good tool, that said I am not sure I like it. It takes out all the personal feeling and makes it easy for the representative to not need to come home. I think it is important that they remain close to who they represent and the best way to do it is travel to where they represent. That said I understand they can't always get away and this allowes them away to listen or he's a message out to the people.

I hope that Mr. Cravaak will get back to the distracted as much as possible. Now I must say this is something Overstated never did and at least Cravaak is keeping in contact with the voters. Something Overstated lacked.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Voting is like breakfast. it is a wonderful beginning to your day on election day as it was mine this past year. I was there at 7:06 am and I was the 7th voter in my precinct. But what happens after the election is what is happening now. We have new elected officials and if you want something done, we need to talk to them. That is the lunch portion of this story because We all know that a conversation is always better with food or drink. You have to do the first two if you wanna have anything on your dinner plate.

I am looking ahead to the 2011 and 2012 Elections. Here in Duluth, We will elect six city councilors and three school board members as well as a mayor. The 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Districts and two at-large seats for the Council and the 2nd and 3rd Districts along with one at-large seat for the School District. in 2012, it will be a battle and the lines havent been drawn. Redistricting will change a lot all over so be ready.

I am Scott Yeazle and I thank John for this chance and I will be writing more. If you wanna know about me, I will put it in the next blog.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking news--- Superior will be with out a Mayor

The Superior a City Council voted to not apoint mayor tonight. The seat will remain unfilled till April when there normal election happens. The seat was left open when mayor David Ross took a position with new Governor Scott
Supeior coucilmanDan Olson had concerns not filling the seat, saying it may leave them in a tough spot at times. Most of the people that are running for the seat however are happy with the decision,as it will not give anyone an advantage.

Breaking news--- no strike!

The county employees represented by the local teamsters union have accepted the counties offer and will not strike. The numbers of the vote are not available at this time. The union did say the vote was very close.

The contract will cover the rest of this year and 2011. The two sides have been on talks for more then a year.

strike update#2

The county employees that plow roads and do other maintence could go on strike at midnight tonight. The county has put together there final offer, and teamster employees are voting on it tonight.

Duluth Politics will have an update as we find out, what the out come of the vote is.

Strike update.

It seems likely that the teamsters union will go on strike. Well a date has not yet been set, the county and union have been meeting with no contract settlement in site.

The union filled an intent to strike a little more then a week ago. They could strike at any time. If a strike happens county roads could suffer greatly. As the teamsters represent all county snow plow drivers.

A source that is involved with the county said he could not see a strike right now. He said with the time of year and.the way the economy is, he could not see the union striking. He is the only person I have heard say a strike may not happen.

The issue seems to be focused on seniority.

I hope a strike can be avoided, we will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

County roads to suffer?

There could be a strike coming next week for those that plow our county roads.

150 workers represented by teamsters local 320 could be on strike by the middle of next week. two thirds of them are plow drives the rest work else where in the public works department for the county.

A strike could mean that the county roads would suffer because the lack of plows out. The county has some roads in side the city and countless roads out side of Duluth.

The county said they are preparing for the strike and have a plan in place, it includes managers and supervisors to take of snow plowing. However that only covers 25% of the current workforce.

There is another meeting between the two sides before the mid week strike could take place.

Its a new year.

After a year where some things came a long and I was not able to post much in 2010, and a Christmas and New years break it is time once again to devote time to this blog. Let me thank you all for the well wishes and for allow me the time i needed , as always I am grateful for the large readership of this blog. I just wish people would post.

With a new year comes a new contributor to the blog, Scott Yeazle will be joining our team. Scott is a great person and will offer a different prospective then I on most issues. It will also allow DP to cover more events.

Also new you may now call us if you have a news tip, community event or just a comment about the blog. You can reach by calling 218-260-0241, as always you can email us at