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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Drug bust of last week

As many of you know there was a big marijuana bust last week here in Duluth. A house on 56th ave West was growing more then 200 plants.

There has sense been three arrested in the case and they have all seen there first day in court and have asked for public defenders. Two of them had jobs well one did not. The three arrested where James Lyons, James Lyons II and his girlfriend. Lyons II said he worked at Sam's club well his girlfriend worked as an adult forster care giver. The Dad did not work and lost his disability some time ago. James Lyons has an extensive criminal record mostly dealing with illegal drugs.

The drug bust more then likely came as a tip from a drug bust a few weeks earlier. This is being recorded as one of the biggest bust in Duluth history.

In some circules it has opened the talk once again on if the drug should be made legal. What are your thoughts?

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