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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's time for a political change for me.

So when I was younger I was a hard core democrat then about junior year of high school I changed party's and have been a republican for some time. Now at the age of 34 it's time for a change again. I have long hated to two party system but believed you needed to be in of the the two major party's to accomplish anything. That type of thinking has ended for me. I will now but what I have always been. I will vote for who I believe will best represent me/us in there respective office. Well I have been a republican I have voted for many people not in the party. I have votes for democrats and independence candidates. I will no longer help the republican party of Duluth or Minnesota or any other level Well there will be some candidates I support I will help then in and only them, as I will any candidate. I may join the independence party of Minnesota or I may just hang out by my self and stay true to me!

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